• Published 24th Jul 2019
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Flash Sentry Chronicles: The Knight of Friendship - Banshee531

The time has finally come. After years of training, dangerous adventures and fights that would kill a normal pony, Flash Sentry is only one step away from being a Royal Knight. But can he overcome this final obstacle, and achieve his dream?

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The Frozen Wanderer

Author's Note:

Well ladies and gentlemen, it's the moment you've all been waiting for. The culmination of many plot points leading up to right now. I give you, the Knight of Friendship.

The Equestrian North...

A bitter wind blew across the fields, a fresh coat of snow riding it down from the heavens. As that snow landed on a field of white, a single train track began to shake as a the powder started to fall off the iron rails. Here, a snowplough train rocketed across the white plains, chugging along the track as it made its way to the Crystal Empire.

Within the carriages of the train, we find Ponyville's most famous ponies staring at the winter wonderland. And as this happened, one of the ponies, known as Scootaloo, was practically vibrating in her seat. "Oh, I can't wait! Flash is gonna be a knight soon!"

"Only if he passes his test," Sweetie Belle countered, only for her friend to glare and huff at her.

"Oh please. After everything Flash's been through, passing some measly test is gonna easy."

"She's right!" Springer added, "What's Flash gotta worry about? This thing's gonna be a piece of-"

"CAKE!" Pinkie Pie cheered as she held out three slices of cake, handing them to the jakhowl and fillies. Pinkie giggled at their eager appetites as she stuffed her mouth with a fourth slice. "And Springer's right! Flash'll be fine! And when he's made a knight, I'm gonna throw him the biggest party ever to celebrate!"

"I'm down for that!" Wild finished as his puppets hopped up and down on his shoulders.

"Down for that! Down for that!"

"I don't know girls," Twilight Sparkle said from her seat. "We don't know what kind of test Flash has to take before he's knighted."

"Oh lighten up Twi," Rainbow Dash told her as she flew through the carriage. "Whatever this test is, Flash'll nail it. After all, Scootaloo's right about him being through a lot. Nightmare Moon, Lightning, Discord-"

"Did somepony call for me?" The ponies all hopped in place at the voice, soon looking up to see the draconequus laying across the baggage rack.

"Discord?" Fluttershy gasped, "What are you doing here?"

"What, isn't giving somepony support something friends do?" He snapped his fingers, warping him a flash of light to the center of the carriage with a cheerleader outfit. Four more Discords appeared next as they began to cheer. "Go Flashy! Go Flashy! Go Flashy!"

"We get it Discord. Get rid of your other selves." Iron growled, making Discord roll his eyes as the cheerleaders disappeared. "And you better not try and mess anything up."

"Oh please, would I really do that?" Discord huffed as a halo appeared over his head.

"Yes," Applejack dryly replied. "Nothing's off limits to you if you think it'll make yah laugh."

"And I'm pretty sure some of us are still a little miffed at you for what happened with Tirek," Lightning added.

Rarity nodded in agreement. "So if you have plans to cause any issues during this test, you can just leave right now."

Discord pouted as he crossed his arms, Fluttershy floating up to him. "They're right Discord, this is really important to Flash, so I want you to promise me you'll behave." She gave Discord the best puppy dog eyes she could make, causing the chaos spirit to sigh.

"Very well," he held out his hands to show he wasn't crossing his fingers. "I promise not to make any trouble for Flash."

"Do you Pinkie Promise?" Pinkie asked next, making Discord cross his heart before pulling out one of his eyes and sticking it in a cupcake. "Perfect!"

"Now then..." Discord wiped his eye with his elbow before putting it back in its socket. "Where exactly is our little test taker?" This made everyone in the carriage look around, only to get the response of silence. "Not here?"

"You're right...where is he?" Twilight asked as she stared down the door to the leave the carriage.

One carriage over...

Flash was watching the mountains fly by in the window. His heart was beating a mile a minute, low grumbles coming out of his mouth. "Come on....come on! Relax!" He patted his cheeks with his hooves. "I've got to do this...so I need to-"


"YAH!" Flash leapt up, forgetting he had wings for a moment before slamming into the floor. "Ow..." he moaned as he picked himself up, now seeing his friends move into the carriage. "Don't sneak up on a guy like that."

