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Star Wars Jedi Lyra: The Search - currentlemon

Jedi Padawan Lyra Heartstrings scours the war-torn galaxy in search of her long-lost home.

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Chapter 1

Dantooine. A lush green planet located at the far reaches of the Outer Rim. It was isolated for the most part. Out of all the Republic worlds, this planet was far away from the more populated core worlds. Some call it a pleasant world, but to most, Dantooine had nothing. Nothing but grasslands, rivers, and lakes. An ideal planet for farming, sure, but nothing special.

Yet, this planet had its share of secrets.

Planetside, Dantooine is a home to a special Jedi training enclave built decades ago by an old Jedi Master. Its location only known to a few people in the galaxy. Many Jedi gathered here. They’d train in seclusion, free from the loud noises that plagued the temple back on Coruscant. And it’s a preferred training area for anyone looking to hone their skills.

Morning had arrived at the enclave. A few Jedi were already awake, performing their duties for the day. But not all of them. Some remained asleep on their beds and refused to get up; though to be fair, those guilty of this were mostly students.

Lyra Heartstrings was one of these said students. She’d been asleep on her bed still, with no plans on waking up anytime soon. Unfortunately for her, the sun had other ideas. Sunlight had crept inside her room; its rays pierced through her eyelids, forcing the Padawan to wake up.

She groaned. Usually, Lyra was an energetic young mare, but she wasn’t always like that. Especially in the mornings.

Stupid sunlight! Why is it that every time I wake up, the sun’s in my eyes? With a yawn, Lyra sat up on her bed and rubbed her eyes. She’d woken up at last but was still slow for the most part. The only thing kept her moving was the piercing sunlight.

Lyra sighed. Now fully awake, she jumped off her bed and landed upright on her four hooves. She turned around and opened the window blinds, exposing her mint-green coat to the sun. As she shielded her eyes, Lyra looked at her bed. Her pillows and blanket were, bumbled together in one giant mess.

Closing her eyes, she focused her energy on her forehead. Magical power gathered around her horn as it glowed a bright yellow aura. It soon spread to her blanket, then her pillows. Jedi rules. All Padawans and Initiates must accommodate their rooms every morning before training. Kinda silly; but hey, not much I can do about it.

Using her magic, Lyra levitated her pillows neatly at the far end of the bed. After that, she tucked her blanket in and allowed her magic to dissipate from her horn. There, all done. She yawned. I’m still a bit tired though. Maybe a bath might help me wake up.

Trotting over to the bathroom, Lyra used her magic again to turn on her shower. She stepped inside, allowing the soothing warm water to rain down on mane and coat. Ah, this is so much better.

After several minutes of bathing time, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. She went back to her quarters, but not before taking a nearby towel to dry herself. Once finished, she trotted over to a nearby wooden wardrobe and opened it. Inside laid a tan Padawan tunic made specifically for her, a belt, and—most notably—her lightsaber.

Lyra snatched the tunic with her magic and put it on, followed by her belt, which she strapped over her waist. Once her belt was secure, she then took her saber and hung it on her belt holster. With everything accounted for, she made her way toward the room’s exit.

Here’s to a good day. May the Force be with me.

Opening the door to her room, Lyra trotted out of her apartment complex and entered the dorm hallway. As she locked the door, she was immediately greeted by a nearby protocol droid. It appeared the machine had been waiting for her.

“Good morning, Padawan Heartstrings,” said the droid.

“Hi there, Geethree!” replied Lyra. “How’re you doing today?”

“Oh, just doing the usual. Patrolling the area and giving Initiates and Padawans their roles for the day. Speaking of which, I believe Master Darran is waiting for you down at the Enclave’s lower floor. Apparently, he has a training regimen ready just for you.”

“Really?!” Lyra beamed. “Did he say what we’re doing today?”

