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How much pain can a six year old go through? Well...

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Chapter 3:Foster Parents , And An Omitted Memory

Foster Parents, And An Omitted Memory

The main six were all busy, getting ready for Zachary's welcome to equestria party. Pinkie was getting all the decorations and the cake ready, while also handing out the invitations to the party, and explaining who the party was for, along with Rarity and Fluttershy. Rainbow dash was practicing her Sonic Rain Boom, she thought that it be cool for Zachary, considering the fact that he's probably never seen anything like it before. Applejack was at Sweet Apple Acres, preparing some tasty Apple treats for Zachary's party.

Twilight, was at her home. Spike was upstairs, napping, though Twilight didn't mind too much, because she would most likely not need him to do anything until the party. Twilight was downstairs, reading to Zachary a book called Daring do, And The Sapphire Stone, The first book in the Daring Do series.

Twilight was just about to move onto the next chapter, when she heard a knock on the door.

"Oh, hold on Zachary, let me go get that." Twilight said, as she got up, and walked up to the door. When Twilight opened the door, she gasped at the pony that was in front of her. There, was Princess Luna. Though she had only been there a few moments ago, it was still a shock to see her back so soon.

"Princess Luna, what are you doing here?" Twilight asked, while bowing. Luna Looked at Twilight, with a worrisome expression glued to her face.

"There is no need to bow right now, Twilight." Luna said, looking into the library, seeing Zachary looking at the Daring Do book that Twilight was reading to him. "We are worried about young Zachary's safety." Twilight looked up at Luna, giving her a warm smile.

"Don't worry, Pinkie already told everypony that Zachary is innocent, so nopony should be-" Twilight was cut off, when she Luna lower her head, with a somewhat unreadable expression. Twilight was confused.

"Princess, are you okay?" Twilight asked. Luna shot her head up, and looked at Twilight, still with that worried expression.

"No, I'm afraid not." Luna said, causing Twilight to gasp.

"What's going on? Is something bad happening to Equestria?" Twilight asked, now in a bit of a panicked tone. Luna continued to explain.

"Something new is in Equestria. Something..... evil." Luna said. "Me and my sister were able to sense it when it first arrived here, and we may feel that it has something to do with Zachary." Twilight turned back to look at Zachary, only to see that he dozed off on the couch. Twilight looked back at Luna, now worried like how Luna was at that moment.

"Why would something evil want anything to do with Zachary?" Twilight asked. Luna let out a sigh.

"Because, Twilight, this evil thing that is here comes from his world." Luna said, shocking Twilight even more. "Whatever this evil thing is, it wants Zachary. We don't know how it entered this world, and we don't know if it's alone or not." Luna said. Twilight thought about this for a moment, before something clicked inside her head.

"You don't think..." Twilight didn't have time to finish, as she saw Luna simply nodded her head. Twilight turned back around, to see Zachary in a deep peaceful slumber. Twilight looked back at Luna, her face went from worried, to now determined.

"If they are here... then I wont let them do anything to Zachary! I promised him that i wouldn't let them hurt him again, and i attend to keep that promise!" Twilight shouted determinedly, while also shouting at a low volume as to not wake Zachary up. Luna smiled.

"We know you wont let anything hurt him, we just wanted to tell you, just to be prepared." Luna said, knowing Twilight will do a good job at protecting the young human child.

"But what if I, or one of my friends, run into them?" Twilight asked, Luna's face turning serious.

"If you run into Zachary's foster parent, or parents, then i want you to apprehend them immediately, and tell your friends to do the same thing if they see them. " Luna told Twilight. She understood what Luna wanted her to do. "Also, don't tell anypony about this, we just got them to think Zachary is innocent, and we don't want them to think otherwise due to his foster parents being here."

Twilight nodded in response. "I'll make sure nopony knows, except for my friends, but should i tell Zachary that there here?" Luna shook her head.

"No, don't tell him, we don't want him to feel like he is in any danger." Luna said. "Besides, we want him to enjoy his stay here as much as possible, and telling him this could possibly ruin that." Twilight nodded her head.

"Okay, I wont tell him, but after we catch them, do we tell him then?" Twilight asked

"Yes, but only WHEN we catch them, do we tell Zachary that they were here." Luna replied. "We have to go now, you make sure that Zachary stays safe." Luna said, before flying off back to Canterlot. Twilight looked up to where Luna had flown off, and went back inside the library. She looked at the couch, where she saw Zachary sleeping peacefully.

