• Published 10th Feb 2020
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The Battle of Paradise City - A Burnout Paradise Story - DangerDean

When a pegasi stallion sees a LMP style car in Paradise City... a tale that will change Paradise City forever will begin!

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Chapter 1 - Prologue

In the last mile of a race, Rainbow Dash, in a light-blue Jansen P12 was side-by-side with a red Rossolini Tempesta, plioted by her friend and known as the ‘British Speedfreak’, DangerDean. They had been from the Observatory to the Naval Yard and their finishing point, the Wild Cats Baseball. Their doors were too close to each other, But Rainbow Dash didn’t want to end his race and most importantly, her own. If she crashed into him at the closing stages, she, along with Danger, would end up in a scrap metal sandwich. The race ended but the two arrived at exactly the same moment. So they decided to call it a tie. They both parked outside the stadium, in deep sighs of relief.

“I’m glad that massive race is over now, I’m looking forward to doing this again one day.” Rainbow said, lying on the bonnet of her Jansen. “Yeah.” Danger agreed. “Very much so, but that time... We might switch cars."

“I agree, we can’t use the same cars all the time, it would get lame otherwise. Rainbow agreed in her own body langauge. “Shall we go for a gentle cruise through the centre of the city?” Danger then asked her. Rainbow thought about it for a moment. “Sure, why not?”

The two got back into the cars and went to cruise mode for the rest of the day. They decided to go onto the interstate to test their cars top speeds before going to Lone Stallion Ranch for a rest, until...

Danger saw a car travelling on the interstate that had a familiar feeling. He then accelerated a bit to take a closer look. It was a clear-view version of a Krieger Überschall 8 and he thought to himself, “What is it doing here? I better doing something.”

He then switched lanes to try to overtake it, but instead of doing a clean pass, he managed to clip the front of the Überschall with the rear-right tyre of his Tempesta, sending the Überschall into a concrete wall. He then sighed in relief and then after a couple of hours, they turned off the interstate and headed towards Lone Stallion Ranch. They parked outside the junkyard and headed inside for a long, well-earned rest.

The next day, Rainbow was heading back towards her Jansen when noticed the Überschall parked next to her. Then she heard a angry voice shouting: “DANGER!!!” as soon as Danger was getting into his Tempesta. “Err... Danger?” Danger heard her talk before he closed his scissor door. “Yes, Dashie?” He responded because he thinks he heard his name called out, He joined Rainbow and waiting for him was the driver of the Überschall 8, a female unicorn with a complete black clothing and a black helmet on her head. She reconized one of the two pegasi, the one with the lightning bolt and a guitar shaped in a ‘X’ for a cutie mark.

“Who... In the name of Celestia… are you?” Danger spoke, not knowing what she may say next. He, along with Rainbow, are two of the seven ponies she detested so much, the other five being the rest of mane 6. She is called... Oscura Galaxia.


Danger was lost for words. He took two short breaths, and then he responded to her. “Look, before you burst into a rage, I...” Before he could finish, Oscura fired back at him. “DON’T TRY AND MAKE UP ONE OF YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSES, YOU DESTROYED MY CAR!” She was completely angry with Danger. Rainbow, wondering what in Celestia looked at her Überschall for a moment, “Ooooook.” Shee thought to himself as he noticed the amount of damage. "I'm gonna assume she didn't go through a repair shop after she crashed into a wall on the interstate yesterday. Meanwhile, Oscura was still infuriated by Danger, “SPEAK UP, NOW!” Oscura demanded, he didn’t answer because he was too busy looking at Rainbow.

This caused Oscura to lose her patience, she pulled out a Desert Eagle pistol and point it at Danger’s head. “I SAID, SPEAK UP, NOW! YOU HAVE TEN SECONDS!” She demanded a second time. But before Danger could speak, he heard a voice saying: “Drop that gun, Oscura!”

Danger turned to see who made that voice and saw a light-pink racing edition of the Carson 500 GT parked next to the Überschall. He noticed it was another one of his friends, Starlight Glimmer. “Starlight... Wha... What are you doing here?” Danger exclaimed. Starlight approached him as Oscura was prepared to fire the Desert Eagle at his head. “Oscura?” But she was at breaking point. “SHUT UP!!!” She demanded. Normally, ponies would stop aggrivating Oscura’s anger. But, Starlight refused her demand. “Oscura, I mean it!, if you fire that gun... You will be teleported to Equestria and you will be locked in Tartarus for the rest of your life, and you will kill the British Speedfreak himself.”

Danger’s heart was thumping at the speed of the light. “Wait, she knows my nickname? That’s pretty scary! I mean, she’s one my friends so I can’t really blame her for standing up for herself.” He thought as he heard the words that came out of Starlight’s mouth. “I want to you know this, Oscura. That Danger is my friend and I don’t want to see him hurt in any way, shape or form. I swear to Celestia, that if you lay a hoof on him, I will destroy your car.” She added.

Rainbow looked confused as she is Danger’s friend as well. But Danger is the sort of pony to become friends with anyone. “So put that gun down, and leave the junkyard, please.” She asked Oscura, with a small tear rolling down her eye. She put into the gun into the her car and she turned towards Danger. “YOU ARE MY NEMESIS, I WILL LET YOU GET AWAY WITH THIS ONCE. IF YOU SCRATCH MY CAR AGAIN, I WILL... DESTROY YOU... AND YOUR STUPID FRIEND, RAINBOW CRASH TOO!

Rainbow heard her say that nickname the Wonderbolts gave her, she wanted to tell her off but Danger advised her not to.

“And on that day, I will be waiting for the first wave.” He said. Oscura then got into her car and then drove off.

Danger’s heart was still beating because of what Oscura said to her eariler. He groaned as Rainbow approached him with a hoof touching one of his wings.

“She called you, Rainbow Crash! I dread to think what she’ll call me.” Danger spoke with a sense of defeat in his voice. “Ah, don’t worry about that, Danger.” Rainbow reassured him. “I got that nickname when I joined the Wonderbolts for the first time.” Starlight had something to say. “I think she may be challenging other racers in Paradise City. Not many have won against her as she is a fierce opponent. I raced against her yesterday, and I won, so she may screw up at any point of the race. It’s rare that she does this as she is one of the ultimate drivers in Paradise City.”

“I’m one of those drivers, Starlight. But I will say this: I never raced against her and judging by the fact she has a Uberschall 8 and I have a Tempesta, I think the odds are heavily in her favour. ” Danger claimed as he listened to Starlight’s upcoming plan. “Well, Danger. She has about twice your skill and about three times your cunning.” Starlight responded. “There is also only three of us and we don’t know what she may throw at us. I mean, she could bring in more of her own friends to tear our cars apart.” Danger had a thought. “Yeah, I agree with this because there may be a lot we don’t know about Oscura.”

Rainbow was rubbing her hooves together. “Sounds like a plan.” Starlight and Danger agreed and the three headed out of Lone Stallion Ranch towards the city.

Author's Note:

Big thanks to RDgamer321 for suggesting that the Carson 500 GT Racing version is coloured light pink