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Star Wars Jedi Lyra: The Search - currentlemon

Jedi Padawan Lyra Heartstrings scours the war-torn galaxy in search of her long-lost home.

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Chapter 4

Taris, an urban planet located in the far reaches of the outer-rim. Known for its sprawling metropolis and tall buildings, the planet itself is an intergalactic hub. It’s promises of money lure people to the outer-rim, whether it’d be for trade or the more popular swoop racing.

Despite its glamor, Taris is far from a perfect society. The planet had issues that the locals weren’t willing to admit. They try to hide it from the galaxy—and usually they’re successful—but the truth will reveal itself. Not by any off-worlder, but by the populace itself.

Inside an upper-city cantina, the bar had erupted with noise. The sound of shouting and rambling echoed across the facility, disrupting many of the local activities.

“Get out of here ya filthy alien! Do you hear me? Get out! Your kind has no place here!”

It wasn’t long before the cantina patrons discovered the culprits. A group of five Tarisian nobles were shouting racial slurs against a lone male Rodian[1], whom they’ve backed up against the wall.

<Get out of my way! You have no right to tell me what to do!> shouted the Rodian in his native language, Rodese. He wanted to break free from the angry mob, but he lacked the strength to do so. His slim body couldn’t stand against all five humans.

“Hey, this bug ain’t listening to us,” said one of the mobsters. “He probably doesn’t understand basic. Come on, we got better things to do than talk to some stupid alien. Let’s just hurl him outside and be done with it!”

<What?> The Rodian’s jaw dropped. <Y-you can’t do that. I-I have every right to be here!> But his plea didn’t sway. It only made the mob angrier.

A punch was thrown by one of the mobsters, causing the Rodian to fall to the floor. Fearing for his life, he cried for help, but it never came. None of the other patrons bothered to stop the mob. Instead, they went about their routines as if nothing happened.

Then, a tall but skinny mobster stood in front of the Rodian’s face. “Damn, alien. Stay out of the upper city.” He raised his leg backward, ready to kick the Rodian right on the head.

But the attack never came. Instead, a deafening crack echoed inside the cantina, catching the patrons attention again. They looked and saw a blonde haired human man wearing a leather jacket stood before the now unconscious skinny mobster.

“Hey, that was rude you know,” said the blonde haired human. “You can’t just hit people like that. Don’t ya know that’s a crime?”

“What the—oh my gosh!” One of the mobsters, an old human man, bent down to check on his companion. No response. The guy was out cold.

Upon realizing this, the old mobster glared at his companion’s attacker. “What did you do?”

“Simple, I knocked him out,” replied the blonde haired man as he lifted his right arm and showed the crowd a broken bottle. “Shame I wasted a bottle of this delicious Tarisian ale, but the guy gave me no choice.”

“You bastard!” The old man and the rest of the mobsters immediately surrounded the middle-aged human. “You must be one of those alien lovers. Come to save your alien friend from what he rightfully deserves?”

“Rightfully deserves? Come on, old man. You and your cronies were beating up on the guy. If anything, you guys deserve justice from what you’ve done.”

“Shut up!” shouted the old man. He stepped forward and threw a punch, but the blonde haired man saw this and dodged by spinning to his right side. He then tossed aside the broken bottle and reached into his jacket, pulling out a pair of blaster pistols.

Everyone in the cantina gasped as the blonde haired human pointed his weapons toward the old man. “Don’t try me, old geezer. One more step and I’ll blow your head off.”

The old man complied, and so did the other mobsters. Seeing that his way was clear, the blonde haired man made his way toward the down Rodian. “I got your back. Don’t worry about the language barrier, I understand Rodese. You okay?”

<Yes, I’m fine. Thank you so much, human.>

The man smiled, but not before giving one last glare to the mob. “Listen up, Tarisians,” he spoke loudly. “The name’s Hider Louhun. I’m a journalist from the Republic Daily News Organization. I’ve been sent here to do a report on the so called Coruscant of the outer-rim.”

