Sonic Boom

by Wuten

First published

When Rainbow Dash reveals her hidden feelings to a human, Anonymous, how will he react to it?

You are a human, Anonymous, that has lived in Equestria for two years. After a Hearth's Warming Eve spent together, Anonymous goes through a revolutionary phase when he realizes that Rainbow Dash, his closest friend in this world, has been harboring feelings for him that he never even noticed. How did he never notice? Why him, and not a stallion? Is he some kind of xenophiliac deep down?

Rated for language, along with various sexual-themed exploits. But no sex. Because sex with pastel-colored horses shouldn't be posted on websites that are meant to be browsed by anyone who can click a check box on a dropdown list used by anyone browsing a website. Or at least made to be more secure than that. Because really, who would want to read something like that?

This story has been modified from its original version. It has been formatted to fit the prose-reading mind.

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UPDATE! The original version of this story was recently added to the /mlp/ collaboration of "Tales To Fap Too - Volume #3". You can purchase the paperback version here (all proceeds go to charity):
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Again, it is the unedited version, so you'll be reading it in full 4chan greentext format. Also, you'll get spoilers. Spoilers everywhere.

Enter: Rainbro

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Well, it’s that time again. Hearth’s Warming Eve. The time where fillies and colts are playing in the snow, coming up with all sorts of creative games and activities.

And then… well, there’s you.

Welcome to your life, Anonymous. You are a human living in a world full of colorful cartoon equines, and it’s been that way for nearly two years now. But right now, all you care about is getting yourself warm.

The middle of winter is the most unforgiving thing about this world. While ponies have fur in addition to their winter garb, you’re stuck with your bare skin and bed sheets, as the local boutique owner, Rarity, would not allow you to have simple cloth to cover yourself, and instead came up with the most artistic, decorative designed pajamas you had ever laid eyes on.

Nope. Not gonna wear those to bed. Mostly because of the booties she conveniently placed on them; you’d never be caught dead wearing that… thing.

The only sources of heat in your house at the current time are the fireplace, and the stove. Neither of which are in your room, of course, and since these ponies have no idea what insulation is, you’re stuck with just drywall and thin bed sheets to keep you warm during the winter.

Your ears perk up when you hear a faint tapping on your window. You cock your head to the right, to see Fluttershy’s head bobbing up and down as she floats outside.

You remember your first interactions with her; you’ve been doing your best to keep them suppressed, but when she comes to your house every day, it’s hard. Because of said interactions, you’ve given her the nickname “Fucking Flutterslut”, though you tend to have the patience to deal with her on a daily basis, as long as it’s only a few minutes at a time.

Since it’s just the window, you sit up and walk over to it. She gets this big grin on her face, like she expects you to open it and let her in. Hah, fuck that. You close your curtains, and then slink across the floor and into the comfort of your bed once again.

And then, there’s a knock at the door.

“Um, Anon… you’ve been cooped up in your house all day, and it’s nearly noon… you must be freezing in there all alone…”

Damn. You didn’t get a wink of sleep last night because of the freezing temperatures at night, so your patience isn’t nearly as formidable as it usually is.

The knocking… the infernal knocking, it rings through your eardrums with the panging sound like your grandmother’s old clock that would always echo through her house every hour…

Fuck it. You throw the sheets off of you, and walk over to the door, still in your boxers. This cold can really just kiss your ass right now; you have other problems to focus on.

You look out the door’s small window, and see that the snow’s piled up at least two or three feet, so much so that Fluttershy has to flap her wings just to stay above the snow. You grunt angrily, slamming your fist against the wall in frustration. You were planning on going out to buy some food later that day, looks like that plan’s wasted…

Your train of thought is interrupted when you hear a squeak come from outside, followed by a sloshing noise almost immediately after. You peek through the small window and see that a pile of snow has fallen off your roof, covering her completely in a huge mound of white snow. The only thing you see are her eyes, and even then they’re fairly camouflaged well by the snow.

Hell, if you weren’t so concerned with her trying to satisfy her xenophiliac desires, you’d think it was adorable.

You can’t contain yourself; you let out a loud guffaw before walking away from the door, your laughs muffled by the door and the snow covering her ears. You decide that today, you weren’t going to freeze your ass off, so you head over to the fireplace, lighting it and placing a few spare logs onto it every so often to warm up. Just as you start feeling the ice melting away from your shoulders, you hear a second knocking at your door…

“Not now, Fluttershy; I’m not in the mood today.”

“Leaving me out in the cold like that?” you hear another, very familiar female’s voice come from outside, “That’s no way to treat a bro!”

Ah, Rainbow Dash. Always coming to your rescue when you least expect it. She was the first one to find you when you arrived in this world, and she’s been the closest friend you could ever imagine since. Whether it’s movies, drinking cider, exercising… she’s always been there for you. You never thought a girl could be such a bro to you, but she proved that theory to be completely false; you’ve even started to replace her name, calling her “Rainbro” as a testament to her bro-ness.

You quickly sprint over to the door, opening it just in time to see Fluttershy scurrying off into a nearby bush. Whenever Rainbro’s with you, it seems Flutterslut tends to keep her distance. Might be because she doesn’t want to destroy the friendship the two of them share, what with the Elements of Harmony and all that you found out about.

Rainbro speeds out of the cold and into the house, and by the time you manage to close the door, she’s shaking the snow off her fur and mane and sitting up next to the fireplace, warming herself. You walk over to her and grin.

“Did you bring the stuff?”

“Fuck yeah, I brought the stuff!” she exclaims, patting her saddlebag. You’ve noticed that your occasional language has rubbed off on her. That, or she’s just trying to act tough to be cool around you. Either way, you don’t mind. She’s still your bro, after all.

“So, which movie first?” she asks, dropping the saddlebag on the ground, various movie cases spilling out of it, along with a few bottles of a special brew the two of you share a like interest for: Applejack Daniels, brewed secretly by the Apples themselves just for you two.

You immediately go through the stash of movies she brought, picking out a high-speed action movie first and pressing it into the television. With help from yourself, the local inventor was able to come up with the first basic television set in all of Equestria, though it’s still black and white and doesn’t get a signal for anything, so you just use it for movies that you had stashed back on Earth that came with you when you arrived. The two of you proceed to crash down onto your couch, and you reach over for a blanket.

“You want in?”

You give the blanket a swift flick to spread it out flat over you, and you look over at Rainbro.

She has the strangest expression on her face. A mix of embarrassment and… what’s up with her wings?

“Um, no thanks,” she says, smiling and handing you a bottle of Applejack Daniels. “I’m fine.”

You shrug; hey, if she doesn’t want in, more blanket for you then.

The two of you continue to play movie after movie, chugging down bottle after bottle of Applejack Daniels. Eventually, you’re on what you believe is your third bottle; you lost count at twelve. Rainbro’s fast asleep, sprawled out on the couch, her head resting on your thigh. You smile, and throw part of the blanket over her to keep her warm; she’s your bro, after all. Can’t let a bro go to sleep in the freezing cold.

The movie marathon ends, and both of you are passed out, opened movie cases and bottles of Applejack Daniels littering the floor in a minefield-like array leading between the couch and the television set.

Bros to the End

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The next day…

“Ugh, what… what happened last night?”

You sit up and shake your head a bit, and immediately you feel the after-effects of all of the drinks from the night before. Your head is throbbing, and you fall back down onto the cushions of the couch.

At least the sun’s blocked from coming in. Thank Celestia for the snow yesterday; the clouds are blocking the deadly rays of sunlight from beaming through your window and into your face.

…Wait a minute, what’s this soft, furry thing next to you?

Oh yeah, last night. Rainbro must have fallen asleep and crashed on your couch. Well, being the bro that you are, you wouldn’t want to ruin a bro’s good sleep. So, you simply smile, and slide out of the blanket, making as little a racket as possible.

…Well, you would, if you weren’t completely shit-faced the night before. You fuck up, trip, and fall flat on your face on the cold, hard floor. So much for that plan.

Rainbro slowly opens her eyes, looking around. “Heh, awesome night, huh Anon?” she asks as her eyes lock onto you. You don’t even look up, but you hold a thumbs-up to her before changing it to a fist. She chuckles a bit, before completing the glorious ritual of bro-ism.

“Ugh, my head…” you mutter, slowly getting to your feet. “Not the best way to get up in the morning. Especially on Hearth’s Warming Eve…”

“Oh yeah, that’s today, right?” she asks, stretching a bit and flapping her wings a few times, before floating up into the air. “So, what do you have planned for today, Anon?”

You think for a moment. That’s right; you didn’t really plan anything…

“I’m snowed in, but I’ve got enough food to last a few days.”

“So, a chill-out day?” she asks, grinning at you.

“Hell yeah!” you exclaim, pumping a fist into the air.

“Sounds good to me! I’m gonna head into the kitchen to see what’cha have,” she says, landing on the couch.

“Alright; I’m gonna go head into the shower, then.”

She nods, a slight blush on her cheeks, but you assume it’s from getting completely hammered the night before. No time to focus on that right now, though; time to wake up for the day.

