• Published 10th Jan 2022
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"Please dont leave" - Pinkameanie

After enduring torture and punishment from the entire school Sunset decides to end it all, before she is saved by someone she thought didn't want her. Together they will fight to bring those responsible to justice.

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Chapter 4 "what were you thinking?"

Applebloom was not happy!!!

She had slipped away when everyone was checking there phones to see what anonamiss had posted, in her head she was cursing Sweetiebell for royaly fucking shit up!!!

She was still surprised that she had drew no attention to herself with her outburst, but thankful nonetheless.

As Applebloom made her way down the hall the bell rang for classes to start. She turned one last corner to one of the back hallways and snuck up to an open classroom door, she looked into the room and found her friend in crime sitting in the back, already looking at her having noticed the movement when she approached the door.

Applebloom gave the "EMERGENCY WE NEED TO TALK" signal, and immediately Sweetie raised her hand to excuse herself from class. Soon Sweetie caught up with Applebloom out in the halls and they made there way to the girls bathroom in the gym since it would be empty this period.

As soon as Applebloom followed Sweetie through the bathroom doors and knew they where out of sight. She grabbed Sweetie by the shoulder and spun her around as she brought her right hand down and smacked Sweetie across the face.

Sweetie recoiled in fear as she backed away quickly out of reach of her friend, not understanding what she had done to anger her so.

Applebloom stood frozen by the door still grasping what she had just done to her friend. As she looked at Sweetie she could see a red handprint forming on her cheek and Applebloom couldn't take it!

"Ahm sorry ahm sorry, ah didn't mean to, ah was angry and moved without thinking" she said as she moved closer to Sweetie, she got close enough to touch her before Sweetie flinched and held her arms out.

"I'm okay, i-it's just, you've never hit me before!"

Applebloom tried to come closer again, and this time Sweetie let her get close, before Applebloom pulled her into a tight hug that Sweetie graciously accepted.

"Why did you hit me?" Sweetie asked the question so softly fluttershy would've been proud.

But Applebloom heard her and simply said "were screwed!!!" before she pulled away from the hug. She looked Sweetie in the eyes when she spoke her next words in a low tone.

"Ah told you not to post without me!? What where ya thinkin!!? And ya decided to break this rule at the WORST. possible. time."

Sweetie looked like she was going to say something to defend herself before Applebloom spoke again.

"Sunset tried to commit suicide"

Sweetie's eyes widened and her mouth fell agape at that, but Applebloom was not done yet.

"And You posted when the paramedics where practically parading her through tha frickin school" she looked like she was going to say something more but stopped herself, it took a minute before she spoke again.

"Half the school was watchin her in that hallway! And all of them where puttin two and two together when you made that post, ah could see it, were definitely screwed."

It was silent for a few minutes before Sweetie had thought and asked "so even if they know it's not sunset, they still don't know that it's us, right!?

Applebloom thought a moment before she sighed and nodded, Sweetie gave her own sigh of relief before another thought came to mind.

"What about Scootaloo?" Sweetie asked.

Appleblooms face soured alittle at the mention of there chicken friend.
"She said she wanted no part of this when we first brought it to her, the only reason she kept quiet was because we threatened ta blame the whole thing on her if she ratted, as long as she keeps her mouth shut we won't bring her into this!"

Sweetie looked satisfied with the answer and asked her final question.

"Now what?"

Applebloom thought for a moment before she finally said "Ah think anonamiss needs to lay low for awhile, if no one catches us using the site they can't prove it was us, it's the best chance we got now."


"Bullshit Tia, that's bullshit and you know it!!!" Luna stood there unyielding as she stared her elder sister in the eyes, both very unhappy with the way this conversation was going, and the way it looked like it was going to end.

"Maybe so luna, but there is no evidence to prove what your saying is true, and those five had enough proof to make up there minds and declare her guilty, why should I not believe what the school has been shown as fact"

Luna almost looked offended at this statement, only her years of discipline keeping her composure.
"The only reason I have no proof is because you've forbidden me from gathering any, or refuse to look at any I've collected!!!" Luna was seriously concerned for her sister's lack of proper judgment and wondered, not for the first time what she was honestly thinking in her mind?

Luna's face softened for a moment then added her final piece before she left. "Please sister, I may not have enough evidence now, but when I do, I'm taking it to the board, and you should seriously consider doing something before then to help that innocent girl or your going to lose your job!........think about it!"

Luna made her way through her sister's secretary's office and out into the hallway as she made her way to her own office. She immediately noticed the two people standing infront of her office door, one a short nerdy student with a computer bag slung over his shoulder, and a rather beautiful looking pink woman who was working here as one of there full-time teachers. Luna smiled as she approached the two and looked at the techy and asked " is it ready?"

Microchips gave a perfect mad scientist grin as he nodded and said
"Everything you need is right here!" As he patted the computer bag.

"All the data, videos and files and accounts have been downloaded and backed up, and my programming software that I hooked up to the school's security maneframe to collect the footage and track anonamiss's account is still operating successfully which means all the other accounts where tracked as well!"


Luna smiled in victory as she ushered them into her office, as they walked in Luna's desk phone started ringing, and she quickly answered.

"Principal Luna speaking!..............WHAT!!! How did-"
both the other occupants in the room could tell Luna was visibly shaken by what was being told to her. "still no word yet?.......... okay, I was about to call you, everything's done, it's all collected and waiting for you!................... when do you want me to call the assembly?....................... very well we shall be ready for when you arrive. Bye!"

Luna didn't speak for a long time, before the third occupant of the room finally asked the question that was eating at her.

"What did he say, what's wrong?"

Luna composed herself a moment "Sunset just tried to commit suicide, cut her wrists before she was found by Pinkie pie and paramedics!

Both the others in the room looked horrified at the news before the pink girl asked "is she alright?"

"She's still in the emergency unit at the hospital and there's been no word yet if she's made it or not." Luna looked at cheerilee then with an intense gaze as she asked "did you get the audio we needed?"

Cheerilee cringed slightly, but nodded.

"Yes, it's kinda surprising how easy it was to get each of them talking, for someone who doesn't have a professional opinion, they sure have a very unprofessional one!"

"It will be there undoing!" Luna said as she sat down in her chair.

"All the pieces have fallen into place"

Luna spun her chair around to look out her office window, it was starting to snow outside.

As she looked outside she saw three police cruisers pull up to the front of the school, four officers got out of each cruiser and followed one man.
At the head of the intimidating group of officers was a tall ivory man with two tone blue hair making his way to the front doors.


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