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I'm just a writer trying to perfect his craft. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Je parle fran├žais et parlo italiano.


Sombra's Revenge: Author's Notes · 5:16pm Mar 20th, 2016

Warning! Spoilers!!! Do not read unless you have read BOTH endings of Sombra's Revenge, or do not care to do so!!!

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Sombra's Revenge: Finale March 20th · 4:38pm Mar 19th, 2016

Hello, everyone! I am very pleased to inform you all that after far too much time, I have finished writing a very beloved story of mine: Sombra's Revenge. If you haven't already seen, I've uploaded Chapter 8 as a sort of teaser. I plan to upload Chapter 9, Chapter 10, and the Epilogue this Sunday in order to commemorate the two year anniversary of the story first being published. Don't worry, all of the chapters are already written, so I can guarantee you that the finale will be uploaded no

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Latest Info on Stories · 8:11pm Jan 12th, 2014

I will be posting any information related to my stories here as I can. I hope you all will make use of this since I know how frustrating it can be not knowing when an author is going to post the next chapter of their story.

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