• Published 27th Jul 2021
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How I met The Girls of My Life - Wildcard25

Little Spike Drake moves from Ponyville to Canterlot City where he makes new friends with some special girls

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The Girls

The Drake family had been driving for a few hours now, as they were on their way to their new home in the city of Canterlot. During the drive, Spike spent most of the time staring out the car window watching the other cars and scenery pass by. Even though he accepted this was happening, he still thought about Ponyville and his friends. Would he ever see them again?

As they drove some more, Geki spoke up, “Look alive, Drake's. Here we are in Canterlot city!” he declared.

Spike looked ahead and saw they were entering downtown Canterlot. The city looked so much bigger than the simple town of Ponyville. There were taller buildings and skyscrapers, more variety of fast food take out places, and more people than he was used to seeing in Ponyville.

“Whoa.” he gasped.

They drove through the city before arriving in the suburbs of the city. They turned the corner of a block and drove down before parking in front of a house.

“Family, welcome to our new home.” Geki said.

“Look at it, Spike.” Elsa told the boy in excitement.

Spike looked up at the new house seeing it did look bigger than their old one, but still knew this was going to take some getting used too. Once they got out of the car and went inside, they were instructing the movers where to put the furniture.

“Ok, everyone, that's it.” Geki instructed the movers, as the finished all the furniture before unloading the boxes containing all their stuff.

After everything was moved into the house, the Drake's saw the movers off, “Well, family. This begins the new chapter in our lives.” Geki said, as they looked up at their new house.

“And I'm sure we're gonna make the best of it.” Elsa agreed.

“Yeah.” Spike said hopefully.

Geki looked down the block and spoke, “Well, look what's coming our way already.”

Elsa and Spike looked down the block to see a married couple, and an eleven year old girl. The woman was tall with long white hair with purple streaks. She wore a light purple blouse and light blue jeans. The man had dark blue hair, wore jeans, and a blue long sleeved shirt. The little girl had long dark purple hair with a single pink streak in it. Her outfit included light purple shoes with matching socks, a darker purple skirt with star patterns on it, and a blue buttoned up shirt.

“Well, hello.” Elsa greeted the three.

“Hi, and welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Night Light, this is my wife Twilight Velvet, and my little girl Twilight Sparkle.” the man introduced them.

"Nice to meet you." Velvet answered.

"Welcome." Twilight greeted them.

"Nice to meet you all too," Geki began, "My name's Geki, this is my wife Elsa, and my son Spike."

When they saw no sign of Spike, Elsa realized where he was and spoke, "Come on, Spike. Meet our new neighbors." Spike came out from behind his mom and approached.

"Nice to meet you, my name's Spike." he greeted.

"Nice to meet you too, young man." Night Light greeted him with a shake of his hand.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, Spike." Velvet greeted him. Spike blushed at Velvet feeling the same kind of motherly charm his own mom has.

Twilight approached him with a bright smile, "Nice to meet you, Spike." Spike blushed as he looked at Twilight feeling this warmth around him from her smile.

He then looked closer and realized something, 'She looks like Moondancer.' he thought.

"So where are you all from, originally?" Velvet asked curiously.

"Well, we just moved to Ponyville, until I got a job transfer here to Canterlot." Geki explained.

"Interesting, you must let us introduce you to all of our friends on the block." Night offered.

"That'd be thoughtful of you." Elsa answered with delight.

Twilight gasped, "Then is it alright if I introduce Spike to my friends?"

"I don't see why not," Velvet answered, and turned to Geki and Elsa, "Is it all right with you two?"

"It would be good for Spike to get to know the other kids on the block," Geki answered, “Plus we still got plenty of unboxing to do.”

“Then we'll get our friends and help you out.” Night Light offered.

“And we'll let them know your son's with our daughter so Twilight's friends know where she is.” Velvet added.

"How about it, Spike? Maybe you'll make some new friends." Elsa said.

"That would be nice." Spike admitted, as Twilight took his hand.

"Come on. I live next door to you." she dragged him off next door, leaving the adults.

As Spike followed Twilight to her backyard, the two sat down at a circular kids table with a couple of little chairs set up.

