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Free at last. - cccvvvttt

How much pain can a six year old go through? Well...

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Chapter 1: Waking up.

Waking up

Zachary saw nothing but darkness at first. He hadn't remember what had happened to him, nor did he know why all he could see was darkness. Eventually, he noticed the noises that where around him. The noises sounded like birds chirping. Zachary tried to move, at first, he couldn't feel anything in his body, but then, he started to get feeling in his arm and started to move it around a bit. Soon, he could feel his body going back to normal. He started to get feeling in his other arm and his two legs, but he still only saw the darkness, until he felt some sort of warmth coming from behind him. He slowly turned around, and saw a very bright light that could have made anyone go blind if you were to stare at it to long. The light enveloped Zachary, and soon, he no longer saw darkness, but leaves that were in the tree branches above him. He groaned as he sat up, rubbing his head to try to get the pain out, but it was only helping just a little.

"Where... where am I?" Zachary asked himself, now sitting up completely. "Why am I inside a forest? I only live near one forest, but this one looks completely different." Zachary said. He looked around his surrounding's to see where the exit to this forest was. he turned his head left, then right, then he turned around. Nothing. He couldn't find the exit to this forest, he only saw a trail leading forward's and backwards.

"I should follow the trail, then i would have more of a chance of finding someone to help me then just wondering off into the forest of the trail." Zachary told himself. He knew a lot about trails He and his real parents used to hike on a lot of trails, that's when everything was good. That's before they send him to his foster's parents house. That's before his nightmare there began.

Flash back

"Come on, Zach. Just a little further ahead, we're almost up." Zachary's father shouted down at his son, who was having trouble keeping up with his father and mother. They were hiking on a new trail that they have never been on before, a trail leading up a tall hill in a forest, and it was extremely foggy out, but they still decided to go anyway.

"How... much further?" Zachary asked, the exhaustion clear in his voice.

"Come on, sweetie. Were almost at the top." His mother said, coming towards him, and lending out a hand towards him. Zachary happily Accepted her hand, his mother started to pull him up towards her. They continued their walk up towards the hill, before finally getting to the top.

"Here we are son, we finally made it to the top." His dad said, looking down at his son, who was still very tired of climbing the hill.

"It's really quit up here, and really foggy. This might as well be Silent Hill!" Zachary's mother said, looking down at her son.

"What do we do now?" Zachary asked, gaining back his energy quickly.

"We take in the view, of course!" His dad told him, making Zachary frown.

"There's not a lot to see here." He replied, making both of his parents laugh, as there son looked frustrated, he also looked adorable.

"I know, don't worry, we just came up here to ask you something." His father said.

"What?" Zachary asked.

"Come sit down next to me and your mother." His father asked him, and Zachary, being a good boy, listened to his parents, and sat down next to them.

"You know that we love you, no matter what, right?" his mother asked, looking at him with concern in her eye's.

"Of course i do, Mommy. Why do you ask?" Zachary answered his mother, confused at why his mother needed to ask such a question.

"We just wanted to make sure, honey, and you love us too, no matter what happens, right?" His mother asked, a look of sadness in her eye's.

"I love you, Mommy. No Matter what." Zachary replied, looking at his mother with great concern glued onto his face. He has never seen his mother this sad before, and his mother never looked this worried before. Zachary knew that something was going on, but he didn't know what, he might of been around four or five year's old at the time, but he was not stupid.

"Good." His mother said, with great relive in her voice.

"Now come on son, it's time that we go home, you have pre-school tomorrow." His father said. Zachary agreed, and they started to make their way back to their home

What's happening to my mommy and daddy? Zachary asked himself in his thought's, as they made their way down the hill

End of flashback

Zachary made his way down the trail, a few tear's forming in his eye's at the memory. They lied to me. Zachary thought angrily, more tear's coming from his eye's.

They lied to me! If they did truly love me, then why did they put me through all of that? Why did they send me to that place just to work as a slave?! Why did they have to give me up!? Zachary couldn't hold back the tears.