Everyone gasped. Their apparent shock made Hider smirk gleefully. “Just letting you all know that your planet is full of shit. And once I get back, I’ll make sure that every planet in the core and inner worlds know about this.”

He then walked backward toward the exit with the Rodian following close behind him. As he made his way outside, he gave one last insult to the patrons of the cantina. “Later losers. I hope the rest of your day is good, because you’ll be hearing nothing but shit about your planet in the next couple of weeks.”

As the doors closed, Hider flipped off the angry mob of nobles one last time before running off to the city skywalk. The Rodian followed, but he soon collapsed to the floor.

“Whoa, there.” Hider stopped and went back to the alien. “Hey, are you alright?”

<S-sorry, Mr. Louhun,> said the Rodian. <But those humans did a number on me. I can barely stand.>

“Yeah, those bastards hurt you pretty bad.” Hider knelt on his knees and examined the Rodian’s injuries. Looks like his face is completely bruised. And, he’s clutching his stomach too. Probably an abdomen injury. I see nothing life threatening, but he needs help fast.

Putting his pistols away, Hider reached inside his jacket and pulled out a med-kit. “Here, this should help. Apply it to your abdomen and it should relieve your stomach pain.”

<W-what?! You’re giving this to me?>

“Well, yeah. You deserve as much after what those jerks did,” replied Hider. “Besides, if you don’t get treated now, you’ll be sore for the rest of the day.”

<T-thank you!> The Rodian quickly snatched the med kit from Hider’s hand and applied it to his body. <Ah, sweet relief. Thank you, human. Your kindness is appreciated. My name’s Twitch by the way. I’m a native born here on Taris.>

“Pleasure’s all mine, Mr. Twitch.” The two promptly shook hands before Hider reached inside his jacket and pulled out a datapad. “Now if you don’t mind me asking, what’s with those guys from earlier? Do they have it against aliens or something? Or is it just Rodians in general?”

Twitch raised a brow. <So, you really weren’t bluffing when you said you’re a journalist. And here I was thinking you were just a drunkard shouting nonsense.>

“Hey, I’m not drunk. I only took a couple sips of that ale before those bastards started harassing you. Besides, this gives me a chance to speak with Tarisian native. Most either ignore me or threaten me by gun point.”

<Wait, you were threatened?> Twitch’s eyes widened. <Impossible. No Tarisian noble would dare do that up here. Unless…. you’ve been to the lower city, haven’t you?>

“Guilty as charged. My job was to do a report on this planet. Not just the upper city.” Hider sighed. “They say Taris is supposed is the Coruscant of the outer-rim, but after being here for over a week, I seriously doubt that claim. The stuff I’ve seen down there is really bad.”

<Then why interview me? What’s the point if you’ve been on Taris for so many days?>

Hider groaned. “From that response, I take it that you don’t want to be interviewed huh?”

Twitch shook his head. <Mr. Louhun, I’m grateful that you helped me, but the last thing I want is my name plastered on an article smearing Taris.>

Hider sighed. Seeing that he wasn’t going to get anything out of the Rodian, he put his datapad back into his jacket. “Alright, you make a point. So, what’re you going to do next, Mr. Twitch? Planning on going home?”

<I’m going to stay here for a bit. Wait for those humans to leave the cantina. Look, I know it sounds stupid, but I came here to compete in the Taris arena. I planned on signing up today, but those guys stopped me before I could do anything.>

That would explain why you’re here. Well, if ya plan on staying for a while, it’d probably be best if I bail. There’s no telling what those mobsters might do if they spot me again. It was nice meeting you, Mr. Twitch. Good luck at the arena.”

<Thank you, Mr. Louhun. Take care!>

After saying his final goodbye, Hider continued walking down the crowded city skywalk. His next and final stop would be the planet’s space port where his ship was docked. I’m done with this planet. It’s about time I leave this stupid rock and head back home. Besides, I think I’ve got enough work done to write an article.