"So you used to live in Ponyville?" Twilight asked Spike.

"Yeah. I liked living there, and I was sad when dad told us we were moving here." Spike said feeling dismal.

"Why's that?"

"Because I left my old school, and all my old friends behind." Spike answered.

"Don't worry, Spike. My friends and I will make you feel welcomed." Twilight comforted him.


Twilight nodded, until they heard the backyard gate open up and a voice spoke up, "Hey, Twi!"

Twilight and Spike looked over seeing two more girls enter the yard. One of them had rainbow colored hair, and her attire included, white and black sneakers, jeans with the bottoms rolled up, and a light blue shirt with a thunderbolt cloud design on it. The second one had long pale pink hair, wore sandals, a yellow skirt with a butterfly image on it, and a white sleeveless top.

"Hi, girls." Twilight greeted the two.

Spike looked at the two new girls, and prepared himself to greet them. When Rainbow saw the little boy, she spoke to Twilight, "Hey, who's that?"

"Our newest neighbor, Twilight answered, “Girls, this is Spike. Spike, meet Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy."

"Nice to meet you both." Spike greeted them.

Fluttershy approached, "It's nice to meet you too, Spike. How old are you?"

"I'm eight." he answered.

"I thought so," Fluttershy smiled and cooed, "You look so precious." the little boy blushed.

"Welcome to the neighborhood, little dude." Rainbow playfully punched his shoulder.

"Thanks." he rubbed his shoulder sheepishly.

"Where did you used to live?" Fluttershy inquired.


"Well, kid. Welcome to Canterlot, where I pray you survive." Rainbow warned him in a dreary tone.

"Survive?" Spike trembled.

"Rainbow, don't scare him!" Twilight scolded her.

"Relax, Twi. I just having some fun with the little guy." Rainbow said, as she ruffled Spike's hair while he groaned.

Twilight spoke to the boy, “Please excuse Rainbow Dash. She can be very brash.”

Rainbow pretended she was stabbed from Twilight's comment, before laughing. She turned to Spike and spoke, “Don't worry about it, buddy. Living here in Canterlot is just plain awesome.”

“It is?” Spike asked.

“For sure.” she assured him.

"Howdy ya'll." a western accented voice called out. The group looked and saw another girl enter the yard. She had blonde hair in a ponytail with a red rubber band tied at the bottom, and had freckles on her face. She wore little cowboy-like boots, jeans with a belt on with the buckle looking like an apple, an orange buttoned up shirt with two breast pockets, and on her head was a stetson hat.

"Hey, Applejack/A.J." the three girls greeted her.

When the cowgirl saw Spike, she approached him, "Well, now. What have we here?" Spike looked up at the girl seeing she looked the tallest of the girls he's met so far.

"This is our new neighbor, Applejack." Twilight explained.

"I'm Spike." Spike greeted her.

Applejack shook his hand, "Well, Spike, it's a pleasure to meetcha. So ya just moved here?"

"Uh-huh." he nodded.

"You're a cute little fella, aren't ya?" she winked at him.

"The cutest." Fluttershy said, as she went to Spike's side and nuzzled him.

Spike started blushing, until Twilight broke them up, "Come on, you two. Let's not embarrass him on his first day here."

"Oh, but it was fun to see his face turn red, Twilight." Rainbow groaned.

“Yeah, it's all good fun.” Applejack agreed.

Before another word was said a voice called out, “Oh my gosh, is that a new kid on the block?!" Everyone looked and saw another girl running right over. She had large pink poofy hair, and was wearing pink shoes, a blue skirt, and a white shirt with pink poofy short sleeves and balloon images on it.

The new girl stopped before Spike, grabbed his hand, and shook it rapidly causing Spike's whole body to shake back and forth.

“Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie. You must be new here. Me I've lived here for about two years now. Say do you like parties? Because I do. I like the kind with really loud music, lots of balloons, lots of cake, oh don't forget cupcakes."

Spike couldn't bring himself to speak up from how much his body shook. He did manage to spot another girl approaching. She had purple hair done up in curls with a three diamond hair clip in it. Her attire was composed of purple slip on shoes, and a blue dress with short purple sleeves.

