• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Infinity Train: Bookworm - luckyboys121

After missing the bus to Camp Everfree, Twilight makes her way to nearest station to catch another one, but instead catches a train.... or perhaps it caught her.

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Grid Car and Fart Car

As Twilight hesitantly followed One One her mind was racing trying to figure out what was going, She began thinking, "This... this doesn't make sense! And if that's the case.... it could be magic," she briefly shuddered at the idea as for a second she swore she could hear Midnight Sparkle's laugh. "NO! No.... if it were magic then why would there be a robot here, clearly this is some kind of science I just have to figure out what."

Once they reached the door, One One happily gestured for Twilight to open it as she gulped and glanced over to Spike, who reluctantly urged her to open it as well. Without much of a choice she did so and was thankfully greeted to something that made some sense.

As they all stepped into the car they found themselves in a large white room with a perfect grid along the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Twilight took a moment to admire the perfect symmetry as it would take her hours to create such a pristine room in a simulation, let alone real life. As she looked around in aw One One spoke up saying, "So is this camp you all were talking about?"

"No... it doesn't seem to be," said Twilight as she straightened her glasses and continued to look around.

"I knew we wouldn't find it well then I suppose it's off to the next car," said One One.

"Yeah about that... wheres the door?" asked Spike as he gestured to the far wall which had nothing on it but the grid pattern.

"Good question," said One One nonchalantly as he simply walked around.

Twilight snapped back to reality at this as she and Spike began looking around panicking, thankfully they didn't have to wait long as she became relieved saying, "There it is!"

As Spike looked to where she pointed he indeed saw the door, and it was on the fall war where they all thought it should be.... just about twenty feet higher then it should be as Spike remained concerned saying, "OK, but how are we supposed to get to it?"

Twilight then turned her head down in thought as she said, "Hmmm, maybe this has something to do with the grid pattern around us, like it's some kind of puzzle and-"

She was interrupted though as she heard a slight noise followed by One One saying, "Whoopsy Daisy ." They both looked over and saw the funny little robot now sitting a top a red cube that had seemed to come out of nowhere.

"What the... One One, where did you get that cube from?" asked Twilight as her mind already began thinking how it might relate to the door.

One One hopped off the cube as he said, "I'm not sure Ms. Twilight... all I did was touch the floor like this," he then tapped one of his appendages on a square of the floor resulting in a blue cube popping out and lifting him up again. "I wonder if a fall from this height is enough to kill me."

While this statement worried and confused Spike, Twilight seemed to either not hear him or had already accepted One One's casual morbidity as she bent down and reached out to touch one of the squares, only to briefly pause as she noticed a soft green glow coming from the back of her hand. "What the," she said as she moved her right hand to her face and saw that on the back of it was a glowing green number 85. She got a little worried as she gestured her hand asking, "One One, do you know what this is?"

Spike looked at the number, before looking over to the robot concerned as he moved closer to Twilight's hand saying, "Hmmm, it's a number."

Twilight briefly moved her hand away from One One as she smacked herself in the face and Spike said, "Well duh, but what does it mean?"

"Ah yes of course the meaning hmm.... well I can't seem to recall everything about it my memory hasn't been very good since... the change. But from what I do remember, when that baby hits zero you'll be gone forever." said One One excitedly.

"GONE FOREVER!" said Spike terrified at the prospect as he ran up to the robot and began shaking him. "ARE YOU SURE?!"

"Well... pretty sure. At least.... I haven't seen anyone again after their number hits zero," said One One who seemed unfazed by the shaking.

Twilight was staring at this number in concern thinking about One One's words as she came to a realization about them and said, "Wait... One One. When you say gone forever do you just mean that they got off the train?"

"Why yes of course, once someone leaves the train they can't get back on. Makes me wonder why I even bother to try and make friends. What else would I have meant?" said One One in confusion.

Spike breathed a sigh of relief as he said, "Next time, you might want to phrase that better."

Twilight became excited at this as she began touching the squares to form a set of stairs up to the door and smiled saying, "Then all this makes sense then. Whatever this train is... it's some kind of scientific testing center and all I have to do is solve various puzzles and complete challenges and we'll be home free."

