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Sonic Boom - Wuten

When Rainbow Dash reveals her hidden feelings to a human, Anonymous, how will he react to it?

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It Begins.

Chapter 9

“Rainbow, you shouldn’t tease Anon with those ideas!” Pinkie snickers mischievously, looking to her cyan-furred friend.

“But it’s so much fun!” Rainbow grins back at her. “Besides, he doesn’t mind. Right, Anon?” she asks, dragging out the “i” sound in “right” while nudging your side.

Hell hath no fury like a man being assaulted with sexual tension by pastel-colored equines. You bite your tongue, holding back from swearing and reminding yourself that yes, you were in a situation that may have demanded you to take action. But, there were also small fillies in the building, and the last thing you needed were angry mares and stallions coming to you when their children start spouting off “special” words they learned through you…

“Let’s…” you begin, “Let’s save this for another time. How’s that sound?” you mutter through gritted teeth.

Rainbro grins, but immediately catches on; she was probably pushing you too far at this point. Even your bro knows when enough is enough. “Oh, alright… we’ll wait until you and I are all alone to talk about this,” she whispers, and you can feel her breath along your neck as she says this, sending a shiver down your spine.

“Yeah! Right now, let’s just enjoy the party!” Pinkie exclaims, zipping off into the crowd with blazing speed.

You sigh, your head drooping into your hands, before looking to Rainbow with a smile. “Well, at least she’s got enough energy to go around, huh?” You hold up a piece of cake to your bro, who happily takes it into her mouth and swallows it, sucking your fingers clean.

…Hopefully, nobody was watching that. She had a… sensual way of pulling that off.

“So, nervous even when it’s consensual, aren’t ya, Anon?” a female’s voice with a Southern drawl comes from behind you…

Applejack. She still has that same look as before, but it looks like she’s keeping herself together while in public.

“The hell do you want?” You shoot her a look of contempt, and she flinches a bit, but returns with a forced smirk on her face.

“To enjoy th’ party, of course! After all, it IS your second-year anniversary of coming here, isn’t it?” she asks, stamping one hoof on the floor to accent her statement.

You think about this for a moment, and lo and behold, she’s right!

“Oh my gosh, that’s right!” Pinkie exclaims, hopping back over to you. “We’re celebrating two events with one super-mega-ultra awesome party!”

“That’s right,” another, more scholarly voice spoke as a purple-coated pony with a pink highlight running through her sapphire-blue mane. Her small dragon assistant, Spike, was standing next to her, smiling up at you. “It was exactly two years ago today Rainbow Dash found you. Hard to believe it, isn’t it? Feels like it was just yesterday, huh?” You nod; it really does feel like it’s been a short while. “And it seems you’ve finally decided you’re going to stay here, I assume?” Twilight asks, smiling brightly at you.

Now this… you hadn’t quite considered as much. You had made friends here, yes, but what about back home? What about your family? Your friends? Your loved ones?

On the other hand, however, this world was so much more peaceful than Earth. No major wars, no mass genocide, no corruption…

…And your bro, Rainbow Dash.

“…Yes. Yes I have,” you say, a smile creeping to your face as well. Rainbow’s eyes immediately light up, and she leaps from her seat, landing into your chest and knocking you out of your seat, nuzzling into your neck in happiness.

“Wonderful, darling!” A white unicorn manages to escape from the crowd and walks over to the rest of you. “You can’t just leave like that, anyway; you’re too good of a person. We wouldn’t allow it!”

You chuckle, smiling as you stroke Rainbow’s mane, realizing that regardless of what you may be, these ponies, well… they accepted you. All of them did. You sit up and smile, releasing Rainbow to float up in the air.

“Besides, you can’t just leave Rainbow all alone like that!” Pinkie exclaims, smiling brightly at you. “She’d never forgive you if you just up and left like that!” You laugh at this; chances are, she probably wouldn’t…

BANG! The sound of the door being smacked is heard, echoing throughout the room despite the partying that was occurring inside. The music stops, the ponies stop walking the dinosaur and get off the floor, and one final BANG! is heard before a crashing sound rattles the bakery as the front door slams down, revealing a very distraught, and very angry, pegasus.

“I told you, Anonymous…” the mare growls through gritted teeth, “You’re… going to… love me…”

…Fuck. Somehow you knew, somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind, that something like this would happen.

Fucking Fluttershy.

End Chapter 9

And so we've reached the first climax of this story. I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves so far. Things are getting heated...

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti

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