As he continued his walk, Hider spotted an alleyway nearby. He stopped and saw the space port within sight. Seeing this shortcut, he eagerly entered the alleyway. But he regretted his decision almost immediately. The place was riddled with nothing but garbage. His shortcut was nothing more than a backdoor the local shops used to toss their trash.

Damn, this place stinks. I think it was a mistake coming through here. Oh well. It won’t be too long before I—

“Hey you!”

Hider froze. The sound of a masculine voice echoed across the alleyway. He looked behind him and, to his shock, found two muscular men standing behind him. One was a human while the other was a green-skinned Twi’lek[2]. Both had battle armor equipped with blaster rifles strapped to their backs. It’s as if these two were prepared for war.

What the heck? Did those two follow me here? Hider gulped. “Um, may I help you gentlemen?

<Yeah, you can,> spoke the Twi’lek in his native language, Ryl. He pulled out a piece of paper out from his pocket and read it out loud. <You wouldn’t happen to be Hider, would you?>

Hider flinched. Oh no. I don’t like the looks of this. “Y-yes, I’m Hider. Hider Louhun to be exact. Is there something you gentlemen need from me?

The human cocked a brow. “Wait, Louhun? You sure we have the right person here?”

<Yes, we do!> answered the Twi’lek. <He may have a different last name, but there’s no doubt about it. Our target is here right in front of us.>

“Target? What exactly do you two want with me?” Hider asked.

The Twi’lek folded his arms and smirked, giving off a sinister look that made Hider even more nervous. The alien then slowly walked forward and took out his rifle from his back.

<Hider, just how long are you going to play us? Do you think becoming a news reporter would somehow erase your record?> said the Twi’lek. <The Exchange doesn’t take kindly to street rat smugglers like you. There’s a hefty bounty on your head, and we plan on taking it.>

Hider gasped. Realizing he was in danger, he pulled back his jacket and grabbed his two blaster pistols. But the Twi’lek was faster. Immediately, the alien hit Hider with the butt of his rifle, causing him to fall and land awkwardly on his head. Though his vision was blurred, he tried to reach for his pistols again, but the Twi’lek stopped him by stomping on his left hand.

<Give up, Hider,> said the Twi’lek as he twisted Hider’s hand with the heel of his foot. <You’re coming with us.>

Hider coughed. “Like I ever…. give myself up…. to a bunch of stupid—”

The Twi’lek then stomped on Hider’s stomach, causing the reporter to grunt in pain.

<Save the insults,> he said as he repeatedly smacked Hider in the face with his gun. <There isn’t anyone here who can save you, Hider. Now come along quietly, or else. The last thing we want is to drag your unconscious body around the streets of Taris.>

Hider grunted in pain. Blood was dripping from his forehead, and his left hand began to swell. Damn it! Is this the end of me? Am I really going down like this?


“Huh?” Hider blinked. Despite his head trauma, he could’ve sworn he heard a voice echoing across the alleyway. It wasn’t the thugs, that he was certain. They had heard it too and were now on high alert with their rifles raised. At least the Twi’lek’s boot isn’t on my stomach anymore. But seriously, who was that?

His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a loud clanking noise, followed by a scream. He looked up to see the Twi’lek reeling backward, his hands clenching his face. Hider looked down to see that the thug’s weapon laid near his feet, as well as a garbage can.

<Ugh, damn it!> The Twi’lek cursed before looking down at the object that hit him. He then gave his partner a venomous look. <Did you just throw this garbage can at me?>

“What? No! I swear, that wasn’t me.”

<Then how do you explain this thing flying at my face!> shouted the Twi’lek.

“Easy! Look down!”


Suddenly, a small creature jumped onto the Twi’lek’s head. Despite its size, it applied enough force to cause the thug to fall head first onto the metal floor, knocking him out. The once threatening Exchange hoodlum now laid unconscious, with its attacker standing boldly on his face.

