• Published 16th Apr 2023
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Rodeo Rumble - HumanSVD

A nice, honest man name Clyde the Cowboy, has caught Applejack's affections. She wants him as her hubby but so does Arizona. There's only one way to solve this...a fight!

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Sizing up the competition.

Applejack continued to kick the "High Striker" plate and consistently hit the bell every time. This particular one was taller than the one used between her and Rainbow Dash during their Iron Pony contest. Even to this day, Applejack is still adamant that her best friend cheated, but it wasn't worth ruining their friendship over a competition.

Things were different this time, and Applejack would push herself to the limits. She would win at least one blue ribbon and some money by heck or high water. Despite her goals, she couldn't stop thinking about Clyde. With another kick to the striker plate, the weight sailed upwards and hit the bell very loudly. Applejack stopped and took a break as she fanned herself with her stetson.

Sitting on her haunches, she said, "Dang, it's getting hot out here. Ah think Ah'm done with the High Striker for now. Ah wonder what time it is."

Braeburn's clock could be seen through an open window and showed it was 11:30 am. Applejack was surprised at how much time she spent doing solo practice. Remembering Clyde was an organizer of the Rodeo, she wiped the sweat from her head and walked off to find him. She took her lasso with her in case they would do more roping practice. About 20 minutes of walking later and dodging many ponies and creatures on the road, Applejack reached her destination.

The Rodeo grounds were more extensive than her last visit to Appleloosa. Many bullpens were full of contestants or were in the process of being built. She could see some were set up for an obstacle course, others for barrel tossing or weaving, and another for clown rodeo acts. Applejack could tell because Troubleshoes was happily practicing jumping into a barrel.

Despite his size, he quickly jumped into the barrel as any rodeo clown would. The country mare walked over and asked for directions to Clyde's location. Just as the massive stallion jumped back out, Applejack said, "Well, howdy there, Troubleshoes! Gettin' ready for the event Ah take it?"

The stallion turned and smiled before replying, "Eeyup, just practicing mah jumps. Ah expected you'd show up, considering your cousin said so."

As she nodded, Applejack asked, "Well, is that so? Ah hope Ah do well since it seems this will be a big event. How have you been?"

The massive stallion picked up a barrel and put it on his back. Walking over to set it aside, he answered, "Been doing well. Mah luck still ain't great, but the folks have been mighty nice to me. After Ah found mah callin', not a lot has kept me down. And Ah intend on keepin' it that way."

"Well, Ah'll be; that's a mighty good attitude he has. Ah'm proud Apple Bloom and her friends helped him last time we were here."

Applejack felt a slight pang of guilt remembering how Troubleshoes was treated many years ago. The town had blamed him for taking the Cutie Mark Crusaders when the truth was quite the opposite. Many of the towns ponies eventually apologized and did their best to welcome him. And she was happy to see that a wrong was made right, considering how cheerful the stallion was. Remembering her main reason for showing up, Applejack asked, "You wouldn't happen to know where Ah can find Clyde? He said he'd help me get ready and signed up."

Troubleshoes nodded and pointed a hoof toward the direction of Clyde. "He's over yonder and has a bullpen he's been using. The register pony ain't far from him, so you'll find them both no problem."

Tipping her stetson, Applejack gave her thanks, "Appreciate it, Troubleshoes. Hope you do well in the Rodeo clown events."

He smiled before pulling a make-up kit from a saddle bag on the bullpen fence. As he began putting on a clown face with the make-up, he replied, "Ah hope so. It's just mah luck that so many other folks signed up for the clown events. You take care now, you hear."

Waving goodbye, Applejack held back her laughter at seeing the massive stallion putting on a clown face. Walking for a few more minutes, she found the sign-up tent near where Troubleshoes said it would be. She added her name to several events, ones she felt were reasonable for her abilities. The older stallion manning the tent had a bowler hat and a silly mustache, and he was bored and didn't want to be there. Applejack didn't want to waste his time before asking, "Do you know where Clyde is?"

The gray-coated, faded yellow manned stallion raised an eyebrow and asked, "You too? Oh well, he's behind the tent in a pen. So get in line, missy; he's busy now."

