• Published 10th Jan 2022
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"Please dont leave" - Pinkameanie

After enduring torture and punishment from the entire school Sunset decides to end it all, before she is saved by someone she thought didn't want her. Together they will fight to bring those responsible to justice.

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Chapter 3 "Hope"(Updated)

Author's Note:

4-10-23 Another chapter updated, I know everybody is waiting for the next full chapter but it's been fun going back through and adding more depth to this story, and adding some background fuzzies with Pinkie and Sunset, just know that I'm working my way towards it and it won't be long.
Also "YAY" on my story finally being over 10k words. This is officially the longest story I've ever written in my life!!! Please leave a like if you like what I've changed so far and be sure to comment and let me know of any ideas you might have, I also just like reading the comments, this is the best Fandom I've ever been in, and it breaks my heart that the series ended. It's up to us to keep the spirit of friendship alive!!!

I was done!!!

If nobody wanted me anymore than I'm not going to stick around and take the abuse for a crime that I didn't even commit!

I moved my severely shaking left hand, and gripping the handle of my straight razor in my ruined palm, I sunk the edge of the blade into my right palm. Blood started to pool immediately from the depth and the force I had used to sink the razor into my flesh. I was about to drag the blade up my forearm, like I had done my left, before the last thing in the world that could have possibly happen, happened.


From out behind one of the other backdrops came Pinkie Pie, though she would be the only person physically possible to do it, the only other person who came to mind was houdini, as the backdrop was leaned against a solid concrete wall.

I could tell she was crying as the tears where evident on her face, behind that beautiful pink curtain of straight hair, which was not normal for the normally energetic party goer. Most of the time I learned that if Pinkie had straight hair, walk the other way as quickly as possible, I still couldn't fully believe the story dash told me about our pink friend and her imaginary birthday guests.

She was holding what looked like a first aid kit as she rushed to my side and grabbed my hand holding the razor and gently helped me ease the blade from my skin, once it was free, she very quickly snatched the razor from my grasp. It seemed like my straight razor immediately disappeared into thin air as soon as it left my hand, and I just chalked it up to Pinkie doing her Pinkie thing again. As soon as the razor was gone she immediately opened the first aid kit she'd brought and started pulling out tons of gauze and medical tape as she quietly mumbled under her breath, I couldn't hear what she was saying so I couldn't tell if it was good or bad, but only one thing really came to mind.

"H-how did you-?"

"Pinkie sense!" she interrupted as she took some gauze and started bandaging my left arm, the considerably worse and quite life threatining of my wounds where there, but even my right palm was cut deep enough it would need stitches, and I could tell by the look on her face that she was horrified with what she was looking at.

"My Pinkie sense told me someone I really really care for was really really hurt." She fumbled for a second as she had to reajust her grip on the gauze she was holding, it having almost slipped from her grasp. The poor girl looked like she was shaking more than me, but I was starting to shake pretty bad myself so I couldn't be sure.

"I called an ambulance then grabbed one of my 34 stashed first aid kits that I keep hidden for emergencies, and then I came running until I ran through the door and found you"

I thought on that for a only a second before I said the obvious.

"Pinkie....... you didn't come through a door!!?"

She didn't say anything to that as she continued to work, but under that pink sheet of hair I could see a small smile grace her lips as she finished wrapping my arm, and despite the situation I blushed. I was thankful for the massive amount of blood loss that she didn't see it or didn't notice it, but the thought of her catching my blush only made me blush harder.

She was about halfway through wrapping my hand by the time she spoke again.

"Please don't go!!!"

Hearing those words sent a shock through my system and everything kinda came into focus for a second. She looked at me then, looked me straight in the eyes, those beautiful blue pools now full of emotions and a storm of conflicting thoughts.

"I'm sorry Sunset!!! For not believing in you, for taking your smile....." the tears where freely falling from her eyes now but she still held my gaze.
"....I didnt really want to believe you where Anonamiss, but I was afraid the girls would leave me too if I didn't take there side..... I'm sorry I didn't defend you, I'm sorry I called you a secret stealer, that was mean and I won't do it again, I Pinkie promise!!!"

My mind reeled with thoughts as she apologized to me, knowing that she meant every word but it was still hard for me to grasp the thought that someone still wanted me here, not knowing for sure was too much to handle so I had to be sure.

"D-does this m-mean that you still want me here? You really believe me that I'm not anonamiss?"

She looked at me for a moment as she decided how best to word her answer to me, then her face flushed for a second as she looked like she had a thought, then quick as a cobra she leaned forward and gave me a quick peck on the cheek, as she leaned away she gave me a small smile as she said "Pinkie promise."

I could feel my face burning up, which was weird because I'd always heard people felt coldness from severe blood loss. I could see Pinkie Pie was still blushing a little as well and her hair had floofed up just the tiniest bit.

And the world picked that exact moment for two Paramedics to come bursting through the double doors I had come through earlier, and the ones Pinkie had neglected to use when she decided she'd make her door through three feet of solid concrete and cement.

They rushed quickly into the room looking around for the distress call they'd received, they spotted Pinkie as she flagged them over. It had only taken them just over a minute or two for the paramedics to approve Pinkies bandaging, and put me flat onto a body board so they could put me on the gurney, and quick as a flash they where out the door, Pinkie following close behind. As they wheeled me out a memory started to play through my mind, a memory of a happier time.


"So what movie do you wanna watch Sunny?"

