• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Battle of Paradise City - A Burnout Paradise Story - DangerDean

When a pegasi stallion sees a LMP style car in Paradise City... a tale that will change Paradise City forever will begin!

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Chapter 4 - The First Wave Begins

Danger knew that something bad was going to happen after Chrysalis called him a stupid pegasi. “I fully resent that comment, Chrysalis,” he thought as he didn’t to Chrysalis to hear, he then decided to dash straight for his Tempesta and sped of into the distance with his friends following suit.

Chrysalis was lit with rage, so much in fact, that she decided to follow wherever Danger was going. But she was not alone. Four grey, matte, heavily modified Hunter Civilians, driven by her loyal changeling subjects were also in hot pursuit.

Meanwhile, Aria decided to speak to Danger about what Chrysalis was going to do after she destroyed the heroes’ cars. “Danger?” She asked him, after pressing a button on the radio to communicate with her friends. “What’s on your mind, Aria?” Danger responded. “Something’s just occurred to me,” Aria said after she was shocked about seeing Chrysalis.

Danger was concerned. “What’s that, Aria?”

Aria was ready to explain. “Did you know that she is planning to make a film about her pursuit against us? Well, she doing this to destroy our cars and put it all on flim when she takes us prisoner and show it to her subjects.” Danger wasn’t really interested in what Chrysalis was planning. “If it gets premiered, I don’t will be buying any tickets.” Aria chuckled upon hearing Danger’s comment. “And do you know what she’ll do to us afterwards?” She continued.

“I dread to think, but carry on.” Danger didn’t like the look of the situation. “She will drain us of our love!” Aria finished, worried over her love being drained but, knowing Danger, Aria thought he’ll make a remark so crazy that she will laugh in return. She was right. “She shouldn’t bother with me, there’s barely a snack in the Tempesta, Aria,” Danger spoke. Aria bursts out laughing after a moment. “You do make me laugh, Danger” She said after sighed, post-laughter. “It’s basically my job.” Danger responded.

Rainbow then spotted something coming on the intersection, she gasped at she saw, a grey Hunter Civilian was approaching to towards her, ready to sideswipe her P12, similar to what happened to Oscura and Danger.

She slammed to brakes to avoid collision and the Civilian drifted at a 170˚ angle towards the front of Rainbow’s P12. It was a changeling. A flashback of Cadence and Shining Armour’s wedding suddenly came to her mind as she and the rest of the mane 6 were battling against Chrysalis’ forces, back in Equestria.

Danger then saw the changeling but he didn’t applied the brakes, instead, he crashed, head-on, into the front of the changeling’s Civilian, causing it to barrel-roll multiple times before coming to rest on it’s side after it was t-boned to the passenger’s side by a parked civilian pick-up truck.

Danger just a bit of damage from the crash but was satisified by what he had done. “Ladies and gentlecolts, we got’em,” he thought as they were apporaching Lone Stallion Ranch.

But before he could rest, two more Hunter Civilians were slipstreaming Starlight and Aria, the two changeling were about 10 feet away from the rear of the cars.

Aria knew she was in trouble because of the Hunter Civilian that is now about two feet from the left side of her Hunter Spur. “Danger, I’ve got one at three o’clock.” Aria said to Danger as she tried to shake the Civilian off. “Don’t worry, Aria! I’ve got this.” Danger replied as knew she had company so he break-tested the changeling, caused it to crash head-on towards a wall.

Aria sighed in relief afterwards. “Thanks, Danger. You are the best.” She said to herself as the convoy headed towards the windfarm after passing a repair shop on the way, because Danger, Starlight and Aria picked up damage from the skirmish. For a moment, they all felt safe.

But that, was only a pause.

The last of the four changelings Chrysalis sent to destroy the heroes’ cars created a road block of just itself and nothing else. Before Danger could say anything, Rarity, who had the toughest car in the team, t-boned the changeling, resulting in a rollover and one of the wheels breaking off.

Danger thought to himself afterwards, “That was a close one.”

Rainbow thought they all need a rest after their encounter with the changelings, so she told everyone to return to Lone Stallion Ranch.

After the heroes u-turned towards the garage, a familiar car was on the same road. Danger saw it and he knew it, Oscura.

Danger accelarated towards the Überschall and pitted Oscura and to his surprise, Oscura didn’t crash into any cars, instead... she pitted Danger into a wall. Danger felt the impact. “I knew she would come back to bite me.” Afterwards, Oscura quickly got out of her car and she opened the door of his Tempesta and dragged Danger out and pinned him to the floor.

“WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU DOING!” Oscura yelled at Danger as he tried to get up but she put her front hooves on Danger’s wings. “Oscura, please get off me?” Danger begged but Oscura didn’t oblige. “NEVER!” she spoke, venomously, with tears rolling down her eyes, but suddenly, her irises turned red from her normal purple eyes. “YOU SHALL PAY DEARLY FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME, DEARLY, YOU HEAR ME.” Danger wondered where the nearest headphones were.

But he heard a Royal Canterlot voice, “LET HIM GO”, he turned his eyes towards where it was coming from, and it was a purple Hunter Mestique, driven by, another one of his friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle. She approached towards Oscura and used her magic to pull Oscura away from Danger. She then grabbed Danger’s hoof and they both hugged.

Danger wanted to speak but Twilight advised him to talk later and she didn’t want Oscura to hear.

Luckily, Danger’s Tempesta wasn’t wrecked so he proceeded to the Junkyard in Lone Stallion Ranch with Twilight following him.

Oscura was beyond breaking point with her temper. “YOU WILL NEVER GET AWAY THIS, DANGER. I WILL KILL ALL OF FRIENDS, INCLUDING YOU!” she yelled and her voice echoed.