Twilight smiled at him, knowing that he would be safe. She went into the kitchen to get a glass of water, when a few thoughts came to her head. What happens if they find him? Do they have anything that can hurt him? Will Luna and Celestia send him back to his world?

That last thought got to Twilight a bit. She didn't really want him to go back to his world, after the way every human treated him there. She started to feel like she was having another sort of bond before. One that she never felt before. A motherly bond. Sure, she had spike that she took care of, but Spike always felt like more of a brother, or a best friend to her, but the way Zachary made her feel, was motherly towards him.

Twilight finished her glass of water, and went back into the main room. Zachary was beginning to stir in his sleep, as he opened his eyes. He saw Twilight walking into the room.

"How long was i asleep?" Zachary asked, rubbing his eye's. Twilight chuckled at his adorableness.

Who would ever want to hurt him? Twilight wondered to herself as she replied.

"It's only been a couple of minutes. Luna came to see how you were doing, though." Twilight replied, walking up to him, and patting him on the shoulder. "Would you like anything to drink, or to eat before the party starts?" Twilight asked.

"No thanks, but when does the party start anyway?" Zachary asked, rubbing his eyes in the process. Twilight thought about it, before she remembered that it started at sunset. Twilight looked out the window, and from the looks of it, the party would start in about an hour.

"Probably in a hour, or so." Twilight said. "What else do you want to do before the party begins, I might have to go somewhere soon, though." Zachary was about to answer, but was cut off when he heard a loud yawn coming from upstairs. He then saw Spike, making his way down the stairs.

"Good... um, afternoon, Twilight, and Zachary." Spike said, giving a smile and a wave towards Zachary, who in return, gave small wave of his own. Twilight smiled at Spike, and looked at Zachary.

"Why don't you two hang out?" Twilight suggested. "You may have some of the same interests." Spike nodded in agreement, while Zachary just let out a shy and nervous, "O-okay, i guess...."

Twilight smiled down, and patted him on the shoulder. "You don't need to be nervous about Spike." Twilight said. "Besides, I have to go and get my friends to talk about something. I'll be back as soon as i can, so you two have fun." After Twilight said that, she walked out the front door, and looked back with one more smile and said:

"Make sure Zachary stays safe, and don't answer the door for anypony."

"Don't worry, he's good with me!" Spike shouted. Twilight gave an unsure look, not wanting to loss him after only finding him last night. Once Twilight left, Spike turned around, only to see Zachary looking down at his hands nervously. Spike walked up to him.

"Hey, there is no need to be shy around me, were friends." Spike said, holding a claw out.

"We.... we are?" Zachary asked.

"Of course we are! I mean, you didn't really have any friends back at your home, right? So, I can be your first one!" Spike said. Zachary looked at Spike, a somewhat happy expression was apparent on his face.

"Alright.... what do you want to do?" Zachary asked.

"Do you have any comic books in your world?" Spike asked. Zachary thought about it for a moment. there was Superman, The Flash, Spider-Man, and Batman. Zachary stopped at the thought of Batman. He remembered reading that comic, and the next thing he knew, he was being sent off into the foster system. He didn't remember what happened during that time though.

"Yes... i have some comic books..." Zachary said.

"Sweet! I have some of mine upstairs, let's go get them." Spike said, walking up the stairs, Zachary following close behind him. When the reached the top, and the place where he and Twilight would sleep. Spike went behind his basket, and grabbed a handful of comic's.

"These are my favorite comic books, The Power Ponies!" Spike said, explaining the basic story of them. It didn't take that long, he explained how they got there Power's, what type of villains they fought, and so on and so forth. Zachary seemed to grow more, and more interested with these "Power Ponies."

"So, what type of comic books do you read?" Spike asked.

"Well, i had some comic books in my backpack, is it still up here?" Zachary asked, and Spike pointed over to the wall, where Zachary's backpack was. Zachary walked over to his backpack, and pulled out a few comic books. He came back over to Spike, with his comic books in his hands, then placing them down on a table.

"These are all the comic books I have." Zachary said, handing Spike The Flash. Spike looked at the cover for a moment, before asking:

"Who is The Flash?" Zachary thought about Spikes question for a moment. The last time he read the comic, was when he was still living with his parents, so he tried to explain it the best he could.

"Well... The Flash is this guy, who has the power to run really, REALLY, Fast, and..." Zachary continued to explain everything he could remember about the comic, though, it wasn't much, it still seemed like Spike took a interest in The Flash. Once Zachary was done explaining, Spike had a sort of amazed look on his face.

