• Published 8th May 2013
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Total Eclipse of the Sun - Sarikano

Taking a vacation to visit a friend on his 25th birthday, Alex Mercier will find his life altered forever as his body start to change. Side story to Five Score Divided by Four

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2 : Talking to the the Moon

Total Eclipse of the Sun
Chapter 2 : Talking to the the Moon

May 1st
“Are you sure you only had a little fun with the ice while I was out?”

Once I was done with my business in the bathroom, I wasted no time confronting Michael about my little discovery. To be honest, the itching was still as terrible as before.

“Yes. I was worried when you didn't react to the ice.” After a small silence, he continued a little more quietly, “I might have considered using whipped cream though...” He looked nervous after confessing his crime. It probably had nothing to do with my reaction earlier.

Wait! What did he say? Whipped cream? That wasn't the crime I was expecting. I may have facepalmed, my hand free of cream obviously.

“That is not what I meant,” I told him as my eyes fixed his. ”I was talking about the new tattoos of the sun on each of my thighs.”

The answer didn't make itself wait.

“It wasn't me!” He brought his hand to his chin. “I wish I would have thought of it. It would have been a good payback for this morning.”

I blinked a few times. That was strange. I know from experience that if Michael had been the culprit, he wouldn't have denied it. Especially considering how well that would have succeeded.

“If it wasn't you, then who could have done this. I am sure I was tattoo free this morning when I dressed up.”

My friend seemed unconvinced by my statement if his elevated brow is of any indication.

“What? Believe me, I couldn't have missed them.”

Still the same look... I don't think he'll put any credit in my pre-coffee observation skills. I know that I don't put much into them myself.

“Ok... But they weren't there when I went to sleep yesterday.”

A rather awkward silence proceeded to claim the room until Michael decided to say what we were both thinking.

“So, somehow, someone used a copy of my key to enter my house, went to the guests bedroom JUST to tattoo you with the big yellow star?”

If only he knew how right he was about the size of the tattoo. I had a suspect, but I arrived way past her bedtime.

“I wouldn't put it past Fiona. But I doubt that your parent would have let her leave their home at the time I arrived.”

“That makes two of us.”

Fiona wasn't much of a prankster, but I'm certain that she would have wanted to leave her mark on my visit. Though, the fact that she is only eight years old, soon to be nine, made it highly improbable that it was her handiwork.

“I guess that leaves the case of the solar tattoos open for the moment.” Michael was the only pony that I knew that would describe the situation that way. I just hoped he wouldn't use this in his next book.

“What do they look like?” That was a rather pertinent question considering that I wasn't going to drop my pants only to show him. I mean, who would be crazy enough to do this?

“They are kind of cute.” His earlier eyebrow came back. I don't see why women would be the only ones allowed to like cute things. Equity of sexes work both ways after all. “What? It is a very well done stylized sun.” I muttered the rest to myself. “I wish it didn't look like it come from a cartoon though...”

“See the bright side, it is only temporary.” Michael seemed to have caught the cartoon part. I wouldn't put it past him to have deliberately chosen his words as a reference to the sun.

“Yes... Temporary...”

Me, on the other hand, I wasn't as optimistic. A part of me was telling myself that there was more to those tattoos then a simple joke. Also, I couldn't I shake the feeling that I had already seen them somewhere.


The rest of the afternoon went quickly by as we finally decided to play a few games together. The itching had finally died out, but I couldn't remove this nagging feeling that there was more about those tattoos that met the eye. After our simple supper and the delicious black forest cake, I expressed my desire to spend the rest of the day alone. After today events, Michael understood that I needed to collect myself.

Taking an extra slice from the cake with me, I went back to the room where I was staying. At first, I thought about taking a nap. It seems that today had taken more out of me than usual. Still, the matter of the tattoos was still obsessing me and it would have prevented me from closing my eyes. That or I would probably have a dream filled with tattoos. I don't know which case would be worse.

I knew only one place that could probably help me solve this mystery, the mighty Google. Though, after a few minutes looking through the results of my search, I came to the conclusion that the situation could have been worse. The tattoo could have been of a smiling sun. Seriously, what was it with cartoon suns needing to smile?

I eventually found an image which was the exact representation of what laid on my thighs. Clicking on the image to trace back it to its source, I found myself on a wiki page about a certain Princess Celestia. I also found out that I shouldn't have tempted Murphy earlier. On the page, there was a picture of the horse from my dream. And it had the same image that I was looking for on her flank.

