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To Be Loved

Chapter 6
To Be Loved

"Hello, Rarity, Fluttershy." Fancy Pants said in his refined tone. "You both look gorgeous." Rarity gave him him a small smile as he took her hoof and put a blue rose in her hair. She giggled like a school filly for a moment before straightening her posture.

"Oh... My... I-I don't mean to ruin the moment... It's just that I-I seem to be having second thoughts about this..." Fluttershy stuttered. Of course, this is what she always said before any kind of social event, due to her shy nature. But this time, she said it differently. As if she was really genuinely concerned about the events that were about to transpire. And why shouldn't she be?

She was about to walk into a Hearts and Hooves day party where her friend Twilight would be sitting in her uptight; scholarly manner, would be talking to him in a seductive and charming manner. She'd move in for the kill, and probably take him home for round two.

This would be hard on anyone that knew love, but this would take more than a small toll on Fluttershy. No matter how hard you or anyone else tried to mentally train Fluttershy on the scene she thought she would see, it was inevitable.

She would; without a doubt, cry.

But, this wouldn't be the scene she'd walk in on.

Not at all.

"Oh, darling, you'll be fine!" Rarity said with levity as she pushed Fluttershy out from under a table.

"Macintosh, I- we need to talk." Twilight sounded on edge. They were sitting in a small booth in Sugar Cube Corner, home to Ponyville's resident party animal.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh smiled at Twilight. She was wearing a simple dress, a navy blue and pink lace gown. He had to admit it, Twilight was a cute mare, but not the one he had his eyes on.

"We need to- break up..." Twilight stated bluntly. Macintosh gave her an incredulous look.

"Go on?" Macintosh said solemnly, trying to not make eye contact with the lavender unicorn mare.

"This relationship has taken me soaring into the drama department, and frankly, I-I'm not very good with that. You're a good guy Mac, and I know someone who'd love to have you more than I ever would." Twilight nodded her head towards the yellow mare being forcefully pushed by Rarity into the party. Macintosh looked lazily at the mare and nodded back. He understood. He just didn't understand why.... Just mere moments ago Twilight was drooling over his every move. Mares are confusing.

Twilight turned around and galloped towards her friend. Fluttershy recoiled at the sound of Twilight calling her name.

"Fluttershy... I-I need to apologize for my inappropriate and idiotic behavior a couple days ago. I'm really sorry and I still hope that we can be friends. I just can't deal with the issues I've been disturbing, and I've known you like Macintosh for a long time, and I-It was payback. Payback for nothing, really. I-I was jealous, and so afraid to admit it. It was because, you're so perfect. So kind, gentle, pretty, and... Ugh... I was so stupid! I was so foolish and idiotic, and I-I didn't stop to think about you. I hope you can forgive me, and I understand if you don't." Twilight poured her heart and soul out into the apology.

"Oh, Twilight, y-you know I'm not perfect... I have so many faults that it's hard to count. You have no need to be jealous. I'm jealous of you. Even though I have a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, You will always be the smarter one, and the overachiever. Twilight, we all have faults, and we need to learn how to accept them... If that's okay with you..." Fluttershy gave her friend a grin. They gave an awkward hug and Twilight gestured towards Macintosh; who was giving all of his surroundings a bored glance.

"Well, *ahem*, The floor is yours. Knock him dea- I mean, go get him, tige- kitty!" Twilight stumbled to find a phrase that wouldn't frighten her timid friend to go bolting back to the safeties of her cottage. Fluttershy gave her friend a sheepish grin, and hurriedly skittered across the dance floor in Sugar Cube Corner. She had surprisingly been able to cross without being bumped into.

Then she noticed... Eyes. So many ponies were staring at her! She had to risk the temptation of collapsing onto the floor and hiding under her hooves... No! She wouldn't! She'd march right up to that stallion and tell him her feelings if it was the last thing she'd do!

With her head held high, determined expression on her face, and the body and dress of a famous model, It was no wonder why everyone was turning their heads. The shyest pony in Ponyville- hay, all of Equestria, was trotting around Sugar Cube Corner as if she owned the place. Crazy what love could do.

