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The Doctor had lived for a long time with the fact that he is the only one, the last of the Timelords, but when a terrible catastrophe occours to one of his companions, he is going to rediscover frienship , as he struggles to avoid the one thing that had chased him since the first time he stepped a hoof out of Gallopfrey


AN: Oneshot, Without editor, just random Ideas that come out of my mind after watching Deep Breath (Series 8 Yay!!), so tell me what you think.

AN [02/12/14]: EDITED!!! by Inthretis

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I would love to read more in to this:heart:

I'm not judging, you just use too many commas. But other than that, great story! Pretty good for no editing, and this could be a great continuation (with editing, of course.) Of course, the best thing about this would be the mystery behind Twilight's Time Lord-ness.

Oh, by the way, Time Lord is two words. I am very intrigued.:pinkiesmile:

If Twilight regenerated for the first time, she would only have one heart before changing. Time Lords gain the second one after their first regeneration. If you go back to edit, I would change the scene to Twilight starting to glow, which would tip off Rainbow and the Doctor as to what she is.

5202519 Wow, I actually didn't know that...
I'm going to revise it an edit it later, thank you for the fav by the way!!

5202620 - You are welcome. Might also be interesting to give some backstory to Twilight, such as how she became a Time Lady, if she wasn't born on Gallopfrey. Like River Song, she might have been conceived in the TARDIS while it was travelling through the time vortex. Her parents could have once been companions of The Doctor.

Considering how powerful she is, Twilight's erratic post-regeneration behavior could become a very grave threat if she uses her magic. Perhaps the TARDIS crashes and she wanders off. The Doctor and Rainbow would have to go find her before she potentially ravages history.

is this truly the same twilight? how will she change, knowing that she is a timelady? will the doctor take her with him to further her education? did she just pilot the tardis? how does this affect her as an element bearer?

Very interesting...


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