• Published 15th Nov 2012
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"It Was My Job to Take Care of You....." - Master4871

Chief lands in Equestria. More explained in long description.

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Slumber Party?

"I know I said that my job was classified, but I now see no reason to hide it from you." Chief changed his mind about how 'classified' things were mainly because of the fact that he may never be home to get tried for releasing top secret information. "But to warn you, my planet's history and the history of all others I share with you are gruesome and I would not suggest telling anyone outside of this 'meeting'." Chief warned them of the horror that lay on the words of his story, waiting to come out and delve into the ponies minds, but they shook their heads in conformation. "Well, it all began when I was six years old. This women had come to my home planet to do research on me."

"What's a women?" asked Twilight.

"In my galaxy or universe or whatever the hell it is, males are called men, and females are called women. This, as far as I know, applies to every race that I know of. Now back to the story. The woman did 'research on me and that was pretty much it." Chief looked around and saw all the "yeah right" faces donned by all the ponies in the room

"Your tiny story raises only more questions strange one." Luna piped up.

"And I know how to answer them." Celestia said as she got up and walked towards Chief. He trusted her enough to know she wouldn't hurt him. "How about this." she said. As her horn started glowing, images of Chief's past appeared in the middle of the room. He knew what was going on, and what they would think. The first image had appeared and started to become audible:

The woman was standing in front of him ready to ask questions as she said before. "What's your name?" she asked.

"John" the little boy replied.

"That's a nice name. Hey would you like to play a game?" the woman questioned.

"Sure!" the boy exclaimed.

"You see this coin?" the woman took a silver coin out of her bag to which the boy nodded his head, "This is the money from Earth. Now you see the man's head and the eagle on the other side?" the boy nodded again, "I'm gonna flip the coin and you guess what side it ends up on alright."

"Yeah, and I'm gonna win!" the boy confidently stated.

"Alright..." the woman hesitantly replied. She then proceeded to flip the coin and just before the coin hit the ground the boy called a side. When the coin did finally hit the ground the boy was right and got to keep the coin just as promised.

John was now exiting a dropship with many other children. They were either crying or silent. When they were all corralled in a big room, the same women entered and started to speak: "Hello everyone, my name is Doctor Halsey, I have brought you here to tell you that the war we are currently in has made you orphans and has taken your family away form you. Let me just tell you that you will be the best we can make you. You will be the protectors of Earth and all her colonies. This man is Chief Mendez and he will train you to be the best of the best and help you take revenge on the evil that has taken your life away from you."

John was running on the path with all the other candidates for the Spartan II program. They were running the five mile run to the school when John had to stop and throw up, and when he looked up he saw another kid get beat by a guard for not listening. He instantly got up and started running. After about a half hour of jogging the children arrived at what appeared to be a school.

John, Sam, and Kelly were boarding the Covenant cruiser after John suggested to go EVA. When they made their way in they stumbled upon a group of birdlike creatures that the UNSC classified as Jackals. One of the Jackals were charging up its plasma pistol while the rest of its squad was eliminated. When Sam turned the Corner the Jackal shot and penetrated a very large gash in Sam's armor, the Spartan's squad mates put it down. Stopping to speak Sam turned around and proclaimed the revelation he came to:

"Go. I got this. I'll set off the nukes, you guys just get out of here." Sam wasn't able to make it out of the ship because his suit could no longer keep the oxygen in his suit while EVA. John was ready to argue but knew that this was the only way the mission could get complete. With hesitation John and Kelly left the ship, allowing Sam to fight off the Covenant and set the bombs off. When the two floating Spartans got to a safe distance John told Sam they were ready. Sam replied with a nuclear blast from inside the Covenant ship.

John was standing in the main deck of the Pillar of Autumn. Captain Keyes had ordered him to get up to the bridge and assess the situation. To John's surprise, they were not floating to a human planet, but to a large planet sized ring. After a short discussion, an AI showed up and greeted him, to which he replied by putting her chip in his helmet. When they left the bridge they were immediately met by a squadron of Grunts which John killed, a bullet to each head.

After they found the control room for Installation 04, Cortana and John split up to cover more ground. Cortana had the information and John was to stop the Captain from finding the 'weapon' stored inside the Halo ring. When John found the Captain's dead crew in a Forerunner facility John assumed the worst. What he didn't expect to find was one thing... the Flood.

In the midst of battle, John befriended an Forerunner caretaker, 343 Guilty Spark, who looked after the Halo they were on. After convincing John to get the activation index and use it, they finally arrived at the index which is when Spark teleported them to the control room. When they arrived and set the ring to fire, Cortana appeared, angrier than John has ever seen her.

"Turned out that Spark didn't tell you the whole truth, huh." Cortana remarked. "Apparently the Halo ring is a mass weapon of destruction that destroys all living things in the galaxy." While running down the hall from the Control room John fought off a squad of Elites, Jackals, and Grunts with a few Sentinels here and there. When they got outside Cortana spoke up again: "We can stop the ring from firing Chief, but it may take time to figure out a plan." John nodded and went to the nearest banshee he could see.

While the dynamic duo was escaping in a Longsword bomber, they watched the Pillar of Autumn explode and send the Halo ring into oblivion. "We did it Chief. The Covenant, the Flood... it's over." Cortana spoke.

"No, I think we're just getting started." John replied as he was taking his helmet off.

John finished putting on his Mjonir Mark VI armor as he was about to go to the war ceremony. As the ceremony started however, a fleet of Covenant ships arrived at Earth ready to attack the planet's space defenses.

John was on Earth walking out of a downed Scarab tank that he single handedly destroyed. When the evac arrived they went to the In Amberclad and they head off to follow the Prophet of Regret's ship. When they went through the slipspace portal with the Covenant capital ship they arrived at another Halo ring.