As soon as she reached the towering stallion, he looked at her with a bemused expression. Fluttershy cowered slightly in his shadow, but then, sat down with him at the small booth. She needed to ask her childhood friend a long overdue question.

"Macintosh, I-I... Need to ask you something. Now." Her voice sweet then stern.

"Eeyup? What can Ah do fer ya, 'Shy?" Macintosh said, scared. What was she going to ask him?

"I kinda sorta really... Never mind, I'll just... umm... Do you remember our first day in high-school? When Applejack would non stop call me your marefriend? Well... I thought it was silly, but... Mac, I've had a crush on you since I was eight years old, the day I landed in the meadow by the Apple Orchard. I-I love you. A-a lot. And I was wondering if..." Fluttershy was worried to carry on, but the conversation was picked up by Macintosh.

"Ah d-didn't know ya felt the same way, 'Shy. Ah love ya so much... Ah would move mountains and re-landscape all of Equestria just ta keep ya safe." Macintosh said warmly. Fluttershy gave a smile and nuzzled his snout with hers.

"I was wondering... If-if it's okay with you... If you wanted to... go somewhere someplace at sometime? I understand if your busy, we can always re-reschedule." Fluttershy whispered. His green eyes locked onto her deep pools of aquamarine.

"Nnope. How about now?" He rumbled, deep voice shaking the mare. Other ponies glanced their way. He didn't care. As long as he had his one true love with him, no one's opinion would care.

He swooped the dazed pegasus down into a deep kiss, and her wings popped up in a swift moment. Whistles and d'aww's came from the club.

Fluttershy was burning. She had never been so embarrassed, yet so happy in her life.

And she liked it.

"OH MY CELESTIA?!?! WHAT IN THE HAY IS FLUTTERSHY DOING WITH BIG MAC?" Rainbow Dash yelled, flabbergasted.


"Hey, Rainbow? Didn't ya hear that Twilight and Mac broke up 'cuz it wasn't workin'?" Applejack laughed at her friends reaction to the new couple.

"Besides, didn't ya wanna tell me something about 'Shy and dating?" Applejack snickered.

"Ugh, never mind. It's no use now. Go on, I'm curious about this." Rainbow replied.

" Well, Ah as rootin for 'Shy since she came ta Ponyville." Applejack said with a smirk.

Rainbow Dash looked at Applejack, confused.

"What am I missing and why hasn't anyone told meeeee!?" Rainbow said confused, head in her hooves.

"Hold yer horses, Rainbow! Well, Ah was just a little filly, even littler than Applebloom and her friends..."

It was a summer day, sky was the bluest of blues, the clouds pure white and fluffy. Granny Smith was cookin' some apple turnovers, and Applebloom was playing with one of 'er toys, and Ah was doin' mah homework at the kitchen table.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and there mah brother was, standing at the doorway with a filly a year older than me. She was skinny, and had hair that covered her face. She wasn't anybody ah knew, so Ah immediately thought it was my brother's marefriend. Now, mah Granny would not approve of this, so I just yelled that it was one of the farm hands, and Granny, being the crazy but lovable lady she is, said "Okay AJ! Just make sure he ain't got any ticks on him!"

"Are ya Mac's marefriend? Granny says we ain't allowed to have a special somepony yet." Is what ah thought ah said, anyway. But Fluttershy and Mac just looked around, not givin' each other a glance. They both had the cutest little blush on their faces, and I knew then, they were meant for each other.

"Wow AJ, that's pretty deep." Rainbow sighed. She hated to admit it; but Rainbow loved Romance stories once and a while.

"Is that why you were miffed and kinda angry whenever the subject of Twilight dating Mac came up?" Rainbow asked.

"Kinda. Ah mean, Ah was happy fer her and my brother, but I knew the relationship would end sooner or later." Applejack winced, even though she was the element of Honesty, she didn't like to express her feelings unless she was asked.

"Hello darlings! How is your evening?" Rarity yelled over the loud music playing. Fancy Pants was glued to her side, but conversing with another group of ponies.

"So... Rarity? What's with Fancy Pants? Is he your new fashion accessory or something?" Rainbow asked and Applejack snickered at the remark.

