• Published 2nd Mar 2013
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Transformers: Equestria's Darkest Hour - JDPrime22

Direct sequel to Transformers: Fall of Equestria. A new war is raging on between the Autobots and Decepticons on the peaceful land of the ponies. The Legend of the Transformers will fall in Equestria's darkest hour.

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Trypticon's Revenge


"No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom."

-Optimus Prime

INTEL: Once a simple data clerk, Optimus Prime was chosen, to his surprise, to become the leader of the Autobots. Optimus Prime believes that freedom is the right of all sentient beings. He uses his strength and bravery to rally his heroic Autobots to wage their battle against the evil forces of the Decepticons.


“All hail Megatron!”

“Long live Megatron!”

“Praise the path of the glorious leader of the Decepticons!”

Megatron shook his head in ignorance as he made his way through the Nemesis. Blocking his path were several of his fellow Decepticon brethren saluting him and gawking at his supreme power. By his side was his trusty Communications Officer.

“Soundwave,” Megatron began pushing away Dragstrip who was in his way, “what are the reports on the Nemesis’ inner sanctums?”

The Communications Officer responded after activating his holo map of the entire ship on his wrist. “The Nemesis is fully repaired; armor levels along with Energon tanks are completed with no disruptions as you have ordered.” Soundwave answered with his chilling voice.

Megatron smiled as the doors opened up revealing the bridge of the ship. The clouds flew past the massive window the covered the entire front portion of the ship. The blue sky surrounded the room as were there several Decepticons inside the bridge tinkering and checking the systems.

“Excellent, Soundwave,” Megatron congratulated his fellow Decepticon before his expression turned stern. He leaned in and asked in a low whisper, “And what about….well you know…?”

Soundwave answered quickly while facing his master, “Trypticon has been unresponsive ever since our first encounter several hundred mega-cycles ago. Scanners show that he has been completely drained of power, giving us complete control of the Nemesis.”

Megatron chuckled and looked around the ship, the dark purple walls followed by the eerie lights is all Megatron ever wanted his ship to be, well that and it was supposed to be an unstoppable killing machine.

Their times on this pitiful planet haven’t been so bad. Cybertron would have been a much better base camp in the depths of Kaon, but taking to the skies in his massive fortress was good enough for the Decepticon leader and his squadron of ruthless Decepticon warriors. He had once heard Soundwave decipher this planet as being called “Earth”, a terrible name for a planet.

It should’ve been called “Dirt Planet”.

“Very good, Soundwave,” Megatron said while rubbing his hands together, “now nothing can stop us from taking over this world, not even Optimus Prime and his Autobot scum. With Trypticon offline for good we can drive the Nemesis straight into the heart of the Autobots! The Ark!”

“Nemesis superior. Trypticon inferior.” Soundwave added in right before the doors opened. Both Megatron and Soundwave turned around to see Starscream, Thundercracker, and Skywarp enter the large bridge.

Megatron approached the Seeker and yelled, “Starscream, report!”

Starscream saluted and shouted, “Megatron, this world is even more pathetic than I thought! It is far too primitive for us to even last another hundred cycles!”

Megatron crossed his arms and growled, “Quit complaining, and what about the news of the disguises?”

Starscream cleared his throat and nervously bowed, “Unfortunately, my lord, but we have been unsuccessful in finding appropriate disguises for all of our troops.”

Megatron’s frown grew deeper as he approached the cowering Seeker. He pointed a finger accusingly at his chest and snarled, “I gave you the simplest mission of all, Starscream! All you had to do was find perfect disguises for us! We need to be incognito for us to remain on this world so these so-called ‘humans’ don’t get suspicious of our activities!”

“Yes, lord Megatron, but-!” Starscream began until he was violently smacked across the face.

“No excuses!” Megatron yelled and threatened to hit Starscream again, “Next time I give you a mission you will complete it! Is that understood?!”

Starscream rubbed the side of his face before hissing past his master, “Yes, lord Megatron.” Thundercracker and Skywarp followed while Starscream received more punishment. This time it was from his Seekers.

“Not lookin’ to be leader anytime soon, huh Starscream?” Skywarp chuckled as Starscream stopped moving and turned his way. His optics were strong enough to break through Skywarp’s.

“I will be leader of the Decepticons,” Starscream muttered, looking back at Megatron, “mark my words.” All three of them made their way to the front of the bridge while Megatron and Soundwave reached the upper portion. Soundwave began typing on the nearest computer as Megatron rubbed his hands cautiously.

Soundwave faced Megatron and explained, “Defense systems at full capacity. Armor and artillery are ready for action. Space hyper-drive fuel center is at 100% capacity. Your orders, lord Megatron?”

Megatron smiled.

“We shall launch a full-scale assault on the Autobot’s Ark. From Laserbeak’s recordings it seems the Autobots are still preparing their Ark for attack. It’s a pity that they will never be able to finish it when we arrive.” Megatron growled and pointed a large black finger forward. “Decepticons, prepare the Nemesis for-!”

He never could’ve finished when the loud, deep, and vicious growl entered the ship.


The Nemesis began to rock back and forth at an uncontrollable rate. Decepticons all around Megatron were falling on their faces and backs as the growl came back even louder. Megatron held onto the wall as he shouted over the growls.

“What is happening?!”

That single question changed Megatron’s life…forever.