"Geez, what's got up his plot? Crankier than...well, Cranky Doodle."

Nodding, Applejack walked around the tent and found the bullpen with Clyde inside it. She was happy to see the man again, and once more, she felt the butterflies in her tummy. Applejack blushed and mentally scolded herself, "Them butterfly feelings again? Do Ah have a silly filly crush on that man?... Ah guess Ah do. Ah can't deny it, and...WHO IS THAT?!"

As Applejack realized she had a crush on the man, she spotted another creature inside the bullpen. It was a girl cow-calf, roughly Applejack's height and build. Both of them were practicing for the roping event, and she was doing a better job than Applejack had yesterday evening. Her lasso throws were more accurate, and she tied Clyde up faster. After a timer buzzed, Clyde said, "Time! The total was 13.34 seconds. You're a natural!"

The cow beamed happily and giggled with a small tap dance on all four of her hooves. She was acting like a silly school filly hearing the man's praises, which made Applejack jealous. Despite feeling guilty, she couldn't help herself as she narrowed her eyes at the cow. Neither of them noticed Applejack as the cow went over and untied Clyde. As the man dusted himself off, he noticed Applejack and her unhappy expression.

He waved to her and said, "Howdy, Applejack. Glad you're here; Ah was wondering when you'd show up."

The mare forced a smile before nodding back to Clyde. The cow turned her attention to the mare and waved to her, saying, "Howdy, partner!"

Not wanting to be rude, she waved back to the cow. Setting her lasso on the fence post. Applejack opened the pen door and walked inside. Making her way to the cow, she held a hoof and said, "Howdy, Ah'm Applejack. You joining the Rodeo Ah take it?"

The cow smiled and returned the hoof bump before saying, "Yup! My name is Arizona, and I came all the way from Foenum. I plan on kicking and stomping the competition! Well...as best as I can. My Pa said I have what it takes, but between you and me, these other folks that I've seen ain't no joke."

If there was one thing Applejack could agree with the cow, it was the competition. She would be lucky to walk away with a single blue ribbon with the number of participants she was facing. Arizona seemed to have just as much as a keen as Applejack, which made her ask, "You got that right. Ah know some of these folks, and they don't play around. This your first time in a Rodeo?"

The cow blushed with her ears splayed down before saying, "Yeah...This is my first time, but I've overcome worse. I'm certain I'll walk away with at least one blue ribbon and some money for my folks. My Ma and Pa said they're already proud of me, but I wanna let them see me win. Ya hear me?"

That struck Applejack's heart and made her feel sad. Her parents were long gone and the thought of her own Ma and Pa watching Applejack and cheer her on was a dream she could only wish for. While Applejack knew Arizona didn't mean any harm and didn't know, it still hurt the mare that she couldn't see them. Applejack sighed and said, "Ah wish, my Parents ain't with me no more."

Arizona's happy demeanor shifted into sadness; she frowned and downward splayed her ears. The cow softly spoke, "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean-"

Applejack interrupted Arizona and said, "Ah know you didn't mean anything. And it's fine, happened long ago. But if it means anything, Ah don't think your parents are lying. Ah would do your best in the Rodeo and not worry about anything."

Arizona nodded and hoof-bumped her once again. A show of respect of displayed between the two, and Applejack's jealousy disappeared. The cow before her deserved respect, and Applejack returned it in kind. After breaking the hoof bump, Applejack's attitude relaxed before she thought to herself,

"This girl ain't so bad after all. Must be my imagination; she's acting all silly filly towards Clyde."

The cow turned to Clyde and said more femininely, "I gotta go take care of some stuff, Clyde. Thanks for your help, and I guess I'll see you later this evening?"

Applejack's eyes widened as she heard Arizona's tone. There was no mistaking it, even if Clyde was a typical, oblivious guy. Arizona fancied him, just as Applejack fancied him. While the mare didn't want to believe it, the signs were there. The tone, how she looked at him, and how she smelled pointed to the obvious. There was perfume from the cow, which smelled like a typical desert rose, a very common perfume for country folk.

