• Published 21st Oct 2018
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Zecora Goes On Tour - Zecora Zebra

Pinkie Pie convinces Zecora to start rapping.

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The Needle Drop

Author's Note:

Pinkie's verse: 0:09-0:31

Zecora's 1st verse: 0:32-1:00

Vinyl's Verse: 1:01-2:24

Zecora's 2nd verse: 2:24-3:04

Zecora rose from her bed. She had decided to venture into town to meet this producer that Pinkie Pie mentioned.

She knew Pinkie Pie lived and worked at Sugarcube Corner, so that was the first place she visited. It was busy. Ponies from all over town were there eating desserts of different types and flavors.

At a corner table, she looked up to see Pinkie Pie sitting and talking to a white mare with a mane that was two shades of blue.

Pinkie turned to see Zecora, "There she is now! You have good timing."

Zecora shrugged, "Curiosity turned me into a sleuth, so I had to deduce which one of you was the producer."

"That's me. Name's Vinyl Scratch," the other mare said.

Pinkie Pie rose from her seat, "Alright, let's go up to my room, we can discuss plans in there. Maybe freestyle a little bit."

The others obliged and followed her. When they got there, Pinkie turned to Vinyl, "Throw down a beat."

Vinyl's turntable was already set up in Pinkie Pie's room. She went to it and dropped the needles onto the disk. She used some samples to craft an instrumental that sounded like this:

Pinkie Pie giggled, "Woah, that's good. It sounds silly."

Zecora listened intently, "I dunno if I can do this. Making rhymes that fit the beat will be quite the feat to accomplish."

Pinkie shrugged, "Just follow my lead, you'll be fine."

Back up in the SCC just doing my thing.
A real dirty MC when I step in the ring.
I can be nice, but I'm capable of ending your dreams.
Sometimes I go overboard and I make it extreme.
You don't stand a chance against PP and her team.
Think you really funny, but unworthy I deem.
You heard me, creative with the words, see?
Send it off to my mare Zecora,
She spits nightmares for ya.

Zecora was ready this time and added this:

I am here to reveal what is real.
You can't deal with the zeal.
Armor made of steel, every word's a highlight reel.
Each letter stamped with Celestia's seal.
Betcha they're jealous, can't see how they feel.
I'm blowing up like Pompeii by Bastille.
Another 4th wall break, this truly takes skill.
These other rappers ain't fitting the bill.
I'm like Eminem, every shot is a kill.
Won't like what's said, but a fan you are still.
Eating this beat just like it's our last meal.
Send it off to Vinyl, final spitter in this cypher.

Vinyl Scratch wasn't planning on saying anything, but she practically jumped at the opportunity:

DJ PON-3 with the Z and Pinkie.
Quite frankly, these other MCs are just stinky.
That sounded foolish, but I spit that cool ish.
Discord is a tool, kids, Cozy Glow won't do spit.
That's what I'm deducing, this beat I'm producing.
I'm too confusing, y'all's brains are contusing.
Hear a lot of talk, how 'bout do something?

Gon' get your heads smashed like pumpkins.
All I hear is mouth, better hit the ground runnin'.
I don't play around, fool, I do my own stuntin'.
All their punches fall short like they're bunting.
Out here kicking flank just like I'm punting.
Trust me, nopony wants to hear you runts sing.

Adjusting the rhythm, spit that venom then I'm crushing.
Always rushing, you can't stop my momentum.
Y'all got empty brains, cuz there ain't nothing in 'em.
These shots, I'm sending 'em, I'm too relenting, son.
This fire's never-ending, recommending that you run.
We're always on the grind, our work is never done.
Attack y'all from behind, best believe we left you stunned.
White face in the hood just like the Conjuring nun.

Speaking of race, I run this place just like Usain Bolt.
Y'all got no taste in bars, you sound out of place like Lars.
If I lay waste to just one of you, nothing else matters.
Make haste, tell the others what I've done to you.
Can't you see we're sonning you? Real ones right in front of you.

Make way, the real MCs are coming through.
We're too OP, how could we look up to you?
Must not know me very well, y'all too soft.
Guess we can tell you Cottonelle, cuz you caught an L.
Producing for these artists, I got clientele.
Taking care with each one, I know my clients well.
The only one I disown is Machine Gun Kells.

Pinkie sighed, "Vinyl, quit hogging the mic, let me get this last 30 seconds real quick."

Vinyl cut the beat, a disgruntled look on her face, "I gotta hog the mic cuz you won't let me get it otherwise. When Zecora let me have that mic, I had to show what I got. Cuz you act like you're the best out of all of us when we're all just as good, if not better, than you."

Pinkie shook her head, "I never said you two weren't good. The whole reason I brought y'all here is so I wouldn't have to do this by myself. It's more fun to do this with your friends. the idea was to have all 3 of us spit a 16. You stole this beat and murdered it tho, that was awesome."

"Of course I'm gonna murder my own beat, I produced it. Remember?" Vinyl laughed.

"Yeah, that's true," Pinkie nodded.

Zecora waited for them to finished, looking noticeably annoyed, "Why did you distract her focus? She was doing well, that's a fact and you know it."

"I know it is, I just really wanted to go again," Pinkie giggled.

"Y'all had your turns. I appreciate you having my back, Zecora," Vinyl retorted.

"Anytime, I always enjoy a good rhyme," Zecora replied.

"Pinkie, I think she should get the last 30 seconds, since she's the newest member, she did good for her first time rapping over an instrumental. It'll be good practice for her to get some more time," Vinyl attempted to convince Pinkie.

"That makes sense, actually. I'm good with that. Hit the beat from the part I stopped it at and we'll let her get the last few bars in," Pinkie agreed.

Vinyl obliged to the request and started the beat back up. Zecora finished with:

Dearly departed. You thought I was done, but I'm just getting started.
Call me Snake, these rhymes are Solid, but my flow is Liquid.
By my friends, I've been lifted, like Luna, so gifted, I'm granting these wishes.
I'm digging these ditches to bury y'all in 'em, please stay off my hitlist.
I'm sorry, but I cannot leave a witness, I'll be begging PC for forgiveness.
Rest assured I'll put wack rappers out of business.
The game is basically women talking down to their children.
Better know your place, I'm off the dome, there's nothing written.
Keep on playing with Zecora, then she'll make sure you're smitten.
Last chance to chill, please don't make no bad decisions.
If you can't take the heat, then please exit the kitchen.

"Zecora, that was awesome! I can't wait 'til next Wednesday, they are not ready for us. Instead of the cypher idea with just you and me going back and forth, we need to get Vinyl in on the action because she did a great job too!" Pinkie was ecstatic.

Zecora smiled, "If that's what you want to do, I'm in. I'll gladly come through."

"Happy to hear it, I'm gonna need another beat. I was thinking of making something ominous, since it's Night Mare Night, but I'm not sure how it's gonna sound yet," Vinyl said.

"You got a whole week to come up with something, I'm sure you can do it," Pinkie encouraged.

"Thanks, I hope it sounds as good as you think it will," Vinyl replied.