• Published 26th Aug 2012
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Ponycraft Saga - Book 1: This Land - Onyx Glitch

All that explains the disappearance of Twilight and her friends is a journal (Minecraft)(1st)

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Day 15

Day 15

Today Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie got into a fight, Fluttershy got hurt pretty bad. Pinkie Pie also got pretty badly hurt too. She’s not one to fight, but when she does rarely, Fluttershy sure can mess somepony up.

Rainbow Dash has been in the corner mumbling something for the past hour. Her wing appeared to have been bleeding. I tried to help her but she pushed me away and said, “Stay away from me, you can’t have them! They’re all mine, I won them!”

I checked on Fluttershy to see if she was okay... she built a shrine... to a pile of dirt she named Sturdy Wood... that was the name of the ship's captain it was also the ship’s name too, which ironically wasn’t so sturdy after all.

Pinkie Pie was gone, after the fight we had tied her up, but now she was gone... what a surprise. There is a trail of cookie crumbs leading into the forest yeah like I’m going to follow that Pinkie.

Applejack left last night so she doesn’t know about Fluttershy and Pinkie Pies fight. I think she said something about trying to find Rarity... I don’t think she’s coming back though; she took a lot of supplies like food, water, tools, and weapons.

Everypony has lost it! I’m the only sane pony here now, but even now I feel myself slipping.

Be brave Twilight, Celestia will come... she wouldn’t forget about me.