The dams in his eye's broke, slowly at first, but now the dam was completely destroyed. He continued to walk, still feeling sad about the whole thing. Still wondering where he is, he decided to look for some sort of sign on the path somewhere. It was a full five minutes before he found a sign, broken, but readable

"Beware, the Everfree forest, just up ahead." Zachary read the sign over and over again.

"Am I in the Everfree forest?" Zachary asked himself, never hearing about the Everfree forest before "Why does it say beware the ever-" He was cut off when he heard a vicious growl coming from somewhere in the forest.

Zachary began to cover his nose, as he began to smell something. Something so bad that it made him want to throw up. He looked around for the source, but at first he couldn't find it, until he saw in the darkness, green, glowing eye's that were just looking at him. Watching him, like how an animal stalks it's pray.

"W-ho's there?" Zachary squeaked out, looking at the green eye's with fear on his face. " I asked, Who is t-there?"

Zachary heard a low growl coming from the creature, as it walked slowly towards the young boy. It came into view, and Zachary was shocked at what he was looking at. In front of him, stood a tall, wooden, wolve looking creature.

Zachary stared up in horror at it, before noticing that it wasn't alone. More of the same creature's started to appear out of the darkness, causing Zachary lean back into the tree in fear.

Zachary realized that he could possibly die from this. He never really thought about dying before, except for that one time where his teacher read a book to his class about a man, who died and the stars took him to heaven.

Zachary thought about all the things he could never do if he died here. He would never go to school again. He would never have a girlfriend. He would never be apart of a happy family ever again.

"No!" Zachary shouted at the Timberwolves. "I'm not going to die here!" Zachary shouted again. He looked around, the Timberwolves still closing in on him, when he realized something.

He was small, and the Timberwolves were tall. He could probably crawl or run under one of them. "I hope this works!" Zachary said out loud. He looked at the middle one, then as quickly as he could, he ran towards the one in the middle, and ducked under him.

The Timberwolve turned around, along with the other one's, only to see the boy running down the path, trying to escape them. Timberwolves don't like to let go of a meal, so they gave chase to the young boy.

Zachary turned around, and to his horror, the Timberwolves were giving chase. Zachary turned his head forward, and was meet by an open field. He turned around to see that he made it out of the forest. Shocked, but mostly unharmed. He saw the same green eye's that he saw earlier, in the same eerie darkness.

Zachary painted, looking at the glowing eye's in the darkness. They soon disappeared, and all that was left was the darkness.

Zachary turned around, and started to walk. He didn't know where he was going, or who he was going to find, but he did know one thing. This is not the same world he is from.

"How did I get here?" Zachary asked himself. "Why I'm I here? Who brought me here? What happened to my foster parents?" Zachary kept asking these questions as he walked down the path in the empty field.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" Zachary asked out, hoping that someone would answer his calls for help. No one replied. Zachary sighed, disappointed at the fact that no one was there to help him. He felt alone in this world. That was nothing new to him though. He was always alone. Even when he was still with his real parent's, no one at school would ever talk to him, and when they did, it was only for teasing purposes.

Zachary snapped out of his thought's, realizing that he hadn't been paying any attention to where he was walking. He saw that he was near some sort of cottage, with no one around, but he did hear a few noises coming from inside the small cottage.

"What is that?" Zachary asked, walking towards the cottage. It didn't sound like any talking, but it did sound like there were a couple of animal's in there. He approached the house slowly, not wanting to startle what was inside the little home. As he got to the front door, he saw a note on the door. It read:

Went to Twilight's library in ponyville, sorry, but
please come back later. sorry.


"Who's Fluttershy?" Zachary thought about it for a moment. He knew that no one in his world would have a name like Fluttershy. "I should get to ponyville, maybe they can help me there." Zachary turned and started to walk off, when he stopped, and thought about something.

"Who name's a town ponyville?" Zachary asked out loud to no one in particular. He started to walk again, looking for this ponyville place, he had no idea what it looked like, but then, in the distance, he saw a few building's, but that's not what caught his eye. He saw walking around the town, were a bunch of pony's.

"What the-" Zachary couldn't even finish his sentence. He was too baffled by what he was seeing. "Can they talk?" Zachary asked to, again, no one in particular. "They must be able to talk, after all, there was that one note that this "Fluttershy" person, or pony wrote. Zachary thought about his options. He could go into the town, but he had no idea how they would react to him. He could go and find somewhere else to get help, but he was getting tired.

