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Fluttershy, element of Kindness, timid pegasus with a clean record has fallen in love. Not with just any stallion... Big Macintosh. With her personality pulling her back, it will be almost impossible to fess up to the one she loves.

Big Macintosh, stallion of few words, a silent thinker. He has fallen for a mare... Not with just any mare... Fluttershy. Torn between breaking one mare's heart or another, it seems almost impossible for him to show his true feelings. Love, hate, regrets and hangovers are sure to ensue.

Rated teen because of shipping. Random Tag because I literally am just doing this for the hell of it.

This story will also contain other ships.

3-5 years in the future.

Lonely (Prolouge)

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Lonely (Prolouge)

It was a warm, tranquil spring morning. Celestia's sun shone brightly over the horizon, and not a single cloud in the sky. The smell of cinnamon mango oatmeal woke the shy pegasus from her slumber. She stretched herself out and lazily walked down the cherry wood stairs of her small cottage. The birds and squirrels in her house had been awake for hours now, but they didn't mind waiting for the pink maned pegasus mare to wake up. She went on to brush her mane and wash herself up, and feed the animals before sitting down with Angel bunny for breakfast.

"Good morning, Angel. Did you have a good sleep?" Fluttershy sat down at the table, where her above average intelligence rabbit sat. Angel was almost as smart as a pony, he understood most commands and had learnt how to read. Now impatient after he had heated up the spice and fruit oatmeal Fluttershy had made the day before, he gave her a glare that said 'hurry up!' as she yawned and scooped herself oatmeal. "Oh, my... Angel! I almost forgot your salad!"

Before Fluttershy could even have a bite to eat, she was running around the kitchen, grabbing fruits and vegetables, cutting and washing them, and putting them on Angels' special plate. She gave him the salad, and he nabbed it from her hooves and went outside. There, out waiting for him, was Rosebud, a slightly red furred rabbit with green eyes. She smiled gently at the scene unfolding.

'So that's why I haven't seen Angel! He's found a special somep- I mean, some rabbit...' Fluttershy giggled at the thought, but then felt a bit gloomy. "I wish I had a special somepony... I wish...Big Macintosh was my special somepony..."

Fluttershy sighed. She had this hopeless crush on him ever since she met him, years ago, right after she got her cutie mark and decided to live on the ground with her father, Sunburst. She sighed again, only deeper and with a more distant look in her eyes. She was thinking about him, her earliest memory of them together. She remembered that she, not being a terribly good flyer, for Rainbows' incredible speed had knocked her to the ground. She had been stuck in an unkown place, and found an apple orchard with the largest, juiciest apples she had ever seen. Fluttershy, feeling bad for stealing, put her lunch money on the ground. It wasn't a lot, six bits to be exact, but it should be enough to cover four apples! Then, a rustle and a loud THUMP! scared the meek pegasus out of her mind. She squealed and hid behind the tree she plucked fruit from.

"Huh? Who's there? Ya better not be stealin' our apples!" the voice of a young colt rang out in the air. Fluttershy, almost as tall as the colt, stepped out from behind the tree.

"Oh, um... I'm sorry I didn't know... But I left my six bits over there for these apples... Uh... Sorry... My name is Fluttershy..." Fluttershy nervously replied to the menacing threat.

"Aww, shoot. It's all righ'. Hey... Y'all new 'round 'ere? Ah've never seen ya before. Mah name's Macintosh!" he said, glee in his voice. "C'mon, Ah'll go introduce ya to mah fahmily!" he trotted along. She stayed behind. "Hey! Aren't ya comin'?" he
yelled over the hill, waiting for the butter pegasus to drift over.

"Y-yes..." she told him, gracefully hovering towards the hill.

"Their gonna like you, 'Shy!" Macintosh said, giddiness overwhelming. "Applejack'll have somepony else to play with! And..." he trailed off about wonderful adventures to come, and Fluttershy couldn't help but smile. When she got to the house, the greetings were warm and comforting, like Macintosh's, but Applejack's was... Peculiar.

"Y'all his mare-friend? 'Cause granny said Mac ain't allowed to have a mare-friend 'till he's older." Applejack, two years younger than Fluttershy and Mac, was still naïve to the subject of dating. Macintosh denied it completely and utterly, while Fluttershy awkwardly looked around the room at pictures, doors, anything really, except for Macintosh.

That's when the crush started. Fluttershy stayed with the caring Apple family until she saw her father walking on the streets in ponyville.

Years later, when Applebloom was born and his mother died giving birth, and his father died of depression after losing his wife. Macintosh became more reserved after the incidents, isolating himself to the farm and the apple stand. She felt horrible about it, and when she tried to talk about it, he shrugged it of like nothing happened. After ignoring it, he'd go cry at their graves. She wished she could be there to comfort him...

"But...he deserves someone pretty like Rarity... Or smart like Twilight... Or strong like Rainbow..." Fluttershy sulked, feeling sorry for herself. She kicked her hooves at the ground. She had always had gotten this way when thinking about him. Thought of some excuse of why she wasn't good enough, or how she could never have enough assertiveness to tell him.

A sudden knock came to the door when Fluttershy finished her breakfast. After the knock, and an uneven noise of wing flapping. Ditzy Doo, the mailmare was outside the door. Fluttershy opened the door to Ditzy holding out a letter, eating a muffin, and trying to pick up the packages she dropped.

"Oh! Hey Fl-utt-er-shy!" Ditzy said with a goofy smile on her face. "How ya doin'? Has anyone asked ya to Pinkie's Hearts and Hooves day party?"

"Umm... Quite well actually. And, uhh, no, no one has asked me yet... Ditzy, this letter is addressed to Rarity, not me." Fluttershy replied with a confused look.

"Oh Yeah! That's because I can't find Carasol Boutique! Can you deliver it for me?" Derpy asked, still with a goofy smile with muffin crumbs all across her mouth.

"Of course. Anything for a friend." Fluttershy replied sweetly.

"Thanks Fl-ut-ter-shy!" Ditzy thanked her and crookedly flew up into the air. Fluttershy awkwardly looked at the letter. 'Oh my... I can give her the letter and talk to her! Perfect.' Fluttershy thought.

She started trotting into town and saw the school children on a field trip to the library. Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon were pestering the CMC's and Snips and Snails had absent mindedly kicked up grass on the library's front lot. The scene made Fluttershy giggle a bit. She walked towards Carasol Boutique but had gotten sidetracked again, this time at Sugar Cube Corner, where Pinkie was juggling cupcakes. Fluttershy quietly walked past Pinkie without being spotted. She sighed in relief after she passed her Cotton Candy smelling friend.

Finally, she had reached Carasol Boutique. "Come in~" Rarity's sing song voice filled her ears. Almost all of Rarity's greetings are in a musical tone.She trotted inside to where Rarity was standing,and dropped the letter on the side table in the designing room. "Oh, darling! Just the pony I wanted to see! How are you?" Rarity asked.

"Umm... I'm...okay..." Fluttershy replied, uneasy. "I uh... Came to ask you something... If that's okay with you..."

"Of course it's fine with me, darling! Now, I know... Hearts and Hooves day, Big Macintosh, am I correct?" Rarity asked, spouting of everything correctly. Of course, that's because she was the only one that knew of her crush.

"Umm... Yes..." Fluttershy said, quietly. She wanted to make sure, even though it was just her and Rarity around, nopony could hear.

"But- I don't think I'm ready... I'm not courageous like Rainbow... Or pretty like you... Or smart like Twilight! Orhardworkinglikeapplejackorfunlikepinkiepi-" Fluttershy was interrupted by a silencing hoof.

"No. You're not." Rarity said, monotone. "You're you. You're brave, smart, pretty, fun, hardworking, kind Fluttershy. You MUST stop giving your self a hard time." Rarity said in her caring, older sister tone.

" O-okay...I think I'm ready Rarity! I mean, if that's okay with you..." Fluttershy timidly backed down, only to find Rarity congratulating her and telling her she wouldn't fail. "O-okay! I'm Ready!" Fluttershy said in a normal speaking tone. "I'm Rea-"

"Uh- Miss Fluttershy?" A deep, southern drawl said.


Author's FRICKIN Notes

Well, here's my first chapter. It wasn't really, um, good. I was so tired when I was doing this that I fell asleep once or twice.

