• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Ponycraft Saga - Book 1: This Land - Onyx Glitch

All that explains the disappearance of Twilight and her friends is a journal (Minecraft)(1st)

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Day 8

// Day 8

They finally left, those green things. It has been three days since... well, you know, and over those three days we’ve learned that sheep, cows, chickens, and those green monsters aren’t the only creatures in this land (and that its far more dangerous)... there are many more.

Giant spiders, we’ve seen them before during the day but they were always passive. Although they become horribly vicious at night. Fluttershy took a weird liking to them before we got trapped in our shack. Speaking of which, Fluttershy is doing much better. Yesterday she woke up confused as ever, the first thing she asked was if that thing was alright. Dash lied and said it went home. Rarity and Pinkie kept Fluttershy away for the window.

There were also skeletal ponies; they appeared to have some sort of device melded to their fore hoof, when they raise it and draw back their head they shoot something. Not really sure what it is, but it looks like it can do a fair amount of damage. Useless against the shack though. Actually, given the size of it now, I’d say it’s more of a small cabin.

Finally we saw zomponies (no description needed). Good thing Spikes not here, he’d be freaking out.

When it turned morning the skelecolts (as I’ve decided to call them) and the zomponies caught on fire and started burning up. Guess they don’t like the sun, thank Celestia.

The giant spiders appeared to return passive and the... green things. Sad explosive monsters? No, no that’s silly. Creepy things... Creepers? Yeah that will work. The Creepers, I guess lost interest and left, some into the cave others into the forest next to our cabin.

The only other thing to report is that over the three days our food dwindled to nothing. Applejack volunteered to search for some food. I offered to go and help, but she said that everypony needs to be here incase help comes and to also finish getting the fence up, so we gave her the last of our fresh water.

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