You head into the bathroom, and even from here you can hear her moving stuff around in the kitchen. After stripping out of your clothes, you walk into the shower area and turn the nozzle.

The feeling of time stopping in the split seconds between turning the nozzle and the water falling onto your head is always relaxing, it’s wonderful that the ponies were willing to help you create a house that was almost identical to-HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, COLD WATER! COLD WATER!

You let out a yelp as the water runs down your back, every pore and skin cell freezing down to the very DNA that created them. It’s like Mr. Freeze just decided to drop into your water supply and fuck with you.

Oh shit… she heard your yelping. The sound of clanking around in the kitchen has stopped, and you can quickly hear the rushing sound of her wings as she flies in your direction.

Oh no, oh no, oh no… you have to quickly move! Water off! Clothes! Shit, they’re on the other side of the bathro-

Your thought process is interrupted as Rainbro comes running in. “Anonymous?! Are you alri-” she begins, but then her magenta eyes go wide as she sees you standing there, in the middle of the bathroom, looking like one of those discus-thrower statues.

Only you’re reaching for your clothes, and not throwing anything. And you’re frozen in place…

Her eyes are locked on only one place.

The awkward silence between the two of you is almost unbearable and you inch ever so slowly to the nearest pair of clothing.

“Um… sorry about that. Heh,” you mutter, finally grabbing a piece of clothing and covering your lower regions with it.

A sock. Wonderful, Anonymous.

Still no response from her, aside from complete shock.

After a few moments, she quickly shakes her head to snap out of her stunned state. “Oh, sorry about… walking in on you like that, Anon,” she mutters, her wings still rigid like statues, her face red as she tries to look away from you. She may move her head away, but her magenta red eyes are still locked firmly on your naked form.

You quickly move to grab the rest of your clothing, picking them up to have something decent covering your lower regions.

“I’ll… I’ll just be going back to the food, alright?” she forces a nervous smile as she quickly scurries off, back into the kitchen.

You breathe a sigh of relief. Crisis averted.

Back to your shower.

It was a lot more calming than you thought it would be. Especially after the spectacle that took place here.

You walk out of the shower, slipping into your pants from the past night. They’re not dirty, so why waste the resources getting them clean?

Into the kitchen you go, where Rainbro already seems to be cooking something.

“Smells good!” you exclaim, a smile on your face as you surprise her. Nearly threw her off there.

She smiles, and turns to look at yo- You don’t have a shirt. Her blush instantly returns, and she mutters. “It’s just… toast, y’know. Nothin’ really special about it.”

You shrug, walking over to her. She’s cooking it on the stove, in a skillet. It’s new to you, though you’ve heard of it made in similar ways. It looks like she covered the slices of bread with butter before she threw them onto it too, giving off that delicious smell.

You open the cabinet, and pull out two plates. Time to show her what you’re made of.

“Hey, bro!” you call to her, startling her slightly. “Pass those slices of toast over here!”

She grins at you and nods, waiting just a few more seconds before taking the skillet off of the stove and flipping the slices of toast into the air. You proceed to dive through the air, plates outstretched in your hands, as you slam onto the kitchen floor face first, the two slices of toast landing directly onto the two plates.

Oh yeah. You’re feeling like a complete boss right now.

The two of you sit down at the table, and Rainbro grabs a jar full of berries and tries opening it with her teeth, to no avail.

“Here, lemme get that,” you say, grabbing the jar and gripping the lid tightly, before twisting it off. “There ya go.” You hand the jar to her, and she nods, pouring the contents onto both of the slices of toast. You smile, picking one up and taking a bite out of it.

Huh. This is new; usually you’d put jelly on your toast, bu-HO MY SWEET MERCIFUL GOD THIS IS DELICIOUS.

…This may very well be the best damn slice of toast you’ve ever had. You hold your fist in the air, and Rainbro does the same with her hoof, before the two of you slam them into each other, the very air around you crackling with static electricity as a lightning bolt strikes the ground outside, causing a booming thunder to shatter every piece of glass in your house.

At least, that’s how epic it felt.

“So yeah, sorry about walking in on you like that,” she says, “I was worried that Fluttershy could have been hiding in there.” This mare, man. This mare, right here. Always got your back.

“S’all good. You were just looking out for your bro, that’s all,” you say, taking another bite out of the food of the gods.

She stares at you for a few seconds, eyes wide. “So, you’re not mad or anything?” she asks, surprised by your reaction.

“No way! We’re bros, after all; it’s not like you’re Fluttershy or Applejack, or something,” you laugh. Yeah. Applejack had recently started following down the dark path of Flutterslut. Only with her, she was much more… up-front about her needs.

If that’s the right word to use.

Her face turns a light pink. “Yeah, I wouldn’t try anything like that,” she says, stumbling over her words a bit. Heh, she’s probably still surprised you’re not wigging out on her or anything.

“Hey,” you say, bringing your open hand over to her back, patting it. “You and me, Rainbro. Bros to the end.”

She nods a bit absently, but you don’t notice because you’re too busy RELISHING IN THIS DELICIOUS CONCOCTION MELTING IN YOUR MOUTH. “Yeah… bros to the end…”

The Lust of the Orange Pony

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Damn, that was the best breakfast you’ve had in a while. It wasn’t very comparable to what you were used to during Hearth’s Warming Eve, but after being trapped in your house the past few days due to the snow, you would eat just about anything at this point.

You sit back, feeling content that after around 5 slices of berry-covered toast that you’re good on food for now. “Hey bro, you seem to be used to the snow being like this,” you say, turning to her. “You got any ideas on what we can do for fun?”

“Well, last I remember, the snow isn’t supposed to stop until later tonight, so we’ve got a lot of-” she begins, but is interrupted by a loud banging at the door, followed by a cracking sound as the door is slammed off its hinges, the cold air rushing into the house.

“Alright Anon, y’all better just come on quietly or the cold’s gonna keep on comin’!” you hear a female’s voice holler from the living room. Damn it all, it’s Applejack. Speak or think of the devil, and he shall appear in the form of a pony that is easily capable of taking you down with one slam of her powerful hind legs.

The damn cold isn’t helping much, either; that fucking pony knocked down the only barrier keeping the cold out…

Against your better judgment, you peer out from behind the kitchen wall as Rainbro leaps up into the air and confronts the earth pony. “AJ, what… what do you think you’re doing?!”

The earth pony grins up at your bro. “Ah, howdy Rainbow, yer just in time,” she says, twisting around and slamming her hind legs into your Rainbro, sending her to the wall you’re peering out from. “And now… it’s time ta get what ah came here for,” she grins, walking over to you. Fucking cold weather, you should have put something on to cover your torso before heading into the kitchen. Then again, you didn’t exactly plan on having to deal with a horny mare that had the leg strength to break down just about anything standing between her and your nether-regions.

“Seriously? You bust down my door for something like this? Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to fix that thing every fucking time you or Fluttershy manage to knock it down?!” you protest, coming out from behind the wall while Applejack licks her lips, staring at your torso and quite possibly ignoring anything that you’re saying at this point.

“Now Anon, we can do this the easy way,” she says, leaping up and pinning you down against the cold floor, “Or the hard way.” You struggle under her, but she has you pinned, the cold floor not helping your escape in any way. “Though, ah’d prefer the hard way,” she grins as she begins to lower her head down to your chest, flicking her tongue against your skin.

Fuck the wind, it makes it even colder…

Wait a minute… your legs aren’t pinned!

You quickly fling your lower body up against her, wrapping your legs around her back and up to her head.

“Now, what in tarnation-” she begins, but is cut off when you begin squeezing your legs together as hard as you can. After about ten to fifteen seconds, she finally collapses, just barely making it down to the waist of your pants before being knocked out cold.

That was close… you breathe a heavy sigh of relief.

You push her unconscious self off of you, and look over to Rainbro. She seems fine for the most part; winded, but otherwise unharmed. “You alright, bro?” you ask, walking over to her and helping her up.

“Y-yeah, I’m fine…” she mutters, still breathing a bit staggered. You nod at her, before walking over to the door. You pick it up, and do everything you can to lift it back over the doorway, pushing it in as best you can.

You smile, and take a few steps back, admiring your handiwork.

The second you turn around, the door falls again, the cold air rushing inside.

“Are you fucking kidding me…?” you sigh, turning back around to set the door up on a slight angle. Hopefully, this time it’ll stay in place.

Still, a slight draft manages to find its way inside. You decide that you’re not going to last long shirtless in the middle of winter like this. You walk into your bedroom, and come out a few moments later wearing a long-sleeved shirt. No way is this cold gonna get to you now.

Rainbro has since managed to get to her feet, and is checking on Applejack. “Whoa… she’s out cold; where’d you learn something like that?” she turns to you, surprised.

You think for a moment. “I did a lot of self-defense stuff before arriving in this world.” It was true; you had been bullied at a young age, so your parents signed you up for self-defense classes. Waste of money, you had thought, up until coming to Equestria; now, while still a bit basic after so many years, it was nonetheless your greatest tool in this world.

Though, as of right now, Applejack is no longer a threat; at least for the next few hours. Even then, she’ll still be dazed a bit.