“No. He wasn’t entirely specific on what this training regimen would be. The only thing I know is that he’s requesting you now. Your training begins at precisely seven o’clock. As of right now, it is five minutes till seven. I suggest you hurry to his room, Padawan. You don’t want to keep your master waiting.”

“Got it! Thanks, Geethree!”

Lyra waved goodbye to the droid and galloped down the hallway. With her master giving her early lessons in the morning, she couldn’t be more excited. Sure, it was a bit strange that her master offered early lessons, but that didn’t matter. What’s important is that she gets to spend time with him all morning long.

As she bolted down the hallway and into the Enclave’s courtyard, Lyra was promptly greeted by several Jedi. She smiled at each of them and greeted back.

“Good morning, everyone!” greeted Lyra.

“Morning, Lyra!”

“Good morning, Padawan Heartstrings.”

“Hey, watch where you’re going!”

“Padawan, slow down! Be mindful of your surroundings!”

She eventually made it to the other side of the courtyard, where the entrance to the enclave sublevel was located. Inside laid home to most of the enclave’s Jedi masters. Training rooms and the Enclave’s archives were located down there too, making the lower levels a common place for Jedi to train and study.

For Lyra, her master had his own training room located next to his quarters. A place where she’d go often for lessons. It wasn’t far off either. She just had to turn right past the fountain and take a few steps down the hallway. Then, she spotted it. A door that she’d grown familiar with due to the lavish Jedi decor. It was her master’s room.

As she reached the entrance, the door opened by itself. She peeked inside, checking to see if anyone was there waiting. Though the room had little light, Lyra was able to spot her master at the far side of the room, sitting on a cross-legged meditation stance common to most Jedi.

“Ah, there you are, Padawan.” The old Jedi Master said without even lifting his head. “Come, have a seat.”

Lyra nodded, unfazed by the fact that her master had already took notice of her. She trotted toward the old man and sat across from him, doing her best to mimic his cross-legged stance. As she got into position, she noticed that her master had lifted his head, revealing a piece headwear that she’d not notice till now.

“Padawan, your back legs are crooked. Tighten them a bit more and make sure your front ones aren’t too stretched out.”

“Yes, master.” Lyra did as she was told and correctly emulated her master’s stance. Closing her eyes, she focused her mind and reached out to the Force, allowing the soothing light energies to flow through her. This practice went on for several minutes until Master Darran finally spoke up.

“That’s enough, Padawan. I think we’ve done enough meditation for now.”

“Okay.” Lyra lifted her head to see her Jedi Master looking straight at her. At least, that’s what she thought.

Jedi Master Gizar Darran wasn’t like any other Jedi on Dantooine. He was a Miraluka, an alien-humanoid species that looked like humans, but are deprived of any eyes. They can’t see like others do, but what made them unique is that all Miralukas have a special Force ability that allows them see.

It confuses some people, though. Many underestimate Miralukas but are taken by surprise when one easily bests them in combat. Lyra’s seen that too. During her practice sessions with the other students, Master Darran often sparred with eager Padawans and Initiates looking to test their skills, only for them to utterly fail mere minutes after the duel starts.

It’s very common to forget that Master Darran is a Jedi Battle Master when everyone fails to look past his so-called disability.

“Padawan, you arrived late this morning. Is there a reason why you couldn’t come to my room on time?” asked Master Darran.

“Sorry, master, I kinda overslept this morning,” Lyra said, sheepishly. “I couldn’t get myself to wake up. If it wasn’t for the sun, I probably would still be asleep.”

“Try an alarm clock next time, Padawan. The Order can always lend you one if needed.”

“But, isn’t it wrong for a Jedi to have worldly possession, Master?” countered Lyra.

“This is a clock, Padawan, not a personally owned speed bike or droid. Though I do commend you for remembering your lessons.” he smiled. “But enough chit-chat. It’s time we started your morning lessons. Come join me at the center of the room. And ready your saber too. Your first training regimen for the day is lightsaber practice.