Hider’s jaw dropped as he stared at his would-be savior with wide eyes. What stood before him wasn’t any alien he’d ever seen before. A creature that stood on four legs, whose height was comparable to that of a common T1 series utility droid. It had a pointy horn on its forehead and, for some reason, wore what appeared to be a brown bathroom robe.

What stood out the most though was its face. It appeared to have green skin, just like the Twi’lek thug, but it didn’t look like skin at all. Rather, it looked like fur.

“Hi!” greeted the four-legged creature.

Hider blinked. Judging by the creature’s voice, it was definitely female.“Uh, hi.”

“Why you little!” Hider turned his head and saw that the other thug had raised his weapon. “You’ll pay for that you little twerp!”

Seeing this, Hider immediately turned back toward his savior and tried to warn her. “Dodge!” he cried. But to his surprise, she remained still.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” the creature said to the thug.

“Oh, and why’s that freak?” asked the thug.

“Because behind you.”

“Behind me?” Confused, the thug looked over his shoulder. Hider followed too, believing it to be some sort of stall tactic. However, he wasn’t expecting the thug to get launched in the air.

As the thug landed head first on the floor, Hider’s little savior cracked a wide smile. “Always check your surroundings,” she said mockingly to the thug, who was now out cold. “Good hit, Master.”

Hider blinked. Master? He looked to where his savior was looking and saw a man had come out of the shadows. It was another human male, who strangely wore the same type of clothing his savior wore. He also wore a weird looking headpiece that covered his eyes and hair. How the heck did that guy knock that thug out? He’s nowhere near as muscular compared to those two.

“Were you able to knock out that Twi’lek over there, Lyra?” asked the human.

The alien, Lyra, nodded. “Yup. The guy’s out cold. He won’t be moving anytime soon.”

“Good.” The human then walked over to Hider. “Are you alright, sir?”

Hider flinched as the old man kneeled close him. He couldn’t say anything at first. The pain he received from the Twi’lek thug rendered him speechless. The silence was broken quickly though as soon as he started coughing blood.

“Padawan, this man needs medical help,” said the human. “Get over here and tend to this his injuries.”

“Wait, now? But, what if one of these guys wakes up?” asked Lyra.

“I’ll watch over them and make sure they stay down. Now get moving.” The human then turned to Hider one more time. “Don’t worry. My Padawan and I are members of the Jedi Order. We’ll take good care of you, I promise.”

Hider gasped. “Wait. You’re Jedi?!” His head reeled back, surprised by this new discovery. Unfortunately, he reeled his head so far back that he hit the wall.

“Take it easy, sir. I know this is a lot to take in, but you got to calm down. The last thing your head injury to get worse.”

Hider nodded. “Yeah, good point. Thanks for rescuing me Master Jedi. The name is Hider Louhun by the way. Pleased to meet you.”

“It’s Gizar Darran. Or Master Darran if you want to be formal, Mr. Louhun. And that alien over there is, Lyra Heartstrings. She’s currently a Padawan training under my tutelage.”

“She’s a student?!” Hider looked at the small Jedi with raised brow. Despite her actions, he couldn’t help but feel doubtful of her status among the galaxy’s protectors. How the heck did an alien like her become a Jedi? She looks like a house pet for crying out loud.

“I know that look, Mr. Louhun,” said Master Darran. “Don’t underestimate her. She may not look like it, but she is a full-fledged Padawan trained in the Jedi arts. So, unless you want to be those two thugs over there, I suggest you treat her with respect.”

Hider stuttered. “Uh, point taken. So, how did you guys find me? Were you led by your Jedi powers or something?”

“My Padawan spotted you shortly after we left the planet’s space port. She was persistent in aiding you, so she ran off without me.” Master Darran sighed. “I swear, it’s tough keeping up with an energetic young student like her. Especially one who’s so eager to prove herself.”

Hider raised a brow. A Jedi Master complaining about his job? Really?

“But that’s enough talk for now. If you’ll excuse me, there’s something I must do.” Excusing himself, Master Darran stood up and snatched a wide metal item from his belt with his right hand. Grasping it tight, the old man pushed a button, causing a loud snap-hiss sound.