John was on top of the Prophet of Regret's floating throne, pummeling the religious leader to extinction. When the Prophet showed no struggle, the Covenant fleet above the base John was in knew too and were firing the 'holy fire' and eradicated the base. When John knew this he ran out of the base and jumped into the giant lake before him. When he landed in the water he was grabbed by a massive tentacle which was followed by the words, " This is not your grave!"

When John awoke he was in the presence of the largest Flood life form he has every seen. After a short while it dragged an Elite down into its lair where it had a long discussion with both of them. The Elite, known as Arbiter, and John were in a forced truce with the each other as they had the same goal in mind. Stop the rings and the brutes.

John was outside in High Charity when he noticed the Prophet of Mercy on the ground with a Flood spore atop of him. John killed the parasite and asked the Prophet where Truth was going. There was silence.

John was ready to board the Prophet of Truth's ship but was too late. However Cortana appeared and in an act of valor, stayed behind and made it possible for John to board the ship. John promised to come back for her when she replied with:"Don't make a girl a promise, if you know you can't keep it." something often said by Dr. Halsey.

John awoke in a forest, unable to move due to his armor's gel layer locking up. Sgt. Maj. Avery Johnson and the Arbiter went into the jungle to look for him. When they saw him they unlocked him and handed him an assault rifle.

John and Arbiter were making there way towards Truth to stop the rings from firing, but were too late when Commander Keyes crashed a pelican drop ship and tried saving Johnson from the brutes. She died trying. When John and Arbiter made it to Truth he was succumbing to the Flood. Arbiter quickly got revenge for Truth's sins.

John was making his way through a Flood infested High Charity, where he knew Cortana was at. When he reached the source of Cortana's radio signal he bashed the safety zone around her and retrieved the broken Cortana.

343 Guilty Spark had shot and killed Johnson. John killed spark in return. After the sad farewells John activated the Halo ring and beat feet to the entrance of the control room, followed by Arbiter.

Arbiter and John crashed through the vehicle bay of the Forward Unto Dawn while escaping the Halo's fire. While escaping John stayed in the bay to finish his fight. Cortana stayed as well.

John and Cortana were drifting through space towards an unknown and possibly hostile planet. John went into cryostasis and had Cortana wait for them to be found by UNSC or even the Elites Arbiter controlled.

Four years had passed since the Forward Unto Dawn was split in half, leaving Arbiter on Earth and John in random space. Now the duo were being boarded by Covenant who were stuck in the old ways of things. Elites, Jackals, Grunts, and even Hunters. The planet the aft half of the Dawn was floating towards was in fact a Forerunner shield world.

When John and Cortana landed on the planet, called Requiem, they came into contact with the Prometheans and their leader known as the Didact. Didact got the covenant and Prometheans to work together after a short while, and try to eradicate the humans that found Requiem. The human ship was large, very large and was donned the name Infinity.

John was retrieving Cortana from a Forerunner podium, but the Didact destroyed said podium. John was now alone while on his way up to fight Didact.

Multiple Cortanas started to rise from the hard light bridge that Didact and John were on. They quickly distracted the Didact long enough for John to plant a grenade in his chest and inevitably kill him. John had to set off the nuke that he acquired from the broadsword and the only way to now do that is manually. John set the bomb to standby, and after a short moment of silence, he detonated the bomb with all the strength he could muster.

"Cortana?" Chief got up from his kneeling stance and asked again, "Cortana do you read?" he asked again with worry in his voice, "Cortana, come in!" There had been a slight shimmering noise when Chief finished his pleas. He turned around to see what was watching him, but was surprised to find a human sized Cortana walking towards him. "How......" Chief was confused at the AI's new configuration
"Oh, i'm the strangest thing you've seen all day?" Cortana had replied sarcastically.

"But if were here-" Chief was stopped.

"It worked...you did it, just like you always do." Cortana's tone had obviously shown sadness but Chief ignored it while looking around the 'room' they were currently in.

"So how do we get out of here?" Chief questioned.

"I'm not coming with you this time."

"What!?" Chief was surprised at her behavior.

"Most of me is down there," Cortana looked down at the remains of the Didact's ship, "I only held enough back to get you off the ship."

"No! That's not...We go together!" Chief interrupted, now showing fear in his stone cold voice.

"It's already done."

There was a short pause before Chief had broken the seal again, "I am NOT leaving you here...."

"John...." Cortana now started walking towards Chief and lifted a hand to touch his chest piece, "I've waited so long to do that." Cortana now sounded of terror.

"It was my job to take care of you." Chief was desperately trying to sway Cortana.

"We were supposed to take care of each other." Cortana reiterated, "And we did."

"Cortana please..." Chief now knew he was wasting his time but kept trying, "Wait!"

"Welcome home John." with her last words Cortana dissipated and left John staring into nothingness.

The ponies were now staring at each other, astonished that John is even sane after the events they just witnessed.

"That was a long and sad story, to say the least." Celestia broke the silence.

"Indeed." Luna commented.

All the ponies now looked at John, but found him aimlessly staring at the chip he removed from his helmet. John put the chip back into his helmet. John looked at all of them and said nothing.

"How?" Cadence asked. John cocked his head to show his misunderstanding. "How did you go that long without love? How?"

"That's what Spartans are trained to do. They eat, sleep, and breath war. That's why we were made." John replied. "On top of that, the only person who I remember as family, are my fellow Spartans and Doctor Halsey."

"I don't know about you guys but I think I need a break from sad stories for a while. Don't you." Pinkie sulked away into her comfy bed that was put in the room for the slumber party. The other girls followed suit.

An hour or so later John was sitting in a corner of the room when a echoing voice chimed in his head:

"I can see the hate and sadness that dwells in your mind. And I'm the only one who can help. You just have to trust me John."

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