It was the weekend of the week I returned to school, and after the last few days I'd endured I was soo looking forward to this day. Though the other girls were reluctant to accept me into their group, with a little pushing from Pinkie Pie the girls had finally started letting me hang out with them at lunch and after school. Even with all the underhanded comments always followed by "no offense" it was kinda worth it just to hang out with Pinkie. I had been trying to figure out a way to bring up the topic of asking her to go see that movie when she had caught me just outside the lunchroom just after the bell rang signaling the end of our lunch period. Pinkie had been strangley absent the whole lunch break, derailing my plan to ask her to the movies, so it was quite the surprise to have her jump out of a wall locker, complete with confetti and the sound of her party cannon going off. She had the biggest goofy smile on her face as she asked me if I'd like to go and see that movie this weekend.

"It'll be soooo much fun!!! Mrs. Cake even gave me my paycheck early so I can buy our tickets AND popcorn, so whaddya say Sunny you wanna go!!!?"
It only took me a couple of seconds to process the rapid fire way that Pinkie talks, but when I did I couldn't keep the smile from spreading across my face.
"I'd love too Pinkie, when are you and the girls gonna be there?"
Pinkie got a bashful look on her face and the hint of a blush that she was trying to hide as she said
"Actually I didn't invite the girls so it'll just be me and you!" "I hope that's alright!"
Now it was my turn to try to hide a blush as I tried to find my voice.
"N-no I don't mind...... so when and where do you want to meetup?
It didn't take us long to hash out the details and a couple of days later found us standing outside the theater in the canterlot mall.

It took me a moment to realize I'd spaced out, but I was quick to answer.
"Sorry Pinks I just zoned out for a second there!"
She looked at me for a second with worry before she went back to smiling.
"It's okay silly willy, I was just asking what you want to watch?"
I looked at the selection and besides a couple of new horror movies I didn't really find anything that caught my eye, I shrugged.
"I can't decide besides, you bought the tickets whatever you wanna watch is fine with me."

Her smile never faltered as she grabbed my hand and shouted "scary movie it is!!!" And started dragging me toward one of the theater rooms. I couldn't stop my giggles at my pink friends shenanigans and let her guide us to some front row seats. We sat and ate popcorn and jumped and screamed together at all the jump scares and held onto each other as we watched some guy in a leather face mask chase and cut people apart with a chainsaw. At the end we had trouble prying ourselves apart at the thought of that guy still being out there somewhere waiting for his next victims.

It was a long dark scary walk back to Pinkies house, that's why neither of us minded holding hands all the way there. When we reached the front steps we finally had to let go of each other's hands but I was still shaken up from that movie and wasn't looking forward to walking alone back to my abandoned warehouse with its ominous creaks and moans and groans through the night, I didn't think I'd be able to sleep at all but Pinkie was my saving grace as she turned around and looked at me.
"Sunny w-would you wanna stay the night? It's just me and my sister Maud here and I don't want to sleep alone tonight!"
I felt the relief wash over me and it quickly turned into a blush
"Really I can stay the night? I don't want you to get in trouble!"
Pinkie gave a small smile.
"Sure you can stay the night! I won't get in trouble, Maud won't mind, she'd probably thank you for staying so she won't have to be up all night listening to my snoring"
Pinkie giggled at that last part and I couldn't help but giggle too. I followed her inside and spent the rest of the night talking and having fun till we both passed out from exhaustion.

I had never had so much fun in my life!


The bell had just rang for the classes to switch so the hallways was teeming with students moving to there next class. It was these students who where brought out of the norm by three loud voices shouting for people to move and make way. As the paramedics moved through the halls all the students present could see a pale and injured Sunset covered in blood from her chest down, and arms wrapped in bloody gauze, barely keeping consciousness.

"Holy shit its Sunset Shimmer!!!"

Someone had spoken it aloud and caught the attention of more students who where trying to be respectful of the paramedics and their job to save lives by keeping there distance. But once they found who was on the gurney they made no such attempts to get out of the way, but ended up forcefully shoved to the side by an angry Pinkie Pie who had moved to the front to clear the path.

"It's really Sunset" was the collective thoughts of the students they passed in the halls. But the crowd of students had already turned cruel in there realization of who the paramedics where trying to save. Quickly the comments turned to mean remarks as more and more students poured out of the nearby classrooms to gawk at the site of the queen bitch finally broken.

As the paramedics finally hauled Sunset through the front doors and out of the school for good there was a cheer that went up into the air as students started laughing and celebrating, even Mr. Cranky and a few other teachers cracking smiles as they tried to usher there students back into they're classrooms. Vice principle Luna stormed down the hallway aswell, surrounded by a miasma of anger and the impending doom of any student that disobeyed her when she handed out detention slips to everyone she saw cheering! Disappointed and deeply disturbed by the sight of anyone who would celebrate a suicide attempt.

She thought and hoped that she'd never see the day that something like this would happen, now that it had it was all she could do not to cry and scream at these heartless bastards that filled the hallways of her school. She had warned her sister that something like this might happen, but Celestia didn't want to hear it and stopped her from intervening. Now though, Celestia be damned!!! Luna was going to make sure that the person responsible for this payed for it with everything they had and she would make sure that this would follow him or her the rest of their life!!!

Luna was only halfway down the hall, memorising every students to punish in this twisted celebration when a familiar sounding ping resonated through the hallways as every students phone went off signaling yet another post from anonamiss. Immediately a silence filled the space that had held such joy moments ago, as students looked at some petty anonamiss post about Lyra and Bon Bon, it began to dawn on them that Sunset couldn't have posted this from the back of an ambulance!

"Ah shit" came a familiar country twang.