"Sorry." Twilight added as she helped him up, "But what are you doing in here...all alone?"

Flash immediately looked away, "Just...sitting by myself."

This statement made Twilight raise an eyebrow. "You're worried about the test, aren't you?"

"What?" Flash asked before letting out a fake laugh, "Don't be ridiculous."

He jumped up onto the bench and put his hooves behind his head, "I'm fine."

Springer tilted his head at this, "Really? Then why am I sensing enough panic to make six and a half hyperventilating Fluttershys?" As these words were said, the jakhowl found himself on the receiving end of two glaring pegasi, "Err....maybe I'm not sensing that?"

Before anyone else could say anything, Discord appeared behind him and hooked him up to a polygraph. "Don't think you can hide anything from us boyo. Now, what's wrong?"

Flash rolled his eyes, "I'm fine."

In response, the machine's needle flew from left to right really fast. "That's not what the machine says."

"Well the machine is broken. I'm fine!" The needle sped up so much it broke, Pinkie and Lightning needing to duck down as the needle flew over them. The shattering sound of glass that happened next made everypony flinch, making everypony glare at the chaos beast.

"Heh heh..." Discord laughed as a collar appeared around his neck to pull. "Oh, look at the time. I'd best be off," snapping his finger, the being teleported as the broken window repaired itself.

"Well....at least he fixed his mistake." Applejack grumbled as she tapped the window.

"I guess he is learning," Rarity added as they all turned back to Flash.

The pegasus now seeing the focus on him again, he let out a sigh, "Look everypony, I'm telling you, I'm...fine. Just because this is the most important test of my life, the moment I've been waiting for since I first became an apprentice and messing it up would make me be seen as not ready to take this step-" As he was saying this, his breathing had got more rapid until he broke out in a full-on panic attack.

The others all grimaced at this as Pinkie handed him a paper bag. He quickly took it, a minute passing as he stuck his head in bag, Twilight now rubbing his back, "You okay now?"

"Never better," Flash wheezed out.

Twilight rolled her eyes, shaking her head. Turning to her friends, "Can you all give us a minute?" They all nodded, soon leaving the two alone. "Alright Flash...talk."

"I'm fine Twilight."

"You just had a full-on panic attack."

"It wasn't a panic attack. What you saw was...excitement. Yeah, it was an excitement attack." Twilight just replied with a flat, unconvinced stare, "Seriously, it's nothing you need to worry about."

"Flash, if you feel like you need to worry about it, then so do I." She placed a hoof on his, "We're a team. Anything bothering you bothers me."

Flash just sighed, turning away, "I just...I just keep thinking...what if I'm not ready?" Twilight raised an eyebrow at this. "What if I'm not ready to be a knight? I mean...look at everything the other knights went through to become the ponies they are today. I've never had some great heartbreak that defined me. I never lost my parents, or I thought I had but I didn't. Heck, I've never had a friend turn evil. I'm just...a normal pony."

"You really think a normal pony could do everything we've been through? Flash, after everything you've done, after all the evils you faced, do you really think you're not ready?"

"Yeah...I do." Flash grumbled as he glared back at Twilight, "Think about it. Name one big event where I took the villain down on my own without any help." Twilight opened her mouth...only for nothing to come out. "Exactly. Not only that, I haven't had a good track record lately. I mean, I lost to Tirek, couldn't do a thing to the Sirens by myself, got beat by Shade instantly, and...I did nothing to Starlight. I just...keep failing." He slumped back into his chair. "I want this...more than anything. But wanting something and being ready for it are two completely different things."

He pulled out his Celestic Gear and scanned it over, "If I didn't have this sword, if Grand hadn't made me his apprentice, I...I wouldn't be anything important. I'd be the same pony I was the day we first met. A nopony."

