• Published 27th Jul 2021
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How I met The Girls of My Life - Wildcard25

Little Spike Drake moves from Ponyville to Canterlot City where he makes new friends with some special girls

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Leaving Ponyville

The scene panned out from inside a private study room. As it scanned around several shelves of books, it stopped upon twenty year old Spike sitting in a Chesterfield armchair. Spike was relaxing in the chair while wearing a purple smoking jacket, and black pants. In his mouth was a pipe, and was blowing bubbles from it. He took the pipe out of his mouth and looked towards the fourth wall.

“Hello, and good evening to you all,” he greeted, “I am Spike Drake. And I'm so glad you could join me here tonight. Why? Because tonight I'm proud to tell you all a story about how I came to move away from one town to another leaving behind my old friends only to make new ones. Friends, that would become more than friends as I got older. Friends who would become... The Girls of my Life.”

'Our story begins twelve years ago in the town of Ponyville during the last few weeks of summer vacation,' he began narrating, 'There was me and my parents Geki and Elsa. We lived a good life together, and I was happy. Because I had a cool group of friends. There was my buddy Thorax, who always loved making impressions. And then there were the girls. There was Ember, a tough girl who always ended up getting in trouble whenever she picked a fight with anyone who crossed her, or she deemed someone was a threat to me. Then there's Sunset Shimmer, a fiery girl who has sort of a bad girl vibe to her. Especially when it comes to me. But she's not bad when you get used to her. Moondancer was the bookworm, always with her nose in a book. By age eleven she was already reading at a junior high student's level. Starlight Glimmer was another smart girl, though not so bookish. She understands and gets along best with those who feel they don't fit right in, but she also used to rely too heavily on a 'quick fix' approach. But that's ok, Starlight says past mistakes is the best kind of teacher to learn from. Then we got the twins. Sunshine Smiles and Moonlight Raven. Though they're twins, they are polar opposites in terms of personality. Sunshine is all smiles and rainbows, while Moonlight's all gloom and doom. But don't worry, they love each other like a sibling would. And I like them both too.'

'I had just come home from a play date with my friends, and that night at dinner, my parents had news for me that would change everything.'

At the Drake dinner table, eight year old Spike and his parents were enjoying their dinner, until Geki spoke up, “Son, your mother and I have something we wanna tell you. It's not easy for us to say.”

Spike looked up from his plate at the two adults curiously, “What is it, dad?”

The adults sighed knowing they had to tell him the news, “Spike, we're moving away.”

At the mention of those words, Spike dropped his fork to his plate with a clatter and looked at his parents in shock, “We're what?!”

Geki and Elsa knew their son would react in that tone, as Geki explained things, “I've just been transferred to the city of Canterlot, and we'll have to move there.”

“Canterlot? But that's so far!”

“It's a three hour drive.” Elsa clarified.

“Yeah, far!”

“Spike, we know this is a lot to deal with, but we don't have a choice,” Geki continued, “It's what my boss wanted.”

“But they can't do that!” Spike argued, as tears started forming in his eyes “What about my friends? What about everything?!” he got up and ran from the kitchen.

“Spike!” his parents called him to come back, but he didn't come.

Spike was in his bedroom sitting on his bed while hugging his legs close burying his face in his knees as he sobbed. His door opened, and Elsa walked in, “Hi,” she greeted her son. Spike looked up and said nothing. Elsa sat beside her little boy and continued, “Spike, I know this is going to be difficult, trust me it wasn't easy for any of us.”

“I just don't see why we have to leave. We have everything here. I have everything here.” Spike explained sadly.

“I'm sorry, sweetie, but you know, you should try looking at this in a more positive view.”

“Positive?” the boy asked.

“Yes. Think of this as a great big adventure.” Elsa explained excitedly.

“An adventure?” Spike wondered sounding slightly intrigued.

“That's right. You're going to be exploring a whole new city, meet all sorts of new people. Doesn't that sound fun?”

“Well, it does sound like it could be.” Spike admitted, but still had his reservations.

Elsa hugged Spike close, “Trust me, Spike. There's so many possibilities out there waiting for you beyond Ponyville. You just got to give it a chance.”

Spike sighed, “Ok, mom. I'll do it for you and dad.”

Elsa smiled and kissed her sons forehead, before leaving his bedroom. Spike laid on his bed knowing it wasn't going to be his room for much longer.