You decide that since it is Hearth’s Warming Eve, you might as well not just leave her on your floor. You walk over and pick her up, deciding on setting her on your bed to sleep.

Hey, at least it’s not at the same time you’re sleeping in there.

“You sure that’s a good idea, Anon?” Rainbro looks up at you. “After she slammed down your door and tried to do that stuff to you?”

You smile down at her. “We can’t just leave her like that, bro; she may be a bit… confused, but still, that’s no reason for her to stay on the floor.” You reach over for a nearby blanket and cover Applejack with it, before walking out of your bedroom. “Hopefully, she’ll manage to see that I’m not just some toy for her pleasure,” you say, smiling down at Rainbro. “C’mon; I’m sure we still have a few movies we have left to watch.”

She’s way ahead of you on this; she’s already back in front of the television, searching through the stash of movies she brought with her. “Oh! What about this one?” she asks, holding up a case. It’s ‘Daring Do and the Griffon’s Goblet’.

“Eh, sure; put it in and start it up,” you say, landing on the couch with a plopping sound as you land on the cushions. She beams with excitement before putting it in and flying back over to the sofa to sit next to you. You’ve heard her talking about this series, but never bothered to watch it yourself. Might as well stick around; she’s your bro after all, so you need to keep up with what she’s interested in.

The movie itself lasts for around two hours, and reminds you vaguely of the Indiana Jones series from back on Earth. Vaguely, being that you had watched it as a small child, but would never watch it after the first few times when you were younger. Nonetheless, the movie is fairly well-done in quality, better than you had expected from a book-to-movie experience.

In fact, by the time the credits are rolling, you and Rainbro are sitting on the edge of the sofa in excitement.

“That was SO AWESOME!” she exclaims, smiling at the screen while she watches the names of various ponies run down the screen as outtakes play on the side.

“Haha, yeah!” you smile at her. “I didn’t really expect much, but that was actually really good!”

She grins up at you. “So, whad’ya say, huh? Wanna watch the rest of ‘em?” she asks, her eyes beaming with excitement.

Fuck it, why not? The first one was entertaining enough.

“Go right on ahead, I’m just gonna head into the kitchen to fix up a quick snack to go with the movie,” you say, standing up off the couch. You hear a squee escape your bro as she leaps over to the television and prepares the second movie.

You walk into the kitchen, your hands quickly combing through the contents of your cabinets to try and find something.

You raise an eyebrow as you feel something smooth and round inside…

You wrap your hand around it, and pull it out…

…It’s an apple.

“Howdy Anon…”

Whelp, you’re fucked. Literally.

You quickly spin around, seeing Applejack standing there in the kitchen.

“What the hell? When did you wake up? How did you get in here without us knowing?”

“You’d be surprised as to just how much y’all get into those movies of yers,” she grins, trotting over to you. You’re cornered on the far side of the kitchen, away from the entrance to the living room. “Ah could easily just slip right past ya, so ah did. Been waitin’ in the kitchen here for about twenty minutes. Now… where were we?” she grins, rearing up on her hind legs and placing her hooves onto the counter around you, holding your arms down under them.

Damn ponies and their ungodly leg-strength.

You struggle under her hooves, but that only seems to fuel her hunger. She lunges forward in a kiss and you instinctively lean back to try to get away.

“Ah’ve been waitin’ a long time for this, Anon…” she grins, pressing her body against yours, and despite your efforts, they are futile as she trails her mouth down your neck.

“Looks like you’ll have to wait even longer then,” a female’s voice comes from behind her. Before Applejack has a chance to react, Rainbro comes to your rescue, picking Applejack up by the shoulders of her front legs, lifting her into the air. Despite her struggling and thrashing, she’s helpless to escape Rainbro’s grip.

Suddenly, you get an idea.

“Hey, bro, do you think the lake’s frozen over yet?” you grin up at Rainbro, and she almost instantly gets the message, while Applejack’s eyes widen and her pupils shrink to the size of pinpricks.

You sprint off to the door, lifting it to where Rainbro can safely slip out while carrying Applejack, before closing it behind her.

While you wait, you head into the kitchen, and look down at the counter that you were pinned at. You notice that the apple is still there.

Can’t hurt; it’s just an apple, after all, right?

You pick it up, and take a bite out of it.

Fucking delicious.


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After a few minutes, Rainbro returns and knocks on the door. You quickly rush over to it, and let her inside. She walks into the house, and shakes off the snow that had accumulated on her mane and fur.

“So? How’d it go?” you ask, curious as to what had become of Applejack in such a short amount of time; the lake was much farther away than that, and not even Rainbro could fly that fast while carrying Applejack’s weight, and return in how quickly she did.

She snickers. “Didn’t quite make it to the lake, but I have a feeling you’ll like what happened even better.”

“Where’d you leave her?” you ask, raising an eyebrow, your curiosity piqued.

“Let’s just say she’ll be a bit tied up for the time being,” Rainbro grins up at you. “Big Mac and Granny Smith were out and saw me carrying her by, and they offered to take care of her.”

“You had Big Mac lasso her legs together, didn’t you.”

“Oh Anon, you can read me like a book!” she grins widely, waving her hoof around. Big Mac and Granny Smith are always watching out for you. If Rainbro wasn’t already your bro, Big Mac and Granny Smith definitely would be.

Would that even work? You’d have to fit “bro” somewhere in both of their names…

…Big BroKintosh and Brony Smith?

Hm… Nah.

“So, which one was next on the list of movies?” you ask Rainbro, coming back from your spacing out.

Her eyes widen in surprise. “Oh yeah, that’s right, I almost forgot!” she exclaims, rushing over to the television. You walk over with her, and she hands you the case to the next movie the two of you have in store. “Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone!” she grins up at you.

“Is it good?”

“It’s the first one I ever read. It’s the one that got me into the series in the first place. Oh yeah. It’s good, all right,” she smirks up at you, hitting the ‘Play’ button. Both of you crash onto the couch, and as you pull up a blanket to keep the two of you warm, she unexpectedly curls up next to you. You think nothing of it, of course; it’s cold, and she probably just wants the extra body heat. “Oh my gosh, it’s starting!” she gasps, letting out another squee. You chuckle a bit as the opening of the movie starts…

“Oh no, did he just-!”

“Oh yeah, he did!” Rainbro exclaims as Ahuizotl snatches the relic from Daring Do with his hand-tail. Both of you are on the edge of the couch once again in excitement. This one was even more entertaining than the first one you watched, if the fact that you didn’t move in fear that it would ruin the experience had any merit to that statement.

The two of you stay in that position until Daring Do comes in and takes the relic back at the end of the movie. By the credits, the two of you are literally cheering and jumping up and down in excitement and joy as Daring Do runs off into the jungle once again to make her getaway.

“Wahoo!” you exclaim, pulling Rainbro into a huge brohug, fueled by the adrenaline of the situation. She wraps her hooves back around your waist, and she looks a bit flustered as she does. When the hug ends, she doesn’t let go. “Uh… bro?”

Her eyes widen, and she shakes her head quickly before looking up at you. “Oh, y-yeah, sorry about that…” she chuckles nervously, letting you go. You look outside; by now, it’s somewhere around mid-afternoon. “So, which one now?” she asks as you walk over to the movie pile.

“How about this one?” you reply, picking up another Daring Do movie, thinking that you should keep the trend going; two out of three have been good so far, those are damn good odds.

However, when you show her the cover, her eyes widen and her face instantly goes beet red, and she shakes her head violently. “Oh, no-no-no-no-no, you don’t want to watch that one,” she stammers, flying over quickly to try to take the case from you.

You keep it out of her reach, hiding it behind your back and using your hand as a buffer between her and the movie case. “And why’s that, hm?” you ask, a smug grin on your face.

You didn’t think it was possible, but lo’ and behold, her face gets even redder. “Um, well… that one’s not nearly as good as the others.”

“Oh? What makes you say that?” you ask, still keeping it out of her reach.

“Well… there’s not nearly as many action scenes of her kicking butt! And stuff…” she mutters, still unable to fight the blush on her cheeks.

“What kind of stuff, hm? Is there something that happens that you don’t want me to see?”

Her wings instantly flap outward, shaking a bit nervously. “Um…” Why do her wings always do that in situations like this? She should be used to it by now; she knows you don’t mean it or anything. “F-fine, if that’s how you want it, go ahead and put it in!” she grumbles under her breath.” You snicker at your victory, before putting the movie in and pressing ‘play’.

An hour or two later…


You shouldn’t have done that.

“Heheh. Told ya,” she grins, a light blush still on her cheeks. Your eyes feel like they should be burned from the inside out for what you have witnessed.

“Uh… Didn’t see that coming…”

She snickers a bit, her wings just slightly out as she watches you recover from it. “Here, drink this, it’ll make it better,” she says, handing you a leftover bottle of Applejack Daniels, grabbing another for herself. The two of you clank bottles together, before taking a huge swig of the drink.

This continues until you no longer feel uncomfortable about the scene you just witnessed. “Y-y’know… This movie ain’t half-bad…” you grin, relaxing back into the couch.