Twilight sighed as she got off the chair and pulled his weapon out of his hooves. "Flash, you are not a nopony. Trust me. I have known you longer than anypony else and if there's one thing I know about you, it's that you're are an incredible pony." Flash's frown start to go into a smile as Twilight continued, "And you're right. Without your sword and your title, you'd be just like you were when we first met. A selfless colt who's willing to stick his neck out for anypony he sees in trouble, even if he barely knows them."


"Hold it!" Twilight interrupted as she put both hooves on his shoulders, "Listen muscle for brains, you are the bravest, most stubborn, most determined...knucklehead I've ever met. Being an apprentice, having this sword, didn't give you that. They just made it-"

"Easier?" Flash finished.

Twilight nodded. "And for the record, you are worthy of being a Royal Knight. Heck, you should already be one, but I won't argue with that...that's for arguing with Grand. Not only that, you might not have some depressing backstory, which being abandoned by your parents still puts something in my books, but you've done more as an apprentice than most knights have done in their entire lives." she tapped his chest with her hoof, "You...are ready."

Flash and Twilight stared at one another for several seconds, Flash's smile now returning as he replied, "Yeah...you're right. Thanks Twi." His entire body shook like a leaf, "Don't know what happened to me there."

Twilight giggled at this. "Now you can't complain the next time I start to panic."

Flash just rolled his eyes, "Okay...I promise, but only on the big stuff. You're digging your own grave when you're going nuts over one book being in the wrong section of the library." Twilight growled back, only for both to break out in a fit of giggles. And as they did this, they continued to stare at each other, not realising their faces were getting closer. But when they were a just an inch away...

"Next stop, the Crystal Empire!"

This announcement made both gasp, their faces quickly retracting and heads turning in different directions. "We uh...we should get our things." Twilight said while twiddling her hooves.

"Good idea," Flash added as they both started to go into the next carriage, both not looking at each other.

The train soon pulled up to the station, the ponies all leaving the train as they walked into the Crystal Empire. Gasping at the sight, still surprised at the empire's beauty, especially Lightning and Wild since it was their first time coming.

"Dude!" yelled a voice, making them look up and saw Soarin above them all. Here, he landed by Flash, rushing up to him both giving him a noogie. "Hey bud! Looks like I'll have to start calling you sir, huh?"

"Soarin! I still need to breathe!" Soarin laughed at this before getting off of him. "But thanks. Didn't think you'd be here."

"You think I'd miss my best bud's big moment?! I flew to the train station the moment I finished reading Grand's note. Spitfire's gonna have my head, but it's worth it." He then felt somepony punch him in the shoulder, making him turn to his marefriend.

"Forget somepony?" She asked with crossed hooves, only for Soarin to blush as he put his wing around her.

"Sorry. Just wanted to give Flash my best before the others."

"It's cool...I guess." Rainbow muttered as she tried to hide her own blush.

Soarin turned back to Flash, now seeing him tilt his head in confusion. "Others?" Soarin just smirked before telling them to follow, the group soon arriving at the castle. There, they spotted a lot of familiar faces, in particular the three princesses along with Shining Armor. Right by them was the Royal Knights, all giving hopeful smiles, along with Trixie, Solid Script, Gorgenia, and...

"Mom! Dad!" Twilight exclaimed as she ran over and pulled her parents into a hug. "I didn't know you were coming."

Night Light laughed as she let go. "You think we'd miss this?"

Velvet nodded and walked over to Flash, pulling him into a hug. "We're so proud of you."

"Thanks. I'm glad you're here."

In that moment, Grand Hoof patted his apprentice's back, "Well kid, this is it. You're but one step away from finally becoming a Royal Knight. You nervous?" In response, Flash did a small gulp, the others laughing at this.

Heather shook her head at this, showing a soft smile, "Don't worry. We know you're probably a little anxious, but that's perfectly normal."

Ruby nodded in agreement. "Yes, I remember how I felt when I realized I was going to be knighted."

Luna giggled at this, "Oh, I'll never forget that. If I remember correctly, you spent the whole morning brushing your mane. By the time of the test, your hair was straight enough to be used as an ironing board." This made them all laugh as Ruby blushed more then her red crystal mane allowed.