The reason I did this was because I haven't seen a lot of advances lately in the really good fluttermac fics so far, so I decided to make my own. Just a little Prolouge here, so not a lot is going on.


Also, if anyone could give me ideas for the next chapter, that would be amazing! Thank you!

Meant to Be? Forget it...

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Chapter One
Meant to Be? Forget it...

"Eep!" Fluttershy squealed as Big Macintosh said her name in his deep, lulling voice. She gracefully turned around to the window of Carasol Boutique, where a set of blue eyes on a white coat beckoned her to make her move. She then pivoted on her right foot and approached the red stallion.

"Macintosh... I-I have somethingto umm...ask...you..." Fluttershy asked him in a sweet little voice that only angels could try to rival. Macintosh nodded his head and walked towards her.

"W-well *cough* Ah have something ta ask ya too..." He nervously kicked the dirt as Fluttershy mirrored his movements. They looked up at eachother and blushed, Mac's hardly recognizable due to his coat color.

"Uh... You can go first if you want to..." Fluttershy smiled gently.

"Eenope. Ladies first, Miss Fluttershy." Mac replied bluntly.

"But I really must insist... I mean... Um... If that's okay with you because... I don't want to force you to do something you don't want!" Fluttershy responded, quivering.

"Eeno-" the stallion shakily replied, before being cut off.

"Macintosh?" the voice of the Element of Magic rang through the late winter air. The timid mare and stallion of the apple family whipped their heads around at the voice of the newcomer. Twilight had her hair in a bun and a pair of rectangular glasses perched on her face. She warmly smiled at the two before trying to carry the conversation out further. "Oh, dear. I hope I'm not interrupting anything important, but I have to speak to Big Macintosh for a second."

"Oh, no Twilight. You weren't interupting anything at all." Fluttershy returned her friends concern with a heart melting smile.

"Thank goodness. I have to steal him for a minute or two." Twilight explained. Fluttershy nodded her head and walked into Carasol Boutique. When she stepped in, Rarity pulled her to where she was hiding behind the curtains.

"AHEM...Darling...WHAT exactly are you doing?" Rarity said in her 'trying not to be pissed off' tone.

"Oh, well, I'm letting Twilight talk to him for a minute." Fluttershy sighed, completely oblivious of what was going on.

"Well, about that... Twilight has a crush on him." Rarity put simply. Fluttershy made a shocked face and pulled her hooves above her head

"OH NO IcantbelieveitwhendidthishappenWHEREdidthishappenohgoodness..." Fluttershy panicked, knowing that in a few moments, most of her hopes and dreams would be crushed.

"She told us at the sleepover Applejack couldn't make. You must of fallen asleep, darling." Rarity said, feeling heartbroken for her helpless friend.


"So... This ain't about the book ah took out about makin' yer own weed killer made easy? Or the Quantum Physics?" Big Macintosh asked uneasily. Twilight shook her head ferociously.

"No No No No No No! I was thinking... Well maybe... Um... I was going to ask you if you wanted to... I dunno... Go to the Hearts and Hooves party with me?" Twilight blushed and winked at him. This stirred so many emotions in Mac.

'Ah was gonna ask another mare... I don't want to see Twilight cry... But Ah HAVE ta say no! But how can you turn down such a nice mare? Granny, AJ and Applebloom would be ashamed of ya!' Macintosh pondered what he should do before looking at her to confirm his decision.

"Eeyup." Mac said, slowly but surely. Twilight smiled at Mac and pulled him into a kiss that everyone could see... Including the yellow pegasus mare inside the shop.


The last thing Fluttershy saw out the window through her tears was Twilight merrily bouncing up and down shouting 'YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES' in victory. That exact moment is when Fluttershy's heart broke in two. The extremely emotional mare turned around to look at Rarity before collapsing on the floor, crying.

"Darling? Would you like some tea? Are you alright? Oh dear... You poor thing..." Rarity levitated the ball of fur, mane and tears off the ground and on to the couch.

"I-I just w-wish h-he could've ch-chose m-m-me..." heartbroken Fluttershy recited what she was holding inside of her for the past few minutes. There was always a first time for everything her father always said. Well, this is the first time for her heart to crack open and pour out in tears.

"Mmmm..." Rarity mumbled as a couple of tears fell from her face in sympathy of her sobbing friend. "I wish love was that easy. I really do. But knowing how hard love is, and how easy it is to get over it, I'm sure you'll pull through."

"B-but... I-I love h-him. More than almost anything, we've been friends almost as long as Rainbow Dash and me! I-I Just can't-t he-help it, R-Rarityyyyyy!!" Waterworks were now in full blast. Tears streamed outside into the cold and froze. Twilight slipped on the ice and Mac helped her up. The scene made her cry even more.

"Oh darling. Here. Let's go to the spa. Will that make you feel better?" Rarity sighed, knowing it would take at least a day to help her feel better if they went to the spa. Fluttershy confirmed that she wanted to go with a nod and a whimper. Rarity smiled as she teleported the two to the spa.

Unbeknownst to them, a certain pair of blue eyes on a certain pink mare saw the whole thing fall together. A part of her heart was ripped into shreds, but she still had a cheery attitude. "Hmm... I should go vist one of my favouritist friends... With cake and balloons and confetti and a party cannon...WAIT NO SCRATCH THAT FLUTTERSHY DOESN'T LIKE THE PARTY CANNON! Hmmm... Maybe I can bring her bunny just in case she needs more hugs!" slowly the sound of Pinkie's rambling was drowned out by the sound of a purple unicorn talking about everything and anything she wanted to do with her 'colt friend'.

"Uh, Miss Twilight... Jus' cuz Ah asked ya to a certain event don' mean we are in a serious relationship." Mac said slowly and in the southern drawl he always speaks in.

"OH YES IT DOES *cough*, ahem, I mean, of course it does. I love you and you love me! That's why you agreed!" Twilight smiled and looked at him intently.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh quietly replied to the overwhelming mare. What had he gotten himself into?



I felt so bad writing about it...

Dying Inside

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Chapter 3
Dying Inside

Fluttershy sighed in contentment as the herbal tea calmed her nerves. The gentle wrap of the floral scented mud bath soothed her aching muscles. The cucumber slices that lined her eye lids shifted as she took another sip. Relax. The word itself even sounded peaceful.

"Miss Fluttershy? Would you like more of the floral scents?" asked Aloe, or Lotus... She never really could tell. Fluttershy never came to the spa very often, except for the monthly dates with Rarity. Weekly had been changed into monthly, due to the busy schedules of the mares. Fluttershy had opened up a clinic for the animals, and Rarity was making dresses almost everyday.

"Um... yes." Fluttershy sunk farther into the bath, meekly replying. Lotus/Aloe poured the powder in and stirred it. The scent was released and Fluttershy felt she was in heaven. The scent pushed her farther into relaxation, and straight into dream land. She shuddered and dipped herself farther into the warm, scented mud. Her chin was now a centimeter above the substance, relaxed on the mare's neck. Perfect. She snuggled herself and drifted off to the land of many impossibilities, even for Pinkie.

"Ah love ya, 'Shy." Mac grumbled in his deep, rich voice. They where in the barn, very little light coming in.She smiled slightly, nuzzled to his strong side and chest under a blanket. He had a wheat staff in his teeth, and a small package clutched in his fore hooves.

"What's in there, Bunny?" Fluttershy asked curiously, pushing a hoof through the hay to point at the tiny wrapped gift. Macintosh blushed and nervously moved around under his marefriend's gaze. He sighed and started to unwrap the present, revealing a white silk butterfly pin, carefully dotted with tiny silver peices and white diamonds. Her gaze widened at the beautiful pin, blushing and looking up at her stallion. "Is...Is that for me? Where...Where did you get this?" Fluttershy had started to cry with tears of joy, as Macintosh wiped her beatiful tear stained eyes.

"It's fer the most beautiful mare ah ever met... You. I...I got Rarity ta make it... But ah found the silver and tha diamonds." Macintosh stated, pride in his voice. He kissed her on the forehead, and put the pin in her hair, and nuzzled her beet red cheeks. "Promise we'll be tagether ferever, 'Shy."

"Forever and always. I will treasure this gift with my everything. Almost as much as I treasure you." She kissed the tip of his snout and layed her head down on his large chest.

