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I'm just a writer trying to perfect his craft. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Je parle français et parlo italiano.

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When King Sombra returns, a shadow of his former self, he must work to recover his memories and discover what horrible creature did this to him before exacting his vengeance. Now, Twilight Sparkle has to find a way to save her assistant from his own nightmares.

Inspired (loosely) by:
Mary Shelley's Frankenstein
Bram Stoker's Dracula

This is sort of an experimental fic for me. I started writing this a few months ago when I was reading some darker stories from the period of Romanticism for my English class. It's experimental because, I'm trying to recreate the same style of literary writing from the period of Romanticism. Lots of emotion and spontaneity essentially. Whether or not this works, I don't know. This story is probably going to get a lot of hate because of this writing style but, if you would be kind enough to tell me what you didn't like instead of me just assuming you're a random troll, that'd be great.
NOTE: Some of the scenes in this story are not going to be so much filled with gore, but more just disturbing, so read at your own discretion. Or don't. I'm not the boss of you.

Chapters (14)

Indigo Blossom, a young filly in Ponyville has been struggling with school, bullies, and life for the past few months. How much does it take to put someone over the edge? What does it take? How far does someone need to be pushed to be taken over the edge?

Joyous Apple: "I just read the last two paragraphs, and... oh my gosh the feels..."

1998alberto: "Wow, that was good. Like really good."

Dragonborne Fox : "I am entirely moved by this tale.
Excuse me while I go and purge out my tears from my eyes.
Well done."

Me: "ACK! I'm gone for two minutes, I come back, and everyone is crying."

Thank you to Dragonborne Fox for making the AMAZING new cover art. They also made the original cover art.

A short one-shot that I did just to test my abilities as a writer at writing something sad. Let me know what you thought I did good at/ what you thought could be improved. I wasn't about to go and write fanon about canon ponies. Also, this is not my OC, and this is not in anyway a self-insert.

Disclaimer: The topics discussed in this story are very serious. If you are experiencing any of these problems seek out a group that can help you deal with these problems. There are several here on FimFiction, as well as countless others across the web. The views expressed in this work in no way reflect the views of Golden Skies or his editors, nor do they support or commend any of the action of the characters in this story. Remember, that life always gets better.

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One morning I wake up to discover that I now share a body with Apple Fritter. After seeing just how cruel the world can be to the newly transformed ponies, me and my friends set out on a journey to assist ponies throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Part of Pony Earth Verse
Cover Art made by the Amazing: 1998alberto
The latest info regarding the story can be found in this blog post        HERE .

List of Characters: Apple Fritter, Red Delicious, Babs Seed, Silver Spoon, Apple Cider
Rated Teen for somewhat mild violence, and (if you can read foreign languages) occasional strong language.
Please, if you are going to up vote or down vote at least PM or comment telling me why so I can learn what I need to do better. Thank You.

Chapters (19)
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