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Shortly after being crowned princess, Twilight wakes up to find a returned Nightmare. Though its new guise is familiar, it is unexpected. At least until Twilight walks the paths that lead to her friend standing at Nightmare's side for herself.

The GORE in this story is lite… but better safe than sorry, so I marked it.

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Black Star is a rare talent in the field of black magic. After many years of study she is on the verge of something amazing, tantalizing and by many thought to be impossible. The summoning of a spirit from another realm. If she succeeds, this new spirit will be the first to grace the world since the six in the beginning of time. From the shadows her benefactor is looking on with interest. But is this really the ultimate goal of the research she's been put in charge of? Come with me into the world of Spectrum, and follow the lives and adventures from several walks of life. There are influential ponies from the military, the spirit from another realm, and even a little family from North Bay, all trying to survive what the world throws at them.

Before we begin, I have to warn sensitive readers that the story centers on a sensitive subject; the exploitation of others in some form or another. The gore in the story is mostly light, but the dark and tragedy tags are not on this story by accident. There are some pretty grim moments, but there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. I think... maybe...

PS: This is a story in the same universe as True Colors. But it is intended as a standalone story... for now… okay it will intertwine with True Colors but can still be read on its own.
PS nr2: Twilight and Nightmare Moon are background ponies in the story, but the while be popping up every now and again.

(Original image from deviantart: Fleur-de-Lisby by =Raidiance)

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Stone Heart is not the most likeable of ponies. And he's not in Ponyville to be friendly either. But sometimes a brief meeting will change your outlook on life. Even if one part in the meeting is unaware of the impact they have on the other.

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