"Fluttershy? HEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOO EARTH TO FLUTTERSHY! Well, it's not really earth 'cause that would be IMPOSSIBLE but you get the picture right?" A blue eyed Macintosh asked. Fluttershy gave the imposter a strange look as they began to grow curly pink hair. Fluttershy shook herself from her slumber and peeled off the cucumber slices from her tired, dehydrated eyes. Pinkie was right there in the bath, tip of her snout touching Fluttershy's. The pegasus screamed and flailed her hooves. Rarity by then had peeled the slices off too, and gave a questioning gaze to the pink party mare. Pinkie was bouncing around the frightened Fluttershy, wearing a party hat and smiling.


"Right before Hearts and Hooves day Pinkie? That seems a bit... Unorthodox." Rarity put bluntly, staring at the eccentric and physics defying pony. Pinkie shrugged and pulled a cake out of nowhere. Fluttershy refused it.

"No thanks, Pinkie... I-I-I don't need a party..." Fluttershy told her. 'What I do need is Macintosh...' she thought to herself.

"PPPPPPPPPPFFFFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTT NO PARTY! THAT JUST MAKES ME WANT TO THROW A PARTY EVEN MORE!" Pinkie yelled in the bizzare, high pitched way she always does. She cut a slice of the cake the size of her head and shoved it in her mouth. "Mmmmm! Raspberry chocolate mousse swirl! You wanna try?" Fluttershy shook her head profoundly, not wanting to bother Pinkie in her 'sugar bliss'.

"Well, I'm sure Flutterrshy is flattered Pinkie, but what the dear really needs is some relaxation. So, unless you want to stay here with us, and relax, I suggest you should go decorate a bit more for the party in a couple days, yes?" Rarity said, stepping into the rinse. Pinkie shrugged and bounced off into the lobby.

"I'LL SEE YOU GUYS TOMORROW~!" Pinkie yelled from the front. Fluttershy leaned from her position and waved good bye to her sugar fueled friend. She gently put the cucumber slices down on the platter by her tea. She stepped out of the tub and walked into the rinse beside Rarity's.

"So, I have the ensembles ready for tomorrow, darling! They look amazing!" Rarity said gleefully as she stepped out of the rinse and into a housecoat with towels. Fluttershy, moments later, came out to do the exact thing. Rarity smiled at her friend. "Fluttershy, you'll get through this. I'll be there every step of the way. Believe me, friends like ours would never let us fall into depression. Or stay in it, for that matter." Rarity turned her head towards the sauna and waved her shy friend over. Fluttershy hovered softly and opened the door for Rarity. "Why, thank you, dear."

"Think nothing of it, Rarity." Fluttershy squeaked at a barely audible tone as she stepped into the sauna. The noise of the spa door bell rang out. Suddenly, an all to familiar voice rang out.

"Yes, I'm here for the two o'clock sharp. Thank you. Yes, I'll start with the sauna treatment." Twilight Sparkle, magic prodigy, student of Princess Celestia, Apparent lover of Big Macintosh, and one of the last people Fluttershy wanted to see at the moment. Soon, Twilight walked into the room and sat down beside them.

"Oh, hello girls! Did you hear? Macintosh is taking me to the Hearts and hooves party tomorrow!" Twilight said quickly, very happy, obviously. Fluttershy started to tear up. She thanked Rarity that they where in the sauna.

"News that we know all to well..." Rarity said through gritted teeth. "Oh, that's great darling! You'll look smashing with that hunk of stallion that you managed to... Pick up..." faking a smile, she turned to Fluttershy. "Darling, you'll have to tell her." Fluttershy shook her head vigorously. "Puh-leh-eh-ehseeeee! Do it for me?" Rarity batted her eyelashes and Fluttershy gave in. She was the element of Kindness after all, and she would be doing a kind act for a friend, right?

"U-um...T-Twilight? I have to tell you something... If that's alright with you..." Fluttershy tried to ask casually, but she failed. Twilight nodded her head.

"Go on?" Twilight said, obviously dying to know what she had to say.

"U-um... I kinda like Big Macintosh too..." Fluttershy stumbled over words, trying not to make Twilight hear her.

"Didn't quite catch that?" Twilight said, curiosity overwhelming. Fluttershy averted her gaze, trying, hoping, for Twilight not to find out. Fluttershy paused. She sighed. Oh well, here comes the truth.

"I.. Um... SORTALIKEDBIGMACINTOSHSINCEIMETHIM..." Fluttershy paused and started to take really deep breaths. Almost hyperventilating.

Twilight looked at her curiously.

"Oh, I see how it is. Your not happy for our happiness, are you, Fluttershy? You just want to prance off with my boyfriend, and leave me depressed and lonely, don't you?" Twilight yelled, rage-filled.

"N-no, you don't underst-" Fluttershy was interrupted by Twilght.

"No. I do. I see everything. Some element of kindness you are," Twilight paused for effect. 'Oh, no, here it goes...' thought Rarity, waiting for the dreaded word. "Motherbucker!Oh my gosh that's the first time I said that!" twilight stormed around the room before opening the door and standing there.

"I'm sorry, Twilight, I just want you and Mac to be..." Fluttershy looked up, only to see her friend was gone. Fluttershy broke into tears, for the second time that afternoon. She leaned over onto the bench and weeped. Rarity tried to comfort the mare, but this was no use.

"Darling, oh goodness... Do- do you need anything? Here, lets go to the lounge okay? Hmmm?" Rarity tried to sound cheerful, but how could you after seeing your best friend cry?

"O-okay *sniffle*" Fluttershy said within heartbreaking chokes. How could this have happened... 'Maybe I'm just a terrible friend... No! No your not! Y-yes I AAAAAAAAMMMM!'

She was crying harder than ever before, and nothing, and no one could stop those tears other than hearing a caring tone from the mare that had put her down moments ago.

Regrets Are For Tomorrow

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Chapter 4
Regrets Are For Tomorrow

Rarity had used intense ways of therapy and coaxing to try and get Fluttershy to get out of her cottage. It had been a day, and the Hearts and Hooves party was tomorrow. She sighed. Fluttershy was pale, hollow cheeked and puffy eyed. The tip of her snout was bright pink, and covered in flecks of tissue.

"Darling, wash up! We're going clubbing with Applejack and Rainbow!" Rarity yelled up the stairs of the quaint cottage. The small animals around the home shook at the sound of something louder than a whisper or a hoof on wood. She could hear the timid pegasus sniffle and whisper a quiet 'Okay' before coming down minutes later. Fluttershy had her make up done and a simple orange sundress on. Rarity danced on the spot happily as she smoothed out her navy blue tube dress.

"Oh, I'm so happy! You don't usually come clubbing with us." Rarity half smiled at her sniffling friend. "To be honest, all Applejack and Rainbow do at clubs is... Ahem... Get 'wasted'. Pinkie only eats and dances, and Twilight never goes clubbing anyway... Oh well."

"W-why-y-y is-is-isn't P-P-P-Pinkie com-i-i-ing?" Fluttershy whispered sadly. She needed some cheering up, and Pinkie was the record setter for 'Fastest Cheerer Upper'. Rarity frowned and thought for a moment.

"Something about meeting Braeburn at the train... I couldn't hear the rest, she was to busy... Stuffing her face with those atrocious deep- fried cherry and cream filled donuts with chocolate smothering... Ugh. I can't even think about how many dress sizes she'll move up if she keeps eating like that... I won't have enough fabric to cover her flank!" Rarity exclaimed, earning giggles from Fluttershy at the last statement. Rarity smiled at her.

They trotted towards Ponyville, having quaint conversations along the way. The fairly new club they were going to was owned by Vinyl and her wife Octavia. Music was blasting from the speakers and could be heard from miles away.

"AWESOME RAVE, PONYVILLE! WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A THREE HOUR BREAK UNTIL 2 AM! IT'LL LEAVE YA ENOUGH TIME TO TAKE SOME SHOTS, GET DRUNK AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!" Vinyl's voice rang through the ears of the two mares standing in the huge lineup by the doors. A large bouncer stood beside the doors.

"I-is th-that bi-bi-big Mac?" Fluttershy whispered quietly into Rarity's ear. It did look like Macintosh. She heard that he took a part time job at a nightclub, but she didn't think it would be this one.

