• Published 31st Jan 2012
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Rorschach in Equestria - Ex-Nihilos

The Watchmen's most wrathful vigilante finds himself in the strangely innocent land of Equestria.

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(1) Rorschach's Journal, First entries

Rorschach’s Journal
November 1st, 1985

I wake up on cool grass, staring up at blank blue sky, confused and disoriented. I breathe in cool, humid air. Refreshing compared to abrasive winds of ice, left more questions in mind. My right hand moves first to be sure ground was real, tugged on grass and dirt, felt real. Moved hand further and found this book with pencil in it. Much like old journal I dropped off in New York before leaving for Antarctica to stop Adrain Veidt’s plans. I recall quickly what had transpired: the fight, arrival of Dr. Manhattan, Veidt’s ‘victory’, and leaving. Just moments ago I stood before Dr. Manhattan, stood before own death, unwilling to compromise to Veidt’s plans. The name alone should cause anger, yet as I lay there on grass I feel unabashed, rather confused for what happened next. Recall the confrontation with an eerie clarity. “Do it!” I screamed, expecting it to be my final word in cold tundra of conspiracy.

Saw for fraction of moment the indestructible man hesitate, the next I felt a warmth start in my gut and envelop my whole. Yet here I was, under a peaceful sky that somehow looked different from the harsh blueness that hung over the arctic ice. I could have sworn, as the fire overtook me, that Dr. Manhattan had spoken. I heard his voice in my head, perhaps as final farewell, “Find peace, Rorschach.”

A blackness. Then here.

My hands rose first from the grass, leaving journal on ground. Touched face and found familiar fabric, yet I remember, had taken it off so that it would be Walter Kolvac who stood there to die. I wore my true face now. Slowly I get up from the ground, aches and pains from the fight with Veidt rose with me. Find self in forest but one I have never seen before. Am reminded of films of Vietnam, how the trees seemed to hang against each other and the vegetation grew thick in every direction. In strange way it looked beautiful. It occurs to me this might be heaven. I knew that was not true though. Men like me don't go to any heaven. No, I still felt alive and I could feel everything like the natural world, for some reason Dr. Manhattan had spared me. Out of pity perhaps? No, no matter how human he pretends to be I doubt he understands the emotion anymore. The indestructible man left me alive for a reason yet I did not plan to give him the satisfaction of complying. The world must know what Veidt did, had to tell what happened up there in cold ice on top of the world.

I stumble through forest in elevator shoes, not meant for rough terrain but would have to do. Progressively a feeling over takes me. Something feels different. I expected myself to be in Asia or South America when first awoke, some remote part of the Earth where I could not get back to civilization. Things did not add up though. Flowers were different, plants I did not think existed dotted the forest floor in large frequency. The air too, smelled too clean and fresh. Played havoc on my senses, more accustomed to smog of filthy alleyways and slums, said slums and city likely no longer exist thanks to Veidt. Little time to question such things, I have my purpose. I trudge on through thick forest, no direction in mind. Thought crosses mind that I am going further into the forest, second thought questions if there was ever a real direction to go.

Night overtakes the forest. I hear large creatures begin to stir from their daytime slumber. Figure best shelter at top of tree, not on forest floor. I climb nearest one with large enough branches to support me. I will spend the night here until I can gather my bearings in the morning.

Rorschach’s journal
November 2nd, 1985

Little sleep last night. Mind still questioning further existence. Does not make sense for Dr. Manhattan to leave loose ends in affair. Had to keep the peace by hiding Veidt’s plan from new peaceful world in his mind, forced to keep the horrific lie for safety. I wonder what became of Dan, and to some extent Laurie. Weak, both of them, probably ran away together and plan to keep Veidt’s dirty secret among their own other perverse secrets, still hope Dan is safe, was partner after all. Ozymandias probably on his way now to New York to set his plan in motion to further rebuild city on lie, he expected peace, love and harmony to take the place of cesspools and millions of dead innocent lives.

Spent morning walking west. Rising sun helped point me in right direction. Walked for hours before something in the sky caught my attention. Sounded like small jet from afar, but went by too fast and was too far to see. Cyan streak, left a… rainbow trail, as far as I could see. Refraction of light perhaps, did not matter, first sign of other civilized life so far. Was headed west, same as me, will continue to travel in that direction.

I walked further with no sign of jet from before. Knew I was on right track now after finding path. Followed path out of forest and spot strangely colorful signs of civilization.

Rorschach’s Journal
Former November 2nd, 1985 entry. Now Day 1 entry in unknown place.

I know now that the Godlike man did not send me to some foreign part of the world that I knew. Would have preferred if he did though, I would have known what to do. Not the case here.

I approached signs of town as before but found no town in the sense I am familiar with. Town infers people, I found no people here. Moment I realized that these were not humans that lived in town I hid myself well. Buildings were familiar, similar architecture but vastly different in an almost cartoonish way. Each building was unique and painted in bright warm colors that hurt my eyes. Not one was the drab grey concrete I knew and hated. Used these buildings as cover, observed situation to understand where I was.

What I found were creatures I can only describe as ponylike in physiology yet held human like characteristics. Referred to each other as ponies but understand now that they were not all the same. Some were unicorns, I hesitantly write this, idea of said creature existing ludicrous. Will need to make note of reading Book of Genesis, if ever possible again, for other things that might have been missed by Noah and his ark but turn out to be true. Second were pegasi, writing the word down leaves bad taste in mouth. Somehow seems less realistic than unicorns. Explains so called jet I saw earlier, saw again later but realized it was a cyan pegasus with rainbow mane. Will need to make note of watching skies to stay hidden. Finally normal, wingless and hornless ponies but I use term normal very lightly, for just the same as the other two, all looked like they had been colored in pastels. Bright colors that remind me of neon lights. Each one had marking on flank, from deductive reasoning believe this somehow reiterates talent or job (Noted orange, blonde pony with mark of three apples selling apples, likewise another pony with a rosebud on her flank was selling flowers- especially roses).

Will continue to observe and work way through town called Ponyville. For now will return to forest and find base of operations. Will stay hidden for now from intelligent creatures. Mind strangely calm though despite implications of what this all meant. Somehow made sense, Dr. Manhattan had refused to kill me- instead he sent me to another world.

Somehow seems crueler fate than death. On Earth, had a purpose and a goal, now was lost in some strange world so very different from the cold, cruel streets of Manhattan.