Applejack had to be calm and collected, or she would look like a crazy mare. Clyde tipped his hat towards Arizona and said, "Sure thing, Arizona. Just remember what Ah taught you today. The competition will start in three days, so get ready for it. If you need any more advice, just ask me."

That last phrase stirred up a twister in Applejack and kept twirling her feelings of jealousy. Applejack knew she would have to make excuses to see Clyde as much as possible and to eat up his time. Applejack realized she could win over his heart by making him dinner and baking him the best Apple pie he'd ever have. If all went well, and she dressed up nicely for him, she'd have Clyde eating out of her hooves and, hopefully, more than that.

She would have to figure out how to keep Arizona away from him, which would be a problem. Applejack could tell Arizona wasn't the type who believed in quitting and would be stubborn not unlike herself.

"More advice, huh? Well, Ah guess Ah'll just keep taking his "advice" and time for mah own."

"Sure thing, Clyde. See you later!" said Arizona.

The cow took her lasso and happily trotted out of the bullpen. Applejack could smell the perfume even stronger and heard the cow hum a typical romantic country tune as she disappeared into the distance. This did nothing but confirm to Applejack that the cow had ulterior motives towards Clyde. Fortunately, Arizona hadn't picked up on Applejack's feelings, and the poker face she had acquired playing cards with her brother had paid off. As she turned her attention back to Clyde, the man asked, "Is something bothering you? Looks like you got something on your mind."

Applejack didn't want to lie but instead avoided talking about it. Not only was she a terrible liar, but Applejack was certain an honest man like Clyde would pick up on it. And if caught in a lie, it would quickly spiral out of control as it usually had when the country mare lied. Applejack looked at the man with pleading eyes and said, "Yes, but Ah don't want to talk about it. Ah really wanna practice for the Rodeo, and Ah'd appreciate it if you'd help me."

Clyde looked into her eyes, and Applejack felt uncomfortable. She knew he was trying to see if she was serious, but fortunately for her, Clyde dropped the question and sighed, "Alright then, Ah can do that. Ah already showed you the roping, so Ah want you to show me your kicking skills since the High Striker will be the first event. And don't hold back now, you hear."

Applejack smiled after he gave her a challenging grin before pulling out a high striker meter from the bullpen corner. It was much taller than Braeburn's, and she could tell it had a heavier weight on the pole. She whistled at the new meter and said, "Dang, now that's new. Ah tell ya what."

After setting the meter down and checking the kick plate, Clyde replied, "It certainly is. They updated the thing for all the new creatures joining the Rodeo by compensatin' for the different weight classes. No sense in making different ones for when they can make one for all."

After he bent down to check something, Applejack fully viewed the man's plot. The mare enjoyed the heavenly sigh of his plot cheeks stretching as the jeans covered the contour of his glutes. It took almost her willpower to resist spanking that wonderful juicy human stallion plot. Any good stallion deserved to be flattered by a mare, and if there was one that needed it, it was Clyde.

"Hang on just a few seconds, Applejack. There's something loose here. Ah just need to tighten it." said an innocent Clyde.

"Oh, there's something that's gonna get tight, alright."

"Take your time, mister. Gotta get things right and ready, ya know," said Applejack as she licked her lips.

A few more seconds went by as Applejack tried to control herself. Her tail started to rise, and Applejack had to control her urges. Clyde eventually fixed the issue on the meter and stepped back, giving her space to kick.

"Okay, it's ready. Now show me what you got," said Clyde.

He gave her a thumbs up and a smile, which made Applejack grin. The mare simply replied, "Clyde, Ah wanna introduce to my legs. Bucky McGilibuddy and Kicks McGee."

Before he could say a witty one-liner, Applejack charged at the High Striker meter. She made solid contact with the striker plate, sending the weight upwards.

Clyde had never seen a kick so powerful before in his life. It was just the beginning of what Applejack could show him.

Author's Note:

So, Applejack has met her rival and she doesn't like it. And poor Clyde, he has no clue what's going on around him. Hope you guys like it! Stay tuned for more to come.