I quickly closed the tab as soon as I connected the two together. This was impossible! I never told a single soul about that dream, how would anyone know which image to use? Why are those elements of my dream on the web? And, more importantly, why does the name Celestia sound so familiar...

Most would probably only see the whole thing as a mere coincidence. But I am not one to believe in coincidences. I will stay away from the wiki page for now, for I have the feeling that I wouldn't like what it says.

This all started with the tattoos, so they are probably the key to this mystery. The only thing that I know is that it is highly unlikely that anyone I know would have done this. Even worse, the only persons who know where I am at the moment are my parents, Michael, and his family. So, the tattoos appeared on their own?

That sounds rather crazy, but weirder things have happened, right? That makes a good start point in any cases. I should probably take a small break first though. After all, I still haven't eaten that piece of cake I brought with me.

Once the cake was dealt with, I looked at the time. It was only a few minutes past seven. Well, back to business.

The first few results of my search were stories about something called My Little Pony. I didn't stay long on those pages. My Little Pony, that sounded like the name for a little girl's show. I don't think that I'll find anything of use there.

After a while, I finally found a message that seemed relevant :

To any whom it may concern,
So, have any of you who are reading this post have a cutie mark appear on the side of your legs recently? I could definitely use some as I appear to be turning into a pony. Any help is appreciated.
Sincerely Needing Help,
We are the Meta

Cutie mark? That sounded familiar, and like it's coming from a media for little girls. Okay, I might have been wrong about that part...

The message had been posted an hour ago and it had already received the usual internet junk answers. Other messages implied that the poster was a rabid fan gone too far. I was going to answer until I saw them. I had almost forgotten that a part of the web would love nothing more than ruining somepony's day.

At that moment, I decided to keep a low profile. It was impossible for a human to transform into a pony after all, right? As I was about to proceed with my search, a gravelly voice resonated through my mind, leaving a simple question, “Will you let your suspicions stop you from finding help?” It is weird how having your feelings exposed to you so simply can leave you undecided about what to do next.

After my black out during dinner and the discovery of the tattoos, I wasn't sure what to think anymore. If the next step was becoming ponies, then being in contact with someone else in same situation would probably be useful. Though, I failed to see how those marks appearing meant turning into ponies. Maybe something else happened. In the worst case, I am more than able to return the favor to the person.

Considering that author of the thread had decided to write his original in the format of a letter, I decided to copy him.

Dear We are the Meta,
I'll take a guess that a cutie mark is one of those strange tattoos that appeared by itself. If that is the case, I might be in the same case as you. However, changing into ponies just seems like a weird and rather farfetched conclusion just from the appearance of those marks, unless there is something weird that has happened to you so far.

For a moment, I almost signed Princess Celestia. I was probably more tired than I thought if I had thought that using a name I discovered only a few minutes ago was a good thing. With the message sent, all that was left was to wait for an answer. Maybe I could play a little before going to bed.

Fate had other plans as I drifted into Morpheus' arms as my game was booting.


There was a celebration going on. The whole village had gathered. A whole village of polychromatic ponies.

On my right, there was a blue coated mare taller than the rest of the ponies. Her cutie mark was a black shroud with a white moon. She was wearing a black crown in her light blue mane and a regalia of the same color around her neck. The mare had both the wings of a pegasus and the horn of a unicorn like me. But, more importantly, I felt very happy to see her again.

At first, she seemed a little sad until both an orange and a pink pegasus filly gave her a welcome wreath. Oh, how had I missed that smile all those years.

And it was at this moment that a beep woke me up.


May 2nd
When I opened my eyes, I noticed was that my head was laying on my keyboard. Shifting my eyes to my laptop screen, I saw the newest Civilization game title screen. I was definitely much more tired than I thought. Personally I would sleep a little more, but my improvised pillow wasn't that comfortable. Besides, I could tell that it was the morning already.

So I decided that should go prepare some coffee, I should be the first person awake anyways. Or at least, that was what I thought until I checked the time on my phone. It was almost nine in the morning. Okay, that was way past being tired. Still, some coffee wouldn't hurt to properly wake up.

On my way to kitchen, Michael walked past me talking to the phone and giving me a weird look. But he seemed too busy with his call to make a comment. I'll look on the return trip to my room. I wouldn't notice the problem until my first cup of coffee anyway.

