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"It Was My Job to Take Care of You....." - Master4871

Chief lands in Equestria. More explained in long description.

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You Did it, Just Like you Always Do

Chief and Cortana's final confrontation......

"Cortana?" Chief got up from his kneeling stance and asked again, "Cortana do you read?" he asked again with worry in his voice, "Cortana, come in!" There had been a slight shimmering noise when Chief finished his pleas. He turned around to see what was watching him, but was surprised to find a human sized Cortana walking towards him. "How......" Chief was confused at the AI's new configuration.

"Oh, i'm the strangest thing you've seen all day?" Cortana had replied sarcastically.

"But if were here-" Chief was stopped.

"It worked...you did it, just like you always do." Cortana's tone had obviously shown sadness but Chief ignored it while looking around the 'room' they were currently in.

"So how do we get out of here?" Chief questioned.

"I'm not coming with you this time."

"What!?" Chief was surprised at her behavior.

"Most of me is down there," Cortana looked down at the remains of the Didact's ship, "I only held enough back to get you off the ship."

"No! That's not...We go together!" Chief interrupted, now showing fear in his stone cold voice.

"It's already done."

There was a short pause before Chief had broken the seal again, "I am NOT leaving you here...."

"John...." Cortana now started walking towards Chief and lifted a hand to touch his chest piece, "I've waited so long to do that." Cortana now sounded of terror.

"It was my job to take care of you." Chief was desperately trying to sway Cortana.

"We were supposed to take care of each other." Cortana reiterated, "And we did."

"Cortana please..." Chief now knew he was wasting his time but kept trying, "Wait!"

"Welcome home John." with her last words Cortana dissipated and left John staring into nothingness.

John was now truly alone. No one to call friends, no one to call family, and no one to call Cortana. Alone was all John could keep thinking of, while blissfully being okay with floating through space. He was sure help would come soon, but nothing is ever certain. Unaware that behind him was a lushous planet, John was, for all intents and purposes, paralyzed with guilt and sadness that had washed over him. Ignorance, however, was not bliss on this fine day for John had met head on with some scrap pieces of the Didact's ship. This obviously worked to get him out of his trance for he now turned around and saw the planet that was now 'pulling' him towards itself. John was not nearly close enough to the planet to even drop to the surface, and the heat from re-entree would kill him, so he pushed all thoughts of the planet out of his head. Little did he know his luck was going to change for the better, for after a short pause John had spotted a Pelican dropship, obviously left behind by Infinity or perhaps the driver got shot out of it. Of course it was the latter because there were bullet holes peppered across the windshield of the aircraft. The Pelican had enough juice to get to the planet however and the ship was capable of re-entree, so that solved two problems. The last problem was not knowing if the planet was hostile or friendly.

'Gotta learn the hard way for now.' John thought. He accelerated the Pelican's boost and the ship took off. The planet was coming increasingly close by the second, and within a few minutes John had reached the outer layer of the atmosphere. The gun ship was easing its way through the layers as if there were no resistance. The last barrier had been broken and the ship had created a sonic-boom that could be heard from miles off into the distance. Not a good way to be discreet, but he was left with no choice. John could see everything from the altitude he was at. He saw forests, villages, a desert, and a giant castle. 'Not exactly modern, but whatever' John was perplexed at the design of the cities, they were old and...colorful. Nothing the combat Pelican couldn't handle though. John had spotted a clearing in the middle of a dense forest that was severely in need of a population, or civilization. 'Beggars can't be choosers' Chief thought as he was landing the Pelican. The Pelican probably stirred up some commotion in the nearby town that was close to the forest so Chief decided to wait the night out in the Pelican's soldier bay. With a press of the button, the Pelican had locked down and Chief was remembering that he was alone.


Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Thank you for receiving this on such short notice faithful student, but alas I wish it were on better terms. I presume you saw the object in the sky and were going to gather your friends to go search it. Do Not go until I get to your house tomorrow morning. Would like to see it for myself. Farewell my faithful student.

Princess Celestia

"Well that object sure was odd, but I had no idea the Princess would get involved." Twilight was pacing back and forth, pondering the idea of what the flying object could be.

"I don't know Twilight, looked pretty dangerous to me." Spike was worried for Twilight, for he knew what curiosity had done to her before.

"Oh come now Spike, it looked like a rock. You aren't afraid of rocks now are you?" Twilight teased.

"No, and it did sort of look like a rock." Spike was walking up the stairs of the tree house when he stopped to say: "Good night Twi."

"Night Spike." Twilight watched her friend head up the stairs and shut the door. When she was sure Spike was asleep, Twilight took the liberty to gather her friends to discuss what could have fallen from the sky. She got up and went out the door in search of her friends. First she went to Carousal Boutique, Rarity's home. She knocked on the door to find that Rarity was going to lay down and read a book on old Canterlot fashion, but Rarity agreed to gather at Twilight's home. Next stop was Fluttershy's cottage where not only Fluttershy was, but the tomboyish Rainbow Dash as well. They both agreed to gather as well. Rainbow had also mentioned that she saw the object as well while on her way to the cottage. The next destination was Sweet Apple Acres, where their friend Applejack called home. Applejack was finishing up the last apple bucking of the day when her friends came by. She graciously accepted their offer and tagged along with them. Last stop was Sugar Cube Corner, the bakery and home of Pinkie Pie. She was ecstatic at the thought of being with her friends so Pinkie agreed with full joy. When they came back to the tree house, they found a not so happy Spike awake.