Rainbro nods, nuzzling up against you once again as the movie continues. Your drunken state is even less aware of it, however, which causes you to be even more caught off-guard when she asks her next question.

“Anon…” she turns to you. “What… what do you think of me?”

“What’re ya talkin’ ‘bout?” you ask, looking down at her.

“Well, you know…” she blushes, twirling her hooves a bit, “Do you consider me a… friend?”

What…? Where the fuck did this come from? “O-of course I do! You’re… You’re my bro, after all!”

“Yeah…” she mutters, sighing a bit.

“Hey, wha’s wrong?”

“It’s just… I dunno, you ever think that we could be… more than just normal bros?” she looks up at you, her magenta eyes filled with a sense of longing, almost.

“Wha? You mean, like super bros?”

Fuck you and your drunken logic.

“N-no, not quite…” she turns to face you. “I mean… like more than bros, or super bros, or super-mega-awesome bros! Y’know?”

“…Whad’ya mean, bro?”

Fuck you, your drunken logic, and your drunken obliviousness.

“Damn it Anon, you’re not listening to me!” she grunts angrily, shoving you down onto the couch under her. “I mean like a special somepon… someone!” she nearly shouts, her face flushed.

Your eyes widen. Wait… did she just say…

C’mon Anon, this is your bro we’re talking about! Both of you have been together since day one! But she’s a pony and you’re a human… But she’s just as human as anything else you’ve ever made friends with!

Damn conflicting thoughts in your head. You need a drink.

“Uh… Anon?” Rainbro’s voice snaps you back into reality. She’s still hovering over you, your faces just inches apart. Your mind is still attempting to process everything that just happened in the span of the last twenty seconds or so.


Mind.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. Restart? Y/N


The silence between the two of you continues as she can see your mind is working at full drunken capacity. “Anon…? You in there buddy?”

Mind.exe is running slowly. Would you like to clear up some space? Y/N

Closing SpeciesBarriers.exe…

“…You think I’m your… your special someone?”

Your drunken mind is still trying to process this part.


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Rainbro nods, still hovering over you, part of her lower mane hanging down onto your shirt. “I have… for a long time now, Anon…” her eyes lower a bit and her gaze detracts, but then soon returns to you. “Until now, I dunno… I guess I didn’t have the guts until tonight to tell ya.”

That is probably the biggest cliché in the book, but hearing it from Rainbro makes it completely different for you.

Especially since y’know, both of you are completely shit-faced drunk.

“…How long?”

You keep asking questions so that your brain can still process the last question she just answered. Turns out ever since she met you, she’s had an infatuation for you. Your enjoyment of sports and athletics were just the right things to get her interested in you, apparently. Fluttershy and Applejack just made it even easier for her to get close to you when they started their own attempts to get with you.

Of course she’s been having her own fantasies of being with you like that, but never acted on them for fear of you putting her in the same category as the other two.

Also, she’s telling you all of this in the span of about ten seconds, because she’s so nervous. You still find it hard to believe that your mind can actually process this fast despite being intoxicated. Hell, your regular state of mind could probably never process it this effectively.

All the while, she’s slowly inching closer and closer as she talks…

…Until her snout boops your nose.

The two of you are quiet for what seems like hours, neither of you moving a muscle.

Suddenly, Rainbro tries to stifle a giggle. She fails miserably, and the two of you are immediately laughing in drunken stupor. Once the two of you calm down, you smile up at her and wrap your arms around her in a hug.

“Well, must’ve taken a lot of guts to say something like that. Definitely a classic Rainbow Dash-style way of doing things.”

Her eyes widen a bit in surprise. “Wait, Anon… you called me Rainbow Dash…?”

You snicker a bit, before a sly grin curls across your lips. “Well, why not?” you ask, leaning in close and placing a small peck on her forehead. Nothing big, but a small token of affection. “You’re my special somepony after all, y’know?”

Her eyes widen to the point of where you think they’re going to pop out of her head. You’re suddenly wondering how those female characters in Japanese animes are able to pull it off. She blinks a few times, smiles, and then her eyes roll back and she collapses, falling limp on your chest, a deep blush on her cheeks.

Well, guess that’s one way to react.

That following morning, there’s a knock at the door. You slowly open your eyes, only to find out that fucking Celestia decided to waltz on into your sleepy time with her fucking sunlight burning through the fucking window into your fucking eyes FUCK IT’S SO BRIGHT.

You hold up your hand to block the light, notice RD sleeping soundly on your chest. The events from last night are still a bit of a blur due to your hangover, but you remember everything you need to. You smile lightly, slowly easing your way out to not wake her, keeping the blanket wrapped and tucked around her like a cocoon.

You walk over to the door and open it, stretching a bit as the morning sun hits you.

“Oh, Anon, glad to see you made it through the snowstorm. I’ve been looking for Rainbow, have you seen her?” an enthusiastic female’s voice comes from below your view of the sun.

It’s a purple unicorn, with a dark purple mane and a pink highlight running through the middle of it.

Twilight Sparkle.

“Oh, yeah…” you mutter groggily, nodding and scratching your head before your eyes widen and you kneel down to eye level with her, placing a finger to your lips and making motions to let her know that Rainbow was still sleeping.

She nods in understanding. “I’ll come back later then,” she whispers, smiling and nodding as she walks off.

Speaking of which, it looks like the snow’s stopped falling. Fillies are playing in it outside, and you notice that Twilight conveniently made a cleared path to your doorstep from the sidewalk.

What a bro, even though she’s not quite Rainbro-tier status quite yet.

In the distance, there’s an orange mare trotting towards your house, her head hanging down a bit dejectedly.

Fucking Applejack’s coming back for round three.

“What do you want?” you grunt, closing the door slowly behind you as you walk outside.

“Listen, Anon… Ah’m sorry ‘bout the way Ah’ve been actin’ towards ya. Guess it’s just mah instincts, that’s all,” she says, looking up at you. You don’t know what it is, but you can definitely feel the sincerity in her voice.

“Well, I’m still a bit skeptical about that, but I’m willing to forgive you in time. Though, I’m not letting you off the hook that easily,” you grin. “I want seven apples from your orchard every week. I get to pick them out myself.”

“Heh, sounds like a plan,” she smiles. “Friends once again?” she asks, holding out a hoof

You smile, taking it in your hand and shaking it. “Friends.”

“At least until ah decide to hit ya up next,” she winks slyly at you.

You give her the smuggest grin you can make. “Well, we’ll see how Rainbow thinks about that.”

It takes her a few seconds to process this. “Wait a minute… so does that mean you and Rainbow…?” Applejack’s jaw drops when she realizes what you mean by that.

You grin, turning around and walking inside the house, fully confident that Applejack has been thoroughly shocked by your handiwork. Well done, Anon.

As you enter, Rainbow’s slowly nodding herself awake. “Ugh… wha? What happened last night?” she asks, turning to look at you. “I had the best dream…”

“Oh? What was it about?” you ask, leaping over the top of the couch, plopping down onto the cushion next to the sleeping pegasus.

She immediately blushes. “Uh… nothing, it was just a dream, that’s all!” she exclaims, trying to hide her blush from you.

“You sure, Rainbow? You absolutely sure about that?” you ask, a grin still plastered on your face. And like Applejack, when she realizes what you mean by that, her jaw drops. You laugh, and pick her up into a tight hug. She returns it, nuzzling into your neck.

“Happy Hearth’s Warming, Rainbow Dash.”

“Happy Hearth’s Warming to you too, Anon,” she mutters, muffled by hiding her face in your shirt, which had suddenly become moist where her eyes were. “Best gift I could ever ask for.”

Dawn of the Second Day

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Chapter 6

The air that day was crisp and surprisingly warm, despite it being the middle of winter. The snow had gone down a bit, though small fillies and colts still played in the snow.

Not that you would know about that, though; you decided to celebrate your newfound relationship with your bro-turned-babe, and so the two of you plopped yourselves onto your couch, cuddled up under a warm blanket, and continued watching the rest of the Daring Do movie series, despite the traumatizing images of the third Daring Do mov—OH GOD NOT THE OCTOPUS AGAIN OH GOD WHY DID THEY HAVE TO PUT THAT IN THERE?!

You wake up in a cold sweat, your heart racing as your head shoots up and pulls you out from your slumber. Heh, you must have fallen asleep sometime during the movie; it’s pitch black outside now.

“Just… a dream,” you pant a bit, muttering softly as to not wake up the mare sleeping on your chest. You smile, just laying there for a moment, watching her body move with your chest as you breathe. She must have fallen asleep during the movie as well.

You gently place a hand on her mane, running your thumb lightly along the outside. It’s like silk, you think to yourself. You could get used to this…

“Hey, Anon!”

What is it, Brain?

“Time for some post-alcoholic deep-thinking!”

Oh fuck, why now? Your brain always knows just the perfect time it can fuck you over.

Could humans and ponies really even be together like that? You have to admit, after two years of having no human contact, it’s not like the thought hasn’t crossed your mind…

…Eh. You can worry about that later. Right now, what’s important is that nothing between you and your bro is kept hidden anymore. You close your eyes with a smile on your face, and Rainbow subconsciously nuzzles herself closer into your chest.