Once I reached the kitchen, I was greeted by the scent of fresh hot coffee. Thankfully, there wasn't anypony in room, that would had been a embarrassing. Wait, anypony? Since when did I start to ponify words? Not that it wouldn't make a funny pun to use, but I think that this situation is starting to get to me much more than I wished.

With the coffee flowing through me, it was time to take care of my bathroom business. Once done, I finally noticed what surprised my friend earlier. I had trimmed my hair before leaving for my vacation, but now my hairs looked like they did before the cut. Actually, didn't my chestnut hair seemed to be lighter than usual? The worse thing, however, was that my normally brown eyes had started to take a hint of... pink.

Whomever was responsible for those changes, I officially hate you.

I guess that made the idea of turning into ponies not so farfetched anymore. I wonder if We are the Meta has answered to my message. There is only one way to know.

Once I was back my computer and closed the game, I finally noticed what had woke me up. It was a chat invitation from Meta that was sent over ten minutes ago. Duh! I hope he didn't get too impatient, I don't normally make people wait for so long... Meta started the conversation quickly enough.

We are the Meta : Hello? You there?
Sarikano : Yes, I'm here.
We are the Meta: So I saw that you replied to my thread with the possibility of turning into a pony?

Well, he's rather direct. I did take a while to accept to start the chat. Maybe a little joke would help to lighten the atmosphere. So, pony... Lucky Luck could work. But Jolly Jumper would be too obvious. Oh! I know!

Sarikano : Only if the sudden hair growth I noticed this morning is part of the changes. But, it could be worse, I could be turning into Rantanplan.

There is a brief pause. He probably didn't understand the joke. I guess the dog dumber than his shadow isn't well known. Then again, maybe his name is different in English.

We are the Meta : What?
Sarikano : …
Sarikano : Nevermind.
We are the Meta : Lol ok. So anyways what's your name? My name's John Sappington.

Wait, we're already at the name giving phase? That was a little too quickly for my taste. I might as well proceed though, it isn't as if he'll be able use it to find me.

Sarikano : My name is Alex Mercier.
We are the Meta : O.O
We are the Meta : As in the Prototype guy?
Sarikano : No *facepalm*

Seriously, this joke is starting to be get to my nerves. I'm starting to understand how Michael felt yesterday...

We are the Meta : You have to admit though, it is kind of fitting; something supposedly bad happens to you, and now you want to figure out what happened.
Sarikano : I guess that comparison could work. I just hope I don't need to absorb people to learn more.
We are the Meta : So anyways, have you found who you might be turning into?
Sarikano: Yes... Apparently it is somepony named "Celestia".

Wait, did I ponify a word again? I hope he won't notice it.

After a minute without any answer, I started to think back on last night dream. It was different than usual. It was at a first person perspective rather than the usual third person view. Somehow, it also seemed a little more real. Although, the weirder part was that blue pony. I think that she was a pony, she was rather similar to the others. However, there was more about her. It was almost as if I knew her. This is crazy, I don't think I could forget a unique creature like her. The worst part was that I feel that I know her name. I think that it start with a L.

John decided to finally interrupt my thoughts at that time.

We are the Meta: ...
We are the Meta: You're being totally truthful with me, right?

Wait, I can't believe it! Why would I be lying about something like this. Besides, he is the one who asked for help first...

Sarikano: Maybe, or maybe not
Sarikano: Well, you mentioned being turned into a pony first in your post, I'll guess that you know more about what is going on than me.
We are the Meta: Well, on the contrary, I actually don't know much more than you do. Although I must ask this since it'll make this whole thing go a little more smoothly.
We are the Meta: Are you a brony?

Poor you, this isn't your day.

Sarikano: I'll just go ahead and guess that you aren't talking about the chocolate.
We are the Meta: That would be an affirmative.

Eh, what? I guess that's what I get for trying sarcasm on the web.

Sarikano: Eh, I meant that as a no.
We are the Meta: I know that! I was saying affirmative to your assumption!
Sarikano: Oh...
We are the Meta: Anyways, can you tell me where you are at the moment?
Sarikano: Wouldn't it be better if you tell me who you think you are turning into?
We are the Meta: Alright, straight down to business I see. I'm turning into Luna.
We are the Meta: You know, it's kind of odd that we found each other since Luna and Celestia are sisters in the show.