"Yeah...thank goodness I had that awful mission after the test so you could delay my knighting." Ruby muttered, getting a small playful shove from Luna.

First Aid spoke up next. "Just remember to relax and to not let your nerves get the better of you. This may seem like a lot to handle, but in time you will get used to the idea."

"Indeed amigo," Tidal chuckled. "I look forward to speaking to you with an equal title."

"Now hold on," Skybreaker stepped up. "I respect the kid as much as the rest of you, but the way you're talking it's like he's already completed his final trial. I mean, no offense kid, but we can't be getting ahead of ourselves."

"That's a bit mean," Soarin grumbled, only to see Celestia step in front of them.

"Sir Skybreaker is right. I too am looking forward to seeing Flash be knighted, but just because I wish for it doesn't mean I can allow it should he fail."

Seeing this, Cadance spoke up. "But we still have faith that Flash'll pass and be knighted."

"Yeah," Shining added, "I'm sure whatever it is, Flash'll be able to handle it no sweat."

"If you say so," Flash replied before turning to Grand. "So what is my test anyway?"

Before Grand could reply, Springer raised his paw. "It's not gonna be a written test about what he's learned as an apprentice, is it?"

Grand laughed. "HA! No, it's not anything like that. Though it will test Flash on everything he's learned."

"So what is it?" Scootaloo asked as the Royal Knights all stepped into line.

Once Iron was in line, Grand began. "Flash Sentry, your final trail will be a combat situation. Your opponent will be one of the Royal Knights and only by defeating them, can you officially call yourself one of us."

This statement put everypony on edge, Flash now wide-eyed at hearing the task. "Okay...so who am I fighting? Is it you Grand?"

He shook his head. "No kiddo, I'm not the one you'll be facing."

"Alright," Flash turned to Ruby, "Figured there'd be a reason I had to come here for my test."

"I'm not your opponent either," the crystal unicorn replied.

Flash raised an eyebrow, now turning to Skybreaker. "Not me kid."

"Sorry amigo, not me either."

Heather and First shook their heads, "Nope."

"Your opponent will be somepony else."

Flash slowly turned to Iron, giving him an 'are you serious?' look. "You want me to fight him?"

Grand laughed again, "No, its not Iron. Your opponent is the one knight you have yet to meet. But be warned, his skills rival that of any other knight, and he is fully aware of all your skills and abilities."

"That's not fair," Pinkie chimed in, "Why does he get to know all about Flash and Flash get's squat?"

Applejack nodded. "Yeah! Flash should be given a file on him or something."

However, Grand just shook his head. "No, the whole point of this battle is to test Flash. If Flash cannot adapt to an opponent he knows nothing about, he has no right being a Royal Knight."

Spike huffed as he crossed his arms. "Well that sucks."

"Oh dear....what if Flash get's hurt?" Fluttershy mumbled before turning to Script. "Oh, can't you make those special runes they used when Flash fought Iron at the Grand Galloping Gala? The ones that make injuries disappear when they leave it."

"I already have," Script told her before frowning. "But it won't be as powerful as that one. This enchantment will only prevent fatal injuries."

"Why?" Twilight asked, getting a nod from Script that was directed at Grand. They all turned to the older earth pony, who had a serious stare on his face.

"I don't like it, but it's part of the test. Should Flash become a knight, he'll face many dangers and risk injury on a great scale. If he's scared to be hurt, he doesn't deserve the title."

"So he needs to show he can fight without worrying about being hurt?" Springer asked.

"Like when he was willing to fight Nightmare Moon so we could get away?" Rarity went on.

"Or how he fought Lightning when he was supercharged with the alicorn amulet and completely off his rocker?" Rainbow followed suit.

Pinkie then continued. "Or when he went up against Discord, Sombra, Doom, Tirek?"

Grand let out a groan, "Alright, I get it. I admit Flash has proved himself more then willing to put himself in danger."

"Something he should have learned to avoid by now," Twilight shot the pegasi a glare before growling at Grand, "Though to be fair, I think everything that has been stated should mean he should become a knight already."