That morning, you woke up from your being sound asleep in the most relaxing way possible; you assume that it’s cloudy outside, mostly because you aren’t waking up this time to sunlight blinding you.

You slowly open your eyes to see… two more staring right at you. “Morning, Anon…” the mare smiles at you, moving up to nuzzle against your cheek. She has the most adorable half-asleep face on her right now. And those eyes… those beautiful, magenta irises… You couldn’t even fathom why your brain was having doubts about this.

“Heh, sleep well?” you smile, hugging her tightly to you.

“Better than you might think, Anon,” she grins at you. “Gotta say, you’re no cloud, but you’re damn comfortable,” she laughs, pushing up out of your grip and floating in the air above you. “Well c’mon sleepy head, get up! We’ve gotta get you outta the house, now that the snow’s stopped,” she exclaims, shaking your shoulders to wake you up.

“Alright, alright! Don’t worry, I’m up!” you laugh, sitting up onto the sofa and stretching a bit, feeling your body popping in at least 7 different places. Damn, that felt good…

But no time for that, Anon! Rainbow seems to have plans for today! The two of you head outside after you get dressed, and it’s definitely not as cold as it had been the past few days, despite there being clouds in the air.

You smile, breathing in deep through your nose, and see something out of the corner of your eye. You turn and look over to the side of the house.

It’s some kind of… snowman thing. Must’ve been made by one of the fillies running around in front of your yard. You walk over to it, and peer at it for a moment, inspecting it. It was very well-made; it looked almost like a real pony.

“Wait a minute…” you mutter suspiciously, scratching your chin. Something’s going on; snowmen don’t usually…


Or have eyes?

“Hello, Anon… I haven’t forgotten about how you left me in the snow! I’ve been waiting here for you…” the snowman mutters in a soft, familiar voice, yet it had a small hint of malice behind that silky smooth tone of…


Oh fuck. Rainbow just flew off into the distance.

You… really don’t like where this is going.


“Um… sorry, but I’m with Rainbow Dash now; you’re too late.”

The snowman stops abruptly, eyeing you for a moment.

Oh shit. She senses your hesitation…

“Well, Rainbow isn’t here, now is she? So that means you’re fair game!” she exclaims, leaping out of the snow and tackling you down, the snow too high for anyone to see anything.

Fuck… she has that crazy look in her eyes again. You never liked that.

End Chapter 6

Author's Note: Well well. Look at what we have here, another chapter continuing the epic. That's right. I finally got around to it.

Now, I know this was a bit short, but it should be enough to set up for the rest of the story I have in store for you mentlegen. Until next time...

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti


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Chapter 7

Well, Anon, this is just perfect. And to think today seemed pretty damn good so far. But now, you’ve got a crazed mare, holding you down as you struggle under her weight.

Damn. It’s always the quiet ones.

Fluttershy growls, before grabbing your shirt in her teeth. With a sharp tug, you wince as she rips your favorite shirt off of you, exposing your torso to the open air.

Oh, fuck. THERE’S the cold. In the form of snow against your back. You instinctively arch your back to get out of the cold, but all it does is press up against Flutter-rape.

“Oh, Anon… I didn’t know you would be so forward with me…” she says, in an obviously forced seductive tone. What the fuck is up with these damn crazy mares?!

She’s moved down to your waist now, fumbling with your pants. Thank the heavens above that these ponies don’t have hands to use… Quickly, you pray to whatever deity is listening that this next thing works; you bring your legs up and slam them into her sides, just in front of her hind legs. She lets out a loud yelp, and collapses on top of you.

Now’s your chance! You immediately take advantage of her weakness, struggling to get up while she recovers. As you take a step, however, you feel a tugging on your pantleg, followed by a sharp pain in your ankle.

This psychotic mare has your leg in her teeth. She may be crazy and timid, but even you know that her teeth are like a vice; you’re not going to be able to get it out yourself. Quickly, Anonymous! Think of an alternative!


You lift your leg, placing one foot in front of the other as you try your best to run, with the snow helping you with the lack of traction it gives Fluttershy’s hooves. Despite the lack of traction, however, you’re still stuck with being forced to tug her along behind you, her teeth not letting go of your leg.

“Why the hell are you always trying to rape me, Fluttershy?!” you yell out angrily, picking up your pace as the snow becomes a bit shallower.

“Because you’re not like the rest of us, Anon… Oh yes, your body is so much different from us. And that’s what drives me crazy… I want to know more! I want to feel you buried deep inside me…” she continues in the practiced seductive tone.

You let out an audible, annoyed groan, before trying your best to shake her off your leg.

…Ow, damn, not trying that again… Leg in a vicegrip, she’s not letting go.

Then, you hear a sound. Not a sound that you’re used to. Fluttershy notices it, too; her eyes are looking around, and her ears are perked up.

“Diggadiggadiggadigga…” you hear from all directions. All around you, small mounds of snow are moving around, slowly closing in on you…

“GET ‘EM!”

Fucking fillies.

Fucking snow.

How do fillies even MAKE snowballs, anyway? Don’t they have, like, hooves?!

As you slosh onward, the fillies continue pelting both of you with snowballs, the freezing cold hitting your bare torso feeling like tiny pin-needles with every slap of snow spraying across your chest and back.

But, not all is lost. For with every bad situation, there is a silver lining; they are also pelting Fluttershy with snowballs. This could work.

“Eat shit!” you yell out, before picking up a giant wad of snow in your arms. The freezing cold is enough to keep you moving quickly, and you dump the whole thing on Fluttershy, who lets out a yelp of surprise and lets go of your leg in the midst of everything.

Time to run like hell is on your heels, Anon! Use those junior high track skills! Get your ass in gear!

You take a sharp turn to the left, hiding behind a building as Fluttershy manages to recover from the stun.

“ANON! YOU KNOW THAT I’LL FIND YOU! I ALWAYS DO!” you hear her screech through the skies as she zooms around, peering down at the ground to try and find you. It’s time to get out of here…

You turn and head down the alleyway, out of the viewing range of Flutterrape…

…And run into a large, orange pony wearing a hat and striped bow. His fur is a brilliant amber hue and his mane is a curly orange. “Oh, Anonymous! What are you doing back here?” he asks, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Oh, sorry Mr. Cake; just trying to keep myself hidden, that’s all,” you say. You feel that the less people know about Fluttershy’s insane lusts, the better.

“Now, why would you be doing that?” he asks, “C’mon inside. The least we can do for you is get something to eat for you; you look like you haven’t eaten well for days!”

Heh, more than likely true; you’ve been cooped up in your house for a while. You definitely were getting hungry… and your stomach makes it clear to the two of you that it agrees.

Mr. Cake lets out a laugh. “Haha, and it looks like I was right on the money, wasn’t I? Come on in, Anonymous,” he says, opening the door for you.

Well, couldn’t hurt; you step up and into the back door of Sugarcube Corner. Mr. Cake could very well be a new potential bro if this is as good as you hope it is.

…Wait, did you really run that far? Sugarcube Corner is nearly on the other side of Ponyville…

…And why are all of the lights off?

“Mr. Cake?” you turn around, but he’s gone… and the door’s closed…

The hell?

End Chapter 7

Pastries, Ponies and Parties

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Sorry this took so long to put out; was busy with schoolwork and getting my newer stories approved... Now then! Starting from where we left off...

Chapter 8

Black. A lot of black. What the hell is going on here? “Hello?” you ask out into the dark room, squinting and adjusting your eyes as best you can to the darkness.

Suddenly, lights. Bright lights.

“SURPRISE!!” you hear voices shout from all around as ponies of every shape, size and color jump out from behind furniture all around the bakery, causing your heart to skip a beat. Everyone’s here! Rainbow, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, and… Applejack?

Pinkie hops over to you and immediately breaks out in a cheerful musical number. You’re still unsure of how she’s able to come up with those things so fast, and she’s moving her mouth so quickly you can barely catch what she’s saying, except…

It sounded like at one point it was talking about you and Rainbow?

You smile and turn to her after she finishes her song. “Thanks, Pinkie. But why a party?”

“Silly, you can have a party for anything!” she exclaims, wrapping a hoof around your shoulder. “Besides, what better way to celebrate the two of you hooking up like that than a party? You’ve been cooped up in that little house for too long; time to get you some food!” She giggles, zipping off into the back room as the rest of the ponies from around town begin to socialize and enjoy themselves.

Except… Applejack. She’s being awfully quiet. No rape attempts, so that’s a relief, but still…

“So, what do ya think? Pretty awesome party, huh?” Rainbow asks, flying over and smiling up at you. You laugh, picking her up into a hug.

“This is awesome, Dash, really. Thanks a bunch,” you say, holding her tightly to you.

Silence engulfs the crowd as Pinkie comes out of the kitchen a few moments later, wheeling out a massive chocolate cake in front of her. “To Anon and Dashie!” she cheers, riling up the crowd.

…That’s the biggest damn cake you’ve ever seen someone give you. Sure, you’d had pretty big cakes here before, but seriously, it’s almost as tall as you are! You laugh, turning to Pinkie and releasing Rainbow from the hug. “Thanks everyone, really!” you exclaim, looking around the crowd as the party truly begins.