"I guess... but who the heck would be running this test?" asked Spike trying to catch Twilight's train of logic, while also kicking himself for thinking that pun.

"I'm not sure, though whoever it is must be a scientific GENIUS to have created all this," she said gesturing at the car and her now completed staircase.

"That sounds like an absolutely smashing person Ms. Twilight," said One One excitedly.

"It's more then that One One. If this is all some big test then that means you are part of it," said Twilight as she excitedly picked up the robot.

"I am? I always thought I should be tested," said One One.

"That's right little buddy, after all you're the one who showed us how to make these cubes. You're probably meant to keep us company and give us hints about any of the puzzles. Which ALSO means, that the person who created this train, and by extension you, is your mom and all we have to do is keep going through these puzzles and we'll find her," said Twilight.

"ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT DEDUCTION MS. TWILIGHT! I do hope you're right I hope for a lot of things I don't get. I can't wait to introduce you to my mum! If she's the genius you say she is she'll certainly like you," said One One excitedly.

"Gee, thanks," said Twilight as she blushed slightly and twirled her hair at the complement, before bringing One One into a hug.

Spike looked at the two of them and began thinking, "I mean... I guess all that makes sense. But this is still weird, I feel like Twilight is purposefully avoiding the big questions here. And of course I know why, she's scared that if she digs too deep she might find that this is magical and intern possible related to Midnight Sparkle... maybe I should just say all that and make her think about it." He then looked at the two again and noticed how happy they looked as Twilight sat One One back down and he thought, "Then again.... I suppose we got a lot going on here, and we don't need to add Twilight's emotional issues on top of it so for now I'll just see where this goes."

Twilight then opened the door as the three of them began walking to next car and Spike asked, "So what do you think is going to be in the next car?"

"I bet it's a fart car," said One One.

Twilight chuckled at this as she said, "I doubt that, I'm sure whatever it is will be another intellectual stimulating puzzle or challenging quest that demonstrates the brilliance of whoever created all this."

She then opened the door excitedly only to be greeted by a simple white room with the door in sight and the only other thing in the room being several continuous fart sounds. One One then raised his front appendages in the air saying, "Yay! I was right it's a good thing I don't have a nose."

Spike simply looked at Twilight as he said, "OK, I know everyone likes to say that dogs like stinky things and yeah sure, we might like some of them but THIS! Are we sure there isn't another away around?"

Twilight looked into the room as she tried to make sense of this saying, "I.. I'm sure this is just like an aversion test. To see if we'll turn around because of some stupid noise. That's all it OH SWEET LORD!" Twilight immediately changed her tone and grabbed her nose as she entered the car and was assaulted by the pungent odder. She then stepped back out, and in a flash breathed in deeply and held it, scooped up Spike and One One in her arms, and ran as fast as she could to the door.

Unfortunately athletics weren't her strong suit and about half way through the car she had to breath and once again took in this odor as her eyes began to water.

She kept running as she began to gag and Spike did the same as One One simply said, "WEEE!" as he enjoyed being carried like this.

Soon they reached the door, and a after a brief struggle, Twilight managed to push it open with one hand before immediately closing it behind her as she and Spike began taking in large breathes of the fresh air.

One One on the other hand just excitedly said, "AGAIN! AGAIN!"

"No! Never THAT again!" said Twilight giving him the death stare.

"So, what was that about the creator of all this being a genius?" asked Spike sarcastically.

"I'm sure there was some kind of scientific value to that," said Twilight before her face twisted into an angry smile as she moved forward saying, "And I am VERY eager to meet this person and find out what it is!"

Author's Note:

And so Twilight, Spike, and One One have made it through two more cars and Twilight's number is currently at 85. What will happen next, find out next chapter whenever that may be.

Firstly thank you GamePlayer64 for suggesting the fart car from the pilot, not only was it a funny one but also served as a great way to show Twilight that while the train does have method to it's madness... that method isn't always obvious. (if any of you have a particular car you want to see from the show whether that be from either book one or two or even an original idea for a car you thought feel free to let me know in the comment section and I'll be happy to put it in if I can)

Anyway thanks for reading, any constructive criticism is welcome, have a great day

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