"Pinkie Pie, stop that right now!" she raced over and pried Spike's hand out of the excited girls', "Can't you see you're scaring the poor thing?" she started to straighten Spike's hair, "I'm ever so sorry for my exuberant friend, child. My name is Rarity, and it's so wonderful to meet you."

"My name's Spike, and it's nice to meet you too." he greeted while looking flustered.

"Spike, what a fitting name for one with adorable hair like yours." Rarity said as she gently brushed her hand against the top of his spikes.

"Thank you." he smiled.

"So you're our new neighbor?" Pinkie asked.

"Yes. Do you all live here on the block?"

"You bet, sugarcube." Applejack nodded.

"I brought him over here to make him feel at home." Twilight explained to the two newcomers.

"Well, why didn't ya say so?" Pinkie asked, "Making others feel welcomed is my specialty!" Pinkie cheered, as she wheeled in a music box that started playing music.

(Welcome Song)

Pinkie bounced around and placed a part hat on Spike's head while singing a welcome to the neighborhood song. When she finished she blew into a noisemaker that spit confetti onto Spike.

Pinkie and the girls watched, as Spike burst into laughter, "Oh, that's funny!" he laughed while clutching his side.

"I got him to smile and laugh already. Yay me!" Pinkie beamed.

"I'd like to know more about you, Spike." Applejack said, as she took a seat at the table.

"Me too." Fluttershy added.

"Me three!" Pinkie finished.

"I'm sure we all would." Rarity spoke on Twilight's and Rainbow's behalf.

"I'd love to talk to you girls about me, at least if you tell me about yourselves too." Spike said hopefully.

"We'd be delighted too, darling." Rarity replied.

“You first.” Rainbow told Spike.

"Well, I just moved from Ponyville with my parents after my dad was transferred here."

"What was it like in Ponyville for you?" Rainbow asked.

"It was fine."

The girls were confused by his vague answer, "Just fine?"

"Didn't you do anything special or cool like sports and such?" Rainbow inquired.

"Not really. I'm not much of a sports boy." he answered.

"Did ya do anything cool?" Rainbow asked.

"I mostly just read." he answered.

Rainbow rolled her eyes, "Read? That is so boring."

"Rainbow Dash, there's nothing wrong with a good book," Twilight began, "If you picked up a book you may be surprised on how good it can be."

"Me, read? That'll be the day." Rainbow replied.

Spike smiled before speaking to the group, "What about you girls, what're you all like?"

Twilight spoke up, “Well, I'm known by my parents and friends as a very smart cookie. And I also like to read.”

"Yeah, she's our resident egghead. If you listen to her go on and on about something you'll fall asleep." Rainbow nudged him and the two giggled, while Twilight scowled.

"You need to take a better interest in literature, Rainbow." the girl lectured her.

"Yeah-yeah, whatever." Rainbow replied.

"So what do you do, Rainbow?" Spike asked curiously.

"Me? Well, I love sports. Baseball, football, soccer, you name it. What I hate is all the boys saying I should be more like a girl and leave the sports to the boys. And you know what I did to them?" she grinned.

"What?" Spike asked, while creeped out by her grin.

"I gave them the biggest wedgies you could ever imagine!" she declared.

"Ouch," Spike cringed, and thought, 'She definitely reminds me of Sunset and Ember.'

Fluttershy spoke, “Um, if you'd like, Spike. I could go next.”

“Sure, Fluttershy.” he replied, as the girl continued.

"I like to take care of animals, and I happen to be a bit shy in large crowds." she explained.

"You don't seem shy right now." Spike noticed.

"That's because I'm around all my friends. And I don't really get that shy around someone who's younger than me. And you just look so cute too." she cooed, while hugging Spike.

"Thanks." Spike said, as he blushed from close contact with her.

Pinkie spoke up, "My turn! As I mentioned before I like parties and I'm the official party girl of our group. I know everyone's birthdays and all the anniversaries and holidays important to us. Plus I love baking cake, cookies, and cupcakes."

"I love all those." Spike smiled, as Pinkie got down to his level.

"Then you and I are going to get along just fine." she grinned.