Hider gaped in awe as he saw a shimmering blue blade pop from one end of the object. It’s light brightened the entire alleyway, and the blade made a loud humming noise. So, that’s a Jedi’s lightsaber. Amazing. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen one up close.

“Master, may I suggest that you destroy these thug’s weapons,” said Lyra. “Since your saber’s out, I think it’d be best if we disarm these guys just in case. We shouldn’t allow them to use such dangerous weapons out in public.”

“Ah, good thinking, Padawan. I’ll go ahead and take your suggestion,” replied Master Darran. “But hurry and patch this man up. Our priority is to get him to a safe area.”

“Yes, Master.” Lyra trotted toward Hider and sat near him. “Don’t worry, I’m going to help,” she said with a smile. She first examined his swollen left hand by touching it with the tip of her hoof. Her action, however, caused him to wince.

“Hey, what’re you doing?!” Hider asked as he recoiled his left arm.

“Sorry about that. I was just trying to examine the injury,” Lyra replied. She glanced over to Hider’s head. “There’s blood pouring from the back of your head. Most likely from the head trauma. We’ll have to close the wound first before we get you moving again.”

“Yeah, I figured. Here, I have some things inside my jacket that can help.” Using his right arm, Hider opened the right side of jacket, revealing a cloth and med-kit. “Apply the med-kit to my hand to stop the swelling. Then, wrap the cloth on my head. It’ll soak the blood.”

He attempted to take the items with his injured hand but was stopped when Lyra nudged him on his belly. “Stop that. There’s no need to further strain yourself,” she said. “Let me take those items.”

“But, how? You don’t have hands.” It was then that Hider noticed Lyra’s horn. It began to glow. The very tip of it shimmered a bright gold color that illuminated the area of where she stood. Bewildered, he stared at the horn with wide eyes, unaware of the fact that his med-kit and cloth now glowed the same color.

“What is this?” he asked.

“Something unique to my species. Don’t worry about it too much. Just focus on relaxing as I apply the medicine.

With the med-kit levitating nearby, the young Jedi quickly applied the medicine to Hider’s left hand. He winced as the needle sunk into his skin but calmed himself as the swollen hand slowly returned to normal. Lyra then used her power to wrap the cloth on Hider’s head, which stopped the bleeding.

“There, all done,” she said. “Do you feel any better?”

Hider nodded. “My hand feels much better. Thank you. But I still feel a bit dizzy.”

“Most likely from the head trauma. But we can fix you up further once we get somewhere safe. Can you stand at least?”

Hider nodded again. Using the wall as leverage, he slowly stood back upright. However, he nearly fell again the moment he tried to move.

“Slow down,” said Lyra. “You can’t just walk around after a head trauma like that.” She then looked back at her Jedi Master. “Master, he needs assistance. Can you please help him walk?”

“Sure thing,” replied Master Darran as he deactivated his weapon. “These thugs shouldn’t be waking up anytime soon. Plus, their weapons are destroyed, so we should be safe.” He took Hiders right arm and wrapped it around his neck. “Where’re you headed?”

“The space port,” answered Hider. “I was on my way there until those two attacked me.”

“Then, that’s our destination. Come, Padawan.”

With the Jedi Master’s help, Hider was able to walk out of the alleyway. Thankfully, the skywalk wasn’t too crowded as before, so it made the walk much easier. He got some looks from the crowd due to his condition, but he ignored them. They were the least of his troubles.

As he and the Jedi entered the space port, they were immediately greeted by a protocol droid standing behind a counter. “Greetings sir. How may I be of assist—oh my!” The droid froze immediately as it spotted the bloodied Hider. “Sir, are you alright? My scanners indicate there’s blood all over you. Shall I request for a doctor?”

“There’s no need for that, droid,” said Master Darran. “I am Master Gizar Daran of the Jedi Order, and this man is under my protection. If you would, just get me a wet towel and some water. My Padawan and I will care for him here.”

