• Published 15th Nov 2012
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"It Was My Job to Take Care of You....." - Master4871

Chief lands in Equestria. More explained in long description.

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Big Things Start with Big Beginnings

Chief stood his ground, even though he knew he was outmatched and possibly outgunned. However he made no attempt at a violent first encounter. The looks on the ponies however were some of mystery, fear, and amazement. The three that stood out the most to Chief were the three Alicorns; one being dark blue and being somewhat medium on the height scale, another one was pink which was about the same size as the blue pony. The last however stood out the most, mainly because she was the tallest out of all of them. She had spoken again:

"Do you have a name?" she was more demanding this time around but to her dismay Chief kept quiet again. She now asked the pink Alicorn a question, "Cadence, do you see any hate in it? Perhaps it is sad but I could be wrong." After a brief pause the pink Alicorn known as Cadence stepped forward and her horn started glowing. Another brief pause came and her response was grim.

"Nothing, it has never known true love, perhaps not even love. I can't tell. I'm sorry." Cadence apologized.

Chief was sick of the colored equines so he headed inside of the Pelican gunship to get away from the 'chaos' that was outside. 'What is this place, why didn't Cortana send me back to Earth?' Chief thought as the Pelican's hatch was closing. Just as the hatch was almost closed it was surrounded by a yellow aura, which seemed to restrain the hatch from finishing the command. This truly pissed Chief off at this point. Chief grabbed a storm rifle and unlocked the hatch. When the hatch was open all the way he shot, what passed for angry glares through his helmet, at the tall white Alicorn. She seemed to notice and replied with a stern statement.

"I wish for you to come with us so we can question your intentions here in Equestria."

When she finished Chief aimed at her face with the storm rifle and was about to pull the trigger when an unknown force started pulling on it.

"Thou will no hurt thy sister!" this time the dark blue Alicorn was interfering. The strength of her 'force' was stronger than Chief anticipated as it had pulled him a few feet, but he in the end came out as the victor. The Alicorn looked tired from using so much energy. "How did you beat my magic?!" she questioned.

"Hey!" this time a male unicorn was yelling at Chief, "You want the Princesses you go through me!" Chief took this challenge as he stepped forward and holstered his storm rifle to his magnetic back holster. The unicorn took that as a 'give me your best shot' gesture, which he in turn gave his most powerful shot of magic he has ever produced. Chief quickly dodged the fairly large projectile while heading closer to his new enemy. Chief swung but the pony disappeared in the blink of an eye, then appeared right behind Chief, blasting another bolt of energy at the green warrior. The same routine went on one more time until Chief found a weak point in the unicorn's tactic. This time when Chief went for a hit he quickly turned around and dashed towards where the unicorn would end up, and thanks to his precise planning, landed a punch to the creature's chest. Chief grinned when he heard a few cracks, but when he turned to see the audience, they were all dumbstruck as to how Chief beat the best guard Celestia had to offer.

"That is quite enough!" the lead Alicorn finally stopped the fight before things got to rough, "You will listen to your superiors! And you will not attack again!" she commanded.

"You and what army." Chief finally spoke up. This startled all of the ponies, but the majestic white Alicorn quickly regained composure and replied:

"Thank you, now acquaintances can be held later, but for now you will come with us and answer to your crimes against Equestria." she ordered Chief like Mendez did on first day of training.

"No, you have no authority over me. Now if you don't mind I would like to be left alone." Chief responded.

"How dare you disrespect the Princess in such a way!" now one of the smaller ponies stood up to Chief, this one being lavender in color, and a female unicorn to match.

"I don't belong here, and you just asked me to bow down to your leader like a damn peasant. So no, I will never bow to your 'majesty'." Chief thought he did a good job in his argument as he looked over to the injured male with Cadence over him, "I'm sorry about your friend though. Now leave me alone." Chief started walking back to the gunship when the goddess of an Alicorn spoke up again:

"Your apologies are accepted and we would like to know you better. I'm sorry, we didn't know you came from somewhere else and apologize ourselves to this honest mistake."

'Wow, this place is f-ed up, guess an 'I'm sorry' will settle any problems' Chief thought. "What do you want me to do?" he asked, "it's the least I can do to make up for this."

"I would like you to come to the castle with us so we can question you on some things. Is that alright?" she asked.

"No it's fine, just let me grab some things." with that Chief walked back into the Pelican and grabbed his assault rifle, his magnum, and plenty of magazines. Last thing he grabbed was a Cortana's AI. chip that he pulled out before Cortana's podium got obliterated by the Didact. He placed it in his helmets interface and continued on out of the Pelican. "All right let's go." he stated.

"Brace yourself." the Alicorn warned. As she finished her sentence everyone teleported back to, what Chief assumed to be, the castle. "Welcome to Canterlot Castle." she warmly welcomed. "First things first, guard get in here please!" she commanded one of the guards guarding the main hall door to come to her, "take Shining Armor to the infirmary please."

"Yes Princess!" he respectfully replied.

She nodded her head in thanks and turned to Chief. "How will we question you strange alien?"

Everyone pondered this question when a pink female pony spoke up and gave her idea, "Let's have a slumber party!" she exclaimed.

"What?"! was all Chief could reply.

"I for one think that is a splendid idea." the Alicorn replied.

"What?" Chief asked again.

"Yes we can question him, and all share out ideas while having fun. I will have this arranged for tonight." the Alicorn spoke again.

Chief had the thousand yard stare as he heard the atrocity forcing its way into his ears. 'Fuck me' was all Chief could think.


It had been an hour since first contact with the ponies and Chief had already learned all the ponies names. All ten of the group walked towards Celestia's royal bedroom to commence the sleepover. To Chief's delight, he only had to answer questions. When they got to the giant bedroom doors they opened with a yellow aura around them. The room already had all the plush items for all the other ponies to cuddle with and sleep with and whatever else Chief thought they might do tonight. 'UGH!' he thought. The ponies were getting comfortable while Chief found a nice non-fluffy spot to lie down on. 'This is the most ludicrous thing I've agreed to do, and I went through Spartan training, which was Hell!' he though again.

"Shall we get started with the questions then?" Celestia asked.

"Fine." Chief sternly replied.

"I'll go first," Twilight offered, "alright, so what is your name?"

"That's classified." Chief responded.

"Then what was your job?" Fluttershy asked.

"That's classified." he responded again.

"Have you ever been in true love?" this time Cadence asked the question.

"........................No I have known love beyond who is dead."

This made everypony in the room gasp at the sudden sadness they heard.

"What did you mean 'Who is dead'?" Cadence asked again.

"Where would you like me to start?" Chief asked.

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