Rarity cleared her throat and spoke, “Well, I am the fashionable one here, always up to date with the latest styles," she felt the sleeve of Spike's jacket, “This purple jacket of your looks just your style, and these shorts further compliment you."

"Thank you." he answered, while looking entranced by how pretty Rarity looked.

Applejack spoke up, "Me and my family own the land at the end of the block where we grow apple trees." she pulled out an apple from a satchel and handed it to Spike.

Spike looked at it before looking at Applejack who beckoned him to try it. He took a bite out of it, and his eyes lit up in delight, "So juicy!"

"My family and I make the best apple products we sell to stores." Applejack explained.

"Wow, then you guys must make a fortune." Spike said in awe.

Applejack giggled, "Something like that."

"Ok, so you now us and we know you now. What's say we have some fun?" Rainbow asked.

"Ooh, I love fun stuff!" Pinkie cheered, making the girls laugh at her excitement.

Soon, Twilight had brought out some of her books to show Spike. Some were astronomy books, and when Twilight showed him some star formations, Spike looked more interested in the patterns they make more than the history behind them.

Twilight then pulled out another book, “Here's a series I think you might enjoy Spike.” she handed him a book that had a picture of a teenage girl dressed in witch's robes.

“The Good Witch Azura?” Spike asked her.

Twilight nodded, “It's about a good witch named Azura who fights for peace across magical lands.”

“Wow.” Spike gasped in awe.

“There are currently five volumes, but it's still ongoing.” Twilight stated.

“That's a lot to read.”

“Maybe, but once you start you won't put it down. Here, let's read some together.” Twilight suggested, as Spike got comfortable next to Twilight who opened the book and they began reading together.

With every turn of the page, Spike found himself more drawn into the story feeling as if he was there with Azura herself.

When they reached the end of the book, Twilight asked, “So, Spike, what did you think?”

“That was amazing,” he confessed, “That Azura is one cool witch.”

Twilight giggled, “She is something, isn't she? And I take it you really liked it?”

“I sure did.”

“Well, I could lend you the other copies I have until you can get your own.”

“I'd really like that.” Spike said, as the two smiled.

Soon Spike was sitting down, as Pinkie was currently putting on a comedy performance. She was doing a tap dance, while spinning a plate with one hand, and clinking finger cymbals with her other hand. As Pinkie performed, Spike clapped and cheered before the girl finished her routine.

“Ta-dah!” Pinkie declared.

“That was great!” Spike applauded.

“Aw, thanks, Spike.” Pinkie smiled.

“I've never known anyone as talented as you. Or as funny.”

“I'm just full of surprises.” Pinkie replied proudly.

“How'd you even get into the comedy thing?”

“I like seeing people happy. Knowing that they're happy makes me feel the same way. That's why I love to spread smiles and happiness onto others who're feeling downy-wowny.”

“Well, you sure succeeded with me.” Spike replied.

“Oh, come here you!” Pinkie hugged Spike tight while nuzzling him.

“Ack, Pinkie, too tight!” Spike groaned, as he tried to wriggle out.

Afterward Spike was watching Rainbow performing some tricks with a soccer ball. She kicked the ball up and gave it another kick making it hit a bulls eyes on the fence.

“Wow! That was awesome!” Spike gasped in wonder.

“That's because I am awesome,” Rainbow replied, “You wanna try, Spike?”

“I would, but I told you I'm not good at sports.”

“Hey, not everyone is, but that's never stopped them. Come on and give it a go.” she beckoned him, while gently kicking the ball over to him.

Spike looked down at the ball, he tried kicking and maneuvering it around like Rainbow did, but didn't have the same amount of force in his legs like Rainbow. He tried to kick it up to do the same move Rainbow did but he just couldn't do it.

“Darn it!” Spike grumbled.

Rainbow walked over and gave him a comforting pat on the shoulder, “It's ok, kid. Not everyone can be expected to do everything on their first try. Even I couldn't... Don't tell anyone else that.” she leaned down and whispered into his ear.


“Just remember, Spike. Trying is just as important as succeeding. Because if you don't then you'll never know what you can and can't really do.”

