• Published 18th Feb 2018
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How much pain can a six year old go through? Well...

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Prologue: A Terrible Life (Edited)

Author's Note:

Sorry if this story feels rushed, I'm trying the best that I can to make this story as good as possible, so I hope you enjoy it :pinkiehappy:

(Also, I just made edits to this chapter, so tell me if you see any mistakes or things that should be fixed)

The events take place before season 4 and after season 3

Pain. That's all Zachary could feel, was the pain. No one loved him, he felt like an empty waste of space in this world. His parents abandoned him and left him with two cruel foster parents who only saw him as a tool, a slave. Zachary was walking home from school. It was a cool Monday afternoon in autumn, and Zachary's day didn't go so well. He got beat up by a bunch of sixth-grade boy's, who snuck up on him and beat him senseless. They had tormented him, saying thing's like: "No wonder your parents left you!" and "You're a pathetic waste! You have no meaning here, so why don't you just go die!" They continued beating him, while other people just walked by, and acted like nothing was going on at all. They continued, until they decided that he has had enough, and left him to rot. He wasn't dead, but he was knocked out for a couple of minute's. When Zachary woke up, He felt the throbbing pain in his head. He looked down at his watch (that he won in a school contest) and saw that it was 5:00 o'clock.

"Oh no!" Zachary shouted, fear forming in his eye's. I'm late! They're going to kill me when I get back! He squeaked in his little six- year old voice, as he made a mad dash back to his house, not knowing what was to come for him. When he got back to the house, he saw two tall figure's glaring down at him with rage in their eye's.

"Do you know how late you are?" The tall male figure asked, still glaring down at him.

"I-I'm So- sorry, sir." Zachary said, before feeling a painful sting on his neck.

"Shut up!" The man shouted, slapping the poor boy causing him to fall on the ground. "Since you were late coming home from school, you now get a beating, slave. That is unless you can come up for a good excuse for why you're late." The man said. He made it seem like he was mad at Zachary, but in reality, he was going to find some other reason to punish him, even if he wasn't late. The thought of it made him grin.

"I- got beat u-up by the sixth graders, s-sir," Zachary said, before feeling another sensation of stinging pain on his face, causing him to fall back down.

"That's not a good enough excuse, why didn't you just stand up to them? It's not that hard!! Why don't you ever listen to me?!" The man shouted furious before his wife finally decided to step in and say a few words.

"Not only are you late to come home, but you make up some sad excuse on why your late? Pathetic!" The grown women, who had ever-growing anger in her eyes. "Now, get ready for the worst beating that you ever had in your life!" The women shouted. Zachary didn't have time to say anything, he could feel the foot of the women smash into his face. The last thing he saw was a bright light surrounding him, and then darkness.

A few moments ago in Canterlot

Princess Luna was in Canterlot castle, her sister, Princess Celesta was in bed, after having a long day with royal business and what not, while Luna stayed up to patrol the night, and guard the dreams of all of her subjects. Her nightly duties were almost over, and she would soon have to lower the moon. She then heard something, something she didn't expect to hear. Crying. The sound if distant crying could be herd. Hearing this, Luna decided to use her magic to see where the noise was coming from. Luna cast the spell that would let her see where it was coming from, Luna saw that she was in a long corridor, with rooms on each side, each one leading to a different world, each of them different in their own unique way.

"We are here, now," Luna said to herself, looking down the dark hallway of different worlds. "Now, let us find where thou noise is coming from," Luna said to herself again.
The noise sounded like some sort of conversation going on. No, it was more like arguing, fighting. As she started to make her way down the dark corridor, The noise was becoming more and more clear, it sounded like a little colt, talking in a bit of a panicked voice. Luna walked up to the door, where she heard the noise at it's loudest. What is going on in thou world? Luna asked herself in her thought's, but her thoughts were interrupted when she heard what sounded like a grown stallion shouting

"Shut up!" The voice shouted. His voice sounded deep and scratchy. "Since you were late coming home from school, you now get a beating, slave. That is unless you can come up for a good excuse for why you're late." Luna's eyes went wide with horror at what he just said. Luna now decided to open the door to the other world and see what was going on. Luna saw what looked like two tall figures, that were standing over one smaller figure. The smaller figure looked bruised and had a few cuts with blood leaking out. Oh my, what happened to him? Luna asked herself

"I- got beat u-up by the sixth graders, s-sir." the small figure said, while a shocked Luna was just standing there, watching. Luna's face turned to shock and horror as she saw what happened next.

