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My Little Toku Universe: Kamen Rider Agito - SoonToBeWriterBrony

The world of Equestria has a lot of enemies but it can stay forever vigilant with the powers of Rider and Rangers standing by the royal family. Each Rider and Ranger had died and returned though out the centuries. But since the banishment of Nightmar

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A long time ago in the early days of Equestria, there were three pony brothers. These brothers wandered from land to land together each with their own goals. The First and eldest to be recognized as the most powerful and receive the respect he "deserves", the Second wanted to find all the greatest treasures for himself and the Third and youngest wanted to help as many beings as he came across.

One day the brothers heard of a great treasure that was guarded by many dark creatures. Each brother agreed to look for it, each with their own motives for find the great treasure. The eldest wanted everybeing to respect him and worship him for such a great deed. The Second wanted the treasure all for himself and buy himself a kingdom with it. The youngest however wanted to use it to better everybeing he met and clear off the monsters from hurting all the other beings.

Weeks flew by as they neared their prize going to the lair where the treasure was held and at last they found it. It was a box no bigger than a jewelry box. The Eldest and the Second brother was furious at the discovery but decided size does not mean it was not useful. The Second opened the box for all three brothers to see and each of them was bathed in a strange glow before the box shut itself and vanished. At first the brothers could not see anything different about themselves. They then and there decided to go their separate ways and a few weeks later their powers became apparent.

The eldest who only truly sought power and respect was turned into a creature of power. He was merged with his armor and weapons making him truly powerful and fearsome in battle. However because of this he couldn't survive normally and need the lifeforce of others to stay alive. He did so without a care for the life of others. Thus the First brother became the first Orphnoch.

The Second who sought only greed became as he wished. He changed into a creature who could generate coins called medals and even change his shape to suit whatever he wished. He could have bought that kingdom he wanted. However he realized he couldn't generate enough medals to feed his appetite and that he was now made up of the stuff, even having colored core medals that held his being. Soon the second brother found he could make more medals out of another being's greed and misery. Thus the Second brother became the first Greeed.

The Third brother however grew stronger, faster and tougher and gained abilities than nopony had ever seen. Donning a suit of green and a bug-like helmet he became a hero. He considered himself a rider of the wind and the fact he could change into his costume so easily made him think of a proper name for himself. A passing pony from Neighpon called him a Kamen Rider. When asked the Neighpon pony told him that since he considered himself a rider of the wind (constantly going from place to place) and henshin (change) into kamen (mask (OCC: Don't know if this is right XP)) he should be called that. The Third brother agreed with the neighpony and asked him how to say 'the first' in Neighponese. The Neighpon pony answered 'Ichigo'. Thus unlike the First and Second Brother, the Third brother became a hero, the First Kamen Rider, called Kamen Rider Ichigo.

The years went by and took its toll on Ichigo as he fought his brothers and other dark monsters. His sons who took the name Kamen Rider Nigo and Kamen Rider V3 approached the Equestrian royal family and told them of their struggle. The box from their father's last adventure with his brothers kept appearing and creating more monsters like their uncles, like the worm who stole the life of anybeing and replaced them, and the cyborg-golems who threw away their lives for the sake of power. They asked if there was any way for the powers of the Kamen Riders to continue even if they and their father were destroyed. They asked could if their powers be passed on to future generations. The Royal family said it was possible, the price however was to forever swear allegiance to the Royal daughters, Celestia and Luna, and to whoever they decide to pass on the crown to. Nigo and V3 consulted with their father,Ichigo, and agreed to the Royal family's terms.

It is said there's a little rider in all of us and that over the years Ichigo, Nigo and many other riders kept on appearing in time and history over the many generations. The mantel of Kamen Rider is constantly passed on by the power's own free will and even creating new powers other than the first three. Like Stronger, Black, Black RX, Skyrider, Amazon, Kuuga, Agito, Ixa, Hibiki, Blade, just to name a few. Now it is not known who the original riders were or the family which the three brothers came from. Neither can we say who are these modern riders are and where they are from and how they act. We cannot even fathom how they acquire their powers, I myself as I write this don't even know how I came across my powers or when they were activated or what triggered them. But we can always count on the Kamen Riders to be present as long as the Royal Family stands...

...as the years passed and the number of Riders grew, there came a new problem; a group called The Black Cross Army. This army was leaded by a dozen monsters including a self-proclaimed King called Black Cross Führer who had somehow gotten hold of the box. They after receiving several setbacks by the Kamen Riders decided to try to use the box power to create an anti-rider unit whose only purpose was to kill the riders.

Their first creation which the ponies later refer to as the Goranger team were consisted of five ponies fought the Riders fairly successfully. The Black Cross Army was very pleased with their results despite it being a prototype. As they were developing the next three teams, the Goranger leader, Akarenger fought against the successor of the named Kamen Rider Ichigo. The two fought against each other with tooth and nail until at some point Akarenger was attacked by one of the Black Cross Army monsters and was almost sent off a cliff. Ichigo saved Akarenger despite being enemies and convinced Akarenger that it was better to side with The Royal Familly rather than the Black Cross.

Akarenger said he would think about it and left only to return a few days later with the rest of the Gorangers and the other three teams, J.A.K.Q, Battle Fever J and Denjiman. The riders (all except Ichigo) expected a huge brawl between the two sides before Akarenger ordered his and the other teams to attack the Black Cross Army to stop them from abusing the power of the box.

The combined strength of the Rangers and the Riders was strong enough to defeat the Black Cross Army and arrest the Führer only to discover that the he had lost the box to one of the monsters. It was then that Ichigo begged the Old King and Queen to extend the same deal to the Rangers which they agreed to as long as they abided to the same terms extended to the Riders and promise to work alongside them.

It was then the Gorangers decided to train the next teams and along with the Riders forever protect Equestria and their eternal mission to find and destroy the box.

Introduction from Kamen Rider/Super Sentai: a brief history written by Kamen Rider Decade (the second) and Gokai Red (the third). Book located in the restricted section of the Royal library vault. Only accessible to Celestia, Luna and anyone who is vouched from the BOTH of them.

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