• Published 2nd Jan 2012
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A Shadow Brought to Light - k12314

A young stallion, named Shadow Weaver, ha never led a good life. At least, not until SHE came along.

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Chapter 6: New Findings


AUTHORS NOTE: Sorry about this being so late, everyone. I've been so caught up with school and Le Retour, I didn't have time for this story. I'll try to pick it up a bit. This one is a bit short, but just wait until the weekend, I'll get a lot done then.

(Listen to this)

I laid under the two boulders, cold and alone. The way I wanted to be. The way I belonged. I thought I heard a few shouts of my name, but I just ignored it, crying and wallowing in guilt.

"I should have never let myself become friends with them... They probably know by now, Pinkie has to have gone and told them... They'll all hate me..."

The tears kept flowing, and it began to rain. I started to feel cold, but I didn't care. I just curled up into a little ball and wept.

"I'm never going back... In the morning I'll leave, and never look back. I just hope they don't send a posse after me."

I began to shiver, and tucked myself against the side of one of the boulders. I couldn't hear anything over the thunder.

Not even the pleaful cries of my friends.


(Third Person)

Everypony was frantically searching for Shadow. He would freeze to death in this cold. Pinkie Pie was searching the hardest.

"Where could he be...?"

She searched around in the bushes and in the tree line, thinking he might have taken refuge somewhere a bit dryer. Nopony to be found. She hadn't been frightened or angered by his story, but instead, she pitied him. She knew he didn't mean to kill that pony, and he was just defending himself.

"That's why he never tries to make friends and avoids everypony... He's not just antisocial, he's afraid he'll hurt somepony... He's afraid he'll hurt me..." Pinkie stopped for a second and tapped her chin with her forehoof. "Why did I just think he would be afraid of hurting me specifically? Hm... Weird! Alrighty! Time to keep looking!"

After about an hour, Pinkie had nowhere else to look. She was heading back to the road until she saw a large pile of boulders with a gap under them. "Wouldn't hurt to try..."

When she looked under the boulders, she saw a shivering and crying Shadow Weaver, curled up for warmth. He looked at her, then buried his face in his hooves. "Go away Pinkie... Just leave me be..."

She just crawled under the rocks with him, and brought him into a deep, caring hug. "No... I think I might just stay right here, and turn that frown upside down." Shadow looked at her for a second, staring into her large blue eyes.

"Aren't you afraid of me...?" His voice was near a whisper, and he was hoarse from screaming at himself.

"Nope! Why would I be? You were just defending yourself... You're not an evil pony, Shadow, just misunderstood."

Shadow just kept staring at her. "Since when did Pinkie get so... Wise?"

She started stroking his mane, and kept speaking to him in her soothing tone. "I'd never just let you run off like that... You're too nice for that. Tell you what..." She broke the hug and gave him a huge smile. "You can stay with me at Sugarcube Corner! We have a spare room... Well... It's the attic..." Her smile went from kind to sheepish.

Shadow was amazed at the persistence of the mare. "Listen, Pinkie... You can't do that... You need to stay away from me." He looked away from her, his past reminding him why he doesn't make friends.

"I do?" She tilted her head curiously.

"Yes. You're just putting yourself in danger by being around me..." His voice was quivering, as if he were about to start crying again.

"I am?" She scooted in closer to him.

"Yeah... If it isn't me who ends up hurting you, somepony from my past will... You see, there are a lot of ponies who want me dead, or worse." He closed his eyes and let out a large sigh.

"Why would they want that?"

"Because I owe them a lot of money. Or I stabbed them in the back. Or I did something they didn't like. All I'm saying is, I'm dangerous, and nopony should associate themselves with me."

Pinkie just giggled, and scooted even closer to him. They were mere inches apart. "But I want to associate myself with you..."

"Why? No matter what I do or what I say, you just keep coming back. What is it about me that makes you want to be around me?" He was nearly shouting, confusion and anger evident in his voice.

"Because you're nice, you're fun, you're..." She looked down for a second, a her cheeks going from pink to a deep crimson. "Cute..." She whispered the last word, her voice barely audible.

(Stop the music)

Then, Shadow just looked at her. "W-What?"

"I said you're... Cute."

Then, it was Shadow's turn to blush. "... Uh... W-W-What makes you think that...?"

"I dunno... Maybe it's because you're so shy..." She giggled again and scooted so close to him that she was practically sitting on his lap.

"P-Pinkie... This is getting a little uncomfortable..." He tried to move away from her, but she caught him in one of her hugs again. She leaned in, and whispered into his ear.

"How about you just come home with me, and we get you set up in the attic room... OK?" As she pulled away, she nipped at his ear, and his entire face went from pitch black, to blood red.

"D-Don't do that... Ugh, ALRIGHT, you win. I'll come back with you... Just... Don't do anymore... Weird stuff."

She smiled warmly at him, and they both crawled out from in between the rocks. Then, without warning, Pinkie grabbed his hoof and bolted off with him, dragging him to Sugarcube Corner.

He was red the whole time.

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