"YOU-HOO! MONSIEUR BONCER!" Rarity yelled from the back of the line. The bouncer took off his glasses to reveal his sister's friends.

"Howdy, Miss Rarity." he smiled at the fancy mare in her night time get-up. " Miss Fluttershy..." he regarded the small, shaking mare... His crush that he had for quite some time. She looked like she had been crying. He knew that expression. He remembered that day in grade five like it was just yesterday.

"Heh. Fluttercry! Your such a baby! Why are you crying over that stupid baby bunny?" A little unicorn colt insulted her. His two earth pony friends snickered. Home Run... Just seeing this pony made Macintosh's blood boil. Home Run kicked her stomach and she fell over, still clutching onto the injured baby bunny. She was silently crying.

"Leave her alone you... You... IMBECILES! What has Fluttershy ever done to you?" Rarity yelled at the bullies.

"She shows us up in class, that's what! She's a year younger than us, and skipped a grade! She's such a nerd!" Home Run yelled back at Rarity, who was helping the frail pegasus. Cheerilee and Derpy came with some bandages for her scraped knees.

"Oh... Oh th-thank you." Fluttershy smiled at them. She grew limp and fainted in Rarity's arms. Rarity gave a theatrical gasp. She put Fluttershy on the ground on a pillow she managed to teleport from her bedroom.

Big Macintosh saw the scene unfold, and darted to the side of his friend. Her eyes were puffy, nose a bright shade of pink, and cheeks hollow and void of emotion. He moved her mane out of her face. He looked at the other girls beside him and told them to get help immediately.

Cheerilee had already gotten the Miss Pencil to phone the hospital, and the boys were no where to be found. When the nurse arrived, everyone cleared away, except for Big Macintosh. Miss Pencil called Sunburst, Fluttershy's father, and he had come to take her home. Somewhere in the mess, Macintosh had sneaked a kiss from her lips. His first kiss...

Macintosh sighed in contentment at the bittersweet memory. Whenever someone asked him about his first kiss, he'd always say Carrot Top, but it was a dare at a party. He looked at the shivering pegasus and fancy unicorn.

"Come on. If yur lookin' fer AJ or Rainbow, they're prolly in the booths takin shots er somethin'." Macintosh said slowly and deeply. The mares smiled and gracefully trotted into the night club.

"HEY! I'VE BEEN WAITIN' HERE FOR TWENTY MINUTES AND THOSE MARE-WHORES GET IN BEFORE ME?" Yelled a voice from the middle of the line. A pink mare with a blonde mane twirled her hair after the sudden outburst.

"YA SHUT YER MOUTH, MISSCHERRY BERRY!" yelled Macintosh. '-sigh- ev'ry night.'

Dubstep was playing in the background of the large club. Applejack waved to her two friends. Rainbow looked outside of their booth.

"HEY SHY!" Rainbow yelled over the music. Fluttershy shyly waved back. The unicorn and pegasus walked over to the large, neon colored booth. There were barely any lights on, except for the floor lights, the pub lights and the neon ones lining booths.

"Gosh Rarity, Ah didn't think ya were interested in these kinda clubs." Applejack stated before she put beer to her lips. She chugged the rest of it down before letting out a satisfied burp.

"That is probably why..." Rarity made a disgusted face at Applejack, who sat there with a smug look on her face. "Fluttershy, would you like anything?"

"Um... No thanks... I'm... Okay."Fluttershy whispered.

"Wine? Shirley Temple? Margaritas? Piña Colada? Come on, you have to live a little!" Rarity laughed. Fluttershy sighed.

"A Piña Colada I guess..." Fluttershy said quietly. Rarity nodded.

"Yoo-hoo! Waiter!" Rarity called after a stallion wearing a neon bow tie.

"What can I do for you lovely ladies tonight?" the waiter asked.

"Schramsberg J. Schamm 1999 Champagne, and a Piña Colada." Rarity recited off the top off her head. The waiter looked shocked but gladly obliged.

Forty-Five Minutes And a Quarter of Piña Colada Later...

"WOO! I'M ON FIHARRRE! YEAH!" Fluttershy screamed as she danced on top of the booths table.

"Now Ah know why Fluttershy never has alcohol." Applejack snickered. Rarity shot her a glare and went back to putting her efforts into trying to get Fluttershy to stop. No one was looking, but it was still embarrassing. She had been dancing, singing and all around random.


"Hey ladi-OH WOAH!" Macintosh yelled as Fluttershy stuck her face in his. He started to blush as Futtershy nuzzled his nose. She abruptly pulled back and yelled.

"HEY MACKY! YA COME TAH GEHT DHRUNK?" Fluttershy laughed drunkly and mispronounced words, but she was still adorable. Fluttershy slowed down and sat. She smiled and patted the seat beside her. Macintosh gladly took the seat with no hesitation. Applejack gave her brother a look, and went back to her conversation with Rainbow about how apples tasted better than pears.

Fluttershy rested her head on Macintosh's shoulder, and drew circles on his back. She was humming a song to herself, and looked up at him.

'Goddess, she's beautiful...' Macintosh thought to himself as Fluttershy stared at him with her eyes. Her cheeks were red from drinking, and her wings stood up like flag poles.

"Mmmm, Mac... I bet you are sooooooo tired..." Fluttershy said in a drunken haze. Macintosh shook his head and looked down at the beer he bought moments ago. 'Eh, it can wait...' he thought. He turned back to Fluttershy who now had her purse on her head.

"Boop-Beep, I AM A RO-BOT. HEY MAC-IN-TOSH. I THINK YOU ARE CUTE. Beep-Boop." Fluttershy yelled at him. Macintosh looked at her in confusion.

"How much has she had ta drink?" Macintosh queried with obvious concern.


"-sigh- Half a glass of Piña Colada" Rarity said tiredly. Fluttershy wiggled in her seat like she had something to say.

"YOUR A LHIAR, MISTER AIR CONDITIONER! I-I.... I ONLY HAD MARKERS FOR BREAKFAST!" Fluttershy laughed at the menu. Macintosh was starting to feel uneasy. 'Ah've heard about lightweights, but this is insane!'

"Hey, Mac?" Fluttershy asked in a normal tone.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh smiled at the mare with a messy mane.

She scooted up to his ear and put her hooves around his neck before she said something that she would regret.

"Twilight doesn't matter. Buck my apple tree, if you know what I mean..." Fluttershy whispered into the stallions' ear.

"Uh, I gotta go..." Macintosh was stepping out of his seat, and started to trot towards the door.

"SORRY IF I'M MAKIN YA UNCOMFORHTLBBEE, HONEY APPLE~." Fluttershy yelled across the club, earning a glare from Applejack.

"What in the Hay are you doin'? Ya know mah brother has a marefriend! With one of our closest friends, too!" Applejack yelled at Fluttershy.

"Yes... I-I know..." Fluttershy responded with teary eyes.


Yay! Fourth chapter! Feel free to suggest anything! HERP DERP I CAN'T WRITE DRUNK SCENES CAUSE IM TO YOUNG FOR THAT. Thanks for all the favourites and likes!

There's a First Time For Everything

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Chapter 5
There's a First Time for Everything

"Ugh... My head..." Fluttershy whispered after doing her morning stretch. She rubbed her temples before silently walking downstairs, towards the fridge and peeked inside.

"Lets see... Apples, oranges, salad, half a daisy sandwhich... Oh? What's this?" Fluttershy asked to no one as she pulled out a package. She carefully tore open the package; trying not to damage the neatly written letters of her name plastered on the surface. When she had finally opened it, there was a note and a large amount of herbs and tea packages inside.

"Ow!" Fluttershy yelled softly, dropping the package on the floor as she writhed in pain. After having the whole incident, Angel bunny hopped over to her side and gave her a confused look.

"It's-It's nothing to worry about A-Angel, I think I may have g-gotten the f-flu-u." Fluttershy smiled at the concerned rabbit. He shook his head and pointed sternly towards the note that had fallen out of the package.

"Oh? What's this? Maybe it's an apology from the club for giving me f-food poisoning. No, no, I'm fine and they don't need to apologize..." Fluttershy stuttered as she placed herself in a comfortable position before picking up the letter.


I do hope that you are feeling better after last night. It really was quite scary after Big Macintosh left.

But never mind that, let's move onto a different subject. How were the herbs? The tea? If you haven't taken them yet I suggest you should. It looks like you will have quite the hangover tomorrow.