Zachary sighed, deciding that it would be best to just go to the small town and try to introduce himself to everypony.

"I hope there reaction wont be bad." He said, walking to the small town of ponyville. He was near the town, when a few pony's started to notice his presence. Most of them looked shocked at what they were seeing. The residence's of ponyville never seen a human before. Most of them started to run away, While other's were looking like they were ready for a fight.

"Wait! Don't go!" Zachary called out to the fleeing pony's, while the other one's just slowly backed away, and found some sort of hiding position. He continued his walk into the town, But it seems like most pony's didn't want him there. he felt something collide with the back of his head, causing him to fall to the ground.

"What hit me?" Zachary groaned, only to see a squashed apple on the ground. "What the-" He didn't have time to finish his sentence as he felt something hit the side of his head, causing him to fall back the ground.

"Get out of our town, monster!" One of the pony's shouted, getting ready to hit him with another fruit.

"I said get out, now!!" The same pony shouted, while the other's just started to throw fruit at him. Zachary felt every single piece of fruit hit him. Blinded by tear's and the fruit that was thrown at him, he ran in a random direction. Little did he know that he was running deeper into the town, instead of out of the town.

"Oh no." The pony, who was a unicorn said "That monster is running into the town! Who knows what it will do? Quick! Get the Element barriers." The pony shouted. The other pony's agreed, and they went to Twilight's library, where all of Twilights friends were.

Meanwhile, at Twilights library

"Girls, I called you here for a reason." Twilight said to the other five mare's in the room. Those mare's were Rainbow dash, Applejack, Pinkie pie, Rarity, and last but not least, Fluttershy.

"Why did ya call us here, sugar cube?" Applejack asked, knowing that this was some sort of emergency, along with everypony else in the room.

"I've called you all here, because it's an urgent emergency." Twilight told them. "There is a new creature that princess Luna brought here, and he is somewhere out here in this world." Twilight explained. Everypony in the room gasped except for Twilight.

"Why would Luna do something like that?" Rainbow dash asked, confused about Luna's actions.

"In the letter that Princess Celestia sent to me, she said that he was a young six year old, who might of been abused by someone." Twilight replied, making everypony's face turn into shock and disbelieve.

"My goodness, what ruffian would do that to a poor six year old?" Rarity asked, both anger and sadness in her eye's.

"I don't know." Twilight responded. "A thought came to my mind that it was his... parents, but I don't think his parents would ever do that to him. I mean, how could they? Right?" Twilight looked at all of her friends, each with great sadness in their eye's. Even Pinkie pie's mane went straight instead of it's usual puffy self. Pinkie raised her head slowly, now with a look of determination on her face.

"We need to find him!" Pinkie basically shouted. "We can't leave a poor innocent creature out there! And when we do find him, I throw a super welcome to Equestria party!" Pinkie's mane went puffed up a little at the idea of throwing a creature from another world a party.

"If... I may?" Fluttershy started to speak up a little. "If... it was one of my animal friend's, then I would want to help find them too, so I think we should help find him too..." Fluttershy said, with her nervous tone slowly fading away. The rest of the pony's in the room nodded their heads in agreement.

"Alright then, let's get going." Twilight said. As they were about to walk out the door, Rainbow dash thought of something.

"Wait, shouldn't we get a search party or something?" Rainbow dash asked. Twilight turned around and shook her head.

"No rainbow, we're the only one's that can do this." Twilight explained. "Princess Celestia told me to only tell you girls, because she wouldn't know how the rest of the town would react to a creature like him. That's why I sent Spike to the market place so we can discuss this ourselves."

"But we also don't know what he looks like, ya never explained that to us." Applejack interfered.

"Oh, I didn't? Sorry. Anyway, he stands on two legs, has brown fur on his head, and wear's cloths." Twilight said, leaving out the part about the bruises. "I think that's everything. Let's get-" Twilight was cut off when she heard a loud thump coming from the side of the library.

"What was that?" Fluttershy asked, her voice now timid.

