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Regrets Are For Tomorrow

Chapter 4
Regrets Are For Tomorrow

Rarity had used intense ways of therapy and coaxing to try and get Fluttershy to get out of her cottage. It had been a day, and the Hearts and Hooves party was tomorrow. She sighed. Fluttershy was pale, hollow cheeked and puffy eyed. The tip of her snout was bright pink, and covered in flecks of tissue.

"Darling, wash up! We're going clubbing with Applejack and Rainbow!" Rarity yelled up the stairs of the quaint cottage. The small animals around the home shook at the sound of something louder than a whisper or a hoof on wood. She could hear the timid pegasus sniffle and whisper a quiet 'Okay' before coming down minutes later. Fluttershy had her make up done and a simple orange sundress on. Rarity danced on the spot happily as she smoothed out her navy blue tube dress.

"Oh, I'm so happy! You don't usually come clubbing with us." Rarity half smiled at her sniffling friend. "To be honest, all Applejack and Rainbow do at clubs is... Ahem... Get 'wasted'. Pinkie only eats and dances, and Twilight never goes clubbing anyway... Oh well."

"W-why-y-y is-is-isn't P-P-P-Pinkie com-i-i-ing?" Fluttershy whispered sadly. She needed some cheering up, and Pinkie was the record setter for 'Fastest Cheerer Upper'. Rarity frowned and thought for a moment.

"Something about meeting Braeburn at the train... I couldn't hear the rest, she was to busy... Stuffing her face with those atrocious deep- fried cherry and cream filled donuts with chocolate smothering... Ugh. I can't even think about how many dress sizes she'll move up if she keeps eating like that... I won't have enough fabric to cover her flank!" Rarity exclaimed, earning giggles from Fluttershy at the last statement. Rarity smiled at her.

They trotted towards Ponyville, having quaint conversations along the way. The fairly new club they were going to was owned by Vinyl and her wife Octavia. Music was blasting from the speakers and could be heard from miles away.

"AWESOME RAVE, PONYVILLE! WE'RE GOING TO TAKE A THREE HOUR BREAK UNTIL 2 AM! IT'LL LEAVE YA ENOUGH TIME TO TAKE SOME SHOTS, GET DRUNK AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!" Vinyl's voice rang through the ears of the two mares standing in the huge lineup by the doors. A large bouncer stood beside the doors.

"I-is th-that bi-bi-big Mac?" Fluttershy whispered quietly into Rarity's ear. It did look like Macintosh. She heard that he took a part time job at a nightclub, but she didn't think it would be this one.

"YOU-HOO! MONSIEUR BONCER!" Rarity yelled from the back of the line. The bouncer took off his glasses to reveal his sister's friends.

"Howdy, Miss Rarity." he smiled at the fancy mare in her night time get-up. " Miss Fluttershy..." he regarded the small, shaking mare... His crush that he had for quite some time. She looked like she had been crying. He knew that expression. He remembered that day in grade five like it was just yesterday.

"Heh. Fluttercry! Your such a baby! Why are you crying over that stupid baby bunny?" A little unicorn colt insulted her. His two earth pony friends snickered. Home Run... Just seeing this pony made Macintosh's blood boil. Home Run kicked her stomach and she fell over, still clutching onto the injured baby bunny. She was silently crying.

"Leave her alone you... You... IMBECILES! What has Fluttershy ever done to you?" Rarity yelled at the bullies.

"She shows us up in class, that's what! She's a year younger than us, and skipped a grade! She's such a nerd!" Home Run yelled back at Rarity, who was helping the frail pegasus. Cheerilee and Derpy came with some bandages for her scraped knees.

"Oh... Oh th-thank you." Fluttershy smiled at them. She grew limp and fainted in Rarity's arms. Rarity gave a theatrical gasp. She put Fluttershy on the ground on a pillow she managed to teleport from her bedroom.

Big Macintosh saw the scene unfold, and darted to the side of his friend. Her eyes were puffy, nose a bright shade of pink, and cheeks hollow and void of emotion. He moved her mane out of her face. He looked at the other girls beside him and told them to get help immediately.

Cheerilee had already gotten the Miss Pencil to phone the hospital, and the boys were no where to be found. When the nurse arrived, everyone cleared away, except for Big Macintosh. Miss Pencil called Sunburst, Fluttershy's father, and he had come to take her home. Somewhere in the mess, Macintosh had sneaked a kiss from her lips. His first kiss...

Macintosh sighed in contentment at the bittersweet memory. Whenever someone asked him about his first kiss, he'd always say Carrot Top, but it was a dare at a party. He looked at the shivering pegasus and fancy unicorn.

"Come on. If yur lookin' fer AJ or Rainbow, they're prolly in the booths takin shots er somethin'." Macintosh said slowly and deeply. The mares smiled and gracefully trotted into the night club.