“Yay!” Lyra cheered, happily. But upon realizing what she’d done, she flustered red. “Uh, I-I mean….”

Master Darran smiled. “Don’t worry about it, Lyra. It pleases me to see you so enthused about your training. Though it’d be best to tone your excitement down when near the other masters. Lest you hear another lecture from Master Vrook.”

“Y-yes, master.” Without saying another word, Lyra stood up and followed her master to the center of the room. Once there, the two stood at opposite ends of the center ring. Master Darran pulled his saber out from his belt and urged Lyra to do the same. She complied and, using her right hoof, pulled out her own lightsaber.

She then took a moment and reached out to the Force. Channeling the energies around her, Lyra stood upright on her back legs and readied herself for combat.

“I see that you’ve grown accustomed to standing upright, Padawan,” said Master Darran. “Well done, though I have concerns about your well-being.”

“What do you mean?” asked Lyra.

“Are you certain that your fighting technique is the correct choice? From what you’ve told the Council, your species is not accustomed to standing upright. Yes, the Force is aiding you in your endeavor, but I worry consequences. Not to mention there are safer alternative ways that you can fight.”

“Which involve either holding a weapon with my mouth or using my magic,” rebuked Lyra. Though upon realizing her outburst, she immediately apologized. “Master, forgive me, but you should know that I’ve already made my decision. I don’t want to wield my weapon like a pony. I prefer that I’d do it like any other Jedi.”

“Despite the potential drawbacks?” asked Master Darran, to which Lyra nodded in reply. “Then I will no longer bring this up. Though if I had to give you one more critique, your holding your saber too tightly.”

“Oh, whoops. Sorry about that,” Lyra replied as she loosened the grip on her weapon. “There, I think that’s better. So, can we get a move on, please. I’d like to start training now.”

“As eager as always. Alright, let’s begin.”

Master Darran grasped his saber’s hilt with right hand and, with a flick of his thumb, ignited his weapon. From the hilt came a bright blue blade that lit the room partially with its shimmering light. He grasped the weapon with two hands and entered to his usual right-side guard position.

Lyra let out a groan, irritated by her master’s choice of fighting style. “Master aren’t you going to activate the second blade?” she asked, bitterly. “What’s the point of using a double-bladed lightsaber if you only use one blade?”

“One blade is more than enough, Lyra.”

“But Master, I’ve been your Padawan for years. You’ve never used the second blade during our sparring sessions. Can’t you not hold back just this once?”

“If you really want me to use two blades, then show me that you can handle one.”

Lyra, though a bit insulted, nodded her head. “Fine. I’ll show you how much I’ve grown.” With one click of a button, she activated her weapon. From its hilt, her lightsaber ignited a shimmering green blade, causing the other half of the room to bask in its color.

“You aren’t using your lanyard, Padawan?” asked the Battle Master.

Lyra shook her head. “I gotta grow out of this piece of string eventually. I can’t always have the time to wrap it around my hoof.” She then lifted her saber’s hilt close to her chest. The blade now shimmered just inches away from her face.

A salute. The sign of respect Jedi often do before a duel begins.

Seeing this, Master Darran followed Lyra’s salute with one of his own. The two then spun their weapons flourishingly to their perspective stances. “Padawan, do you mind if I take the offensive first?” he asked.

“No,” Lyra said as she pointed her blade toward her master. “I will.”

With a burst of speed, Lyra lunged at her master with her blade aimed right at his chest. But the Battle Master was unfazed. Gripping his own weapon, he swiped at his Padawan’s blade with the bunt of his own. His counter was so swift and powerful that it caused Lyra to lose her grip on her weapon.

As her lightsaber fumbled to the floor, Master Darran shook his head disapproval. “That was sloppy. You held your saber too lightly,” he scolded. “If you want me to start using two blades, then learn to grip your saber properly.”

