• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Battle of Paradise City - A Burnout Paradise Story - DangerDean

When a pegasi stallion sees a LMP style car in Paradise City... a tale that will change Paradise City forever will begin!

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Chapter 5 - The Phoenix Approaches

As Twilight and Danger headed towards the junkyard, Pinkie was checking for any damage on her Hyperion from their encounter with Chrysalis but she found no dents so far. Rainbow wondered where Danger was, so she headed towards Starlight where she was tuning the radio in her car.

“Starlight, can I ask you something?” Rainbow asked her, as she was finished. “Sure, Rainbow. What is it?” Starlight replied, knowing that something was wrong with Danger. “Where’s Danger, have you seen him anywhere?” Rainbow spoke with a hint of worry. “’Cause I think he may have got lost or... Or...” Rainbow then broke into a small tear, when a few seconds later, something brought Aria’s attention for a moment. “Err... Girls?” Aria announced as he heard the roar of four cars. The roars of Danger’s Tempesta, Twilight’s Mestique and Sonata’s GT Concept in the span of a few seconds. Following them was the Überschall 8. Rainbow was relieved to see the Tempesta coming so she knows that Danger didn’t get killed by Oscura. But what she didn’t know was Oscura was chasing after Danger.

The four cars parked outside the junkyard, and when they got out, Twilight had something to say. “OK, everypony, I have to something to speak to you all about.” Upon hearing what Twilight said, Aria was wanting to know what happened to Danger. “What’s that, Twilight.” Twilight took a deep breath and before she could speak, Oscura butted in. “You are total idiots, ALL OF YOU!” Danger was ready to step in to defend his friends. “Look, Oscura. You totally didn’t see me coming towards you, but I never saw you blistering to me at mach four and putting me to the ground and standing on my wings for about a minute!” Danger was showing his true colours. “We were recovering from an attack from Chrysalis and you being a total jerk and crashing my Tempesta is all we needed!” Danger continued as his voice turned into rage.

But then, Rainbow then heard a roar of a car and it was approaching to the junkyard.

“Err... Danger?” Rainbow spoke, trying to get his attention. “Wait, what.” Danger realised as he shook his head after about a millisecond as a black Carson Annihilator Phoenix was doing doughnuts at the entrance. When it had finished, the Annihilator did a drift tap on Oscura’s Überschall 8. She didn’t like that one bit. “HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” she boomed as the Annihilator sped of into the distance. She then turned around to face Danger but he had already gone.

“Whew, that was close.” Danger thought as he followed the Annihilator, while Oscura screamed, Danger decided to get into his Tempesta while the smoke from the Annihilator caused it to be hidden from Oscura’s view.

Danger got a close-up view of whoever was driving the Annihilator, he then noticed a red and light yellow mane was waving inside the car. Danger realised who it was. “That’s... That’s Sunset Shimmer!” he thought.

Sunset knew that she was being chased by Danger, so she decided to pull over ahead at the entrance of the stock car dirt track.

“That was pretty epic, Sunset!” Danger complimented to Sunset as he got out of his Tempesta. Sunset looked at bit supicious with what Oscura happened to him, judging the couple of bent feathers on his wings.

“I heard what she did to you, Danger. She is not a nice pony. She is more evil than my human demonic counterpart.” Danger wasn’t surprised at Sunset’s comment about Oscura. “No shit, Sunset!” He thought in misbelief. “Well if she comes back with a vengeance, either you, Aria, Rainbow, Twilight, Starlight and the rest would be a likely target.” He then pointed out.

Danger knew that Oscura will plan her revenge on him and his friends any minute, the clock is ticking and the fate of Paradise City lies in his brain, waiting for her endgame.

Meanwhile, Starlight was wondering where in Celestia’s name did Danger escaped to. She didn’t know herself, so she asked Aria for any answers. “Aria, where did Danger scarpered to?” Aria was telepathically memorising every move he made. “He just outside the Dirt Racing Track. He also safe and he’s with Sunset. That was enough to satisfiy Starlight. “OK, then. Let’s go.” Starlight, Aria and the rest of the heroes headed towards Danger and Sunset.

However, Oscura had driven to the marina to gather her thoughts on the ponies she hated, most specificly Danger. “Why does he do this? I wanted him to know that I’m the ultimate racer of this city!” She said as tears dripped like a tap. “He’s making me very... ANGRY!!” She bellowed and at the same time, the sky was turning to a different colour, from a yellow sunset, to a near midnight blue. “This is my showtime! Danger, your time in Paradise City... Has come... To an end!” She then concluded.

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Was not expecting Sunset Shimmer, but still, a good chapter.

As this side of the story comes to a close, I thought I'd do a sequel in the future.

I've haven't published it yet, it will need some work on it.

Would you like some help?

I prefer having Sunset Shimmer driving a Hunter Hotspur but the Phoenix works perfectly fine.

This story was heavily inspired by Akula966's Burnout Equestrian Paradise story, I recommend you read all of the current chapters, especially chapter 9!

In that case, could you please link to that story?

Thanks, now you should put that link in the story's synopsis. Unfortunately, I don't really know how to do that... Please respond to this comment.

What happened in chapter nine of Akula966's Burnout Equestrian Paradise story?

Danger made an appearance

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