'The next day I told my friends about my parents news, and needless to say they didn't take it as well just like me.'

Sunshine and Starlight were hugging Spike close while crying hysterically, Moonlight looked downhearted, while Ember and Moondancer wiped tears from their eyes. Thorax was crushed like the girls were, while Sunset Shimmer looked at Spike in shock, while clenching her fists.

'Over the course of the next few weeks we were all packing up our things, before the day the moving van arrived.'

Spike and his parents stood outside the sold house, as the moving people were loading the last remaining boxes into the truck. Spike despite accepting there was no choice was still sad he was leaving town.


The boy looked and saw Thorax and the girls rushing over to him, “Thorax? Girls?”

“Oh, good, you didn't leave yet.” Thorax said in relief.

“What're you all doing here?” he asked.

“Like we were just going to let you leave without saying goodbye?” Sunshine asked rhetorically.

“What kind of friends would we be if we did that?” Starlight also asked rhetorically.

Spike smiled, “Thanks, guys. I really wished it didn't have to come down to this.”

“Eh, what can ya do?” Moonlight asked while shrugging.

“I just want you guys to know, you've been the best friends a kid like me could ever have.”

Thorax and Spike hugged, as the former spoke, “Take care of yourself, pal.”

“You too, Thorax.” Spike replied.

Ember walked over and hugged him, “Try not to let anybody walk all over you, ok?”

“Sure, Ember.”

Moondancer hugged Spike, “Looks like this is the end of our Secret Book Club, huh?” she asked.

“You can always find others to join in, Moondancer.”

Moondancer smiled, “I will try.”

Starlight hugged him next, “We'll miss you, Spike.”

“Same, Starlight,” he looked around, “Sunburst, couldn't be here?”

“He wanted too, but he had to meet with someone from a school for gifted kids today. But he sends you his best regards.”

“Tell him thanks.”

“I will.” Starlight promised.

Sunshine and Moonlight embraced Spike from both sides, “It won't be the same without you around here, Spike.” Sunshine began.

“It's gonna be dull, and not in a good way.” Moonlight added in a monotonous tone.

“I know it won't be the same without all of you either.” Spike agreed, as he hugged them both. When he looked over at Sunset who was keeping her distance while looking away. Spike walked over and spoke, “Sunset?”

“So, you're really going, huh?” she began.

“I'm afraid so.” he admitted.

“So that's it?” she asked sounding a little angry, “After all we've been through. After everything you're just picking up and leaving?!”

“Sunset.” Spike gasped, as the others were surprised at this reaction.

“Whatever! Just go and leave! I don't care!” she looked away trying to hide the tears in her eyes. Suddenly she felt something wrap around her waist. She looked back seeing it was Spike hugging her while looking just as sad as she was.

“I'll miss you too.” he said.

Sunset unable to keep her feelings bottled up cried as she turned back around and hugged Spike close sobbing. Thorax and the rest of the girls joined in and cried with them. Geki and Elsa watched knowing this was the hardest for Spike, but knew they would all get over it eventually. When the group broke their hug Spike spoke to them.

“I got to go. But here's hoping we'll meet again some day.”

“Yeah. Some day.” Sunset hoped.

“Come on, Spike.” Geki said.

“Coming.” Spike answered, as he headed for the car and got in the back.

As they started the car, Elsa spoke to the boys, “Ok, boys. Say 'bye house'!”

“Bye house!” Spike and his father called, as they started to drive away with the truck following.

Thorax and the girls raced down the block, as Spike looked out his window to see them, “Guys!”

“We'll never forget you, Spike!” the cried.

“Bye, guys!” Spike called, as the group stopped and waved bye to him.

As Spike and his family drove they passed several places Spike was going to miss from Ponyville. They passed by a place called Vincent's Drug Store, “Goodbye Vincent's,” they drove past a shop called Candy Sweet's Candy Bar, “Goodbye Candy Sweets,” the next place they passed was a movie theater, “Goodbye Movieplex,” following the theater was a fast food place, “Goodbye Crazy Burger.”

Soon they drove past the leaving Ponyville sign, as Spike looked out back seeing them drive further and further away from it, “Bye-bye, Ponyville.”

'And that was the last time I'd ever see Ponyville or my friends from there in years. But this story is just beginning for I was about to begin my new life in Canterlot City.'

Author's Note:

Older Spike won't be narrating the whole story, just this chapter