"HEY! I'VE BEEN WAITIN' HERE FOR TWENTY MINUTES AND THOSE MARE-WHORES GET IN BEFORE ME?" Yelled a voice from the middle of the line. A pink mare with a blonde mane twirled her hair after the sudden outburst.

"YA SHUT YER MOUTH, MISSCHERRY BERRY!" yelled Macintosh. '-sigh- ev'ry night.'

Dubstep was playing in the background of the large club. Applejack waved to her two friends. Rainbow looked outside of their booth.

"HEY SHY!" Rainbow yelled over the music. Fluttershy shyly waved back. The unicorn and pegasus walked over to the large, neon colored booth. There were barely any lights on, except for the floor lights, the pub lights and the neon ones lining booths.

"Gosh Rarity, Ah didn't think ya were interested in these kinda clubs." Applejack stated before she put beer to her lips. She chugged the rest of it down before letting out a satisfied burp.

"That is probably why..." Rarity made a disgusted face at Applejack, who sat there with a smug look on her face. "Fluttershy, would you like anything?"

"Um... No thanks... I'm... Okay."Fluttershy whispered.

"Wine? Shirley Temple? Margaritas? Piña Colada? Come on, you have to live a little!" Rarity laughed. Fluttershy sighed.

"A Piña Colada I guess..." Fluttershy said quietly. Rarity nodded.

"Yoo-hoo! Waiter!" Rarity called after a stallion wearing a neon bow tie.

"What can I do for you lovely ladies tonight?" the waiter asked.

"Schramsberg J. Schamm 1999 Champagne, and a Piña Colada." Rarity recited off the top off her head. The waiter looked shocked but gladly obliged.

Forty-Five Minutes And a Quarter of Piña Colada Later...

"WOO! I'M ON FIHARRRE! YEAH!" Fluttershy screamed as she danced on top of the booths table.

"Now Ah know why Fluttershy never has alcohol." Applejack snickered. Rarity shot her a glare and went back to putting her efforts into trying to get Fluttershy to stop. No one was looking, but it was still embarrassing. She had been dancing, singing and all around random.


"Hey ladi-OH WOAH!" Macintosh yelled as Fluttershy stuck her face in his. He started to blush as Futtershy nuzzled his nose. She abruptly pulled back and yelled.

"HEY MACKY! YA COME TAH GEHT DHRUNK?" Fluttershy laughed drunkly and mispronounced words, but she was still adorable. Fluttershy slowed down and sat. She smiled and patted the seat beside her. Macintosh gladly took the seat with no hesitation. Applejack gave her brother a look, and went back to her conversation with Rainbow about how apples tasted better than pears.

Fluttershy rested her head on Macintosh's shoulder, and drew circles on his back. She was humming a song to herself, and looked up at him.

'Goddess, she's beautiful...' Macintosh thought to himself as Fluttershy stared at him with her eyes. Her cheeks were red from drinking, and her wings stood up like flag poles.

"Mmmm, Mac... I bet you are sooooooo tired..." Fluttershy said in a drunken haze. Macintosh shook his head and looked down at the beer he bought moments ago. 'Eh, it can wait...' he thought. He turned back to Fluttershy who now had her purse on her head.

"Boop-Beep, I AM A RO-BOT. HEY MAC-IN-TOSH. I THINK YOU ARE CUTE. Beep-Boop." Fluttershy yelled at him. Macintosh looked at her in confusion.

"How much has she had ta drink?" Macintosh queried with obvious concern.


"-sigh- Half a glass of Piña Colada" Rarity said tiredly. Fluttershy wiggled in her seat like she had something to say.

"YOUR A LHIAR, MISTER AIR CONDITIONER! I-I.... I ONLY HAD MARKERS FOR BREAKFAST!" Fluttershy laughed at the menu. Macintosh was starting to feel uneasy. 'Ah've heard about lightweights, but this is insane!'

"Hey, Mac?" Fluttershy asked in a normal tone.

"Eeyup?" Macintosh smiled at the mare with a messy mane.

She scooted up to his ear and put her hooves around his neck before she said something that she would regret.

"Twilight doesn't matter. Buck my apple tree, if you know what I mean..." Fluttershy whispered into the stallions' ear.

"Uh, I gotta go..." Macintosh was stepping out of his seat, and started to trot towards the door.

"SORRY IF I'M MAKIN YA UNCOMFORHTLBBEE, HONEY APPLE~." Fluttershy yelled across the club, earning a glare from Applejack.

"What in the Hay are you doin'? Ya know mah brother has a marefriend! With one of our closest friends, too!" Applejack yelled at Fluttershy.

"Yes... I-I know..." Fluttershy responded with teary eyes.


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