• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Infinity Train: Bookworm - luckyboys121

After missing the bus to Camp Everfree, Twilight makes her way to nearest station to catch another one, but instead catches a train.... or perhaps it caught her.

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Kendo Car and Spicy Car

As Twilight and the others walked into the car they where surprised to see for the first time in their journey... a reasonable sized train car.

As they stepped in they looked around to see what exactly the car was. The room appeared to be relatively plain, barring a Yin and Yang symbol on the floor and a Torii with what appeared to be two swords hung up on it.

"So what do you think this is Twi?" asked Spike as he took it all in.

"It looks like some kind of dojo," said Twilight as she walked towards the center.

"Look Ms. Twilight, cool swords maybe they can end this show we call life," said One One as he attempted to grab one of the sheathed blades.

Twilight ran over to her new friend concerned as she said, "ONE ONE BE CAREFUL WITH THAT!"

She grabbed onto the handle to pull it away from him resulting in two things happening, one the blade came out of the sheath revealing that it was merely a bamboo practice sword and two, the other sword began to levitate towards the center of the car.

"Um, Twilight!" said Spike concerned.

The sword then exited it's sheath as it floated into the position one would hold it before what appeared to be a silhouette of Twilight appeared and held it.

"Oh my, there's two Ms. Twilights, but there can only be one," said One One as he looked at the silhouette with fascination.

"OK Twi, what do you think?" asked Spike.

"Hmm," said Twilight as she looked at the sword in her hand before walking to the silhouette. "Well this seems pretty self explanatory, it looks like all I have to do is beat this shadow me in a sparring match here and the door should reveal itself."

"Well OK but... are you sure you can win?" said Spike concerned.

"Pffthh, I'm sure this won't be too hard," said Twilight as she now stood on the opposite side of the Yin Yang symbol as her shadow counterpart and mimicked her stance, "Like I said, this train is some kind of test and I'm sure the creator took into account that many wouldn't know about kendo techniques, beyond what I've seen in anime."

As if to immediately disprove that assertion the shadow quickly struck Twilight in the stomach and knocked her back.

"Gah, Twilight! Are you OK?" said Spike as he rushed to her side.

"Ahh, I'm fine," said Twilight as she slowly got to her feet, "just got caught off guard that's all."

She then looked to see that the shadow Twilight had reset to it's original position waiting for her to return as she slowly walked to it.

"Well OK... good luck," said Spike as he wearily moved back.

"You can do it Ms. Twilight! Probably," said One One.

As Twilight returned to her position she felt it best to attack first this time, resulting in the shadow Twilight blocking and attempting to push Twilight back. As Twilight stared into the void that was the shadows face though, she felt something stir with in. Fear, as she could swear that in dark pit of nothingness she could see the blue of Midnight Sparkle's eyes forming and began to faintly hear her laugh.

As Twilight was pushed away Spike attempted to comfort her again as for a moment he saw terror on her face, but stopped as he saw something else in her. There was a fire taking root in her eyes he hadn't ever seen before as she stared at her shadow self and got back into fighting position without saying a word.

Twilight struck at the shadow once again, this much harder and faster as she had her fear pushed down and was fueled by her frustration. Every last little bit of anger she'd been feeling at her constant nightmares and fears had boiled over at being struck by this shadow she thought was Midnight and went into that strike, and yet the shadow Twilight still blocked it. This time was different though as Twilight was the one slowly pushing the shadow back as she leaned into it and angrily whispered, "I have been holding you back for weeks now! And I'm NEVER going to stop fighting to keep you away from me and my friends!"

If there was any actual person behind this shadow, it didn't know what Twilight was talking about as it offered no response before being shoved to the floor and dissapearing.

As the three looked to the sword now clattering on the ground, they suddenly heard a noise as they looked at the Torii which now had a door in it.

"Huzzah! Good show Ms. Twilight," said One One excitedly as he walked up to her.

"Ye-yeah, awesome job Twi," said Spike as he stepped up to her, still concerned about the look she had before. "How do you feel?"