A few hours into the party, and three slices of the richest chocolate cake you’ve ever had, Pinkie creeps over to you, plopping her flank down next to you as you take another bite of cake. “So, Anon… you two bumping flanks yet?” she whispers, giggling with a sly grin on her face. You nearly choke on the piece of cake you’ve got in your mouth from that.

“N-no! Of course not!” you manage to cough out, quickly swallowing the bite of cake. Damn, you could have really used a glass of milk with that…

Rainbow looks at Pinkie with a raised eyebrow, but then gets a playful grin. “Well Anon… why don’t we change that?” she growls softly into your ear as Pinkie giggles on the other side.

“Uh… I’m not sure I’m ready for that kind of thing…” you mutter, trying your best to take your mind off of the conversation by trying to swallow what remained of the cake.

“Why’s that, Anon? Don’t tell me you’re scared…” she whispers, her tone changing to a more playful-seductive one, albeit a bit rough around the edges.

You quickly shake your head. “L-let’s just get back to eating, that alright? Mmm, Pinkie, this cake is great!” you chuckle nervously, before both of the ponies burst out in laughter.

“Oh, oh man! You should’ve seen your face! Don’t think I’ve ever seen you get that red before!” Rainbow laughs, rolling around on the ground.

“Damn sneaky ponies...” you grumble to yourself, before taking another bite of cake.

“Oh Anon, don’t be like that! We’re just poking a little fun, that’s all,” Pinkie says, crawling up and nudging your shoulder with a hoof. “Besides… who couldn’t laugh at that expression? Priceless!” she giggles, letting out a small snort before laughing even harder.

“Yeah, priceless!” Rainbow snickers, finally starting to recover. “Besides, we wouldn’t do something like that…”

You let out a sigh of relief.

“…in public,” she grins, winking at you.

Why is this cake so goddamn rich? It’s the best fucking thing you’ve tasted in weeks, but if they keep making you choke like this, you swear it’s going to be the death of you…

End Chapter 8

It's short, I know, but stay tuned; I've got the rest of this in the works. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew I was still working on this... See all of you soon!

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti

It Begins.

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Chapter 9

“Rainbow, you shouldn’t tease Anon with those ideas!” Pinkie snickers mischievously, looking to her cyan-furred friend.

“But it’s so much fun!” Rainbow grins back at her. “Besides, he doesn’t mind. Right, Anon?” she asks, dragging out the “i” sound in “right” while nudging your side.

Hell hath no fury like a man being assaulted with sexual tension by pastel-colored equines. You bite your tongue, holding back from swearing and reminding yourself that yes, you were in a situation that may have demanded you to take action. But, there were also small fillies in the building, and the last thing you needed were angry mares and stallions coming to you when their children start spouting off “special” words they learned through you…

“Let’s…” you begin, “Let’s save this for another time. How’s that sound?” you mutter through gritted teeth.

Rainbro grins, but immediately catches on; she was probably pushing you too far at this point. Even your bro knows when enough is enough. “Oh, alright… we’ll wait until you and I are all alone to talk about this,” she whispers, and you can feel her breath along your neck as she says this, sending a shiver down your spine.

“Yeah! Right now, let’s just enjoy the party!” Pinkie exclaims, zipping off into the crowd with blazing speed.

You sigh, your head drooping into your hands, before looking to Rainbow with a smile. “Well, at least she’s got enough energy to go around, huh?” You hold up a piece of cake to your bro, who happily takes it into her mouth and swallows it, sucking your fingers clean.

…Hopefully, nobody was watching that. She had a… sensual way of pulling that off.

“So, nervous even when it’s consensual, aren’t ya, Anon?” a female’s voice with a Southern drawl comes from behind you…

Applejack. She still has that same look as before, but it looks like she’s keeping herself together while in public.

“The hell do you want?” You shoot her a look of contempt, and she flinches a bit, but returns with a forced smirk on her face.

“To enjoy th’ party, of course! After all, it IS your second-year anniversary of coming here, isn’t it?” she asks, stamping one hoof on the floor to accent her statement.

You think about this for a moment, and lo and behold, she’s right!

“Oh my gosh, that’s right!” Pinkie exclaims, hopping back over to you. “We’re celebrating two events with one super-mega-ultra awesome party!”

“That’s right,” another, more scholarly voice spoke as a purple-coated pony with a pink highlight running through her sapphire-blue mane. Her small dragon assistant, Spike, was standing next to her, smiling up at you. “It was exactly two years ago today Rainbow Dash found you. Hard to believe it, isn’t it? Feels like it was just yesterday, huh?” You nod; it really does feel like it’s been a short while. “And it seems you’ve finally decided you’re going to stay here, I assume?” Twilight asks, smiling brightly at you.

Now this… you hadn’t quite considered as much. You had made friends here, yes, but what about back home? What about your family? Your friends? Your loved ones?

On the other hand, however, this world was so much more peaceful than Earth. No major wars, no mass genocide, no corruption…

…And your bro, Rainbow Dash.

“…Yes. Yes I have,” you say, a smile creeping to your face as well. Rainbow’s eyes immediately light up, and she leaps from her seat, landing into your chest and knocking you out of your seat, nuzzling into your neck in happiness.

“Wonderful, darling!” A white unicorn manages to escape from the crowd and walks over to the rest of you. “You can’t just leave like that, anyway; you’re too good of a person. We wouldn’t allow it!”

You chuckle, smiling as you stroke Rainbow’s mane, realizing that regardless of what you may be, these ponies, well… they accepted you. All of them did. You sit up and smile, releasing Rainbow to float up in the air.

“Besides, you can’t just leave Rainbow all alone like that!” Pinkie exclaims, smiling brightly at you. “She’d never forgive you if you just up and left like that!” You laugh at this; chances are, she probably wouldn’t…

BANG! The sound of the door being smacked is heard, echoing throughout the room despite the partying that was occurring inside. The music stops, the ponies stop walking the dinosaur and get off the floor, and one final BANG! is heard before a crashing sound rattles the bakery as the front door slams down, revealing a very distraught, and very angry, pegasus.

“I told you, Anonymous…” the mare growls through gritted teeth, “You’re… going to… love me…”

…Fuck. Somehow you knew, somewhere in the deep recesses of your mind, that something like this would happen.

Fucking Fluttershy.

End Chapter 9

And so we've reached the first climax of this story. I hope all of you are enjoying yourselves so far. Things are getting heated...

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti


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Chapter 10 - Confessions

As the now-deranged pegasi steps toward you, Rainbow flies between you two. “What in the hay are you doing, Fluttershy?” she asks, stamping a hoof angrily. It was clear that by this point, the two of them meant business; Rainbow wasn’t going to let Fluttershy lay a hoof on you, and Fluttershy wasn’t going to let Rainbow stand in her way any longer.

Fluttershy simply snorts, her hooves in an aggressive stance. “Anon is NOT going to deny me this time! I’ve had it!” she snaps, stamping a hoof down before charging.

This is it. This is really it. Say goodbye to your xeno-virginity, it looks like-

…She’s been stopped? Where’d that rope come from?

“Applejack?” the yellow pegasus yelps in surprise as the orange pony pulls on the rope, holding the deranged mare back despite her tugging.

“That’s enough, sugarcube,” Applejack says, pulling Fluttershy to the ground. “He’s already got ‘im a mare.”

“No! No, I won’t have it! No…” Fluttershy continues tugging, but at this point you can see it’s a futile effort. Eventually, she realizes it as well, and collapses to the ground in tears. You feel a shiver go up your spine, as if someone -or something- would have your head if it/they saw you had done this. “No… not after all this time…” she continues to weep, both crushed by the fact that your affection would never be hers, and embarrassed by the fact that nearly everyone at the party was staring at her display at this point.

Slowly, hesitantly, you walk over to her and kneel down in front of her. She slowly opens her eyes again once she calms down, only to jump at seeing your being right in front of her. “…Why?” she looks up at you, tears in her eyes.

“Because after all this time, all I’ve ever come to expect from you is rape or some other form of holding me against my will,” you say, giving a small look to Rainbow before returning to Fluttershy. “That’s not what I want in someone.” She sniffles a bit, before getting to her hooves a bit hesitantly as you speak. “But that doesn’t mean we can’t still be friends. Even if I don’t accept your advances, you’re still one of us, and that won’t change.”

She sniffs a bit more, before looking up at you with big, glossy eyes. “O-okay…” she mutters, looking down in shame.

Whew, at least that’s over…

“…Right after I get me some of that big Anon meat of yours!” she grins, lunging forward at you and knocking you down.
Damn horny ponies and their uncontrollable instincts. Isn’t estrus in, like, spring or something?
Rainbow quickly leaps into the air, charging at Fluttershy with full intents on slamming into the pegasus. “Oh no, you don’t!” the butter-colored mare growls, raising her hind legs into the air to use Rainbow’s momentum against her.

Oh shit! She’s going to get slammed!

