• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Ponycraft Saga - Book 1: This Land - Onyx Glitch

All that explains the disappearance of Twilight and her friends is a journal (Minecraft)(1st)

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Day 10

Day 10

It was quiet this morning. Not a sound; no banging on the door, no moans, there wasn't even the sound of burning monsters. Everypony was still asleep in their beds except for me... and Rainbow Dash, her bed was empty. When I peeked out the window I saw her hacking monsters to bits... laughing as she did so. I'm not sure, but I think I saw her cutting off... zompony ear and hiding them under her wing. I don't know I might have just been seeing things, I did just wake up when that happened after all.

Rarity was still gone, but the pickaxe was back nearly broken might I add. Rarity must have come back sometime last night and dropped off the pickaxe and a bunch of torches (figures a piece of coal tied to a wooden stick doesn’t set the stick on fire, guess that’s why I never thought of making torches... then again I never even thought to mine coal.) then left again.

It was a quiet day today nopony talked at all, I’m sure we were all thinking the same thing. It’s been over a week since we got stranded here, we gave it two more days (obviously we’re not going to be reported missing on the day we were supposed to return).

Fluttershy has given up on the captain; I’m just amazed she kept hope for him this long. She asked if we could hold a funeral for him. Honestly it was the most awkward thing ever; none of us knew him so not much was said. Fluttershy was the only one to cry, Applejack kept acting nervous, Pinkie Pie kept licking her lips and mumbling something, and Rainbow Dash kept checking her wing I really hope I was just delusional this morning from depression.