Lyra groaned as she outstretched her hoof and recalled her lightsaber with the Force. After snatching her weapon, she immediately reactivated it and leapt in, striking her master with a barrage of precise angular attacks.

“Yes, that’s it. Control the blade. Attack with speed and precision,” lectured the Battle Master as he guarded against Lyra’s offense. “Keep those back legs aligned. Maintain your grip.”

Lyra grunted. She struck with the speed and ferocity of a kath hound, yet she was met with an impenetrable wall. Every committed attack came with a well-timed block or parry. No matter how fast she struck, she couldn’t break through her master’s defense.

Eventually, Master Darran decided to turn the tide. As he parried away Lyra’s attack, he raised his saber over his head.

“My turn.”

He struck at his Padawan with a powerful chop, forcing Lyra to go on the defensive. In response, she raised her saber above her head and blocked the first few strikes. But defending against her master’s overpowered offense was difficult. Her hooves shook with each attack blocked. It felt as if she were struck by a hammer.

Had she’d been a normal pony, she would’ve succumbed to his all-out offense. But she had the Force. And much like a river flowing through a dam, it gave her just enough strength to barely defend herself. Barely, but still able.

With each blow getting stronger, Lyra decided to change her defensive approach. Instead of blocking, she redirected her master’s saber with the tip of her own. A difficult defensive maneuver to maintain, but it did provide her enough time to react to the next attack.

Seeing that his attacks provided no results, Master Darran leapt backward to his previous position and looked at his apprentice with a prideful smile. “That was good, Padawan. You defended yourself quite well.” He then lifted his saber again and held it overhead. “But don’t get comfortable. We’re far from done.”

He lunged forward, attacking Lyra again with his blitzkrieg offense. He struck at a faster pace, giving Lyra less time to react and defend. But it didn’t take her long to adapt. With the Force flowing through her, she responded with her own defensive wall, parrying and evading each of her master’s strikes.

Then she went back on the offensive. Her counterattack began with another lunge attack to the chest. Though it was redirected, it did force Master Darran to step back, giving enough time for Lyra to swarm her master with an offensive barrage.

But like before, Master Darran blocked and repelled her entire offense. It appeared that their duel would end in a stalemate.

It was then that Lyra hatched an idea.

As their sabers collided, she pulled her front hooves back, skidding her weapon upward. Now, only the very tip of her blade etched against her master’s own. A smile cracked on Lyra’s lips as she used all her Force reserves to spin the blades in a circular motion.

Her plan was to use the Sun Djem1 mark of contact. A technique used to disarm opponents of their weapon.

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out. Master Darran saw through this and responded by sliding his saber toward Lyra’s hilt.

Seeing this, Lyra backed off, and the two Jedi found themselves on neutral ground once more. Their weapons still held high, but neither were willing to take the offensive. Lyra waited for her master to strike again, but he instead lowered his guard and tilted his weapon to the side.

“Well done, Padawan. Your swordplay was marvelous,” he stated, proudly. “The way you defended against me was excellent, and your counterattack was nothing short of amazing. You even tried to disarm me of my weapon too! I must say, I am very impressed.”

“So, does that mean you’ll activate your second blade?” asked Lyra.


“Aw, come on!”

Darran chuckled. “When the time comes, Padawan, I’ll let you train against my double-bladed saber. But enough talk. Let’s resume our training.” He raised his saber again and twirled it to the side. “Ready yourself.”

He was about to lunge at Lyra again, but stopped abruptly. A loud beeping noise erupted inside the dojo. The two Jedi looked around and found that the sound came from the other end of the room.

“Huh, I believe that’s my com-box,” said Darran. He deactivated his saber and hooked it back on his belt. “Excuse me for a bit, Padawan. I have to answer this.”

“Yes, Master,” replied Lyra with a groan. Deactivating her own saber, she watched patiently as her master went to answer the call. Though she couldn’t see who he was talking with, she didn’t really care. All she wanted was to get back into training.