Now, please please please please please remember the Spa and dress fitting tomorrow at 2:00 sharp. You will look absolutly stunning! No one else wanted a dress, sadly. But... A certain someone is coming to pick up a certain tuxedo shipment for his new fashion line! That's right! Fancy Pants! Oh dear, I haven't seen him in months...

Well, Ahem, we will carry out this lady like conversation at the spa.

Hope you are feeling well,


'What happened after Big Mac left? What did I do at the club? What time is it?' questions raced through the mare's mind as she glanced at the clock.

"Oh... No." Fluttershy squeaked in panic at her clock. 1:50. Ten minutes to get ready and get to the spa. She hurriedly washed her face and combed her tangled, wild mane. She could wash in the spa's showers. She put herbs and tea into a cup and sipped in a rushed manner.

"Bleh..." She whispered as she finished the rest of the vile drink. She grabbed a large apple and bit into it.

"Okay Angel, I need you to help the animals get the food. I set up the stations on the counter, so they could find what food they want." Fluttershy murmered through a mouthful off apple. Angle saluted and pushed Fluttershy outside the door.

"Um... Angel, maybe it's to late.. Maybe I should just stay home... My headache is starting to go away but still..." Fluttershy mumbled as she stepped back inside, only to have Angel push her back outside and give her a pocket watch. Her slammed the door and she could hear locks click.

"Uh... Okay... Bye..." Fluttershy spoke softly to the rabbit behind the doors. She took the golden watch in her hooves.

"1:58... Oh, better hurry, I don't want to let Rarity down..." Fluttershy sighed as she galloped and hovered through the streets of Ponyville. 'Thank goodness that the spa is close to the East side, extremely close to my house... other than the Apple farm, at least a good ten minute walk... Oh, Fluttershy, why'd you have to think about the Apple farm? Why do you have to think about... Him...' Fluttershy thought shakily.

"I'm here, Rarity..." Fluttershy said quietly as the spa door swung open. Rarity was reading a magazine called "Equestrian Inquirer" with the headline "Fleur and Fancy Pants... Steady or Someone Else?". She had an angry look on her face until she looked up to see her friend.

"Oh, hello dear, I-I didn't see you there. Well, better get started on our spa treatment, the party is in three hours." Rarity stumbled before rushingly pushing Fluttershy into the spa.

"Oh- Eep!" squeaked Fluttershy as Rarity pushed a bathrobe on Fluttershy and a towel over her head.

"Inside, inside, inside!" Rarity whispered harshly, shoving her friend into the large, steam-filled room.

"Phew. My goodness dear, if Aloe or Lotus caught us gossiping, it would be all over the headlines!" Rarity gasped as Fluttershy looked at her, confused.

"Umm... Why? If you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy muttered, barely audible.

"Well, my dear, Aloe and Lotus are the biggest gossips in town. Other than Daisy, Rose, Lily and Bon Bon. I swear, that rumor they started about me a month ago isn't true! I know it's been dead for weeks but-" Rarity started to ramble before being interrupted.

"Umm... Rarity... I was kinda sorta hoping that we could talk about what happened last night... If that's okay with you..." Fluttershy sighed as she fidgeted quietly on the damp surface in the muggy room.

"Oh... You don't remember?" Rarity asked. Fluttershy nodded her head and started to listen intently to the scene replayed by Rarity.

"And then, When he left, you said 'Goodbye Honey-Apple' and then Applejack said that he had a marefriend. You broke down into tears, Applejack scolded you, she got in a fight with the waiter because he was hitting on her; she and Rainbow left and I decided to take you home before things got a little more out of hand." Rarity informed the frail mare, who was hidden under her hooves, shaking.

"Oh-oh my..." Fluttershy was at a lost for words. 'Did I really- Oh no no no! I have to fix this! At the party, I'll apologize to everyone and go home and hide in the wine cellar for the rest of my life!' She thought.

"Any ways, we have to get out of here before the scent of steamed wood is the only thing I can smell for the next week." Rarity complained as she hoisted herself up and opened the door for her friend.

"Rarity? I-if you don't mind me asking... Why were you so mad at that magazine? Did someone put something about your dresses in there?" Fluttershy squeaked.

"No, not that... It was about Fancy Pants and his model, Fleur. It said that they may or may not be... Dating..." Rarity gritted her teeth together.

"Oh! Isn't that nice because Fancy Pants is your... Um... Friend... Oh. I-I see." Fluttershy said softly, Rarity's expression changing from jealousy to anger to hurt.

"I'll have to ask him when he comes to get the tuxedo shipments in... an hour. He said he might come to the party but he doesn't have a proper date. Do you think he might be implying something?" Rarity smiled and sighed.

Fluttershy had known for quite some time that Rarity had an infatuation with her fellow colleague in the fashion industry. The small sighs, the way she got excited whenever she mentioned him. It was sort of the way she acted whenever Macintosh was mentioned. She would quiver, shake, blush and lower her tone slightly. Rarity said that she even had a lovesick look in her eyes.

Fluttershy could always count on her friends to never spill any secret. Rarity and Pinkie Pie; her two closest friends in the group, would never tell anyone. Maybe Pinkie would under pressure... But she could trust them. They had a bond like no other.

"So, darling, are you planning on... Hmm... How do I put this... Setting the mood? Telling him how you feel?" Rarity asked politely, even though you could see her eyes prying and digging for an answer.

"I-I don't think I can... I m-mean... He- he has a marefriend, right?" Fluttershy
sulked as she gave Rarity the 'I'm so sad' eyes.

"Ahem, well, um- yes, yes he does. But that doesn't stop him from making eyes at you, does it? Don't you see them?" Rarity struggled to give an answer under the gaze Fluttershy gave her.

"N-no... I don't-t see them. All I really see is the deep pools of luscious green- not really filled with extreme care or anything..." Fluttershy said gloomily.

"Ah, goodness dear. That's because you've always seen him making eyes at you. He's always giving people that normal look of boredom, but you've only seen him with those swelling eyes." Rarity said in a matter-of-fact tone.

Fluttershy's expression changed from sadness to the happiness of a school girl in a matter of seconds.

"Really?" She asked, excitedly.

"Yes. Or, as he would put it- Eeyup." Rarity giggled.

"Now, lets head over to the boutique, we'll do our dress fitting there." Rarity smiled and waved her friend to the front door.

"Have a nice day, Miss Rarity, Miss Fluttershy." Aloe and Lotus bid farewell in unison.

"Yes, you to dears. See you at the party?" Rarity asked the two mares.

"Wouldn't miss it for the world, Miss Rarity." Aloe smiled as their customers walked out.

"Aloe? What did you hear?" Lotus smiled at her sister, who was smirking slyly.

"Only that Rarity has a crush on Fancy Pants and Fluttershy is Twilight's and Big Macintosh's home wrecker." Aloe purred as her sister giggled.

"I think we might have something for Daisy..." Lotus laughed as Aloe flipped the sign to 'Closed' and they lightheartedly trotted towards the Flower kiosk.

It was Ponyville. If someone overhears you, your private life is everyone's business. Even if it was one of the most carefree holidays of the year.


"How do you like it? Does it fit? Do you like the design?" Rarity rambled on as the sweet pegasus pulled the single strap over her shoulder.

"It's lovely!" Fluttershy beamed at her friend. The dress was a rose, the skirt was made of soft pink velvet and shaped like a blooming rose, and the rest was a soft green. A large belt was sewn to look like a thorny stem was used as a shoulder strap and belt. It was beautiful.

The sound of a bell ringing brought the two mares out of fantasy princess land and into reality.

"Rarity? Rarity my dear? I've come for the tuxedos... And to ask you something very important." A masculine voice with a very distinct Canterlot accent flowed throughout the boutique.

"Just one moment, darling, I'll be back in a pinch." Rarity whispered and trotted towards the front. A faint mumbling was heard for a minute or so, until the male voice cleared its throat.

"I was just wondering, Rarity, if I could have the pleasure of escorting and staying with you for this social event?" Fancy Pants asked. A brief moment of shocked silence passed before Rarity answered.

"W-why, yes, of course! It would be perfect!" Rarity stuttered happily as she tried to contain the large amount of joy she was holding in.