Rainbow’s eyes widen, and she pulls up at the last second, only to slam her head into the ceiling, knocking her out of the sky and nearly barreling into the giant cake in the room.

“He’s MINE!” Fluttershy yells, turning back to you with eyes the size of pinpricks. She presses on your still-bare chest, her teeth grinding with anticipation, and you can already feel an…

Oh god, it’s dripping on your waist, her… oh man, you could nearly vomit right now…

She has you pinned under her, just like in the snow…

That’s when the familiar purple aura of Twilight’s magic surrounds her, lifting her slowly into the air. “No! No! Let me go!” she flails and kicks, and you quickly roll to the side, getting out of the way of… well, the liquids that were now stained all over your pants. Gross…

“Why, Fluttershy?” you ask, getting to your feet and staring at her at eye level. “Why would you try something like that? Especially in front of all of our friends?”

She looks at you with wide eyes, before looking away. “I…wanted you, Anon. I wanted you for the longest time… When Rainbow first found you out in the Everfree Forest, you were always interesting to me…” She’s choking up now, but you keep your distance at this point; you don’t know if she’s going to try something again. “And… when I found out you were with Rainbow, I just…” she sniffs a bit, holding back tears.

“…It threw you over the edge?”

She nods solemnly, as Twilight slowly lowers her back to the ground. “Anon, I’m so sorry about all of this. Really, I am…” she mutters, looking up at you with teary eyes.

“It’s alright, Fluttershy. I understand.” You reach down, pulling her into a hug; she’s too stunned to move. “Apology accepted.” Slowly, she wraps her front hooves around you, hugging back tightly. She buries her muzzle into your chest, and you can hear small sobs coming from her.

“Anon, yer one crazy guy, y’know that?” Applejack chuckles. “Five seconds ago y’all were worried she’d get into those pants o’ yers. Dunno if yer jus’ more forgiving, or if yer just plain nuts.”

You laugh. “Heh, my mom was always like that, actually. Guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Applejack gets another chuckle out of that. “Now c’mon, let’s enjoy the rest of the party!” you turn to Fluttershy, “All of us.” Everyone cheers, before the music starts again and they start dancing and partying like they should be.

Everything went better than expected, it seems.

It’s a few hours later now, and most of everyone has either left, or passed out along the walls. One mulberry-furred pony even managed to pass out face-deep in the punch bowl.

…How the hell was she even breathing?

“So… you’re staying then, right?” The sound of someone approaching you breaks your train of thought, and you turn around to see who it is.

Spike. Always a pretty level-headed guy, albeit a bit young, but still knew how to have fun despite his age. You smile and nod. “Sure, why not? I’ve got plenty of friends here, and plenty of bros to hang out with,” you say, holding up a fist to the young dragon. He grins happily, before the two of you slam your fists into one another, completing the ancient ritual passed down by the elder bros of your world. This dragon, man; he could easily become a possible replacement as a new bro, now that Rainbow and you are a couple, right? Speaking of which…

You look around, and spot Rainbow and Pinkie in a corner, talking about something. Pinkie steals a few glances at you, before giggling and returning to the conversation. What could they be talking about?

“Oh Anon! Just the ‘man’ I wanted to see…” Pinkie grins and hops over to you, pulling on your hand. “I’ve got something super-secret to talk to you about!” she exclaims, dragging you to the kitchen in the other room. After the two of you are out of earshot from everyone, Pinkie leans in and whispers. “So, Anon… you’ve got hots for Dashie, hmmm?”

You’re not completely sure where she’s going with this…

“Uh… I guess…? Yeah?”

“Ooh! So does that mean that the two of you are gonna start living together?” she asks, adding emphasis to ‘together’.

This gets you thinking a bit; is that what ponies did when they start seeing each other? “I dunno… maybe, I guess.”

Pinkie gets up close to you now.




She’s right up in your face now; there’s literally NOTHING between your eyes and hers at this point. “Well, Anon, you should probably make your decision soon… because Dashie’s wondering too,” she whispers, making sure that LISTENING EARS would not hear those words, before looking to the side. From your angle, you could only barely spot a small tuft of rainbow hair peeking out from the side of the doorway before it slipped out of sight.
You look back to Pinkie and slowly nod, hoping that she would separate herself from you once she got a response. “Great! Hey Dashie, Anon wants to talk with you!” she turns to shout, so everypony in the building and within a fifty-meter radius of the bakery could hear.
Fucking Pinkie Pie and her over-eccentric attitude…
Rainbow peeks out from the doorway and walks in. “What is it, Pinkie?” she asks, looking between the two of you with a raised eyebrow.

“Anon was talking with me about you moving in with him!” she shouts once again, pointing dramatically at you. This causes gasps from all of the remaining ponies in the party, who had since collected themselves behind Rainbow.

She looks at you, a slight blush on her cheeks. “Well… what did you say?”
Your mind is racing at this point. What’s the right answer?! Yes? No? Dunno…? “Uh, well…” you mutter, unsure of what to say in this situation. “I guess if you sorta-want-to-maybe-go-and-possibly-come-live-with-me-it’s-alright,” you quickly race the words out as soon as your brain transmits them. Pinkie’s eyes widen, Rarity’s jaw drops just a bit, and somewhere Discord was probably rolling in his stone imprisonment in laughter at this point. As for Rainbow, however…

Fwoosh. Wingboner, and a face nearly as pink as Pinkie’s face normally is.

There’s an awkward silence between you two, and then Rainbow is the first to react, completely taking you off-guard. Within seconds, the next thing your mind is able to process is that you’re on the ground now, lips locked with a certain cyan pegasus.

Reality calls! Time to pull yourself together, Anon! You’ve got Rainbow kissing you, what’re you gonna do?

Your eyes slowly close as the two of you are taken by the kiss. Your arms drape around her back, pulling her tightly against you and further deepening the kiss. She does the same, choosing to wrap her front hooves around your head, keeping your lips locked with hers until you literally have to tap her back to remind her that you, as a living organism, also need oxygen.

The two of you break the kiss slowly, and you stare into those deep, magnificent eyes of hers. From the other room, ponies are cheering, and even Fluttershy and Applejack can’t help but smile at the scene.

Oh yeah. You’re definitely staying here.

End Chapter 10 – Arc 1

Well, there you have it. I hope you all have enjoyed... well, the story that started it all, really. It's been nearly 9 months since this story was first made (It was originally posted in its >greentext form on 4Chan on March 10th, 2012), so it's really been a trip for me.

Now, as for future installments of this story... I don't know. We'll see. I know I'm going to at least get the next part to you guys in an epilogue of some kind, but outside of that... it seems like too much of a chore to me, really. That, and I feel like I left this on a pretty good note as is.

So for now, outside of the epilogue, this will be the final chapter of Sonic Boom. I hope you all have enjoyed this story, and please, leave your opinions in the comments section; I read every comment I get, and I do my best to respond to as many as I can. It lets me know that what I'm creating is reaching people, and that just... well, it's just a good feeling to have.

~Wuten, the King of Spaghetti

Late Night Extravaganzas... (Epilogue of Arc 1)

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“Heh, that was a pretty awesome party Pinkie held, wasn’t it?” You smile at Rainbow, who’s gone ahead and decided to wrap her forehooves around your neck, gently flapping her wings to keep her level with you as you both walk to your home.

“You kidding? Best party ever!” she exclaims happily, nuzzling her cheek into yours. You chuckle, before returning the gesture, bringing your hand to her other cheek, just barely scratching under her ear.

“Hey, Rainbow, guess what?”

She stops for a moment and looks at you, a smile on her face. “What, Anon?”

“Love you.” You smile back at her, bringing a hand up to slowly run it through her mane as both of you arrive at your house. When you arrive, however, she releases you from her hooves’ grip.

“Oh! I totally forgot! I’ll be right back; I’ve gotta grab something from my house,” she says, quickly speeding off towards Cloudsdale as you reach the front door.

“Always in a hurry, aren’t you Dashie?” You chuckle to yourself, before opening the door and walking inside. It had gotten chillier in the past hours that you had been away, so you walk over to the fireplace and put a few logs on, getting some heat going through the house.

…It’s at this time you realize you’re still without a shirt. Damn, you’re pretty observant, aren’t you, Anon? You chuckle to yourself, standing up and walking over to your bedroom, rummaging through your clothing drawers before pulling out a large, blue sweatshirt.

“…It’s a bit large, but it’ll do,” you say to yourself, slipping the sweatshirt on and pulling it down over your waist. Yeah, this thing was pretty fucking huge on you. You could barely fit your arms through the sleeves. Didn’t matter all that much to you, though; the sweatshirt was thick, which meant you would be warm. And at this point, that’s all you cared about.

Before you leave, however, you walk over to your bed. Kneeling down, you reach your arm under it, feeling around for something… anything…

Aha! There it is! You wrap your hands around the hard, now-cold object, pulling it out from under your bed. It’s a bottle of wine, straight from Las Pegasus. After grabbing the bottle, you walk out of the bedroom, setting the bottle in front of the fireplace before grabbing two wine glasses from the kitchen.

