• Published 13th Aug 2012
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Sonic Boom - Wuten

When Rainbow Dash reveals her hidden feelings to a human, Anonymous, how will he react to it?

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Chapter 7

Well, Anon, this is just perfect. And to think today seemed pretty damn good so far. But now, you’ve got a crazed mare, holding you down as you struggle under her weight.

Damn. It’s always the quiet ones.

Fluttershy growls, before grabbing your shirt in her teeth. With a sharp tug, you wince as she rips your favorite shirt off of you, exposing your torso to the open air.

Oh, fuck. THERE’S the cold. In the form of snow against your back. You instinctively arch your back to get out of the cold, but all it does is press up against Flutter-rape.

“Oh, Anon… I didn’t know you would be so forward with me…” she says, in an obviously forced seductive tone. What the fuck is up with these damn crazy mares?!

She’s moved down to your waist now, fumbling with your pants. Thank the heavens above that these ponies don’t have hands to use… Quickly, you pray to whatever deity is listening that this next thing works; you bring your legs up and slam them into her sides, just in front of her hind legs. She lets out a loud yelp, and collapses on top of you.

Now’s your chance! You immediately take advantage of her weakness, struggling to get up while she recovers. As you take a step, however, you feel a tugging on your pantleg, followed by a sharp pain in your ankle.

This psychotic mare has your leg in her teeth. She may be crazy and timid, but even you know that her teeth are like a vice; you’re not going to be able to get it out yourself. Quickly, Anonymous! Think of an alternative!


You lift your leg, placing one foot in front of the other as you try your best to run, with the snow helping you with the lack of traction it gives Fluttershy’s hooves. Despite the lack of traction, however, you’re still stuck with being forced to tug her along behind you, her teeth not letting go of your leg.

“Why the hell are you always trying to rape me, Fluttershy?!” you yell out angrily, picking up your pace as the snow becomes a bit shallower.

“Because you’re not like the rest of us, Anon… Oh yes, your body is so much different from us. And that’s what drives me crazy… I want to know more! I want to feel you buried deep inside me…” she continues in the practiced seductive tone.

You let out an audible, annoyed groan, before trying your best to shake her off your leg.

…Ow, damn, not trying that again… Leg in a vicegrip, she’s not letting go.

Then, you hear a sound. Not a sound that you’re used to. Fluttershy notices it, too; her eyes are looking around, and her ears are perked up.

“Diggadiggadiggadigga…” you hear from all directions. All around you, small mounds of snow are moving around, slowly closing in on you…

“GET ‘EM!”

Fucking fillies.

Fucking snow.

How do fillies even MAKE snowballs, anyway? Don’t they have, like, hooves?!

As you slosh onward, the fillies continue pelting both of you with snowballs, the freezing cold hitting your bare torso feeling like tiny pin-needles with every slap of snow spraying across your chest and back.

But, not all is lost. For with every bad situation, there is a silver lining; they are also pelting Fluttershy with snowballs. This could work.

“Eat shit!” you yell out, before picking up a giant wad of snow in your arms. The freezing cold is enough to keep you moving quickly, and you dump the whole thing on Fluttershy, who lets out a yelp of surprise and lets go of your leg in the midst of everything.

Time to run like hell is on your heels, Anon! Use those junior high track skills! Get your ass in gear!

You take a sharp turn to the left, hiding behind a building as Fluttershy manages to recover from the stun.

“ANON! YOU KNOW THAT I’LL FIND YOU! I ALWAYS DO!” you hear her screech through the skies as she zooms around, peering down at the ground to try and find you. It’s time to get out of here…

You turn and head down the alleyway, out of the viewing range of Flutterrape…

…And run into a large, orange pony wearing a hat and striped bow. His fur is a brilliant amber hue and his mane is a curly orange. “Oh, Anonymous! What are you doing back here?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Oh, sorry Mr. Cake; just trying to keep myself hidden, that’s all,” you say. You feel that the less people know about Fluttershy’s insane lusts, the better.

“Now, why would you be doing that?” he asks, “C’mon inside. The least we can do for you is get something to eat for you; you look like you haven’t eaten well for days!”

Heh, more than likely true; you’ve been cooped up in your house for a while. You definitely were getting hungry… and your stomach makes it clear to the two of you that it agrees.

Mr. Cake lets out a laugh. “Haha, and it looks like I was right on the money, wasn’t I? Come on in, Anonymous,” he says, opening the door for you.

Well, couldn’t hurt; you step up and into the back door of Sugarcube Corner. Mr. Cake could very well be a new potential bro if this is as good as you hope it is.

…Wait, did you really run that far? Sugarcube Corner is nearly on the other side of Ponyville…

…And why are all of the lights off?

“Mr. Cake?” you turn around, but he’s gone… and the door’s closed…

The hell?

End Chapter 7

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