• Published 7th Jan 2020
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Infinity Train: Bookworm - luckyboys121

After missing the bus to Camp Everfree, Twilight makes her way to nearest station to catch another one, but instead catches a train.... or perhaps it caught her.

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Forest Car

Author's Note:

The blue Text is Glad-One. The red text is Sad-One. Please let me know if this makes it at all difficult to read and I will change it ASAP

A warm wet sensation. That's the first thing that occurred to Twilight as she regained consciousness. She soon struggled to open her eyes and found that the next thing she experienced was a large bright light. She groaned from it before her eyes finally adjusted as she was greeted to a bright sun with a few tree branches and Spike licking her face.

"Thank goodness, you're awake," said Spike as he backed away relieved.

Twilight groaned as she sat up and asked, "What happened?"

"I'm not sure," said Spike as looked at their surroundings. "The last thing I remember was us getting on that weird train... then I woke up next to you in this forest."

Twilight also looked and.... it was indeed a forest. She stood up confusedly saying, "What the?" as her brain went into overdrive trying to come up with a logically explanation for this. Eventually she found one as she said, "Hmm, we must have been so tired from having to run to the station that we passed out once we got off the train."

Spike looked a little concerned as he said, "I mean... I guess that makes sense."

"Do you have a better explanation?" asked Twilight as she began brushing the dead leaves and dirt off her clothes.

"Well... no," admitted Spike in defeat.

"Alright then, that's what we'll go with," said Twilight satisfied for now, at least that's what she told herself as deep down she knew there was another explanation. One that until recently she would have never had cross her mind but now the very notion now terrified her... magic. She shuttered at the thought before retreating to the more logical one as she said, "In which case the camp should just be up ahead. I'll text Sunset that we're almost there." She then pulled out her phone and began typing as she and Spike walked forward.

After a brief moment of walking Spike asked, "Are you sure it's this way?"

Twilight wrapped her text before opening her GPS app saying, "Hmm, that's weird. I have a signal but it can't get location data... well regardless the camp is in the middle of several gas and weigh stations so either way we'll hit something and know where to go from there."

As soon as she finished saying that though Twilight caught sight of something shiny in a nearby tree as she said, "What the?" and began approaching it.

Spike soon followed after her saying, "What is it?"

"It's... a ball?" said Twilight in confusion as she came close to the object.

"A ball!" said Spike as he excitedly approached wagging his tail.

Sure enough there was what appeared to be a large shiny white ball with a black band on it caught in a low hanging branch.

"Hmm, I guess someone from the Camp must have left it here," said Twilight as she reached out for the ball.

Before she could grip it though, two white dots moved to the front of the black band as it began to emit a screaming noise.

Twilight and Spike screamed back at the sudden shock of this before the ball suddenly stopped screaming and actually spoke saying, "Are you my mum?"

Twilight's scream died down as she asked, "What?"

"Are you my mum? I've been trying to find her for a long time we probably won't ever find her," said the ball as the two dots that seemed to be eyes locked onto Twilight.

"Um no... I'm sorry," said Twilight in confusion.

"Oh that's quite alright then I knew I shouldn't have gotten my hopes up," said the ball as it hopped out of the tree and began walking on four tiny appendages.

"Woah are you a robot?" asked Twilight somewhat excitedly.

"Maybe... I don't rightly know can anyone really know what they are?" said the ball as it approached Spike. "What about you little furry fellow, are you my mum?"

"Um... no," said Spike.

Twilight then picked up the robot as it said, "Oh my, are we going for a ride? Are you going to toss us into our unavoidable end?"

Twilight didn't seem to hear the questions though as she glanced at the robot saying, "Fascinating, an entirely self contained and seemingly autonomous neural network entirely housed in and powered within such a small shell."

Spike rolled his eyes at this as he said, "Easy Twilight, you don't want to accidentally go full mad science mode and dissect the little guy."

"Oh dissection! I don't know what that means but it sounds fun and painful but mostly fun," said the ball not particularly concerned about what was happening.

Twilight blushed as she came back to herself and smiled, placing the robot down as she said, "Sorry, ahem. I'm Twilight and this is Spike. What's your name?"

"I'm One One," said the ball looking up at Twilight.

"Well it's good to meet you One One, and I'm sorry to bother you like this but do you know where Camp Everfree is?"

"Camp Everfee? I'm sorry Ms. Twilight but I don't think I've heard of that place," said One One in confusion.

"It should be near by here, we aren't sure exactly which way," said Spike.

"Maybe your mother is at the camp," offered Twilight as she thought perhaps this robot was simply calling the woman who built it it's mother and perhaps it was part of some sort of robotics activity at the camp.

"Oh you think so, well if that's the case then maybe it's in the next car," said One One as he began walking and gestured for them to follow.

They both looked at each other confused before following him as Spike said, "What do you mean the next car?"

"Why, the next car of the train of course. There could be anything in there even this camp you're talking about or instant death," said One One it seemed to cheerily lead the way.

Spike looked over at Twilight concerned this as Twilight looked confused and said, "One One I think you're confused. We aren't on the train we're in a forest."

"Yes we are in a forest. The forest car of the train as I call it I wanted to call it the never ending woods car but they said it sounded too ominous." said One One as he continued walking.

Twilight became slightly frustrated at this as she said, "Look One One, I don't know who made you but I think they might have done something wrong because there's no way this big forest could fit... inside a... train.... car," Twilight trailed off as she soon came to a large metal door simply sitting in the middle of the clearing.

Spike and Twilight looked on in aw at this as One One simply approached it saying, "Alright Ms. Twilight. All you have to do is open this up and we can head on to the next car and maybe our deaths."

Spike once again became unnerved by such a casual morbid statement and said, "I don't know about this Twi."

Twilight on the hand simply approached the door and began studying it as while yes, it did look kind of like the sliding metal door you would see on a train, it also wasn't attached to anything. No wall around it and seemingly nothing behind it, it just stood there appearing to serve no purpose.

She then moved to the front of the door as she said, "Relax Spike it's just an old peace of a house or something that fell down awhile ago. It doesn't GO anywhere, see." She then opened the door to prove her point... only to be instantly proven wrong as she saw the back of a train car in front of her, "How the," said Twilight as she looked through the door and saw that she did appear to be on a moving train that was going through a never ending desert.

"Off we go then," said One One as it went out the door to the next car.

Spike approached Twiight worried saying, "What.. what is this Twilight?"

Twilight looked on in fear as she said, "I don't know Spike... but I do know we won't find out if we just stand here." She then went through the door with Spike reluctantly following her as they both prepared to enter the next car.

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