“Understood, Master Jedi. I shall do as you asked. Wait over by that sofa over there and I’ll bring you the items.” The droid walked away and entered a nearby room. Meanwhile, Hider sat down at the sofa, relieved that he was now safe from harm.

“Thank you, Jedi. I owe you guys big time,” he said. “I don’t know what might’ve happened to me if you two hadn’t showed up.”

“No problem,” said Lyra with a smile. “It’s a Jedi’s duty to always help those in need.”

“What she said,” replied Master Darran. “Thank the Force that my Padawan saw you. If it weren’t for her keen eyes, we might not have arrived in time.”

Hider chuckled. “Yeah. It’s nice to see a Jedi with good awareness skills. Good job, kid.”

Lyra’s smile grew wider. His approval made her even more happy. More so that she couldn’t help but squee.

Seeing this, Hider’s cheeks flushed red. Damn, that is cute.

“Ah, before I forget, there’s something I want to ask you, Mr. Louhun. In regards to those thugs that attacked you,” continued Master Darran.

Hider groaned. “Please, don’t call me, Mr. Louhun. Hider is fine. Seriously though, what does a Jedi like you want to know about those thugs? Is the Order looking to collect their bounty or something? It wouldn’t surprise me if they had one, but I never thought Jedi would be interested in bounty hunting.”

“This has nothing to do with bounties, Hider. I believe those thugs had some ulterior motive in attacking you. I don’t know why, but perhaps you can fill me in on those details.”

“Wait, what? You think those thugs attacked me for some convoluted reason?” Hider asked. “What makes you say that? They’re thugs. Those types of guys always harass people.”

“A thug isn’t equipped with a high caliber blaster rifle, nor any battle armor fitted for war,” stated Master Darran. “It’s impossible for mere thugs like them to get ahold of such equipment. Perhaps mercenaries, but it doesn’t explain why they’d attack a random citizen.”

Hider nodded. “I see.” Damn. He’s smart. Guess I got no choice but to tell him, but I can’t mention that I’m a former smuggler. “Well, you’re right about those guys being more than just your average thugs. The Twi’lek claimed he and his partner are from the Exchange. A large organization that’s spread across the outer and mid rim worlds.”

“What? The Exchange!”

Hider winced. Apparently, little Lyra decided to yell so loud that it caused him to wince and cover his ears. After realizing what she’d done, the Jedi’s cheeks flushed in embarrassment.

“Padawan, that was very rude. Please, tone your voice down,” said Master Darran.

“Whoopsies,” she muttered softly. “Sorry about that.”

Hider sighed. “It’s fine. But do you mind telling me what’s gotten you so worked up over the Exchange? I thought the Jedi could care less about a rag tag corporation of cutthroat mercenaries?”

Lyra froze. She did not answer Hider’s question at first. Rather, she remained quiet for quite some time. The silence broke, however, when she turned toward her master for advice. “Master, should we tell him?” she asked.

“It’s your call, Padawan,” answered Master Darran. “But be mindful about what you share. Giving away important information to anyone isn’t always helpful.” He then glanced over to Hider. “Plus, we don’t know much about this man. He hasn’t given us reasons why we should trust him yet.”

“Hey, you do realize I’m right here,” rebuked Hider. “You don’t have to be so cautious, Master Jedi. I’m not someone who’ll spill the beans on some Jedi secrets. But if you want to play it safe, we can talk in private.”

Master Darran’s eyes deadpanned. “That remains to be seen. So, where should we go?”

“My ship. It’s docked here at this port. We can board it right now if you’d like.” Master Darran nodded in approval, and so too did his Padawan. “Alright, follow me.”

Hider stood up and walked over to the counter, where the droid from before was waiting with the items the Jedi requested. “Sir, I’ve done what was asked. Here is a wet cloth and a bottle of water,” said the droid. “Do you still need additional help with your wounds?”

“There’s no need. I’m all better now,” answered Hider as he took the towel and water bottle from the droid. “The only thing I’d like to do now is board my ship. You mind giving me clearance, droid?”