"I'll have you know that Fancy Pants and I are here as dating." Rarity answered haughtily and walked off.

"Well, 'Shy, It'd be mah pleasure do escort ya home." Mac smiled at the mare in holding his hooves. Fluttershy grinned at him and walked up to his side.

"I-I'd like that." She whispered.

"M-Mac? This-this happened so-so sudden. How... How long?"Fluttershy gazed into his emerald eyes as they stepped out of the bustling sweet shoppe.

"Gee, Ah dunno 'Shy. It was probably a couple days after ya came ta Ponyville. It was a foalish crush, but ah... Ah dunno. Ah love ya now Fluttershy, and that's what'll always matter." Macintosh nuzzled her cheek, and they trotted towards Ponyville park.

"M-Macintosh? I know we already know each other so well; b-but... I need to know this... Have you had any other *ahem* relationships besides me, Twilight and the relationship you had with Raindrops in highschool?" Fluttershy asked him, intent on getting the answer.

"Well, Ah had this short little thing with Cheerilee a few years back. It only lasted a day, because Applebloom an' her friends decided to help their teacher find love on Hearts and Hooves day. They gave me love poison. Ah'm pretty sure ya can't use that for relationships, 'cuz that wasn't really anythin' special. An that's it. Nopony else. Ah've never really dated before." Macintosh said, defeatedly. He knew Fluttershy was curious, but why about his relationships now? Why did mares have to know everything?

"So, uh... What about you? Did you have anypony special in your life?" Macintosh asked the pegasus, who was staring off into the night sky.

"Oh, uh... No. Many stallions have asked me out, but... Um... I-I was waiting for-for you..." Fluttershy answered and pecked him on the cheek. They both blushed and turned away, as dark clouds started to rush in.

"Well, ya live on tha other side o' Ponyville, so... Ya wanna... I dunno... Stay over for a bit?" Macintosh asked awkwardly loud, gaining the attention of the pegasi that were moving the clouds towards the couple.

"Thunderlane? Should we soak 'em?" Blossom forth asked her moonlit partner with a sly smile.

"Definitely." Thunderlane laughed, showing his own toothy smile. they raised their forelegs slightly, and hooves lowered sharply onto the soft, water filled surface and-

"EEP!" Fluttershy shrieked as cold pellets of rain drenched her dress and mane. Macintosh pulled the shivering mare to his side, and darted towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"*sniffle* AHH-AHHHHHH... choo!" Fluttershy sneezed. She was wrapped in a wool quilt by the fireside. Macintosh was making hot apple cider as Granny Smith, Applebloom and her friends entertained the snuggling couple with amusing stories.

"MAC! YOU HOME?" Applejack's voice rang throughout the home. Everyone's head turned towards the soaked farm mare.

"Eeyup!" Macintosh whispered harshly as Applejack walked through the door. Granny Smith, surprisingly, had managed to maintain her sleepy state during the exchange.

"Well, Ah never thought AJ would see tha day when mah brother his crush would be all cuddled up by tha fireside." Applejack laughed.

"It, uh, won't be too long, Applejack, I-I AHHHHHH-AHHHHH *choo*! Excuse me have to get home to Angel. I told him to take care of everypony, but I'm not sure he'll-" Fluttershy said, stuffy nosed.

"Now hold on a darned minute! Now Macintosh, what do ya have ta say fer yerself?" Granny Smith chastised the red stallion.

"Uh- Ah'll walk ya home?" Macintosh offered, but received an unamused look from his grandmother.

"Macintosh! How could ya? Yer marefriend here ain't goin' anywhere in this condition! She is gonna be stayin' upstairs in yer room with you!" Granny Smith pointed a hoof at him.

"But-" Big Mac started, but was cut off.

"No buts Mister! It's just lahke when ya had her over for them sleepovers when you where little. Now, no Hanky-Panky in mah house, ya got that?" Granny asked the blanket covered couple.

"Eeyup." Mac stated.

"Um... Yes..." Fluttershy murmured. What did Granny mean by Hanky-Panky?

"Good." Granny said, rolling back into a comfortable position and fell asleep.