"It doesn't work like that princess." Grand replied, only to get a death glare from the princess.

"Even if he solves problems that threaten the entirety of Equestria, which include your own family Grand? You know, something you should solve?"

Grand gave his own glare back, irritation in his voice. "This is how the tests work, princess. We can't change it just because we want to."

"It's fine," Flash interrupted. "If this is what it takes for me to become a knight, I'll do it. So, where is my opponent?"

Grand scratched his head at this, "That's a good question. He should be here by now, but-" He stopped talking as a sudden chill filled the air, which all knew was unusual since the Crystal Heart's magic should keep out the empire's artic winds. Everypony shivered at the surprising temperature drop, but Celestia, Luna and the Royal Knights, minus Iron and Ruby, all smiled before turning to where the cold wind was coming from. "There he is."

Everypony turned to where they were looking, now seeing a cloud of fog move through the streets. And as it drew closer, the crystal ground was covered in a thin sheet of ice while the lampposts started growing icicles. Almost everypony went wide-eyed at this, Spike and the fillies now trying to hide behind the larger ponies in fear as Skybreaker shook his head, "Really Cold? Do you have to make such an entrance?" He pulled out his Celestic Gear and pointed it at the cloud, unleashing a very weak version of his Sky Force attack to blow the cloud away.

As it did, a single pony was revealed wearing a brown cloak with a black scarf and goggles. The pony sighed before magically pulling down the hood and removing the scarf and goggles, revealing a unicorn who looked around the same age as Tidal. He had a light blue coat along with a snow white mane and tail. "It's the first time some of these ponies are meeting me. I had to show them why they should respect me."

"Are you sure you're just not giving them freezerburn instead?" Heather added with an eye roll.

Celestia walked in front of them at this, Cold now bowing, "Rise Sir Cold, as it has been a long time. How has your work been going?"

"Not well. We have much to discuss your majesty," Cold turned to the rest of the ponies. "Though this subject is best left for a more...private setting." Celestia nodded before glancing back at the crowd.

"Everypony, allow me to introduce you to Cold Steel, also known as the Frozen Wanderer." Cold stepped past Celestia, bowing to Twilight.

"Greetings your majesty. I apologize for not being at your coronation. My work leaves me little chance to visit Canterlot and other cities."

Twilight, still not use to ponies bowing at her, tried to resist looking away as she replied, "It's...no big deal. I'm sure you were working on something important."

Cold stood back up. "Either way, I hereby pledge my undying loyalty to you as I do with the other princesses. I am yours to command."

"Good to know..." Twilight replied before Cold turned to Ruby.

"It's an honor to meet you. I studied your history thoroughly and was amazed by your abilities. It helped me in my training a great deal."

Ruby nodded, "Um...thank you? Though I doubt a few stories could have helped you that much."

"More than you know," Celestia chimed in, "Show her." Cold nodded and removed the cloak he was wearing, revealing his cutie mark to be a snowflake on a shield. What it also revealed was a metal collar with a light blue crystal on the front.

Ruby stared at the item, blinking, "Is that?"

"Yes, but let's not spoil the surprise for my opponent." He turned to Flash, "Speaking of which...." Flash suddenly started to stand a lot straighter as Cold walked up to him. There, he began to circle around him, as if inspecting him. "So this is the famous Flash Sentry. The Element of Courage who has been through more then most apprentices have seen in a life time."

"Yes sir," Flash replied as disciplined as he could.

Cold finished circling him and moved back in front. "You don't look like much, though that makes sense. According to your profile, you were some street rat thief Grand picked up one day...and it shows. I don't approve of criminals, even former ones." This caused Flash to sigh, having expected something like this while the others glared at Cold. "But if my line of work has taught me anything, it's that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. I look forward to seeing how well to do when we clash, even if I don't approve of it." With that, he turned to the princesses. "Excuse me your majesties. It was a long journey here, and I'd like to be well rested for tomorrow."

"Of course," Cadance spoke up. "I'll have somepony show you to your room." Cold gave his thanks before heading into the castle, leaving the rest of them staring blanking at his leaving figure.

