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In the moments before Pinkie Pie's very first celebration, she meets a pony that will become her life long aquaintance and adversary. What's a pony to do when your worst enemy is yourself?

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Writer's Training Ground #17 Event: Quickfic!

2 hours

Under 1500 words


This time around, we were given a set of themes to choose from, so I went with "How do Vinyl's turntables work?" out of the selection
First attempt at first person, requesting critique and opinions

One of Vinyl Scratch's first shows, for a very peculiar audience

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Fic for the Writer's Training Ground
Week 15 Theme: Nightmare Night

When Lyra perfects the spell of her dreams, there's nothing stopping her on a night in which everypony looks obscure

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Dear Princess Celestia,

Today I learned that the value of true friends has the potential to become infinite, no matter how....noble the search for information may be.

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Vinyl Scratch had always possessed a one sided opinion of other genres of music other than her own. A forced encounter with one of her least favorite genres teaches her something new.

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