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Meant to Be? Forget it...

Chapter One
Meant to Be? Forget it...

"Eep!" Fluttershy squealed as Big Macintosh said her name in his deep, lulling voice. She gracefully turned around to the window of Carasol Boutique, where a set of blue eyes on a white coat beckoned her to make her move. She then pivoted on her right foot and approached the red stallion.

"Macintosh... I-I have somethingto umm...ask...you..." Fluttershy asked him in a sweet little voice that only angels could try to rival. Macintosh nodded his head and walked towards her.

"W-well *cough* Ah have something ta ask ya too..." He nervously kicked the dirt as Fluttershy mirrored his movements. They looked up at eachother and blushed, Mac's hardly recognizable due to his coat color.

"Uh... You can go first if you want to..." Fluttershy smiled gently.

"Eenope. Ladies first, Miss Fluttershy." Mac replied bluntly.

"But I really must insist... I mean... Um... If that's okay with you because... I don't want to force you to do something you don't want!" Fluttershy responded, quivering.

"Eeno-" the stallion shakily replied, before being cut off.

"Macintosh?" the voice of the Element of Magic rang through the late winter air. The timid mare and stallion of the apple family whipped their heads around at the voice of the newcomer. Twilight had her hair in a bun and a pair of rectangular glasses perched on her face. She warmly smiled at the two before trying to carry the conversation out further. "Oh, dear. I hope I'm not interrupting anything important, but I have to speak to Big Macintosh for a second."

"Oh, no Twilight. You weren't interupting anything at all." Fluttershy returned her friends concern with a heart melting smile.

"Thank goodness. I have to steal him for a minute or two." Twilight explained. Fluttershy nodded her head and walked into Carasol Boutique. When she stepped in, Rarity pulled her to where she was hiding behind the curtains.

"AHEM...Darling...WHAT exactly are you doing?" Rarity said in her 'trying not to be pissed off' tone.

"Oh, well, I'm letting Twilight talk to him for a minute." Fluttershy sighed, completely oblivious of what was going on.

"Well, about that... Twilight has a crush on him." Rarity put simply. Fluttershy made a shocked face and pulled her hooves above her head

"OH NO IcantbelieveitwhendidthishappenWHEREdidthishappenohgoodness..." Fluttershy panicked, knowing that in a few moments, most of her hopes and dreams would be crushed.

"She told us at the sleepover Applejack couldn't make. You must of fallen asleep, darling." Rarity said, feeling heartbroken for her helpless friend.


"So... This ain't about the book ah took out about makin' yer own weed killer made easy? Or the Quantum Physics?" Big Macintosh asked uneasily. Twilight shook her head ferociously.

"No No No No No No! I was thinking... Well maybe... Um... I was going to ask you if you wanted to... I dunno... Go to the Hearts and Hooves party with me?" Twilight blushed and winked at him. This stirred so many emotions in Mac.

'Ah was gonna ask another mare... I don't want to see Twilight cry... But Ah HAVE ta say no! But how can you turn down such a nice mare? Granny, AJ and Applebloom would be ashamed of ya!' Macintosh pondered what he should do before looking at her to confirm his decision.

"Eeyup." Mac said, slowly but surely. Twilight smiled at Mac and pulled him into a kiss that everyone could see... Including the yellow pegasus mare inside the shop.


The last thing Fluttershy saw out the window through her tears was Twilight merrily bouncing up and down shouting 'YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES' in victory. That exact moment is when Fluttershy's heart broke in two. The extremely emotional mare turned around to look at Rarity before collapsing on the floor, crying.

"Darling? Would you like some tea? Are you alright? Oh dear... You poor thing..." Rarity levitated the ball of fur, mane and tears off the ground and on to the couch.

"I-I just w-wish h-he could've ch-chose m-m-me..." heartbroken Fluttershy recited what she was holding inside of her for the past few minutes. There was always a first time for everything her father always said. Well, this is the first time for her heart to crack open and pour out in tears.

"Mmmm..." Rarity mumbled as a couple of tears fell from her face in sympathy of her sobbing friend. "I wish love was that easy. I really do. But knowing how hard love is, and how easy it is to get over it, I'm sure you'll pull through."

"B-but... I-I love h-him. More than almost anything, we've been friends almost as long as Rainbow Dash and me! I-I Just can't-t he-help it, R-Rarityyyyyy!!" Waterworks were now in full blast. Tears streamed outside into the cold and froze. Twilight slipped on the ice and Mac helped her up. The scene made her cry even more.

"Oh darling. Here. Let's go to the spa. Will that make you feel better?" Rarity sighed, knowing it would take at least a day to help her feel better if they went to the spa. Fluttershy confirmed that she wanted to go with a nod and a whimper. Rarity smiled as she teleported the two to the spa.

Unbeknownst to them, a certain pair of blue eyes on a certain pink mare saw the whole thing fall together. A part of her heart was ripped into shreds, but she still had a cheery attitude. "Hmm... I should go vist one of my favouritist friends... With cake and balloons and confetti and a party cannon...WAIT NO SCRATCH THAT FLUTTERSHY DOESN'T LIKE THE PARTY CANNON! Hmmm... Maybe I can bring her bunny just in case she needs more hugs!" slowly the sound of Pinkie's rambling was drowned out by the sound of a purple unicorn talking about everything and anything she wanted to do with her 'colt friend'.

"Uh, Miss Twilight... Jus' cuz Ah asked ya to a certain event don' mean we are in a serious relationship." Mac said slowly and in the southern drawl he always speaks in.

"OH YES IT DOES *cough*, ahem, I mean, of course it does. I love you and you love me! That's why you agreed!" Twilight smiled and looked at him intently.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh quietly replied to the overwhelming mare. What had he gotten himself into?



I felt so bad writing about it...