• Published 10th Jan 2022
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"Please dont leave" - Pinkameanie

After enduring torture and punishment from the entire school Sunset decides to end it all, before she is saved by someone she thought didn't want her. Together they will fight to bring those responsible to justice.

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Chapter 5 "Perspectives"

"Ah shit!!!"

Rainbow dash had heard the outburst, she looked for the source as she recognized the owner of the voice, as she looked she noticed everyone was too busy looking at there phones to notice the young red head slip away. Rainbow hesitated only a second before she switched to stealth mode and quietly moved to follow the little sister of her now, not so secret lover.

Rainbow was wondering what the girl was up to, especially since she had witnessed sunset and the paramedics, and hadn't jumped for her phone as soon as she heard the ping like everyone else. And because the bell just started ringing to signal the start of class. Rainbow still hadn't looked herself to see what was posted in favor of investigating the strange outburst of the youngest Apple sibling, and knowing Applejacks punishment for skipping class, it had to be important for Applebloom to risk the wrath of her older sister.

Rainbow followed her a few more hallways till they reached the back of the school, to one of the shop classes. There she saw Applebloom stop outside the classroom and make some hand signals to someone inside. Rainbow waited around the corner out of sight as she seen Sweetiebell soon make her appearance out of the classroom. They both quickly made there way back up the hallway towards me, and with no options, I quickly pulled open a wall locker and ducked inside and pulled the door almost closed so I wouldn't be locked in and so it wouldn't make a noise.

Both girls soon passed and didn't turn the corner but kept heading straight down the hall towards the gym, completely not noticing me at all. Having been on every sports team in the school, I knew it would be empty right now and was stumped as to the reason of the obviously secret meeting between the two and wondered where her pseudo sister was and if she had anything to do with this secrecy as well.

I jumped out of the locker when they where far enough away to not bee seen and followed them down the hall. Both girls made it to the gym and went inside, as I reached the doors and looked in I could see the two crusaders dissappear into the girls locker room. I sprinted across the floor hoping they wouldn't hear me coming, and was able to catch the corner of the locker room door before it closed.

As I tried not to make a noise I thanked my years of training and endurance that I didn't need to catch my breath from running full court at top stealth speed, and was able to almost not breath at all as I put all my focus on listening and finding out what these two where up to.

As she focused her hearing she heard the unmistakable sound of someone getting slapped and almost pulled open the door and give herself away, but before she could she heard Applebloom apologizing and footsteps, and Rainbow stopped when she heard Sweetie ask why she'd been slapped, wondering myself I listened in.

As they're conversation progressed, I was progressively losing parts of my sanity! Anonamiss wasn't Sunset? It had been Applebloom and Sweetie the WHOLE TIME!!!? When they got to the part about blackmailing scootaloo, I could feel myself shaking with rage, these two thought they where so smart huh? They think there going to get away with this? Not a chance!!!

Rainbow could tell the conversation was just about over, so she pulled out her phone and cracked open the door just enough to take a picture of the two in there secret meeting, once that was done she made her way out of the gym before she was caught. If those two knew she was on to them, they would have plenty of time to come up with plaubibal-plaugible-plaus......... Good excuses to get themselves out of trouble before she could prove there guilt.

Rainbow made her way through the school, back to the front of the building where the faculty rooms and principal offices where. As she walked it really started to hit home just how wrong she was, everything she'd done to Sunset up until now, she definitely didn't deserve that punch to the face! Sunset really wasn't anonamiss!!!. And as she thought more on it, the more she felt like shit. Some element of loyalty she was, she needed to tell Applejack what she'd found, but first the information was going to the only person Rainbow knew would always do the right thing!

She approached one of the door's (she could hear voices on the other side but couldn't tell what they where saying!) and firmly knocked three times. She heard the voices falter and go quiet before she heard the voice of the woman she wanted to speak with call from inside "you may enter!"

As Rainbow opened the door and stepped inside, she gave the office a once over and noticed the other occupants of the room. Microchips from the tech club, (she was pretty sure thats what his name was?) Then there was Cheerilee, don't let her name fool you, that lady can bee a real slave driver when she wants to be.

And there sitting behind her desk was the woman she'd came to see.
Rainbow closed the door and stepped forward, she looked principle Luna in the eyes as she brought her phone out of her pocket and held it up.

"Vise principle Luna, there's something you need to know!!!"


Rarity was walking down the hallway next to Fluttershy, as the two neared there class they where stopped when two students in front of them busted out in a fight as they almost bowled the two girls over in there attempt to beat each other. As other students and clearly friends of the two brawlers pulled them apart before any serious damage could be done, Rarity dusted herself off where those two brutes had almost touched her.

Rarity quickly checked over Fluttershy to make sure she was fine as well before making her frustration clear. "What in heavens name was that all about?" She asked aloud as she looked around the hall at the other students who where still there.

One student stepped forward and spoke as the others moved on. Lighning Dust didn't look happy as she spoke, "they where fighting because Hoops thought Score was anonamiss and accused him of posting his secrets!"

Rarity and Fluttershy both looked at the athletic girl as if she'd grown a third eye, finally Rarity found her voice again and asked, "what are you talking about darling, Sunsets anonamiss, everyone knows this?"

Lightning had a really surprised look when Rarity said that and voiced her disbelief.

"You mean you haven't heard yet? Sunset was wheeled out of the school by paramedics covered in blood, and anonamiss posted when the paramedics where loading her into the ambulance! Sunsets not anonamiss"

Fluttershy and Rarity stood there frozen for a moment, before Lightning, having become bored with the conversation made her exit while the two girls where clearly overwhelmed into a state of silence. As the realization sunk in for the two, tears started to fall from there eyes as an unknown force started to pull at them somehow making them feel suddenly heavier. As they stood there still motionless in the hallway it was Fluttershy who said aloud what they both where thinking.

"What have we done?"

They were still silently standing there when the announcement speakers in the hall crackled to life with static and the voice of Vice principle Luna spoke, "Attention, all students and staff are to make there way too the gymnasium for an emergency school assembly, everyone is advised to make there way to the gym immediately, teachers bring your attendance sheets and do rollcall as soon as your class is seated in the gym, I will collect attendance sheets personally"

Having some idea now, as to what the assembly was about Fluttershy and Rarity slowly made there way down the hall to meet with there class.

Author's Note:

What will be the fate of our fiery haired heroine? What's gonna happen at the assembly? Will Pinkie finally eat enough cupcakes? Find out radio listeners on the next exciting episode of Wild Matt Double Hat