• Published 27th Jul 2021
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How I met The Girls of My Life - Wildcard25

Little Spike Drake moves from Ponyville to Canterlot City where he makes new friends with some special girls

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Talk with Applejack

One day at Applejack's place Sweet Apple Acres, Spike was with Applejack and her family harvesting apples. Her family included her grandmother they all knew as Granny Smith, her big brother Big Macintosh, or Big Mac for short, and her little sister Apple Bloom, who was Spike's age.

Granny Smith was the matriarch of the Apple Family running the business in Canterlot while her son and his wife; Applejack's parents were busy expanding the Apple Family business in other parts of the world. Big Mac was normally a boy a few words, but he always knew exactly what to say when it needed to be said, and Apple Bloom was the curious member of the family always looking to try new things and figure out what she really wants in life. When Applejack first brought Spike over to meet them, the three Apples were nothing but welcoming to not only a new face on the block but for being Applejack's newest friend too.

Out in the orchard, Big Mac was leading her sisters and Spike who were all carrying a basket of apples, with Spike and Bloom carrying smaller sized baskets “You three doing ok back there?” the oldest boy asked the three behind him.

“No problem here, Big Mac.” Applejack assured him.

“What about you, Bloom? You and Spike ok?”

“We're fine.” Bloom answered.

“I may not be as strong and tall as you are, but I'm not helpless.” Spike answered as well keeping his pride in tact.

“Don't take it personal, Spike,” Applejack replied, “Big Mac always has to make sure we're all capable of handling the task.” Spike said nothing, as they continued to help carry the baskets.

“I just can't believe summer's almost over and we're doing this.” Bloom grumbled.

“Just because it's still summer doesn't mean we have to shirk our responsibilities around here.” Applejack reminded her little sister.

“Maybe, but as soon as school starts I'm gonna be havin' more work.” Bloom grumbled.

“Hey, at least you'll be returning to meet others you already know,” Spike retorted, “This will be my first time at a new school in another place.”

Bloom realizing that suddenly felt bad knowing this was just as hard for Spike than it'd be for her having her free time cut down. Applejack herself looked to Spike and hated to see him like this. She knew she'd have to talk to him when this was over.

Once they finished carrying all the baskets to the truck, Granny Smith got in and spoke to the young ones, “Ya'll take a break and I'll be back later.”

“Ok, Granny.” the sibs answered.

“Yes, ma'am.” Spike answered.

As Granny drove away, Bloom spoke to her sibs and Spike, “If anyone needs me, I'll be in the clubhouse.” she hurried off.

“I'm gonna check on the chickens,” Big Mac said, “You and Spike gonna be ok, A.J?”

“We'll be fine, Big Mac.” Applejack assured her brother who left to check the chicken coop.

Spike looked to Applejack and asked, “So now what do we do?”

Applejack just took Spike's hand much to his surprise, as she answered, “Come with me, Spike.” and so she dragged Spike along to the barn.

Inside the barn both Applejack and Spike were sitting on top of a big bale of hay. Spike looked at the older girl besides him curiously.

“So what's up?” he asked.

“Spike, about what you said to Apple Bloom about school,” she began, “I want you to know I can understand it's gonna be a big improvement for ya. I mean it was for me when I first started school.”

Spike nodded but still felt worried, “Even though I've already experienced first day jitters before when I started school the first time...”

“It don't get any easier, does it?” Applejack finished for him.

“Nuh-uh.” he shook his head.

“But this time you ain't facin' it alone. Apple Bloom will be there if ya need help, and she's got two more friends to help you as well. And it ain't gonna be like you're gonna be alone in all this. After all, me and the rest of the girls will be in the same school building as you, just in higher classes.”

Spike couldn't help but smile feeling some relief, “That does make it better.” he suddenly found himself pulled into a hug by Applejack.

“And no matter how many grades apart any of us are, Spike. Me, Twilight, Rarity, and the others will always be there for you.” she said softly.

Spike's eyes started to water as he hugged Applejack back and spoke to her, “And guarantee I'll always be there for you girls too!” he promised.

Applejack smiled as she pecked Spike on the cheek making his face turn red, “I know ya will, Sugarcube. I know ya will.” And so the two sat there in each other's embrace until it got late and Spike had to get home.

That night in Spike's room, Spike who was already in his pajamas was looking over his calendar, “Only a week of summer left until school starts. And there's still much I wanna do around here. Pinkie wants to take me to this Sugarcube Corner, Twilight and I have to get the new copy of Azura the Good Witch when it's released at the bookstore, Rainbow Dash still has some soccer tricks to teach me, Rarity wants me to model some clothes to wear on my first day, and Fluttershy wants to take me to the animal shelter to see all the animals there.”

Spike put the calendar away and got into bed, “So much to do and yet so little time. Well, even if that's the case I'll still find a way to get everything done before that. And then I just have to deal with the fact I'll be attending a new school and see fresh new faces. But at least the girls will be there, so that's a load off my back.” he let out a yawn before falling asleep knowing tomorrow was another day.