• Published 21st Oct 2018
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Zecora Goes On Tour - Zecora Zebra

Pinkie Pie convinces Zecora to start rapping.

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An Idea

Author's Note:

I'm probably not the first to have this idea. I hope you enjoy it anyway.

All the lyrics were written by me.

Zecora sat quietly in her forest home. She was in a meditative state. She focused on the Everfree Forest around her.

A knock at the door interupted her focus. The zebra sighed and opened her pale blue eyes, "Who could that be? Why am I the one they wish to see?"

She rose and trotted over to answer it. She opened the door to see a pink mare, the Element of Happiness.

"Hi, Zecora!" she smiled.

"Hello, Pinkie Pie. I appreciate the visit, but I'm wondering why," Zecora answered.

"I have been making raps, but nopony else will rap with me. You're the best rhymer in Ponyville, maybe even all of Equestria. I was wondering if you wanted to give it a try?"

Zecora thought, "An excuse to rhyme? That's simply divine."

"I was hoping you'd say that! I was planning a neat diss track against the Sirens," Pinkie Pie immediately got down to business.

"A diss? What is this?" Zecora asked.

"A diss track is a song where you make fun of somepony and talk trash about them," Pinkie explained.

"Okay, I don't know what to say, I have never met these Sirens. Why should I bother then?" Zecora inquired.

Pinkie Pie laughed, "It's really easy. Listen and follow along."

Zecora sat, listening to the visitor's demonstration.

I ain't afraid of no Sirens.
I'm gonna play 'em like violins
Might be resorting to violence.
Distorting Discord until total silence hits.
Call me Bon Bon, I'm a spy, it's lit.
I can't rely on this,
Dropping them all in a bottomless pit.
Adagio, your style's bland like Pistachios.
Now we know that you're wack.
That's just the way it goes, eliminating foes.

Aria Blaze, you should probably run.
Dissing these sisters is not even fun.
When I'm on the mic, it's a party of one.
Spitting that fire like Celestia's Sun.
You should retire, I'm second to none.
The name is Pinkamena Diane Pie.
Check that demeanor, try and hide.
You're always so mean, I won't let it slide.
Get with the program or be left behind.
Don't need no help, in myself, I confide.

Sonata, you got a lot of nerve.
You shall remain unheard, you better stay alert.
Keep playing, you're gon' get your feelings hurt.
That's how it really works, it could get even worse.
You won't be harming me, I am an Element of Harmony.
Steal your spotlight, that's grand larceny.
I'm writing the rules, call me M.A. Larsen.
Break you like the 4th wall, add another casualty.
Thinking you're a goddess, that's just blasphemy.
You can try to chase, but you ain't catching me.

Pinkie Pie finished what she called her 'diss track'. Zecora was fascinated by her rhyming ability, "You too can rhyme? Who knew?"

"Yes, you try!" Pinkie Pie tried to egg her on.

Zecora thought for a moment, "A strangle feeling is within, I don't know where to begin."

She looked confused. Pinkie smiled and nodded, as if to say 'keep going'.

Zecora sat quietly, thinking of what to say next. She cracked a smile. She was quite annoyed with Pinkie Pie for disturbing her, so she directed her word towards her.

Pinkie, this hardly takes talent.
Vacate, you're upsetting the balance.
Make haste before my distaste becomes malice.
Gryphon grip, I got this game in my talons.
I'm climbing mountains, then dropping an avalanche.
You do not stand a chance against me.
Evil Enchantress? I can be.
Evil dances, no, but I can sing.
Put you in trances, you don't understand me.
Zecora's the name, I don't think you can handle me.

Pinkie wasn't fazed by the shots being thrown at her. She smiled and said, "Wow, Zecora, you're pretty good. See? I knew you would be."

Zecora sighed. She was hoping the annoying pony-shaped wad of chewed bubble gum would leave after that.

"Seeing as you won't leave, I suppose I can reprieve meditation," she said.

Pinkie Pie giggled, "I didn't mean to bother you. I was just trying to see if you would like to rap together. We can go all over Equestria showing everypony our mad skills."

Zecora gave in and agreed, "Fine. I suppose I could use time to unwind. I'd still hate to leave the Everfree behind."

Pinkie shrugged, "Fluttershy can watch over it for you, she's great with animals. I'll go tell Vinyl Scratch that you're in on the idea. She's our producer, we can't rap without beats."

Zecora raised an eyebrow, "Beats?"

Pinkie nodded, "Yes. It's the background music that you rhyme over. It's just like singing a song, except you focus more on the rhymes. You can really get creative with them."

This piqued Zecora's interest, "Fascinating, I suppose there's no time to be wasting."

"Our first appearance onstage will be here in Ponyville at the Night Mare Night celebration. I was thinking of doing a cypher. I say a line and then you rhyme with the last word and we go back and forth until the beat ends," Pinkie explained.

Zecora nodded, "I'm glad you explained it because I don't think I could've retained it."

Pinkie laughed, "Well, I'll quit getting on your nerves. I'll tell Vinyl you're interested in going with us. See ya Zecora."

"Bye, Pinkie Pie," Zecora opened the door for her. Pinkie Pie exited and closed it behind her.

Pinkie Pie returned to Sugarcube Corner. Vinyl Scratch was there, sitting at a table, eating a cupcake.

"Vinyl! Just the mare I wanted to see. I wasn't expecting you to be here. I got another pony to join our rap group," Pinkie smiled.

Vinyl Scratch stopped mid-bite and looked up, "Who?"

"Zecora, the zebra who lives in the Everfree Forest," Pinkie answered.

"Really? She rhymes every time she opens her mouth, she's probably the best rhymer in Equestria," Vinyl replied.

"She said she was interested in performing at the Night Mare Night show in 12 days. That gives us a couple more weeks to come up with ideas," Pinkie informed her.

"Oh, that'll be fun. I look forward to having her tag along," Vinyl smiled.

"Me too!" Pinkie added.