"Oh Celestia, not an all girls slumber party." Spike grumbled "Well anyways, here's another letter from Celestia Twilight." Spike handed Twilight the letter and headed off to bed again, angrily slamming the door behind him.

"Spikey-Wikey must be tired." Rarity inquired.

"All right, so now that were all here, what'd you wanna tell us Twi?" Applejack asked.

"All right, well this will sound strange but, before I went to gather you all a large object had landed in or around the Everfree Forest." Twilight was rudely interrupted by Rainbow Dash.

"It was in the Everfree Forest." Dash cut in.

"Thank you Dash!" Twilight scolded, "Now where was I, oh yes, this object looked peculiar in size and shape. Just as I was about to come and get you guys, Celestia sent me a letter saying to wait till morning when she got here. So, I gathered you guys here to discuss the plan and spend the night, to make things quicker in the morning." Twilight finished.

"I'm down for that!" Dash blurted out.

"I guess I will go." Fluttershy sheepishly agreed.

"Ah'll go to Sugar Cube." Applejack was in too.

"Yeah that sounds like fun!" Pinkie screamed.

"Shut up!" Spike yelled through the floor to try to get everyone to calm down.

"I'm in as well darling." Rarity humbly accepted.

"Well then it's settled, we all go with the Princess tomorrow." Twilight announced.

While everypony was ready to go to sleep, there was still: "One more thing girls. The letter from Celestia Spike gave us when we got back." Twilight never let a letter go unread.

"Dear Twilight Sparkle,

Tomorrow morning when I arrive, I would like to let you know that Princess Luna and Princess Cadence will join us along with your brother Shining Armor. Just thought I would let you know.

Princess Celestia"

"Well that's good to know." Twilight examined the letter again to make sure she didn't miss anything. "Well goodnight everypony."

"Good night." they all whispered in unison.


The next day proved difficult for John. He found it hard to deal with loss of someone he cared deeply for. The only other times it happened was when Sam had died upon a Covenant Cruiser, and when Kurt was presumably dead (which he wasn't). Sleep had eluded him the night he touched down on the planet, but he took the time to take inventory of what the Pelican had in stock. Surprisingly, it harbored a dozen storm rifles, and twenty plasma pistols, four assault rifles, four battle rifles, four DMRs, and a SAW machine gun, all of which had ample ammo. Good in case he got in a firefight. However something was missing. He already knew what it was...Cortana. While looking for food throughout the morning, John came across a river with fish, easy food and water access for him now that he needed it, but little did he know a search party was coming for him.


"All right everypony are you ready to go?" Celestia asked in her regal tone.

"Yes." everypony replied.

"Let's begin the great journey that lies ahead of us then shall we." Celestia added.

The journey was not long though for the night before, Rainbow Dash had seen the landing of the object, and knew where it was. It took a little over an hour before the group made any substantial progress however, due to the forest's dense underbrush. When they were eyesight of the Pelican ship, they all dawned confused expressions, nopony knowing what the object was. What confused them more is that there was now a sage green creature walking outside of the object, now doing some workout routines. Still perplexed the group moved closer, quite sure that they were not noticed by the creature.

"Let's surround it, make sure it can't escape." Shining Armor was determined to know what an alien creature was doing in the land he was sworn to protect. Everypony had done as told and made it nearly impossible for the creature to escape... or so they think.


John was aware he was being watched, something he learned from basic training. And his radar had shown ten red dots surrounding him. He however kept doing his exercises to confuse the enemy targets that surrounded him. He was unsure what the unknown enemies were, but he did know that they were most likely not friendly... or so he thinks.


Celestia had made her move towards the creature that was on the ground before her. However she had crumpled some leaves with her hooves which she thought ruined her plans, but the creature just kept going. "Hello."


John heard the gesture and was not shocked to hear English, but shocked to see an Alicorn, something he only thought was a myth. He stood his ground and said nothing. Just staring at the equine. He could tell she was uncomfortable.

"Do you have a name?" the Alicorn had spoken up again.

John still remained cold and silent and resumed to his exercises, thinking he had gone insane. The Alicorn had made another step towards him, to which John replied with his magnum instantly being pulled up from his side holster. This made the Alicorn unnerved and she backed off. Chief put the magnum back but kept watching the equine, still remembering the nine enemies that surrounded him, which Chief put off as more of the Alicorns. However the current one standing in frond of him had looked all around the DZ and slightly nodded her head. Again Chief pulled out his magnum aiming at the closest red dot on his radar...

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