"Wow, that sounds amazing!" Spike exclaimed. "What other comics do you have?" Zachary pulled another comic from the table.

"Well, there's Superman, which is about an alien from another planet crashing down on earth, and then growing up to be a superhero." Zachary said, handing the comic over to Spike. Spike read the first page, and was amazed at how good the artwork was, how everything about it was just cool! Spike put down the comic.

"These are really cool comics! I've never read anything like them before." Zachary smiled a bit, getting more used to this new world.

"I have one more comic, this one is called bat-" Zachary cut himself off, when he looked at the cover. The first issue of the batman series, but that's not what cut him off. It was the cover, he recognized it. It was the same one that he was reading on the night his parents gave him to the foster care system. The world became black and white around him, he could hear harsh whisper's. Spike was trying to get his attention, but Zachary couldn't move. All of the sudden, he was covered in the same, familiar white light, that took him here when he was being abused by his foster parents. Then, everything was dark.


Zachary's vision cleared, as he saw he was in his old room, at his parents house. He saw a younger version of himself, on the bed, reading the Batman comic. He looked around his old room, it was pretty plain, Zachary didn't ask his parents for a lot of stuff, sure he was little, but he never felt the need to ask his parents to get him stuff. Zachary saw his younger self raise his head, as they both heard a noise.

It seemed that the younger version of himself was unaware of his older versions presence. Zachary, the younger one, walked up to the door, and was soon followed by his older version. They both leaned in, to get a better hearing of the some what conversation, or more like a fight, was about

"No, I- i cant." A older women's voice came from another bedroom in the house.

"You have too, sweetie. This really is for the best..." The other voice, who sounded like Zachary's father said.

"But how do you expect me to be alright with this?! I know we may need the money, but this isn't the way that we do it!!" His mother shouted angrily.

"What else are we going to do?!" Zachary's father snapped. "We're both are probably going to be on the streets soon, because NEITHER of us have jobs, the least we can do is try to have Zachary have a better life!" Zachary's mother just got more angry.

"Can't we just do something else? I don't want to have to turn to this!" His mother shouted. Zachary's father couldn't hold in his anger and frustration anymore, and what sounded like heavy foot steeps, entered the closet in the room. Zachary could hear locks being unlock.

"What are you doing?" Zachary's mother asked.

"Doing the thing that i should have done when we first started this conversation!" Zachary's father shouted, pulling something out of the safe that he just unlocked.

"No wait, s-stop! This isn't the way! Put it down! I'm sure we can-" Zachary's mother was cut off, when a loud BANG rang out across the house. Zachary then could hear gasps for air.

"Oh my god... I- I'm so sorry!" Zachary's father said, in a panicked tone.

"You... you shot ME!" Zachary's mother shouted out. "I DIDN'T WANT TO DIE LIKE THIS, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME WITHOUT A SINGLE THOUGHT OF HESIT-" Zachary's mother was yet again cut off by a loud BANG, and then another, and then another, and then, everything was silent.

"Because this is best for our son, I'm sorry." Zachary's father said, before dropping the gun, and running into Zachary's room.

"Son, get your things, we're leaving." Zachary's father commanded.

"But, where's mommy ?" The younger version of Zachary asked. A pained look was apparent on his face.

"Mommy's not coming with us, I'm so, so, sorry." Zachary's father said. He ran into the kitchen, followed by the older version of Zachary, who was still invisible to them. His father reached for the kitchen phone, and dialed 911. The phone rang a bit, before the operator answered.

"Hello, police? I need help! My wife has been shot! I can't stay here, I'm taking my son to the Mobile Inn nearby, please, hurry to my house, my son can't see this." Zachary's father said, before hanging up the phone. Zachary just stood there, in shock, before the world turned into darkness.

End of flashback
"Zachary? Zachary please say something." A voice called out. Zachary slowly opened his eye's, only seeing a worrisome Spike next to him. "Dude, are you okay? You just fainted right in front of me! What happened?" Spike asked. Zachary, still remembering what he had witnessed, slowly got up.

"I'm... sorry, um, I have to go to the bathroom real quick." Zachary said. Spike didn't even have anytime to respond, as Zachary ran off to the bathroom, trying to hold back the tears. He might of been only six years old, but he wasn't stupid. He knew what his father had done, but what he didn't know, was why? How could his father tear apart his family like that? But, he was also wondering, how could he forget that ever happened?