“Of course, sir. What is your ship’s name?”

The Omega.”

“I understand. Just give me a second and I’ll give you clearance.” The droid looked down at his computer and began to type. “My analysis states that your ship is docked over at hangar bay G1. Permission to access the hanger is granted. Just follow the hallway to my right and you’ll reach it.”

“Thanks.” Hider then glanced over at the two Jedi and signaled them to follow him. They obliged, and the three proceeded to walk toward their destination. When they arrived, the doors to the hangar bay flung open, revealing a large black painted ship.

“There she is. The Omega.” Hider beamed with pride as he looked upon his beloved ship. “Don’t let the big size fool you. My baby’s one of the fastest ships in the galaxy. It’s got state of the art engineering the likes no one’s ever seen. It’s even got commodities like a medical bay, a high-grade storage system, and a place where you can store a speed bike.”

“Wow, it’s huge,” said Lyra with wide eyes. “I’ve never seen a ship like this before.”

“Yes, it’s very impressive. Mr. Hider, how did you afford something so luxurious?” asked Master Darran.

“I’ll explain later,” replied Hider with a shrug. “Come on, let’s not stand here any longer. I still have to show you what’s inside too.” He continued walking toward The Omega with the Jedi accompanying him. As they got closer, they noticed several utility droids exiting the ship’s boarding ramp.

“Hey, what’re those droids doing inside your ship?” Lyra asked.

“Oh, them? They’re utility droids that belong to the port company here. I paid them so that their droids can fix my ship while I’m away since I don’t have a utility droid myself.”

“But why? Aren’t you worried something might happen to your ship while your gone?”

“What? No way! I know for a fact that my belongings are safe. Besides, I’ve been here for over a week now. If something happened to my baby, I would’ve noticed.”

Hider then proceeded to walk toward the boarding ramp and enter his ship. Once inside, he looked around the ship’s main corridor and saw something that made his heart skip a beat.

“What the heck?!”

To his dismay, many of the walls surrounding the main corridor had been torn apart. Electrical wires stuck out from inside the damaged walls. Some were torn to shreds, to the point where sparks of electricity could be seen at the damaged ends.

“Whoa, what happened here?” Hider turned around and saw that Lyra had boarded his ship. “Everything looks so…. broken. Your ship isn’t always like this, is it?”

“No!” Hider yelled. Immediately, he dashed down the main corridor, looking around to see if his ship suffered any other damage. Unfortunately, most of the main corridor was a mess. There was nothing but torn down walls and severed wires all over the place.

As he made it to the ship’s cargo hold, his eyes went wide with horror. The cargo hold was torn asunder. All of his containers were forced open, and upon further inspection, none of them had any items inside.

“Uh, excuse me.” Hider turned to see that Lyra and her master had followed him inside. “Mr. Louhun, I saw this big metal box in another room. It was torn apart and I saw sparks flying everywhere. Do you have any idea what that is?”

“That’s called the hyperdrive, Padawan. The ship can’t go anywhere now that it’s damaged,” said Master Darran. “I’m sorry, Hider, but it appears your ship has been looted.”

Hider twitched. He didn’t know what to think or what to do. Seeing the state of his ship shocked him to the point where he wouldn’t move. But then, his mind went back to the utility droids he and Lyra saw earlier. They were the last ones on his ship.

Those little bastards! Immediately, Hider darted back toward the ship’s boarding ramp, ignoring Lyra’s calls to him. As he exited the Omega, he looked around the hanger bag for the droids. Sadly, they were nowhere to be found. In fact, neither droid or man were present in the hanger. He was alone.

Hider gritted his teeth as his cheeks slowly became red. Unable to contain his anger any longer, he closed his eyes and shouted at the top of his lungs.

“Damn it! I hate this planet!”

Author's Note:
  1. Rodians
  2. Twi'leks
    Source: Wookiepedia
    Note: All alien languages, such as Ryl and Rodese, will be italicized from here on out.

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