Sure enough, Darran returned; however, she noticed a frown on his face.

“That was the Jedi Council, Lyra,” he explained. “They want me to report to the Council chambers right now. Said it was important.”

Lyra’s jaw gaped. “What?! But, what about my training?!”

“Calm yourself, Padawan. It’ll just have to be postponed. Just wait here for my return. I’ll be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, you can train with something else.” Walking over to the other side of the room, Darran scoured the area for any training equipment. “Let’s see. What do we have here? Ah ha! There we go!”

With the Force, Darran levitated five remote droids along with a piece of cloth. He walked back to Lyra and placed all five droids down in a circular position around her. As he put down the last droid, he threw the piece of cloth over at his apprentice.

“Put that over your eyes. You’ll be training your reflexes from here on out until I get back.”

“So, that’s it?” asked Lyra. “I’ll be dodging laser beams until you get back?”

“That’s right,” answered Darran. “Don’t worry, Padawan. I’ll be back as soon as I can. In the meantime, train your reflexes. It’d be best that you work on your defensive capabilities.”

“Understood, master,” said Lyra with a disappointed sigh.

Master Darran waved goodbye to his apprentice as he left her alone in the dojo. With him gone, Lyra went ahead and put the blindfold on her eyes. Once it felt tight enough, she activated each droid with the Force.

The machines hummed softly. Each began to float in midair, encircling Lyra. For her, she’d done this exercise plenty of times with her master, so she knew what to expect. And though the Force, she could already tell where the droids are. The only thing left to do now was to sense their movement.

Focusing her mind, Lyra reached with the Force. She concentrated on its currents, trying to figure out which droid would shoot first. Then, she sensed it. A droid had activated its blaster at her one o'clock position. She leapt backward, causing the bolt to miss and hit the ground. As she landed, Lyra sensed the rest of the droids had activated their weaponry. Pretty soon, she found herself dodging blaster fire from all sides.

As time went on, the droids increased their rate of fire. Though it didn’t really matter for Lyra at all. Just like during her sparring session, she’d let the Force flow through her, giving her the power that she needed to see and dodge the incoming bolts despite being blindfolded.

But as she dodged the last stray bolt, Lyra felt something strange. She sensed it. The currents of the Force around her began to ripple apart, like a rock impacting the water.

Lyra flinched. Something had disturbed the natural flow of the Force, and it's disrupted her training. She wanted to ignore it, but she couldn’t let this go unnoticed. Quickly, she focused her mind on the ripple itself, trying her best to figure out what caused this sensation.

Then, something strange happened. The Force had circled around her, giving off energies Lyra never felt before. Her face paled. She didn’t know what to expect next. This new sensation felt it was as if she’d been swept up by a raging river rapid.

Suddenly, the Force burst open and spasmed around her.

H-hey! What’s going on?

W-who are those creatures? What do they want with us?

I don’t think they’re friendly!

Lyra blinked. The Force allowed her to hear voices in her head. And based on what she heard, it sounded like somebody was in trouble.

Captain, they’re putting our crewmates in cages! What should we do?!

Captain, help!

You let them go this instant!

Shut up! We’re gonna earn lots of credits selling you and your little freak friends off!

Lyra gasped. What? Selling them off? What’s happening right now?! Who are these voices? W-what’s happening?!

Before she could get her answers, the voices suddenly stopped. No longer did the Force spasm around Lyra, leaving the Padawan completely clueless as to what happened.

No, wait! Too late. The vision was gone. The only thing she felt was a blaster bolt hitting her straight in the back.

Author's Note:
  1. A Technique that allows a Jedi to disarm an opponent's weapon by destroying it. A common technique found under Form II (Makashi).
    Source The Jedi Path pg76

So, my big story's finally posted two years after I joined FimFiction. I'd hope that you all enjoyed the first two chapters of Jedi Lyra. It's a big project, and there's way more coming soon.

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