"Ah, yes. So I'll pick you up at four o'clock and escort you and your friend to the party." Fancy Pants put an emphasis on friend and Fluttershy turned beet red and squealed. She had been caught.

"Unless, a lucky stallion is going to escort her?" The white unicorn stallion raised the tone of his voice to try and get Fluttershy's attention. A louder squeal and the rustling of fabric could be heard from the front room.

"No, the poor dear's date has already been caught." Rarity said gloomily, turning her head back towards the boutique for a moment.

"That's quite a shame. May I come in?" Fancy Pants asked sympathetically.

"Oh, yes, please do come in." Rarity said cheerfully, leading the esteemed stallion inside her boutique.

"And here she is! Fluttershy, yes? I'm actually quite surprised that a stallion hasn't asked you out yet! You have the looks of a model I worked with! In fact, you look just like her!" Fancy Pants greeted the nervous mare warmly.

"Y-yes, I was a model f-for a week... And you-you did do some work with me..." Fluttershy mumbled.

Rarity could sense the awkward tension in the room.

"Well, nice talking to you, good bye! I'll see you at four darling, ta-ta!" Rarity gave an abrupt good bye while pushing him outside. She gave him two pecks on the cheeks and shut the boutique door.

"That almost became awkward city... Well, time to work!" Rarity skipped merrily while doing her make up and outfit as well as her friend's.

An Hour Later...

"And... Done! Oh, you look amazing!" Rarity smiled at her friend. Fluttershy's hair was wavy and had small clip on roses in her hair.

Rarity's hair was curlier and had navy blue ribbons lacing through it, and on top of her head laid a silver and diamond tiara. She was wearing a starlight blue cocktail dress, which was sparkling and had silver pieces encrusted into it.

"I think we're ready." Rarity smiled, and the bell in the front room chimed. The party was going to be centered around Fluttershy and Big Macintosh. Fluttershy could just sense it.

Authors Notes

I'm really sorry this took so long. *tears* Also, I'm also really sorry for this not being centered around Fluttermac as much I wanted it to be. *shrug* I guess it's kind of one of those bridge chapters. Next one should be better, I promise. Fingers crossed it doesn't take as long.

To Be Loved

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Chapter 6
To Be Loved

"Hello, Rarity, Fluttershy." Fancy Pants said in his refined tone. "You both look gorgeous." Rarity gave him him a small smile as he took her hoof and put a blue rose in her hair. She giggled like a school filly for a moment before straightening her posture.

"Oh... My... I-I don't mean to ruin the moment... It's just that I-I seem to be having second thoughts about this..." Fluttershy stuttered. Of course, this is what she always said before any kind of social event, due to her shy nature. But this time, she said it differently. As if she was really genuinely concerned about the events that were about to transpire. And why shouldn't she be?

She was about to walk into a Hearts and Hooves day party where her friend Twilight would be sitting in her uptight; scholarly manner, would be talking to him in a seductive and charming manner. She'd move in for the kill, and probably take him home for round two.

This would be hard on anyone that knew love, but this would take more than a small toll on Fluttershy. No matter how hard you or anyone else tried to mentally train Fluttershy on the scene she thought she would see, it was inevitable.

She would; without a doubt, cry.

But, this wouldn't be the scene she'd walk in on.

Not at all.

"Oh, darling, you'll be fine!" Rarity said with levity as she pushed Fluttershy out from under a table.

"Macintosh, I- we need to talk." Twilight sounded on edge. They were sitting in a small booth in Sugar Cube Corner, home to Ponyville's resident party animal.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh smiled at Twilight. She was wearing a simple dress, a navy blue and pink lace gown. He had to admit it, Twilight was a cute mare, but not the one he had his eyes on.

"We need to- break up..." Twilight stated bluntly. Macintosh gave her an incredulous look.

"Go on?" Macintosh said solemnly, trying to not make eye contact with the lavender unicorn mare.

"This relationship has taken me soaring into the drama department, and frankly, I-I'm not very good with that. You're a good guy Mac, and I know someone who'd love to have you more than I ever would." Twilight nodded her head towards the yellow mare being forcefully pushed by Rarity into the party. Macintosh looked lazily at the mare and nodded back. He understood. He just didn't understand why.... Just mere moments ago Twilight was drooling over his every move. Mares are confusing.

Twilight turned around and galloped towards her friend. Fluttershy recoiled at the sound of Twilight calling her name.

"Fluttershy... I-I need to apologize for my inappropriate and idiotic behavior a couple days ago. I'm really sorry and I still hope that we can be friends. I just can't deal with the issues I've been disturbing, and I've known you like Macintosh for a long time, and I-It was payback. Payback for nothing, really. I-I was jealous, and so afraid to admit it. It was because, you're so perfect. So kind, gentle, pretty, and... Ugh... I was so stupid! I was so foolish and idiotic, and I-I didn't stop to think about you. I hope you can forgive me, and I understand if you don't." Twilight poured her heart and soul out into the apology.

"Oh, Twilight, y-you know I'm not perfect... I have so many faults that it's hard to count. You have no need to be jealous. I'm jealous of you. Even though I have a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, You will always be the smarter one, and the overachiever. Twilight, we all have faults, and we need to learn how to accept them... If that's okay with you..." Fluttershy gave her friend a grin. They gave an awkward hug and Twilight gestured towards Macintosh; who was giving all of his surroundings a bored glance.

"Well, *ahem*, The floor is yours. Knock him dea- I mean, go get him, tige- kitty!" Twilight stumbled to find a phrase that wouldn't frighten her timid friend to go bolting back to the safeties of her cottage. Fluttershy gave her friend a sheepish grin, and hurriedly skittered across the dance floor in Sugar Cube Corner. She had surprisingly been able to cross without being bumped into.

Then she noticed... Eyes. So many ponies were staring at her! She had to risk the temptation of collapsing onto the floor and hiding under her hooves... No! She wouldn't! She'd march right up to that stallion and tell him her feelings if it was the last thing she'd do!

With her head held high, determined expression on her face, and the body and dress of a famous model, It was no wonder why everyone was turning their heads. The shyest pony in Ponyville- hay, all of Equestria, was trotting around Sugar Cube Corner as if she owned the place. Crazy what love could do.

As soon as she reached the towering stallion, he looked at her with a bemused expression. Fluttershy cowered slightly in his shadow, but then, sat down with him at the small booth. She needed to ask her childhood friend a long overdue question.

"Macintosh, I-I... Need to ask you something. Now." Her voice sweet then stern.

"Eeyup? What can Ah do fer ya, 'Shy?" Macintosh said, scared. What was she going to ask him?

"I kinda sorta really... Never mind, I'll just... umm... Do you remember our first day in high-school? When Applejack would non stop call me your marefriend? Well... I thought it was silly, but... Mac, I've had a crush on you since I was eight years old, the day I landed in the meadow by the Apple Orchard. I-I love you. A-a lot. And I was wondering if..." Fluttershy was worried to carry on, but the conversation was picked up by Macintosh.

"Ah d-didn't know ya felt the same way, 'Shy. Ah love ya so much... Ah would move mountains and re-landscape all of Equestria just ta keep ya safe." Macintosh said warmly. Fluttershy gave a smile and nuzzled his snout with hers.

"I was wondering... If-if it's okay with you... If you wanted to... go somewhere someplace at sometime? I understand if your busy, we can always re-reschedule." Fluttershy whispered. His green eyes locked onto her deep pools of aquamarine.

"Nnope. How about now?" He rumbled, deep voice shaking the mare. Other ponies glanced their way. He didn't care. As long as he had his one true love with him, no one's opinion would care.

He swooped the dazed pegasus down into a deep kiss, and her wings popped up in a swift moment. Whistles and d'aww's came from the club.

Fluttershy was burning. She had never been so embarrassed, yet so happy in her life.

And she liked it.

"OH MY CELESTIA?!?! WHAT IN THE HAY IS FLUTTERSHY DOING WITH BIG MAC?" Rainbow Dash yelled, flabbergasted.


"Hey, Rainbow? Didn't ya hear that Twilight and Mac broke up 'cuz it wasn't workin'?" Applejack laughed at her friends reaction to the new couple.

"Besides, didn't ya wanna tell me something about 'Shy and dating?" Applejack snickered.

"Ugh, never mind. It's no use now. Go on, I'm curious about this." Rainbow replied.