“I'll remember.” Spike promised, as Rainbow playfully ruffled his hair.

Later Spike was with Fluttershy in the back alley, putting cat food into a bowl, before leaving it out and a few stray cats came by and started eating from it.

“How long have you been feeding these guys?” Spike asked Fluttershy.

“For a few weeks now since they started coming around here,” Fluttershy explained, “It's just so sad to see them without a home of their own. No one to feed them when they can't find food for themselves.”

“But how did you decide to make it your problem?”

“Like I said, I love animals, Spike. But so many people act like they don't really matter because they're not civil like humans. Some even like to abuse them for their own amusement. It's just sad. That's why I wanna help out as much animals as I can. My parents even like to take my by the local animal shelter to help out. Mostly I just do the feeding. When I get older I'll be able to take on the more responsible tasks.”

“I'm sure you'll make a lot of animals happy.” Spike told her.

Fluttershy smiled, and blushed upon getting a closer look at Spike. Spike noticing this was confused, “What?”

Fluttershy leaned closer, and pinched Spike's cheeks, “Oh, Spike. From just the right angle, you look like an adorable little puppy.”

“I do?”

“Oh, yes. In fact if you were one, I'd adopt you in a heartbeat.” she nuzzled against Spike's cheek.

“Uh, thank you.” Spike replied not sure how to feel about that.

Next Spike was sitting at the table in Twilight's yard, as Applejack had brought over some more apple based products made by her own family. Spike had just finished sampling an apple fritter and spoke.

“Applejack, your family makes the best apple treats.” Spike commended her.

“Thanks, Spike. Here's some apple cider to wash it down.” A.J said offering Spike a drink.

Spike drank it and smiled, “Delicious.”

“And that's just the kids version. We actually make a brand for the grownups. Course I'm not allowed to drink it yet.” she confessed.

“Does anyone say if it's as delicious as the kids version?”

“Well, my older relatives always say it really hits the spot after a long day.”

“I'm amazed how your family is able to make all these.” Spike continued to express his awe.

“Well, my parents and granny do more of the important stuff, while me, my big brother, and my little sister do the smaller jobs.”

“You have siblings?”

“Oh, yeah. My bro's Big Macintosh. Sometimes he can be a boy a few words, but he's all good. My little sister Applebloom is about your age. That little scamp's always looking to try new things and can sometimes get into a heapin' helpin' of trouble.” Applejack chuckled.

“Sounds like a good family.”

“It sure is. We Apples take pride in our family. In fact, it was thanks to my ancestors this here place even existed.”

“Really?” Spike asked sounding intrigued.

“Oh, yes. Granny Smith would tell me and my sibs this here land was nothing more than fields, until the first Apples came and started planting the first apple trees around. When we started making our apple products we started distributing them to all sorts of business partners causing more people to travel far and wide making a nice little town that would eventually become the city of Canterlot.”

“Wow. Suddenly Canterlot sounds more amazing than I thought it was.” Spike said.

“Glad ya think so.” Applejack replied.

Spike saw there was still another apple fritter, and smiled before breaking it into two and offered one half to Applejack, “Thanks for the food.”

“Anytime, Sugarcube.” Applejack said, as the two ate their halves.

Later, Rarity had brought over a box of hats and was making Spike try them on, “Try this one,” she put a top black hat on Spike's head, Very sophisticated.” she admitted.

Spike took off the hate and tried on the next one being a cowboy hat, “Oh, yes. A real western hero. Look out folks, Sheriff Spike's in town.”

Spike admired how he looked in it, until Rarity put a pirate captain hat on him, “Wow, I feel like a real pirate wearing this.”

“A very stylish swashbuckler if I do say so myself.” Rarity fanned herself.

Spike tried on the next hat being a fedora. Rarity studied him, “You definitely look like a detective out of the noir genre,” she put a pimp hat on Spike, “Yes, I like it, I like it.”

“You sure know your clothing and hats, Rarity.” Spike said.

“I've always been one for fashion. I have my Aunt Emerald Quartz to thank for that.”


“Oh, yes. She's one of the best fashion designers in the fashion world. Beloved and envied by all in the field of fashion. I've been learning so much from her about fashion, and I hope to one day be a famous clothes designer just like her.”