…You don’t even want to COUNT how many favors you had to pull to get these; but tonight seemed as good a night as ever. Hearth’s Warming Eve, spending the night with your bro-turned-girlfriend.

Heh, it’s almost hard to believe, isn’t it? Over the course of just two days, your closest bro turned into someone you couldn’t imagine living without. And yet, after all of the chaos that ensued, you wouldn’t have it any other way. You walk into the living room, setting the two glasses down next to the fire before pouring a small amount of wine into each glass. This was expensive stuff; you wanted to make it last.

Ah… all you needed now was a parlor chair and a large throw rug of a bear or something, and you’d be in business. Fluttershy probably wouldn’t take kindly to that, though…

Your train of thought is interrupted, however, when a knock comes from the door. You smile, setting down your glass of wine and walk over to the door, opening it.

“Hello, Anon…” you hear a playfully seductive voice speak as you open it.

“Rainbow, what is that?” you ask, peering at the strange outfit she was wearing.

“Oh, this?” she asks, winking and striking a seductive pose; it was a black outfit that covered her entire body. You’ve not ever seen her wearing THIS before… “You like it?” It hugs her figure pretty tightly, and despite her usually not wearing clothes anyway, it left very little to the imagination. “I figured I’d try it on again, especially for what I have planned for tonight…” She flashes you a sly grin, walking inside while noticeably swaying her flank side to side as she did so.

…Oh yeah. Tonight was going to be fun.


End Epilogue










The Morning After (Arc 2 Start!)

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Sonic Boom
Arc 2
Chapter 1 - The Morning After

Ah, morning… your least favorite time of day.

To reiterate: you are Anonymous, the only human living in Equestria, and it’s been that way for two years, as of yesterday. Rainbow Dash is your bro-turned-girlfriend, and the two of you just had the wildest night last night. The musk is still in the air from your post-coital bliss the night before.

And you couldn’t be happier with the situation. The only thing making it terrible? The sun. The fucking sun in your eyes is what woke you up.

Tiredly reaching a hand up, you block out the sun while your other hand rubs the crust out of your eyes. Feels good, man. Feels reeeeal good. You let out a long yawn, a few strands of hair getting caught in your mouth in the process.

Wait, these aren’t your hairs; they’re too colorful. Looking down, you see Rainbow Dash, curled up on your chest with the most adorable sleeping face you’ve ever seen.

“Thanks Celestia, for waking me up this early,” you mutter, smiling at the sun in the window. “Also, fuck you, for waking me up this early.” You flip your hand up into a middle finger towards the sun, and you swear you can feel the temperature on your hand rise a few degrees before you pull it back to you.

Dash stirs on your chest slightly, curling a bit tighter against you. You smile, lifting your head up and leaning it to hers, planting a small kiss on her nose. “Morning, Dashie,” you whisper softly, wrapping your arms around her soft body.

She stirs once more, and this time those beautiful magenta eyes open to meet yours. “Heh… morning Anon,” she mutters groggily, standing up on all fours and stretching a bit, before slumping back down on your chest, her eyes staring back into yours. “How’d ya sleep?”

“Like I haven’t in years,” you say, smiling and tilting your head up to hers in a small kiss, this time on the lips instead.

“Same here,” she mutters into the kiss, before breaking it after a few seconds, flapping her wings and floating in the air above you. “Well, c’mon! Breakfast isn’t gonna make itself, y’know,” she teases, giving you a playful wink before flying off into the kitchen.

“Heh, always full of energy, even in the morning…”

Sitting up, you grab a pair of pants to slip on, and then step up off the sofa and into the kitchen behind her. “So, what’d ya want?” you ask, turning the corner into the kitchen.

“What’d ya have?” she teases, mocking your choice of words. You sounded kind of like Applejack just then, you realize.

“Hm… I could cook a few eggs if you want. Ever had some?”

She raises an eyebrow briefly, before shaking her head. “Nope. Never had ‘em before.”

Fuck yeah. Time to show her how much being a bachelor has helped your cooking skills.

Grinning, you walk over to the counter and pull out a skillet and your carton of eggs. “Stand back and watch, Rainbow,” you say, pulling two eggs out of the carton and cracking them into the skillet, flipping on your stove. It wasn’t much compared to what you had on Earth, you admit, but hey. It worked, and that’s what’s important.

She’s watching you intently now, hovering just behind your shoulder as you fry up the eggs. You decide to entertain her a bit, to show off a little as you cook. Hopefully you can pull it off…

They look solid enough now, so you flip the eggs up into the air with the skillet, and successfully manage to catch them. Fuck yeah, cooking like one of those pro chefs you saw on those television shows. Rainbow’s eyes widen in astonishment, before chuckling a bit and floating over to sit back down in her seat at the table.

After about two minutes the eggs are fully cooked, so you reach into a cabinet and pull out two plates, putting one egg on each plate. “Alright, here ya go,” you say, setting one plate down in front of her and another down for yourself. She hesitates for a few moments, before taking a small bite out of it.

Her eyes go wide and a grin curls across her lips. She loves it.

With what you can only describe as the speed of Kenyans, she digs into the eggs, slurping up as much of the egg yolk as possible before licking her lips clean. “Wh-whoa, those are awesome!” she shivers a bit from the taste, and smiles at you. “Where’d you learn to make something like this?”

“Living on your own isn’t all bad,” you smirk, taking a bite in a much calmer manner. “Gives you a chance to experiment with different foods and spices.”

Holy shit, this is good… you really outdid yourself this time, Anon.

“So, what’re your plans for today, huh?” Rainbow asks as you take another bite.

You swallow quickly before responding. “Well, I was planning on heading up to the general store later today to pick up a few things… that was actually the last of the eggs, unfortunately,” you chuckle a bit, relaxing in your chair as you finish your egg. “I really need to remember to head there more often, especially in the middle of winter…” you sigh.

“Hey,” Rainbow says, floating up out of her seat and coming around next to you, wrapping her forehooves around your neck, nuzzling into your hair. “Thanks for breakfast this morning, Anon. That was amazing,” she whispers.

“Hey, no problem,” you smile, turning your head to place a soft kiss on her cheek. “I’m just glad tha—”

A knock at the door interrupts your little moment.

She smiles down at you, floating from the embrace. “I’ll get it,” she says, giggling a bit before floating over to the front door, while you move to start collecting and cleaning the dishes in the sink.

“What are you two doing here?” you hear Rainbow’s voice erupt from the other room.

“Howdy there, Rainbow. We, um… we have somethin’ t’ give ya, to make up fer all the stuff we’ve put y’all through,” you hear one of the voices say, albeit a bit hesitantly.


“What’re you talking about?”

“Listen, sugarcube. We’re both real sorry ‘bout all that’s been goin’ on.”

Weird, Applejack already apologized to you, and when she says “we”, does she mean…

“So, we’ve brought you a lil’ somethin’ as a peace gift,” Applejack says with a bit more confidence, and you hear the sound of shuffling bags before it stops.

“What is it?” Rainbow asks, and you hear the confusion and surprise in her voice.

“Accordin’ to Fluttershy here, it’s a transformin’ potion from Zecora,” Applejack says, and you nearly drop the plate you’re cleaning as those words reach your ears.

Did such a thing really exist? Could it even work?

Setting the plate down, you slip up to the corner of the wall in the kitchen, listening in and peeking out every so often.

“What’s it do?” Rainbow asks while eyeing the vial of strange liquid. Applejack hoofs it to her, and she gets an even closer look.

“It’s really something,” Fluttershy speaks up for the first time. “It lets you turn into the species of whatever you want. All it takes is adding one hair from the species into the potion, and then you drink it, and voila!” she exclaims, albeit still a bit quietly given her usual tone of voice.

It kind of makes sense… but still, you’re a bit suspicious of it.

“How long does it last?” you ask, rounding the corner and walking over, towering above them while leaning against the doorframe.

“Zecora told Fluttershy it’d only last about a half a day, before wearing off,” Applejack looks up at you.

Definitely suspicious now.

You know for a fact that Applejack wouldn’t lie, but… what if it was the only truth she knew?

Rainbow turns to look at you and smiles. “So… what you’re saying is, if I drink this, I could be a human too?”

“Hold on,” you turn to Fluttershy. “What kinds of other effects can we expect from this, Fluttershy?” you ask, eyeing her closely for any signs that she isn’t telling the truth.

“Zecora didn’t tell me about any other effects that could happen,” Fluttershy cowers a bit under your intense gaze.

…Doesn’t look like she’s lying.

“Alright… let’s get this over with.”

You reach up to your head and pluck out a single strand of hair. “You’re absolutely sure about this, Rainbow?” you ask, holding the hair up to her.

She nods and opens the vial with her teeth, holding the vial of liquid up to you. “Yeah. It’ll be a bit weird getting used to walking around on two feet, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get the hang of it easily within the first hour,” she grins excitedly as you drop the hair into the vial, the liquid fizzling and dissolving the hair on contact.

Suddenly, you’re even less sure about this.

“Bottoms up!” Rainbow teases, downing the entire potion in one go. She recoils a bit at the taste, but swallows it all.

The three of you eye her intently, waiting to see the effects of the potion taking place…