"That's not a good enough excuse, why didn't you just stand up to them? It's not that hard you little piece of crap!!" The man shouted. Luna couldn't just stand there and watch, and yet, something was compelling her from doing anything. She finally snapped out of it when she heard those very words

"Now, get ready for the worst beating that you ever had in your life!" The women shouted, and then kicked the young boy in the face. Luna let out a gasp as she saw the boy getting beat. Luna realized what she had to do, though it would take up most of her energy, she knew she had to do it to save this young life. Luna closed her eye's as the light started to emanate from her horn, Luna let out an aggravated groan as she began to focuses all of her magic on the little boy. She lets out a scream as pain shoots through her body, and then stops. Luna groans as she opens her eye's, seeing that she is back in Canterlot Castle, but she noticed that the young child that she was supposed to bring back, wasn't there. "Oh no," Luna said, trying to get up, but fails due to her lack of energy. If the child isn't in his world, and if he isn't in Canterlot, that could only mean that he was somewhere else, not in Canterlot castle.

Luna was about to try to get up again but stopped when she realized that the moon was down, and the sun was up. How long was a gone for? Luna asked herself, when Princess Celesta came into the room, a stern look glued onto her face.

"Where have you been?" Celesta asked Luna in a stern. "I was worried sick! When I came into your room to tell you to lower the moon, you weren't there, so where were you?" Luna didn't say anything for a minute, still breathing heavily trying to get her energy back. After getting some of here energy back she told Celesta what had happened.

"Tia, it was awful! We were doing our nightly duties when we heard crying." Luna said. "I knew that it wasn't coming from the castle, or from a little foal's dream, so I used a spell that would allow me to travel to the corridor between worlds, and when I got to the world where the noise was coming from, we saw a young being that was being abused by what we can assume to be his parents," Luna said, trying to hold back her tears. Luna suddenly got up and hugged Celesta tightly. Celesta was taken aback by this but then hugged back.

"What happened to this young one?" Celesta asked her sister. Luna turned away, still having some tears coming out her eyes.

"I don't know!" Luna blurted out. "I don't know, Tia, I tried to bring him back to our world, but it took up most of my energy, and when I came back, he wasn't here with me! He's somewhere here in Equestria, but I don't know where!"

"Don't worry Luna, we'll find him. I'll send a letter to Twilight Sparkle and her friends. They can help us look for him." Celesta said but then stopped. "Luna? What does this young one exactly look like?" Luna stopped and tried to remember the details of the young human.

"He is a Bipedal creature, instead of having hooves, he had what looks like claws on his forelegs, he has greenish eye's, he doesn't have fur, and is wearing clothes, and only has a little bit of brown fur on his hair, and... and" Luna stopped and looked away.

"And what, Luna?" Celesta asked.

"He had bruises all over his body." Celesta face turned horrified after hearing that. "He... has been abused, Tia. He has been abused by his parents, and might have gotten beaten up by some of the other children in that world." Luna finished, feeling the tears coming on again. Celesta hugged Luna, trying to hold back some tears herself.

"Don't worry, Luna. We'll find him, I'll send a letter to Twilight." Celesta said, picking up a piece of paper and quill with her magic.

Dear Twilight Sparkle,
Hello, my faithful student, I wish that I could write this letter under better circumstances, but there is something I need help with from both you and your friends. There is a creature in Equestria, He is a young six-year-old, he is bipedal, he has greenish eye's, wears clothes, and has brown fur on his head, and he might have been abused by his parents. He shouldn't be dangerous, although he will most likely, so approach him with caution. Anyway, I need you to search ponyville, and also, try to keep this a secret from every pony else except for your friends, I don't know how they would react to this. I know you can do this.

Princess Celesta.