“Sounds like you've got your future figured out.” Spike admired.

“Well, this is something down the line. For now I'm just making sure to also live in the moment and not rush things. After all Rome wasn't built in a day as they say.” Rarity giggled.

Spike looked down and picked up a maroon cap and put in on, “How about this?” he asked.

Rarity inspected it, before getting an idea and turned the hat around so it was backwards, “Perfect!”

Spike looked into the hand mirror Rarity brought with and smiled, “Wow. I really like it. Thank you, Rarity.”

“No problem at all, my little Spikey-Wikey.” Rarity hugged the boy.

As it got late, Spike was with all the girls in Twilight's backyard, "Thank you for giving me such a fun day, girls. You're the best friends I could ever hope for coming here... We are friends aren't we?" he asked them.

"Of course we are." Twilight answered.

"We'll always be your friends, Spike." Applejack added.

"What they said, little dude. You'll be hanging out with us from now on." Rainbow Dash added.

"And we'll even help you make more friends." Fluttershy offered.

"You will?"

"Helping friends is what we're all about." Pinkie explained.

"Pinkie's right, sweetie. When a friend of ours is in need we'll always be there to lend a hand." Rarity confirmed.

Spike looked at each of them seeing the bright smiles giving him a ray of hope. Tears started forming in his eyes, making the girls confused, until he ran to them wanting to group hug them, "What's wrong, sugarcube?" Applejack asked in concern.

"I'm so glad I met you girls!" Spike cried.

The girls seeing he was shedding tears of happiness embraced him. Soon they let him go and Twilight huddled the girls up while Spike was concerned as to what they were suddenly discussing as a group.

The girls broke and Twilight spoke, "Spike, the six of us would like to give you a special charm that promises we'll be friends forever."

"What's that?" he asked curiously.

"Come over here, and we'll show you." Rainbow said, motioning to come by a spot.

So Spike walked up and stood where Rainbow motioned him to stand, as Pinkie and Fluttershy stood on both sides of him, "Are you ready, Spike?" Fluttershy asked hopefully.

"For what?" he asked curiously.

"This." Pinkie answered, as she and Fluttershy simultaneously kissed Spike's cheeks.

Spike started blushing up, until the two parted from him. Spike looked at Fluttershy and Pinkie who smiled sweetly before going back over to the others. He saw Rainbow and Applejack came over and did the same thing. Finally, after A.J and Rainbow, Twilight and Rarity approached.

"And this will seal our everlasting friendship." Rarity concluded, as she and Twilight sealed it with their kisses to his cheeks.

Spike stood there flustered, and yet felt incredibly happy. He looked to the girls and spoke, “Thank you so much.”

“No problem.” Rainbow replied.

“Spike!” came his mom's voice, “Time to go!”

“It's my mom. I gotta go. Can I see you girls tomorrow?” he asked hopefully.

“Of course.” Twilight confirmed.

“Great, see you then.” Spike left the backyard.

The girls watched he boy leave, as Rainbow spoke, “Girls, things just got a whole lot more interesting around here.”

“You betcha.” Applejack agreed.

Inside the Drake's new home, Geki and Elsa brought Spike to a closed room, before opening it revealing it to be decorated with all of Spike's things.

“Welcome to your new room, Spike.” Elsa began.

“What do you think?” Geki asked.

“It's awesome! I love it!” Spike rushed in and checked everything out.

“You look even happier compared to this morning.” Elsa said, “Was your time with Twilight fun?”

“The best. And not just her, she brought in her other friends as well. And they're all so nice.”

The adults were glad to see their son in high spirits, as Geki spoke, “Sounds like you're really off to a good start already.”

“I sure am.” Spike confirmed.

“We'll leave you to get settled, while I start dinner.” Elsa said, as the two left the boy to relax.

Spike plopped onto his bed, and laid down. He looked up at the ceiling while thinking about Twilight and the rest of the girls, before feeling his cheeks remembering what they had recently done to him. He smiled at how good it felt.

“Living in Canterlot might not be so bad after all.” he told himself.