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Some asshole who will write stories that are the opposite of the common take of the subject. And who also says "mate" a lot.

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The portal was...beautiful, to say the least. It whispered promises of happiness, promises of love.
It spoke of bright colours, of friends beyond counting, of warm homes, and of large families.

But it lied. It lied to me, and I couldn't see through those lies. It took me from what I love. It took me from my life.

I should never have opened it.
I should never have entered it.

This is an experiment on my part. Plus, after reading many HiE's and PoE's, I felt that this was needed.

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This story is exactly what it says on the tin. Deus. Ex. Machina's. It wasn't made to be serious, it was made to be horribly stupid.

So it's basically me (stupid). •sad trombone

Have fun. Or don't. I don't care.

This was made to battle writers block. It's meant to be both an example of what NOT to do when writing (of which I suffer from the lack of details), and to possibly supply some ideas to those of you who want ideas. Feel free to take them.

I can't believe I posted this.

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As I sit on this branch, looking at the town through the mangled, black branches, I began thinking about why I came here. About everything I left behind on Earth.

I wish I'd never have come here...

Consider joining the Ending-verse if you liked it!

This story has been redone. Also, A brilliant lad called Vlad decided to write a sequel. I seriously recommend reading that and following him.

Also, there's a prequel in the works!

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