"Let's find out." Twilight said, walking towards the door, but was stopped when she saw a pony burst through the door. Twilight let out an annoyed sigh.

"Can't you see the library is closed?" Twilight said, pointing to the sign that was on the door, witch was now wide open. The pony was a unicorn, and it looked like he had ran all the way here.

"I'm.. sorry, but I have something very important to tell you." The unicorn said, still out of breath.

"Well, what is it then? Don't just stand there, tell us." Twilight said, still annoyed with the interruption the unicorn had caused.

"There is a monster in ponyville. We need the element's of Harmony." The unicorn said. Everypony in the room gasped. Twilight was about to say something, but stopped once a thought came to her head.

"What does this "monster" look like exactly?" Twilight asked with a stern voice.

"I don't really know how to describe it." The unicorn said. "It was walking on two legs, it looked like it was wearing cloths, And it had brown fur on it's head. We threw fruit and it to try to get it out of town, but it just ran even further inside the town." The unicorn looked at Twilight, and saw the anger growing in her eye's.

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA OF WHAT YOU HAVE DONE?!?!?!" Twilight screamed. She was furious. The unicorn tried to say something, but was cut off by Twilight "THAT "MONSTER" YOU SO CALLED, IS JUST SIX YEAR'S OLD!!! HE WAS BROUGHT TO THIS WORLD BY PRINCESS LUNA!!! DID YOU EVEN STOP TO ASK HIM WHO HE WAS?" The unicorn had no reply to that. "Of course you didn't. This is just like with Zecora! Only you all decided to throw fruit at him, ARE YOU KIDDING?!" The room went silent, until Twilight spoke up again.

"Come on girls, let's go." Twilight and her friends got outside, but then the unicorn asked. "What do I do?" Twilight snapped her head towards him and said. "Get a search party together, and tell them what's really going on here, And if you find him, then bring him to me unharmed." Then Twilight gave a warning to the unicorn.

"And if I find out that you have done something else to hurt him, Then I will send you to Tartarus MYSELF!!!" Twilight shouted, leaving the Library, along with the unicorn. They completely forgot about the thump they heard on the side of the tree house.

Many hours later

The main six, along with the rest of the town, have been searching the entire town, but had no luck of finding anything that could lead them to the young boy. The towns people, who once had scared and shocked faces, now had faces of guilt and sadness. They split up the search parties into different groups.

The Pegasus pony's were in the air, looking down to see if they could find the young child anywhere, but where having no such luck as if yet. The unicorns were using their magic to lift thing's and look under or behind them, but they too, had no such luck. The earth pony's were looking in all direction's for the little child, but just like everypony else, they were having no such luck.

Luna had just raised the moon, and everypony was tired from searching all day. The main six had just meet up at Sugarcube Corner, along with Spike. They too have been extremely tired from searching all day under Celestia's sun. They were all silent, not knowing what to say, until Spike spoke up

"Twilight, why didn't you tell me about this? How could I not know about this? I was the one who got the letter." Twilight sighed, and looked down at her little dragon assistant, with guilt in her eye's.

"I'm sorry, Spike, But Celestia told me to only tell the other girls, because, well, you know..." Twilight said, still having the same guilt driven face. Spike gave her a sad smile, and said:

"It's okay, Twilight, I understand." Spike said. Twilight gave him a smile and said. "Thank you, Spike, I promise." She said to Spike.

"No need to." Spike said. "I've already forgiven you, remember?" Twilight just smiled even more at Spike.

"What are we going to do now?" Rainbow dash asked, not wanting to give up just yet.

"What are some places that we haven't checked yet? There has to be a place we missed, right?"

"I would be surprised if he was still in ponyville." Rainbow said, a look of anger flashed on her face. "If only those pony's just asked who he was, then maybe we wouldn't be in this mess right now!" Rainbow shouted, putting a hove up to her face in frustration.

"Ah' think we should continue our search tomorrow." AJ said. "Ah' don't think we would be able to find him tonight, so I say let's continue tomorrow." "No!" Rainbow interfered.

"We can't just stop now! He might not even be able to survive the night!" Rainbow dash said, not wanting to give up. After all, she hates losing.

