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Zecora Zebra

Writer, supplier of rhymes.


Zecora is known for speaking in rhyme. She decided to take advantage of that.

Not sure where I am going with this. Let's just see what happens.

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lets see where this goes, tracking.

I was hoping someone found my troping entertaining. So far, I have heard no complaining.

Okay, this was cute. Going into it, I totally thought Zecora would flow a style similar to chap-hop, and you proved me right on that. Slow, low, and relaxed.

Thank you and salutations, Damaged, I'm glad I managed to meet your expectations.

9243585 No probs! I dropped this into a few groups I think will appreciate it, hopefully get this cute little thing some more love.

I cannot thank you enough. Admittedly keeping the rhymes going is tough, but I'll keep this going because I enjoy the flowing.

Is Zecora represents black people in this story?

Thank you for the read, it gives me the confidence I need.

One should not simply look at the color of faces, for Zecora supports and represents all races.

I really miss epic rap battles of Equestria now, ever thought of doing something similar on YouTube?

I dunno, I never thought about it. I like the idea, I guess I'll see where it goes.

Thanks, I'm doing my best. Hope you enjoy the rest.

Delightfully silly, you've got me interested.

Thank you. I wasn't expecting it to get any attention. I dropped the forum, for that very intention.

Well, it's getting attention to say the least. And for very good reason.

Still making my laugh my ass off. Now here's something I challenge you to try and do...

This sounds cool. With it, I might be able to fool.

I see what you did there.:raritywink:

Good naming choice, every good rap group needs a good name.

Subtle G-Unit reference lol

Me personally, I think something like VZ-Ponk would have worked better. But again, just me.

Vinyl, Zecora, and the Ponk herself, Pinkie.

Kinda reminds me of ZZ-Top.

Thanks. Next chapter will be out tomorrow.

I'll get back to it, just need time to think through it.

Yeah, definitely sounds too good to be true. Something's up here, I can tell... Especially with a name that sounds like Rain Maker, a known type of con artist.


We'll see what happens.
I was also referring to Rain Man. The supposed evil entity that controls the music industry. I read about it on some conspiracy website. It sounded interesting, I decided to implement it.

Never heard of that one. Then again, I'm not particularly interested in conspiracies.

I'm not really interested in them either, but I hear the term 'rain man' in a lot of songs.

Something about Rain Mane... Just don't trust him.

He is rather shady, isn't he?

Call it paranoia, but I don't trust him.

I guess we'll see what happens.

"No need for confusion, I have a solution," Zecora's horn began to glow. Vinyl caught on and helped with hers as well.

Wait, what?

When and where did she get a horn? I may have not understood a few paragraphs due to sleep deprivation.

Interesting concept but Pinkie Pie just seems a little out of character. The sentence structure is also a little repetitive.

Yeah, I have to agree, when did Zecora magically sprout a horn? Was that sentence meant for Vinyl I presume?

And no, Zecora is a unicorn as well.

Edit: I was slightly off about that. I remember an episode where she was sick and lost her ability to rhyme. She had a horn on her head but it was damaged. The spotted horn might've been a side effect of the illness. If I am wrong about that, I'll change it.

Thank you for the constructive criticism. Open to suggestions.

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