Twilight stood silent for a moment before she said, "I feel... really good." And she actually meant it as even though she didn't even realize she had that anger in her, it still felt really good to get it out, like a huge weight had been taken off her shoulders. Her thoughts about that where quickly stopped though as the light on her hand grew brighter and she looked to see her number tick down to 72.

Her joy was instantly doubled at seeing this as she showed her hand to Spike and One One saying, "And it looks like I'm not the only one that thinks that was good," with a smile.

"Wonderful, before you know it you'll be gone forever!" said One One excitedly as they all moved to the door.

"Seriously dude, you gotta find a way to phrase that better," said Spike as they reached the door.

As Twilight opened it and absent mindedly began walking to the next car she thought, "But why did my number go down when I solved this puzzle and not any of the others... maybe it's because I faced Midnight, or at least I projected Midnight on my opponent. But... how would the creator of this know about that and-"

Those thought quickly stopped though as they walked into the next car and where greeted by a voice saying, "Ahh, table for one right this way."

The three of them looked out at what appeared to be your average high class restaurant, but with one significant difference. Both the customers they could see in the dining area and the maitre d' trying to lead Twilight to a table appeared to be humanoids made entirely of fire.

Twilight's head flushed with both ideas and concerns about how these creatures were scientifically possible, but was once again interrupted as a reluctant Spike stepped forward saying, "Excuse me, what do you mean table for one?"

"Quite right, surely you meant table for One One and guests," said One One.

The fire creature looked down at them, before looking at Twilight as it said, "I'm sorry Miss, but I'm afraid your pets will have to wait here."

Twilight thought about this for a moment as she looked at the creature saying, "Um, I'm afraid we aren't here to eat. We just want to find the exit."

The fire then looked surprised, well as surprised as fire could look, as it said, "I'm terrible sorry miss but the only way to leave is to have a meal first."

"Well... OK then," said Twilight as she accepted that whatever this weirdness was the next test before turning back to Spike and One One as she said, "I'll be back in a bit."

"OK, but be careful... and bring me a doggy bag if it's good," said Spike as he put on a nervous smile.

As Twilight was quickly taken to her table and seated, the maitre d' placed the utensils in front of her as a waiter stepped forward and placed a plate in front of her before leaving as quickly as he came.

The maitre d' gestured to the food saying, "We offer a traditional four course meal at this establishment with each new one being delivered as soon as the other is finished. Your first course is Jalapeno Scones."

Twilight became nervous as she heard the name as while she wan't necessarily apposed to spicy foods, she started to see where this was going. She spoke up saying, "Umm, can I have a glass of water with this?"

This resulted in several of the customers around her gasping and one appearing to feint before the maitre d' leaned to her with a somewhat coy happiness, again despite being fire, saying, "My my, looks like we have quite an adventures eater among us. Sorry to say that no, we don't carry such dangerous foods here."

"I see," said Twilight as her suspicions where confirmed and looked at the scones hesitantly. She thought, "OK so fire creatures who only eat spicy food. Maybe some kind of heat resistance test? Regardless nothing I can do except power through it."

She then reluctantly grabbed a scone as she placed it in her mouth and began chewing. Already it was taking affect as her cheeks began to turn red and her eyes started to water. She lifted her glasses and wiped them as she swallowed and then took in more scones eventually clearing the plate.

She was about to take a sigh of relief when suddenly the waiter reappeared and sat a new plate before her as the maitre d', whom she realized had never left, said, "Next we have Tabasco Chicken Wings."

Twilight gulped, taking in what little moisture her mouth still had left knowing it would be gone soon, before chomping down on the wings as her cheeks grew redder and eyes grew more watery to the point where she could no longer see no matter how much she wiped. Soon she began sweating as she blindly grabbed and ate the wings.

She only became aware the plate was empty when the waiter took it away and placed a new one down as the maitre d' said, "Next is Habanero Meat Balls."

