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All she had was this one last chance. After a long succession of accidents and failures, rookie guardsmare Amber Shine is given one final task that her commanding officer hopes won't lead to her finally being discharged. All she had to do was work the night shift protecting the newest Alicorn Princess's precious library, a mission that anypony could do. But an attempted foalnapping followed by an accidental run in with a magical mirror changes all that. Now, Private Amber Shine finds herself stranded in a strange, violent place in the throes war and caught between the tenacious rebels of a shattered country and the powerful empire that conquered them. With the help of a small band of mercenaries, she fights to survive and maybe one day go home.

The story itself is a sort of Elseworlds tale for Amber Shine and is in no other way connected to the story Dependable Blades.

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In the magical world of Domhan, those with the courage and the skill often find themselves enlisting with one of the many Adventurer's Guilds. From hunting monsters and dealing with unruly bandit hordes, to seeking forgotten treasures and braving the darkest tombs. Either for a price or simply for the prospect of treasure and renown, these guilds handle jobs that most would consider far too dangerous.

One down on its luck guild, the Dependable Blades, is about to find itself with a new member from a very different world. Follow the exploits of former Night Guard, Amber Shine, and her new allies as they face off against rival guilds, vicious monsters and a deadly threat that if not stopped, will find its way to Equestria next.

This story is inspired by all my years spent playing table top RPGs, such as Dungeons and Dragons as well as Pathfinder. Cover art done by the amazingly talented Zeurel.

Update: Zeurel has been kind enough to do a rendition of the rest of the team Check it out here

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Rarity had always been a pony with high aspirations to succeed. With the galaxy now open to her and her planet, being the best in Equestria just doesn't seem to stack up, compared to best in the galaxy. After a great deal of searching, she has found a shop off-world that is willing to sell her latest non-pony designs; the problem? She needs to find someone with a ship that can get them there.

Simon Ortell is your typical cargo hauler. Never staying in one place, always following the credits to his next job. With the current civil war kicking up in the Mandalorian Federation, he, like so many other freelancers, has been making quite a bit of credits off the conflict. Sick of getting shot at, he accepts what should be an easy job moving dresses, of all things. But after a call for help from an old "friend", things are about to get very complicated.

Join this unlikely pair as they run for their lives through the galactic underworld and find themselves the targets of hired guns, bounty hunters and assassins alike.

Set after the events of Of War and Friendship and during the events of On the Side.

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Time changes everything. Old friends leave us and new ones come into our lives. Now that Equestria and the other nations have been exposed to the galaxy at large, things are changing. Here are a few stories of how.

The following is a collection of one shots and short stories to bridge the gap between "Of War and Friendship" and the next big adventure as well as an outlet for random story ideas.

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Set after the Legacy story line. A crew of Mandalorian commandos make a blind jump through hyper space after flying into an ambush and end up crash landing in an uncharted star system. Unfortunately for them and the races that call this star system home, the Deathwatch are close behind and looking to finish the job.

Inspired after playing a lot of Star Wars Sagas and watching way too much Friendship is Magic.

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