Megatron’s spark skipped a flow when Trypticon spoke yet again. His entire body frozen in fear at how his old ally was now his enemy. An enemy that wanted revenge. This couldn’t be happening…it just couldn’t! If Trypticon was alive….then this meant…oh no.

Megatron had betrayed him.

Maybe Starscream was right. Was that really Megatron’s best plan on Cybertron?


The Nemesis shook at a rate that would destroy it in mere seconds. Megatron and his legions fell on their backs and skidded across the room just to try and stand back up. Starscream hovered in mid-air and laughed at how Megatron was faltering.

“What do we do, oh mighty leader?!” Starscream sneered from above.

Megatron looked around the bridge frantically until he finally found it out. The best solution to almost any situation was spoken.

“Decepticons, retreat and abandon ship!!!”


All Decepticons made their way to the outside of the Nemesis. Megatron pushed his way past them as he approached the end of the massive ship. All that lay under him was nothing but a deep drop to the oceans below.

Breakdown stuttered and looked over the edge, “Uhhh….I’m not so sure about this, Megatron.”

“Would you rather face Trypticon’s fury or mine?!” Megatron shouted right in the face of the Stunticon.

Breakdown gulped and nervously answered, “Uhhh…is that a trick question?”

“Get moving!” Megatron screamed and threw Breakdown off the ship. Before any other Decepticon could move, a massive tremor rocked the entire ship. Megatron looked at his feet and muttered in horror when he saw the ground beginning to transform.

“Onward, my Decepticons!” Megatron shouted and jumped off the Nemesis. Soundwave jumped along with Onslaught, Brawl, Swindle, Dead End, Barricade, Wildrider, Motormaster, Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell. The flyers transformed and flew downwards along with every Decepticon that were free-falling to the ground below.

Starscream led the way along with Thundercracker and Skywarp by his side. Vortex, Blast Off, Ramjet, Thrust, Dirge, and the Insecticon armada flew to the ground where they had finally reached their fellow Decepticons.

Megatron paid no heed to the cowering Decepticons falling to the ground, his focus was soon about to hit him. When it suddenly did, each Decepticon except for the flyers landed in the ocean. After several minutes of swimming, each Decepticon including the leader arrived to the nearest beach.

“That wasn’t so bad.” Swindle chuckled and sat down on the sand. Onslaught and Soundwave looked up and almost groaned in annoyance when they saw Starscream and the others arrive to their position.

“Great fall, Megatron. I would’ve never guessed you would have fallen that kind of way!” Starscream snickered at his master. Megatron stood back up and made his way towards Soundwave, completely ignoring Starscream’s annoyance.

“Soundwave,” Megatron began, “how is the Nemesis holding up?”

The Communications Officer looked at his wrist and shook his head; the other Decepticons surrounded him and utterly prepared for anything that he had to say. It wasn’t good.

“The Nemesis is heading for our position in three….two…one.”

A massive explosion caught each Cybertronians’ attention. Megatron and his legions looked up to see the Nemesis and all its glory falling. The entire ship crashed nose-first into the ocean depths causing a gigantic tidal wave to head for the beach. The Decepticons backed away as the water rushed past their feet.

Only silence and the squawking of pelicans was all that remained. Brawl stepped forward and asked the one question that was on all of their minds.

“Is that it,” Brawl asked, “Did we win?”

Megatron stepped closer to the water and felt a rumble on the ground. Soon the water began to shake as something large began to rise from afar.

“Not yet.”

Suddenly, the ocean split apart causing massive waves to rise above and fall in massive torrents to the ocean when something large and grey began to tower over the ocean depths. That same deep growl echoed over the waters and reached Megatron’s position as he backed away in total shock. Each Decepticon had their optics locked on the monstrous Decepticon symbol glowing from beyond the ocean.

The waters fell as the massive Decepticon rose from below, its optics glowed a bright yellow. Two gigantic poles broke apart from the massive body and opened up to reveal two hands each with three claws. The transformation was completed as the beast suddenly raised its head and pointed a massive finger at his newest target.


And with that said, Trypticon’s mouth opened up as a massive purple ball of raw energy began to glow. Megatron’s optics grew wide as he turned towards his loyalists.

“Run!!!” Megatron screamed and transformed. His tank form drove as fast away as possible as each Decepticon followed closely on his tail. But there were others who weren’t so lucky.

Trypticon unleashed his blast on the Insecticon armada who crumbled before his might. Each Insecticon melted or exploded from the intense heat of the energy blasts. Sharpshot, Kickback, and Hardshell stopped running and screamed in horror. Their legions were dead!

“Noooo!” Sharpshot squealed and fell to his knees with his hands buried in his face. Kickback was speechless as was Hardshell as the Insecticons stared at the raging fires overcoming the entire beach, along with their soldiers.

Megatron spun around and screamed, “Sharpshot, you and your team had better move!” Sharpshot looked back at Megatron until the growl entered his hearing processors. He slowly faced the ocean again and screamed when he saw Trypticon slowly approaching their position. His massive legs caused several waves to appear whenever he took a step. Megatron growled and yelled, “And try not to get crushed on the way.”

Sharpshot and Kickback transformed and took to the skies while Hardshell simply scurried into the nearest forest. Megatron was about to drive off….until he looked back one last time. Trypticon had arrived on the beach. The flames reached his legs as he released a powerful screech into the air.


Megatron drove off into the forest with Trypticon on his trail, hungry for revenge.