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I used to question the MLP FiM show, but one episode and I got hooked on it. See my Fanfiction account ChaosMagemon for more than just MLP fics. Joined the Herd Nov 5, 2011


This story is a sequel to The Girls of My Life 2: Old Flames and New Flames

See Spike Drake and the Canterlot Cuties in their childhood days, and how Spike got to know each of the girls and vice versa.

Recommend reading The Girls of My Life, and The Girls of My Life 2 Old Flames and New Flames before this, in this exact order.

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Are you gonna use the same dialogue from Spike’s flashback in the ‘Sick Days and Memories’ chapter of ‘The Girls of My Life’?

I think most of this story is a prequel

Yeah, i was hopping for another of your Girl of My Life fics

Hmmm…key moments mentioned in the first story.

  1. Spike meets the Cuties
  2. Spike gets attacked by dogs
  3. AJ’s parents go on business trip
  4. Rainbow Dash hangs out with Gilda and those three bullies: Hoop, Dumb Bell, and the third wheel whose name escapes me.
  5. Pinkie Pie’s rivalry with Cheese Sandwich
  6. Spike and Fluttershy look for a missing cat
  7. Spike comforts Twilight for Cadence and Shining Armor leaving college.
  8. Rarity dates and breaks up with Vladimir Blueblood.

This is a good start!

I love the little fourth wall break the beginning of Spike telling his story. Good start, although slightly disappointed that there couldn't be a just a bit more dialogue and moments between Spike and his friends before leaving.

Your stories are always interesting and effective to read and I always learn new things from these things. The brill assignment explains some of the more stories that are in pipeline and I have to read.

Will we have flashbacks of how Spike met his Ponyville friends?

“The Good Witch Azura?” Spike asked her.

Yeah the Owl House, amazing

This chapter made me happy :D

This was a nice way for Spike to meet the Canterlot girls.

What an amazing and emotional way Spike to meet and bond with his future girlfriend.

Yeah, i hope an episode of a young guys night with Spike, Big Mac and Shinning Armor playing Ogres and Oublietes.

That was a very sweet chapter!

“Hey, girls!” Pinkie came skipping over to the.

To the what?

“Come on, sit down over here,” Cadence said, as the girls brought Fluttershy over to sit down on a bench. Cadence reached into her bad and pulled out a band-aid box with smiley faces on it. She put the bandage on Fluttershy's knee, “There we go.”

It’s bag. Not bad.

Lol I made a funny.

Great job on the chapter.

Wow, who would’ve thought that Spike really did end up with multiple queens.

When youre gonna update this?

Short and sweet perfect thank you❤️

Thank you for this, it was so sweet, always starts with Applejack.

Sure in adorable, Worth the wait

Happy Spike Appreciation Day to you too, Wildcard!

A funny chapter, it was cute with all the Pie sisters, also it would be great to see Spike playing O&O with Shining Armor and Big Mac.

This was a sweet chapter, no pun intended.

If I'm being honest, I think I'm gonna wrap this up much sooner than I planned. I have so many other things to work on and I never intended this story to be as long as the other Girls of My Life Stories. Just giving you the heads up.

Understandable, no one doesn't want to hit burn out. Just take your time.

That said, this was a nice chapter.

2 episodes in the same week, THANK YOU THANK YOU


“Sweetie Belle, wait!” Spike called, but knew she was already gone. With the younger sister gone, the eldest once again resumed kissing Spike's cheek much to his annoyance and enjoyment.

Somewhere, in an alternative universe, featured in a manga, it’d be the opposite.

Yeah well, I will be finishing this up soon

“If there are I'd sure love to see what scientific advancements they have ahead of us.” Twilight admitted.

And who knows. There’s a possible alternate universe where you’re a lavender unicorn-turned-alicorn princess, with Spike as your adopted brother and sidekick.

I hope you make a BIG ending to it. That would be good.

“We know them through Bloom and her friends,” Applejack admitted, “They're not bad boys, but they can get themselves into a heapin' helpin' of trouble from time to time.”

“So you're saying I shouldn't be friends with them?”

“We wouldn't say that.” Fluttershy replied.

“Just try to stay out of trouble if they try dragging you into any of their schemes.” Twilight warned him.

Like Bulk and Skull.

But nothing compared to the mocking of one known as Uppercut.

I know you!

EFinding Happiness
A boy with no parents and a cruel aunt and cousin runs away and is brought to Equestria in hopes of finding a place where he belongs.
Wildcard25 · 70k words  ·  148  14 · 14k views

It’s the bad kitty!

Thank you for another fun story, Wildcard!

Whoever this troll is (or four), they clearly have no sense of humor, if they think they can just harass us with downvotes, for liking a good story.

My advice to them: Get a life.

Thank you it was perfekt

Well done 👍🏻

Well done dude. Kinda feels like your watching a movie or a episode. Either way excellent story. :twilightsmile:

Ok….. I have to ask wats with the dislikes?

Trolls ganging up on me and so many others who just want to see thumbs down on every comment of certain stories.

A shame I didn’t have time to read it sooner to see it end on the day, but I will still have fun reading the last chapters.

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