• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Infinity Train: Bookworm - luckyboys121

After missing the bus to Camp Everfree, Twilight makes her way to nearest station to catch another one, but instead catches a train.... or perhaps it caught her.

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All Aboard

As Twilight sat aboard the bus to Camp Everfree looking out at her friends she couldn't help but have her thoughts wander. She thought to herself, "Come on Twi, focus! The whole reason you signed up for this is to be with your friends and take your mind off all this. The Friendship Games was months ago now."

As Twilight sent her focus back to the world she looked at everyone around her. Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash stuffing their faces with marshmallows, Rarity and Applejack arguing over the true definition of camping, Fluttershy happily petting a sleeping Spike, and finally and most importantly Sunset Shimmer sitting next to her and giving her a brief smile before returning to the video game she was addicted to this week. Twilight smiled back as she thought, "For Sunset's sake I hope the cabins have outlets, because I wouldn't be surprised if she kills the Switch battery before we get there."

Twilight grinned at this thought before taking a glance to the window, at which point any and all thoughts left her head. Rather then her own reflection staring back was the grinning face she has been dreading nearly every minute since the first time she saw it. At seeing her fear, Midnight Sparkle began to let out a giggle of pure sadistic glee. Twilight immediately turned to Sunset for comfort, only to be instilled with further terror as Sunset slowly raised her head and turned towards her with the same blue flames around her eyes and jagged horn as Midnight as she two joined in on the laughter.

"No..." Twilight meekly let out in fear as one by one each of her friends stood up looking and laughing just like Midnight. "No... no... NOOO!"

As Twilight screamed the world fell away and Midnight suddenly stood before her saying, "You don't think I'll just stop at taking your body back do you? I'm not gonna stop until I've twisted all your friends to my will and corrupted all their magic!"

Twilight's screams only increased before eventually.... she woke up in her bed in a cold sweat. As she panted and looked around she soon found Spike sleeping in his dog bed next to her own bed and raced towards him as she began petting him for comfort. Upon receiving the pets Spike groggily yawned before saying, "Another nightmare?"

Twilight simply nodded as she continued to pet.

"And you still don't want to tell Sunset and the others about them?" asked Spike already knowing the answer as Twilight shook her head no while still petting.

"Uhhh, whatever," said Spike as he was sick of having this argument with her at this point. "So how long until the camp bus gets here?"

Twilight reached out and grabbed her phone, only for her eyes to go wide as she said, "IT LEFT AN HOUR AGO!"

"WAIT WHAT!?" asked Spike in concern.

"Just what I said, it left an hour ago," said Twilight as she ran into her closet and quickly started changing. "I must have forgotten to set the alarm."

"Well didn't our friends text you or something?" asked Spike.

"They did, but I still had it on vibrate after going to see that space movie with Shining and his friends last night," she said as she scrolled through all the texts. While she had her phone out she checked the weather and saw that it was cold and elected to wear a sweater, hoodie, and legging in addition to her purple skirt before finally slipping on an old pair of boots that it would be easy to run in.

She then stepped out of the closet and slipped on her backpack as she said, "It's a good thing I packed my camp uniform and everything yesterday." She then pulled out a phone and wrote a group text as she said, "I'm telling everyone that I overslept and will meet them soon."

"How are we going to get there though, your parents and Shining are all out for the day?" said Spike.

Twilight scrolled through her phone before putting it away as she said, "The next public bus leaves the station in about ten minutes. If we hurry we can catch it and ride to the gas station just outside of town... it will still be about a twenty minute jog from there but we still should be make it before the day is out."

At hearing this and seeing Twi's determination Spike hopped off his bed saying, "Well then what are we waiting for, let's go!"

Twilight nodded at this before they both made there way out of the house and began there journey.

As the two quickly ran through the streets, Spike briefly rolled his eyes as despite knowing the result he couldn't help but say, "You know Twi, maybe you wouldn't have overslept if you would just tell your friends about these nightmares already."

"And I already told you Spike, I don't WANT to tell them. Magic is a key part of who they are, how are they gonna react when I tell them, 'I'm scared there might be a magic demon inside me that wants to possess your bodies and use your magic to destroy the world'," said Twilight in exasperation as they've had this conversation to many times for her taste.

"Well... you could at least tell Sunset, I mean not only is she from a world of magic, but she's been through this same kind of thing before," said Spike trying to help.

"NO!" yelled Twilight as she slightly blushed at this, but thankfully it wasn't noticeable as she had been covering her face from the wind. She didn't know why but for some reason the idea of telling Sunset alone made her freak out more then telling all of them. Regardless she didn't have the time to think about this as she and Spike powered on the bus station now in site.

The two of them soon burst through the door only to discover... no one in there.

As Spike briefly huffed for breath he said, "What the...there's no one here... did we miss it?"

"Maybe," said Twilight as she too struggled for breath. "But... even if we did there should at least be an attendant, but there's nobody," she said gesturing to the empty information booth.

"Hmm, weeeiiirrrd," said Spike as he sat and started sniffing around to see if he could pick something up.

Twilight pulled out her phone again as she said, "I could swear I just saw a bus schedule, and it's not a holiday or anything so they should be running today."

As Twilight was talking though Spike's highly trained doggy ears began picking up a loudly approaching noise as he smiled saying, "Good news Twi, I think i hear the bus coming!"

"Really," said Twilight excitedly as she put her phone away and looked at the street.

What they saw though was unexpected for a number of reasons though as instead of a bus pulling into the stop, something else entirely did.

"What the?" said Spike confused.

"A...train?" asked Twilight equally confused.

"Where did it come from?" asked Spike as he looked towards the rear car... only to not see one as it seemed to stretch on forever.

Twilight on the other hand turned her attention to the front as she smiled saying, "I don't know, but look where it's going!"

Sure enough the destination screen on the front displayed the words Camp Everfree as the sliding doors began to open.

As Twilight immediately went to board, Spike grabbed her leg saying, "I don't know about this Twi... something about it doesn't feel right."

"Pffftt, come on Spike it's just a train. I mean... what's the worst that could happen?" said Twilight as she continued towards the door and Spike reluctantly followed as suddenly everything went white and they heard the doors close behind them.

Author's Note:

So to those who got my little reference at the end of Spinel season one, yes this is my next big project. A alternate retelling of Infinity Train Book One with Twilight as Tulip. Get ready to see some new as well as some familiar cars as Twilight and Spike try and make their own way to the Conductor. What will happen next, find out next chapter whenever that may be.

For fans of my other stories I want it to be known that I don't plan to cancel any of them it's just... I don't know I just want to write new stuff for awhile and I know that's a little selfish but I figure it would be best to write new stories I'm passionate about then push my self to write soulless chapters of my other stories and I hope you feel the same.

Anyway, as always any constructive criticism is welcome, I hope you liked this, and have a great day.

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