Twilight looked at the plate that appeared to have at least thirty of these meat balls on it as she could already feel the rest of her face begin to turn red. She looked down and sighed a breath of air hot enough to leave to a slight scorch mark on her hoodie before grabbing her fork and looking up saying, "Bring it on."

Twilight began to chomp them down with a newfound confidence... that quickly melted away, possible literally as the red now covered all of Twilight's head and was going down her neck as she felt like she was on fire and her sweating and eyes watering began to stop as it didn't seem as though any liquids could survive on her right now.

As Twilight popped the last meat ball in her mouth she tried to think of things like, "It's almost over," or "It can't get any worse," but she couldn't. Whether this was because of the intense heat distracting her or her brain lacking moisture, she found herself literally incapable of thinking as she watched the new plate be sat before her.

The maitre d' said, "And lastly we have a single Bhut Jolokia Cupcake." Twilight was unable to process these words though as she popped the whole thing in her mouth, chewed, and swallowed expecting the frosting to provide some relief. Sadly that did not happen as if she could think she would have remembered that Bhut Jolokia was the scientific name for Ghost Peppers as the redness spread over the rest of her body and intensified to the point where it now looked like she was glowing red. She bolted upright feeling like she needed to run somewhere, anywhere to try and put out this flame that seemed to grip her very soul, but just stood there as her body began to feel numb.

The maitre d' didn't seem to notice this though as he simply said, "I hope you enjoyed your meal at La Cheminée." He then gestured a piece of paper in front of Twilight as he said, "And how will you be paying your bill?"

Twilight's only response was coughing up literal fire that destroyed the bill as the maitre d' seemed to be pleased at this saying, "Very good miss," he then gestured to Spike and One One behind him saying, "here are your pets, the exit is in back and we hope to see you again soon."

"Oh my, Ms Twilight's changed color, I liked the old one better," said One One.

"Are you OK Twilight?" said Spike in concern.

Once again Twilight responded the only way she presently could, by coughing up fire. This resulted in greater concern from Spike and joy from One One as he said, "OH! AGAIN AGAIN!"

She then picked up Spike and One One and with an eerie calm she slowly made her way to the door, as if the heat had actually burned out every last bit of her leaving her body operating on auto pilot.

Spike wanted to comment on this but found himself unable as just touching Twilight's arm began to burn him and he had to squirm atop One One to find relief.

Twilight eventually reached the door and walked through it, equally calm and wordless as she opened it, walked to the next door and opened it entering the next car.

As soon as they entered the car they where greeted to a nice calm beach as Spike said, "Wow, it's OW, beautiful," as his paw slipped and he once again felt the heat radiating from Twilight's skin.

One One prepared to comment before finding himself and Spike being thrown to the ground as Twilight instantly ran into the water, mouth hung open, as she soaked herself resulting in a hissing noise and steam coming up and she drank is as much of it as she could. Thankfully this water was fresh and clean but she still wasn't able to process anything like that.

As Spike watched her concerned and One One marveled at her slowly starting to turn purple again, just a little ways down the beach a creature made of water looked at the group saying, "What's up with them?"

This only resulted in the one he was talking to jumping form her perch to get his attention. "Excusez moi, but I think you should be more focused on your own problems, and what I'm offering to fix them," said a cat with a blue vest and red tie as it held up a pipe. "It couldn't be more simple after all, all you have to do is grab something like this hat here and," she said before slamming the pipe down onto the hat and saying, "Presto, doughnut."

Author's Note:

Well it looks like Twilight has gotten her number to go down to 72 and is about to meet the cat (after she gets a BIG drink of water that is) What will happen next, find out next chapter when ever that may be.

Thank you to J-Rook for coming up with the Spicy Car and I hope you like what I wrote for it. I would also like to thank everyone else suggesting cars and ask you all to continue to do so (as regardless of the fact that I will not be able to use them all, I still enjoy reading them and who knows... maybe I'll be able to file some away for use in a potential sequel)

Anyway, thanks for reading, hope you liked it, any constructive criticism is welcome, have a great day.

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