Ah, Luna! That was the name I was... looking... for...

The name invoked several powerful emotions at the same : happiness, sadness and even regrets. But, the most powerful at the moment was relief. It was almost like what had happened yesterday. Oh, and apparently I wrote an answer while I was overwhelmed by the emotions.

Sarikano: Lulu...
We are the Meta: Hey, I just met you
We are the Meta: And this is crazy
We are the Meta: But here's my number
We are the Meta: So don't ever call me a pet name again, or I will find you, and I will kill you.

Apparently I just walked through a mine field and managed to activate them all. Temper, temper mon capitaine.

Sarikano: Sorry, I didn't mean to write that.
We are the Meta: It's ok; I've been having the same things happen to me recently.
Sarikano: How often?

Really? If the change is also mental that could turn ugly for both of us. Also, didn't he mention something about his number?

Sarikano: Oh, and you still haven't given your number.
We are the Meta: XD I was joking about the number. Anyways, I only recently started thinking random thoughts.
Sarikano: How random are we talking?
We are the Meta: Like, looking at this cutie mark and thinking, "Maybe Twilight or somepony good in magic can help me."

Twilight? I hope he isn't talking about the movies. Wait! I do know somepony named Twilight something. But unlike earlier, I only felt a slight hint of pride toward that person. But the words "my faithful student" resonated through my mind, again and again.

Sarikano: Is Twilight some kind of student?
We are the Meta: Yes, actually, she is. How did you know?

Maybe the full name would provoke a bigger reaction. Then again, it might be better if I leave it there. Those reactions are rather powerful and most of all confusing. Where do all that those come from? I wish I could talk to John face to face, he might be able to help me understand those surges.

Sarikano: Arg, this becoming too confusing. I wish we could meet, it would be much simpler.
We are the Meta: Yes it would. Do you happen to live anywhere near Muscatine, Iowa?

Muscatine! Michael, you have no idea how much I'm happy to have met you at the moment.

Sarikano: I don't live there, but I'm currently visiting a friend who does.
We are the Meta: Really?!
We are the Meta: Okay, this can't be a coincidence.
Sarikano: Is there anywhere we can meet? Like a coffee shop or something?

It took a few moments before John finally gave an address. That took him a while, I have a few coffee shop addresses from Montreal memorized. Then again, I might not be considered normal when it comes to coffee. And cake.

We are the Meta: Okay, I have a place. Go to the Starbucks at 2400 2nd Avenue. I'll be inside at sometime around 4. You'll see me with the longish, light blue hair. Anything I should recognize you by?

Four o'clock? That's almost seven hours from now. I am not sure I want to wait that long... Besides, long blue hair? While it is fitting with the pony from my dream, I hope that it is just John that had a weird taste for his hairstyle. Otherwise, I think that the universe hates me a lot considering what I recall from Celestia's mane.

Sarikano: Wouldn't it be possible to meet earlier? About the appearance, I'll take a guess and suppose that your hair wasn't like that earlier. Unless you like anime a little too much...
We are the Meta: Hey! There's nothing wrong with anime! But yes, you are correct; my hair didn't used to be blue.

Yes universe, the hate is reciprocate.

Sarikano: I didn't say that there was anything wrong with anime, just that there are limits... If your hair changed, then I suppose a physical description won't be of any use.
Sarikano: Well, there is my car I suppose; I own a gray Nissan Cube.
We are the Meta: Well, that'll be easy to spot.
Sarikano: That's why I bought it *Wink*
We are the Meta: Well to answer your earlier question, I just woke up and need to play some games before we meet up.
Sarikano: Gaming...

I guess I could use some time to sort my thoughts. That burst of emotion at the mention of John's pony name didn't leave me the most stable.

Sarikano: I guess I can't really talk, seeing as how I've fallen asleep playing Civilization...
We are the Meta: Well color me surprised; you actually turned out to be a gamer.
We are the Meta: We can talk more at Starbucks later. Until then, my number is 1-563-555-3241. Yours?
Sarikano: I'm sorry; I forgot to mention that I was from Canada. My number is 1-514-555-5246.
We are the Meta: All right, see you at four.
Sarikano: See ya.

Well, that was interesting to say the least. I hope that John don't have a short fuse or that rendez-vous later might turn ugly for me...