"Well...that didn't go well." Flash added with a big frown.

"You'll have to excuse Cold," Grand told them. "His work has him travel to many remote areas and he doesn't get to socialise with many ponies."

"I'll say. His aura was...not friendly at all. In fact, there wasn't a single bit of goodwill in there." Springer added. "Is that why he wasn't there when we went after Doom?"

Iron nodded in agreement. "Could have seriously used him back then."

Skybreaker turned to his student. "Doom may have been a great threat to Equestria, but he wasn't the only one. Cold travels outside of Equestria to gather information about those who might wish to do use harm. It's not fun, or glamorous, but he does it without question, and he does it well."

"And I'm gonna have to beat him?"

The knights all nodded at Flash. "It'll be hard amigo. You sure you're up for it?"

Flash frowned at this, only to turn to his friends. There, he saw nothing but looks of confidence, Twilight giving him the biggest one as he remembered their conversation on the train. "Yeah..." he turned back to the knights, "I'm up for it." The knights all smiled back as Celestia suggested they head inside to rest for tomorrow, all nodding back at this.

But just as they were about to head inside, they suddenly heard a voice. "Wait!" They all spun around to see a familiar unicorn mare running down the street.

"Mom?" Flash and Scootaloo both asked in unison as she sprinted up to them.

Misty Veil began to pant as she wearily went up the steps, her horn starting to spark, "Flash...Scoot...aloo," She magically grabbed her children and pulled them, the three hugging each other in a sudden embrace.

Once they pulled away, Flash blinked at her, "Why are you here? I figured you wouldn't be able to make it until tomorrow."

Misty giggled at this. "As luck would have it, your father and I were preparing to head to Ponyville when we got your note. Since there was a train heading to the Crystal Empire the same day, it wasn't hard to change plans."

"Where's dad?" Scootaloo asked, only to now hear a loud grunting noise.

They looked past the mother and saw Trail Blazer slowly flying up to them while pulling a large cart. The cart was carrying twenty large boxes, which was quite a strain as he moaned out, "Hey...kids."

Twilight lit her horn up and unclipped the cart from him, effortlessly pulling it as the pegasus let out a sigh of relief. "Thanks." the princess nodded as he went over and grabbed Scootaloo, pulling her into a hug. "Hey squirt."

"Hey dad," Scootaloo smiled before pulling away and allowing Flash and Trail to clap wings hello.

Once that was done, Flash showed his parents over to the rest of the group. "Mom, dad, let me introduce you to my friends. Everypony, these are my parents, Trail Blazer and Misty Veil."

"Hello," Misty waved, the others waving back.


The ponies all gave their individual hellos before Night, Velvet, Cadance and Shining walked up to them. "Mom, dad, this is the Sparkle family. They're the ones that looked after me."

Misty and Trail both stepped up to Night and Velvet before holding out their hooves. "It's great to finally meet you."

"Thank you so much for looking after our son," Misty added, only to get two glares from Night and Velvet.

Twilight grimaced at this, remembering that she told them about their first encounter with Flash's parents and the reasons they gave, only to get a half-kind of acceptance from the two. "Mom..." they turned to Twilight, "Dad...it's okay."

Sighing at their daughter's wishes, the two parents took the hooves and shook them. "It was a honor to have Flash in our home."

Velvet nodded in agreement, "You have an amazing son."

"We know," Misty replied.

With the intros over with, Flash turned to the box filled cart. "So what's with all this stuff?"

His parents shined two huge grins. "It's what we were coming to Ponyville to show you." Trail tapped the boxes with a smirk, "You see, these boxes contain all the info on the place you were born Flash."

"You mean-"

Misty nodded, "Yes. We finally remember everything about your birth and what happened back then. And with it, we might finally have some answers on your unusual power."

Flash turned back to the boxes, blinking at the sight. His mind was already a mess considering the test he was about to have, only to now see new answers right in front of him. It was here he realized one thing. Everything about who he really was, the reason why he was abandoned, his strange powers, and why put on this path was now there, all in this pile of boxes.