" Well, Ah as rootin for 'Shy since she came ta Ponyville." Applejack said with a smirk.

Rainbow Dash looked at Applejack, confused.

"What am I missing and why hasn't anyone told meeeee!?" Rainbow said confused, head in her hooves.

"Hold yer horses, Rainbow! Well, Ah was just a little filly, even littler than Applebloom and her friends..."

It was a summer day, sky was the bluest of blues, the clouds pure white and fluffy. Granny Smith was cookin' some apple turnovers, and Applebloom was playing with one of 'er toys, and Ah was doin' mah homework at the kitchen table.

Suddenly, the door swung open, and there mah brother was, standing at the doorway with a filly a year older than me. She was skinny, and had hair that covered her face. She wasn't anybody ah knew, so Ah immediately thought it was my brother's marefriend. Now, mah Granny would not approve of this, so I just yelled that it was one of the farm hands, and Granny, being the crazy but lovable lady she is, said "Okay AJ! Just make sure he ain't got any ticks on him!"

"Are ya Mac's marefriend? Granny says we ain't allowed to have a special somepony yet." Is what ah thought ah said, anyway. But Fluttershy and Mac just looked around, not givin' each other a glance. They both had the cutest little blush on their faces, and I knew then, they were meant for each other.

"Wow AJ, that's pretty deep." Rainbow sighed. She hated to admit it; but Rainbow loved Romance stories once and a while.

"Is that why you were miffed and kinda angry whenever the subject of Twilight dating Mac came up?" Rainbow asked.

"Kinda. Ah mean, Ah was happy fer her and my brother, but I knew the relationship would end sooner or later." Applejack winced, even though she was the element of Honesty, she didn't like to express her feelings unless she was asked.

"Hello darlings! How is your evening?" Rarity yelled over the loud music playing. Fancy Pants was glued to her side, but conversing with another group of ponies.

"So... Rarity? What's with Fancy Pants? Is he your new fashion accessory or something?" Rainbow asked and Applejack snickered at the remark.

"I'll have you know that Fancy Pants and I are here as dating." Rarity answered haughtily and walked off.

"Well, 'Shy, It'd be mah pleasure do escort ya home." Mac smiled at the mare in holding his hooves. Fluttershy grinned at him and walked up to his side.

"I-I'd like that." She whispered.

"M-Mac? This-this happened so-so sudden. How... How long?"Fluttershy gazed into his emerald eyes as they stepped out of the bustling sweet shoppe.

"Gee, Ah dunno 'Shy. It was probably a couple days after ya came ta Ponyville. It was a foalish crush, but ah... Ah dunno. Ah love ya now Fluttershy, and that's what'll always matter." Macintosh nuzzled her cheek, and they trotted towards Ponyville park.

"M-Macintosh? I know we already know each other so well; b-but... I need to know this... Have you had any other *ahem* relationships besides me, Twilight and the relationship you had with Raindrops in highschool?" Fluttershy asked him, intent on getting the answer.

"Well, Ah had this short little thing with Cheerilee a few years back. It only lasted a day, because Applebloom an' her friends decided to help their teacher find love on Hearts and Hooves day. They gave me love poison. Ah'm pretty sure ya can't use that for relationships, 'cuz that wasn't really anythin' special. An that's it. Nopony else. Ah've never really dated before." Macintosh said, defeatedly. He knew Fluttershy was curious, but why about his relationships now? Why did mares have to know everything?

"So, uh... What about you? Did you have anypony special in your life?" Macintosh asked the pegasus, who was staring off into the night sky.

"Oh, uh... No. Many stallions have asked me out, but... Um... I-I was waiting for-for you..." Fluttershy answered and pecked him on the cheek. They both blushed and turned away, as dark clouds started to rush in.

"Well, ya live on tha other side o' Ponyville, so... Ya wanna... I dunno... Stay over for a bit?" Macintosh asked awkwardly loud, gaining the attention of the pegasi that were moving the clouds towards the couple.

"Thunderlane? Should we soak 'em?" Blossom forth asked her moonlit partner with a sly smile.

"Definitely." Thunderlane laughed, showing his own toothy smile. they raised their forelegs slightly, and hooves lowered sharply onto the soft, water filled surface and-

"EEP!" Fluttershy shrieked as cold pellets of rain drenched her dress and mane. Macintosh pulled the shivering mare to his side, and darted towards Sweet Apple Acres.

"*sniffle* AHH-AHHHHHH... choo!" Fluttershy sneezed. She was wrapped in a wool quilt by the fireside. Macintosh was making hot apple cider as Granny Smith, Applebloom and her friends entertained the snuggling couple with amusing stories.

"MAC! YOU HOME?" Applejack's voice rang throughout the home. Everyone's head turned towards the soaked farm mare.

"Eeyup!" Macintosh whispered harshly as Applejack walked through the door. Granny Smith, surprisingly, had managed to maintain her sleepy state during the exchange.

"Well, Ah never thought AJ would see tha day when mah brother his crush would be all cuddled up by tha fireside." Applejack laughed.

"It, uh, won't be too long, Applejack, I-I AHHHHHH-AHHHHH *choo*! Excuse me have to get home to Angel. I told him to take care of everypony, but I'm not sure he'll-" Fluttershy said, stuffy nosed.

"Now hold on a darned minute! Now Macintosh, what do ya have ta say fer yerself?" Granny Smith chastised the red stallion.

"Uh- Ah'll walk ya home?" Macintosh offered, but received an unamused look from his grandmother.

"Macintosh! How could ya? Yer marefriend here ain't goin' anywhere in this condition! She is gonna be stayin' upstairs in yer room with you!" Granny Smith pointed a hoof at him.

"But-" Big Mac started, but was cut off.

"No buts Mister! It's just lahke when ya had her over for them sleepovers when you where little. Now, no Hanky-Panky in mah house, ya got that?" Granny asked the blanket covered couple.

"Eeyup." Mac stated.

"Um... Yes..." Fluttershy murmured. What did Granny mean by Hanky-Panky?

"Good." Granny said, rolling back into a comfortable position and fell asleep.


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Chapter 7

Macintosh sat staring at his Grandmother.

Only a single word came into his mind as he properly assessed the situation that had just unfolded in front of him.


Granny Smith would come of as senile to others; but to the Apple family, Granny was wise.

Granny Smith always meant well, but- why now?They had a busy day tomorrow, stocking up for cider season, and it was his turn to run the apple cart. Fluttershy wouldn't see him until later that evening; so what was the point in keeping her overnight... With him? He didn't feel like avoiding Fluttershy, in fact, he should've been happy! But something in the stallion didn't sit... Right.

"Um... Macintosh... If you... If you don't want me to sleep in your room... That's okay, I can always sleep on the couch... I mean... I'm quite comfortable here... And-and, I'm used to sleeping on the couch, Angel usually kicks me out..." Fluttershy murmured.

"NUH-UH! The CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS have already claimed this as sleepover ground!" Sweetie Belle yelled, voice cracking.

"Ya can't sleep in the guest room, we got Braeburn comin' in... Oh, 'bout an hour, tops. I gotta go pick him up." Applejack smiled.

"Macintosh, we-I won't try anything... Funny. You know me." Fluttershy blushed and turned her attention to the cute little knick knacks Granny had collected on the mantle.

He stared at her. Fluttershy had changed over the past four years. She was skinnier, and her legs had grown a bit longer. She had taken that from her mother; Posey, a natural model. Her personality had changed a bit to. She was no longer cower behind her friends, but rather cower behind her mane and take a step behind her friends. She had become more outward with her feelings, even if they were just barely above a whisper.

Rest assured, Macintosh knew she was the same Fluttershy he met years ago. She was still the gentle, kind and beautiful mare he fell in love with. And from those moments on, he would let her know every day.

"Eeyup. Now, lets get ya ta bed." Mac lifted the mass of blankets onto his back and up the stairs.

"Uh... AJ? Braeburn ain't comin till tomorrow cuz his train wuz delayed.." Apple Bloom whispered as she thought the couple were out of earshot.

"Hush up Apple Bloom! Ah know he ain't comin' till tomorrow." Applejack whispered harshly.

"But you- that- what?" Scootaloo busted with confusion.

"Oh, I get it!" Sweetie Belle giggled loudly, making Granny shift in the chair and grumble something.

