• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Battle of Paradise City - A Burnout Paradise Story - DangerDean

When a pegasi stallion sees a LMP style car in Paradise City... a tale that will change Paradise City forever will begin!

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Chapter 2 - The Search for Allies Part I

It’s only been a few minutes since Danger and Rainbow first encountered Oscura, and with the intervention of Starlight while Danger was been held at gunpoint for about two minutes, but to him, it felt like ages, Danger felt more relaxed. But then, out of nowhere, he was starting to have flashbacks to when he first encountered her. “I regret been held at gunpoint by Oscura, but the real question is: how did I get in the middle of this?” He thought as he, Rainbow and Starlight headed towards the center of the city as Rainbow was leading the convoy because an idea struck her.

The idea was to get more racers on their side just in case of a rampage led by Oscura. As they were apporaching the western portion of the city, Danger notices a golden Kriger Racing WRT cruising, A though came to his mind. “Conisdering I don’t want to piss off anyone else, I don’t think I should make Grogar’s life a misery today.” So the three left the F1 car to it.

But then, Rainbow decided to pull over, for some reason, Danger and Starlight then followed suit. All three of them got out of their cars. Something seemed fishy to Rainbow Dash.

“Danger?” Rainbow asked him. “What’s on your mind, Dash?” Danger responded, thinking he may have spotted a trap unbeknown to Rainbow Dash. “Wasn’t that... Grogar we just saw a few seconds ago?” Danger nodded. Starlight then decided they should get back on the road, searching for more allies.

But as soon they got back into their cars,

The roar of three echoed the streets

Danger decided to bring out his customized Scorpion EVO III to see who was coming, but they were coming towards 3rd Street which, concidently was the same street the heroes were parked. Two hundred milliseconds later, Danger’s jaw eventually dropped to the floor.

Approaching towards them was a blue Carson GT Concept, a dark green Hunter Spur and a Rossolini LM Classic in pearlescent purple and they parked about eight feet away from the front of Rainbow’s P12.

Danger was lost for words from what happened in the two seconds that elapsed . “Er... Dash?” Danger said as he tried to put the Scropion in the front of the car because he couldn’t put inside the back as his Tempesta was mid-engined. One of Danger’s classic mistakes. All three driver doors opened and revealed not a familar face in Starlight’s view. But to Rainbow, an old rivalry which started back in Equestria. In Danger’s mind, one of them, he previously raced before he and Rainbow encountered Oscura.

It turns out... a ponified version of the Dazzlings somehow, with the Elite licenses, are in Paradise City. Danger quickly reconized one of them, as they were approaching to the red Tempesta. “Hi, Danger!” greeted one of them, preferably the one driving the Hunter Spur. “Now, how long will it be before they hypnotise the three of us.” Danger thought as he noticed that it was none other than Aria Blaze who was greeting him. Aria was looking worried over him as Danger descended into a dimensional thought of him and Oscura battling on the streets of Paradise City. “Er... Danger?” Aria spoke as she tried to bring him back to the ground.

Danger shook his head multiple times to get rid of the Oscura phantom out of his mind. The next time he blinked, Aria was waiting for him. “Oh sorry, Aria! I was completely inside a world of my own with some crazy pony.” He answered to Aria.

She understood what he said and turned to other two Dazzlings: Adagio and Sonata. “Do you mind?! I’m trying to have a conversation with Danger here right now!” Aria demanded as Sonata was giggling about something, probably to the fact that Danger gave a facial expression when he dove into his fantasy. Meanwhile, Adagio hoofpalmed by Sonata’s recent actvity and got so mad, so mad, in fact, she got into her LM Classic and drove off. Sonata realised this and got into GT Concept in mid-laughter and chased after her.

Danger was confused. “Aria, is she always like that?” He asked Aria, while was looking at the two cars on the horizon. “Don’t mind them, I’m not ‘really’ on their side.” Aria, responded after she faced Danger again. “Because I saw a LMP-style car approaching towards me last week and it crashed into all three of cars and we wondered, what in Celestia’s name did we do to anger her.”

Danger was interested in Aria’s problem with Oscura. “I think I know who was driving that Überschall that day.” Aria was slightly shocked by the fact he knows who it was. “You mean...” Aria realised as Danger knew the name of who attacked the rest of three. “She’s called, Oscura Galaxia.” He also nodded.

Rainbow, meanwhile, was wondering what all the talking was going on. She then got out of her P12 and noticed Aria talking to Danger. “You two know each other?” She asked Danger, wanting to what was going on. Danger wanted to speak, but Aria beaten him to it. “Oh, we previously raced each other, before you showed up.” Aria replied, stealing Danger’s thunder in the process. “So you have nothing to worry about.”

Rainbow looked confused.

Danger had an idea, “Do you want to join our team, Aria?” He offered to her. “Sure, why not! It gives me a break from those two idiots.” Aria accepted the invitation and with them getting into their cars and drove out of 3rd Street and headed left. But then, Danger, in the span of a few seconds, noticed the Überschall again, and he clipped the Überschall and sent it into parked cars and somasulting. Danger thought to himself: “Ah, yes! Our first catch of the day!”

But then, Oscura was at breaking point. “NO NO, NO, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” she screamed as once again, her Überschall was destroyed by the British Speedfreak himself: DangerDean. “I HATE YOU, DANGER! I... HATE... YOU!” she also screamed in her own rage,

Imagine Oscura’s eyes burning in bright red flames because that’s when you know Danger did a good job of pissing off Oscura.