"I have to agree with AJ on this on, darling." Rarity joined in. "There is simply no way we could find him by tonight."

"But we can't give up right now!" Twilight said. "I agree with Rainbow dash, let's just keep looking for a little while longer. I just want to make sure he's safe, that's all."

"Thank you, Twilight." Rainbow said, thankful for Twilight being on her side.

"Well, what else do you want us ta do?" Applejack asked. "We looked all over ponyville, and even a little bit of the Everfree forest."

"There could still be some hope that he is in ponyville." Twilight said, looking at all of her friends, but then realized that they were right. She didn't even have a single clue as to where to even look. Twilight gave out a defeated sigh.

"Fine, you girls win." Twilight said. Rainbow looked at Twilight. " But-" Rainbow tried to argue, but Twilight cut her off. "No Rainbow, there right." She sighed. "There's nothing we can do right now, we should just wait until morning." Rainbow was about to argue some more, but then she realized there was no point in that. They all left sugarcube corner, except for Pinkie, but before they left, they all agreed to meet up at the Library to continue their search for the young boy. Twilight and Spike soon left after that. They were near the library, when Spike said something. "Sorry." He said.

"Huh? Why are you sorry, Spike?" Twilight asked, confused on why Spike would be sorry.

"It's just that... I feel like I should of helped when you were trying to get the rest of your friends to agree with you." spike said, guilt appearing on his face.

"Spike, it's alright, really it is." Twilight began. "I couldn't ask you to take my side if you didn't want to, besides, your already my number one assistant, and that's good enough for me." Twilight said in a much brighter voice than before. Spike just smiled up at her, showing that he was grateful to be Twilight's number 1 assistant.

They had arrived at the library shortly after that, Spike was tired, and was going to hit the sack early. Spike was the first one to enter the library, while Twilight just walked up to it, still feeling guilty for not looking for the young child. I hope he's okay, I hope that he found a nice place to get warm at and- Twilight's thought's were interrupted when she heard the sound of whimpering.

Twilight's ear's perked up, as she heard the sound, and quickly finding the source of it. It was coming from the side of the library, the same side she had heard that thud come from earlier. She walked over to the sound. The whimpering was coming from behind some trash bags. Twilight moved the trash bags, and gasped at what she saw. There was the human child that they have been looking for the entire day.

Twilight was about to ask the creature what his name was, but then she realized that he had cried himself to sleep. Twilight felt sad for the tiny creature, and levitated him with her magic, and now only seeing all the fruity mush he was covered in .

The poor child Twilight thought, sadly Everypony that threw a fruit at him will be punished. Twilight thought as she gritted her teeth in frustration, until she realized that the small child was shivering. Twilight put him on her back, and was about to go inside to ask Spike to get some blanket's, when she realized that on the ground that was next to the young child, was something that looked like a saddle bag. She levitated the bag with her magic as well, and then went inside the library. "Spike! Come down here quick with some blanket's!" Twilight shouted up the stairs.

Spike came down with some blanket's, but looked annoyed. "Twilight, why do-" He stopped when he noticed the creature that Twilight put on their couch

"Is- is that him?" Spike asked, shock in his voice.

"Yes, Spike, it is him." Twilight said. "Turns out, he was hiding behind some garbage bags that we had on the side of the library." Twilight said, as Spike handed her the blanket's.

"Well, 'I'm too tired to meet him right now. Besides, it looks like he is already asleep, so I guess I'll see you in the morning." Spike said before heading upstairs. Twilight turned to see the sleeping child, as he mumble's the words 'pancakes'. Twilight chuckled at this. "Well, I guess I know what were having for breakfast tomorrow." Twilight smiled. Using her magic to get a rag, she clean off most of the fruit off him, without him even stirring at all

"Gosh, you must really be tired." Twilight said to herself, before putting the blanket over the sleeping boy. Twilight didn't want him to be alone when he woke up, so she got on the couch with him, and hugged him tightly around her chest

"I'll keep you safe, I promise." Twilight said, before drifting off to sleep.

Author's Note:

hey guy's, so here is chapter two, i hope you like it. I was going to write more, but then i realized that i have been writting all day, so yeah, hope you liked it