"What do you mean you get it? This stuff is all mushy and gushy and eww!" Scootaloo made a disgusted face. Even though they were 13 years old, Scootaloo was still Scootaloo.

"Prolly cause her brain is all mushy and gushy!" Apple Bloom laughed.

"Is not! My brain is not mushy and gushy! Scootaloo's is!" Sweetie Belle yelled.

"No! Well Apple Bloom's brain and your brain are-"

"Hush up and go to sleep before Ah fry up somethin' nasty and make y'all eat it!" Granny scolded the three teen fillies and fell asleep. It was dead silence except for the few hoof steps up the stairs.

"Macintosh?" Fluttershy quizzed him.

"Eeyup?" He answered, pulling blankets over him.

"C-can you not sleep on the floor?" She whispered, rustling uncomfortably in the large bed.

"No can do, Sugar cube. You are the guest, and you should feel as comfortable as possible." Macintosh sated.

"B-b-but... I'm lonely..." Fluttershy stuttered in the sweetest voice imaginable.

'C'mon, Mac, don't budge, she can't make ya, you've stood up to people before not a simple mare like Fluttershy can... Darn it!' He winced as he started to slip under the covers of his bed.

"That's better." Fluttershy whispered as she snuggled up to him. She immediately fell into sleep's grasp, and hummed softly in her sleep.

"Huh. So Ah guess you're asleep now?" Macintosh whispered. "Well, that sure was a stupid question."

He heard a soft knock on his door, and got up to check it.

He saw a frazzled and tired looking Applejack at his door.

"Applebloom?" Macintosh suggested, gaining a glare from Applejack.

"How'd ya guess?" Applejack said in a sarcastic tone. "Just be sure not to hurt her, Mac. She's a gentle soul and if anything happens to her and Ah have to help sort it out-" She made a slash with her hoof across her neck and slowly backed away from the door frame.

"Somethin' ain't right, and Ah know it" Applebloom sighed. Sweetie Belle was asleep, and Scootaloo said something about finding that flashlight she dropped in the forest when they were crusading...

"Ah guess ah should go an' look fer her." Applebloom rambled tiredly. She stepped out of the small house and trotted to the clubhouse. The oil lamp was on, and she heard sobbing.

"Well, that can't be right." She told herself. She stealthily trotted up the ladder and peeked through the window.

Scootaloo was sitting on a stool, softly sobbing to herself.

"Scoots? Are ya- are ya okay?" Applebloom whispered as she slowly stepped inside and leaned on the door frame.

"No,I'm not Applebloom. Just-just leave me alone! You won't understand." Scootaloo choked under her tears.

"Hey! Do ya remember when we got these?" Applebloom smiled at her friend, showing Scootaloo her cutie mark. It was a paintbrush painting an apple blossom. Scootaloo looked down and saw hers. They had gotten them two years ago, when Cheerilee gave them certain parts in the play. Scootaloo was the choreographer and stunts, Applebloom was the sets and makeup, and Sweetie belle; lead role and singer.

"Once a crusader, always a crusader." Applebloom smiled. "Now, are ya gonna tell me what's wrong?"

"It's just that... You and Sweetie... You have loving, caring families... And all I have is a building filled with... Kids like me. I'm lonely; and tired of going home to the same strict and mean people, the mopey dopey kids... I wish- I wish I had a family."

"Scootaloo. You do have a family!" A voice came from the shadows. "That's us." Sweetie Belle stepped out of the shadows.

"We may not be blood related, but you have us. We-we care for you Scootaloo." Sweetie Belle was on the verge of tears.

"Ya have them and Fluttershy." Applebloom pointed at the small apple family residence.

"And you have me and Rarity." Sweetie Belle squeaked. " Just, just listen to us! We love you!"

"Thank you guys so much." Scoot a lot sniffled, breathing ragged and shallow.

"Let's go inside..." Sweetie Belle smiled and trotted outside, Scootaloo and Applebloom flanking her.

She twisted and turned in the sheets. He was right there, right beside her... Something she's wanted for ages. She had woken up to the sound of the door opening and closing, and muffled hoof steps.

Fluttershy sighed softly. She ran her hoof down Macintosh's golden hair. He stirred for a moment, then fell back into his rhythmic patterns of breathing.

She sighed and curled up into a comfortable position, facing her special somepony. Fluttershy rustled in the blankets before drifting off into the heavenly realm of dreams.

"Hello? Is anyone... Is anyone here?" Fluttershy yelled out into the vast plains of nothingness. She heard faint hoof steps, and looked around. A small, gold door was to her left.

"Yes, my little pony." Luna smiled. "You have been having quite the nightmares lately."

"I-I have?" Fluttershy stuttered and backed away from the lunar princess.

"Yes. We-I am here to show you glimpses of your future." Luna explained, a pointed a hoof towards the golden door.

"There is the future of your relationship." Luna then turned around to a silver door.

"And there is the realm of dreams. You can go to a new dream and leave this one. Which shall it be?" Luna inquired, same stoic expression on her face.

"Uh... I... Ah... Gold?" Fluttershy stammered quickly. She wanted to get out of this situation.

"Very well." Luna chuckled at the immediate response. "So, how long have you known Big Macintosh?"

"You know?" Fluttershy asked, incredulously.

"Of course we know. There's a little spark in your eyes and something tells me the bed your sleeping on is not yours." Luna smirked.

"Ohgoodnesspleaseforgivemewedidntdoanything!" Fluttershy squealed.

Luna chuckled "We're here."

The door was large to say the least. Five times the height of a normal pony. The entire door was covered in gold, gems and fine, tiny scriptures. Luna started to chant quickly under her breath, and the scriptures lit into a blue. A soft light shone in Fluttershy's eyes, and then a flash brighter than anything she had ever seen before.

"Here we are. You can open your eyes." Luna smiled. "I've still got it."

"...How?" Fluttershy questioned.

"The door is used when a pony is in extreme emotional case, such as yours. I may be a little late, but that won't stop me from showing the element of kindness that she has a splendid future." Luna explained. "Now, where would you like to see?"

"Three years from now? If that's okay with you, I wouldn't want to be a burden on you..." Fluttershy stuttered.

Luna smiled and whispered another spell under her breath.

"Ah, yes. Here we are." Luna beamed. They were in a quiet field, and she could see Macintosh and herself coming over the horizon.

"What a lovely day for a picnic." Future Fluttershy sang.

"Eeyup. Ya tired 'Shy?" Future Macintosh leaned down and planted a kiss on her forehead.

Fluttershy pouted. "Just because I'm pregnant doesn't mean I can't do something as simple as carrying a basket."

"Didn't mean ta offend ya, sugar cube." Macintosh giggled.

"Well, lets just stop here for a rest. I'm absolutely starving." Fluttershy smiled at her special somepony.

"That's all we can see for now." Luna stated and whispered a spell under her breath again. In a moment, they were right back in the empty nothingness, one door gone, the silver remained.

"Well Fluttershy, I have but a few moments to say goodbye before I am called back to my duties in Canterlot." Luna remarked, and started to fade.

"Wait! Is everypony else sleeping alright? I don't want the little fillies and colts you might've skipped to see me tonight are okay..." Fluttershy stumbled.

"They are quite alright. Besides, you have to rise early to see your stallion before he leaves to the fields." Luna smiled and then... Was gone.

Fluttershy woke abruptly, and right before the rooster's call. Macintosh stirred and stretched, grabbing hold of Fluttershy.

"Smarty pants..." Big Macintosh whispered under his breath.

"Um... What's a smarty pants if you don't mind me asking?" Fluttershy stammered.

"AAUGHH!" Big Mac let out a scream, dropping out of bed.

"Oh, I didn't mean to startle you I was just going to ask you what a smarty pants was... Oh! Stupid! Stupid!" Fluttershy yelled at herself and fell off of the large mattress.

"Ahhh!" She squealed and landed on his chest.

"I'm sorry." She sniffed and looked into his eyes.

"Nah, it's okay, taint yer fault." Macintosh smiled. He could never be mad at her, eyes as sincere as that.

"What in the hay is going-" Applejack stormed into her older brother's room. She saw messy haired Fluttershy on top of her brother, and Mac with a smile on his face, hooves around her tiny frame.

"Well... I'll leave you two to yer business..." She backed out slowly and closed the door.

"Fingle Fangle." Macintosh exclaimed.