Zachary reached the bathroom, and closed the door behind him. He sat on the floor, letting the tears out slowly, whimpering quietly. Spike walked up to the bathroom door. Spike was about to knock, but stopped when he heard the quit whimpering. Spike knew that something was defiantly wrong.

Did he see something, what happened? Spike asked himself, as he heard the door to the library open.

"Spike! Zachary! I'm back!" A voice sounding like Twilights called out. Spike decided to go tell Twilight what had happened, and maybe let her deal with it. Spike didn't know what else to do, so he ran over to Twilight. Twilight saw Spike coming towards her, and greeted him with a smile.

"Hey, Spike, wait...." Twilight looked around the room, not seeing her other guest in the library. "Where's Zachary?" Spike cringed a bit. He didn't know whether he should tell her, or not. He decided that Twilight could handle the situation better than him, and she probably wouldn't blame Spike, so he explained what happened.

"Well, you see Twilight," Spike started. "A while after you left, we went upstairs to show each other our comic books from our worlds." Twilight smiled at this.

"So, is he still upstairs?" Twilight asked. Spike sighed, before continuing his story.

"No, but something.... odd, did happen to him." Spike said. "When he looked at a certain comic book, I don't know which one, he just stared at it, but the worst part was that all the color was being drained from his eyes!" Twilight gasped.

"Is he okay?!" Twilight asked, panic taking over her other senses.

"He's fine, I guess," Spike gulped. "After that, he just fainted, in the middle of the floor. I put him on the couch, but he doesn't respond to what I was saying, I started to panic. But then, he woke up, looking like his normal self again." Twilight sighed with relief, but stopped when Spike continued.

"Then, he just went to the bathroom. I followed him, he had the door locked, but the worst part was, that I think he was crying." Twilight looks of worrisome returned.

"Did you see if he was alright?" Twilight asked.

"I was, but then you came back, and I thought that I would let you handle it, and it happened so fast that....." Spike stopped to catch his breath. Twilight looked in the direction of the bathroom, only to find Zachary walking into the main room. Twilight could see that he was visibly shaken, and that he was crying. Twilight went up to him in a fast pace sort of way.

"Dear Celestia! Zachary, what's wrong?" Twilight asked. Zachary just looked up at her, and sighed.

"I really don't want to talk about it, it's just that...." Zachary couldn't finish his sentence, as he felt more tears escape from his eye's.

"What? Did something happen?" Twilight asked. Zachary just sighed, again.

"I just..... I don't think my parents sent me into the foster care system." Twilight was taken aback by this.

Wait, how did he not know this before, unless..... that comic he was looking at brought back an omitted memory. Twilight was worried. She didn't want to, but she had to get the truth of what was going on.

"Zachary, you can tell me what you saw, I won't judge you, or anything like that. I promise." Twilight said. Zachary couldn't hold it back anymore. He broke down, explaining everything that had happened. How looking at the Batman comic brought back the memory of his mother's murder, how his father just shot her to death in a fit of rage. Once Zachary was done explaining what had happened, Twilight, along with Spike, had tears in there eye's.

"Come here, Zachary..." Twilight said. Zachary walked over to Twilight, and she pulled him in yet another hug. Zachary didn't know why Twilight cared this much about him, but he felt safe, none the less.

"I'm so sorry for what your father did to your mother, no creature should have to see that ever happen to their parents." Twilight said.

"Yeah, I'm sorry about your mother too." Spike said. Zachary smiled a bit. He knew now that he had true friends, even if they were ponies and a baby dragon, there still friends. Twilight finally broke the embrace, (Being like, the third time she hugged Zachary in that single day) and gave a gentle smile.

"The party that Pinkie is throwing is going to start in like, twenty minutes!" Spike shouted, causing Twilight to look at the sun. It was nearly sun down.

"Alright, I think that we are all set to go, Spike, are you ready?" Twilight asked, and Spike nodded his head. Twilight looked back down at Zachary. "Are you ready to go Zachary?" Zachary simply nodded his head in agreement.

"Wait, can I get my backpack real quick?" Zachary asked, and Twilight nodded her head. Zachary zoomed up the stairs, leaving Spike and Twilight down there.

"How could anyone ever hurt him like that? How could anypony do such a thing?" Spike asked. Twilight sighed, as she looked at Spike with sorrowful eye's.

"I don't know, Spike." Twilight sighed. "There might be more to the story, though. Zachary said his parents were arguing about something, but what were they arguing about?" Twilight thought about what she just said. There was a chance that something else is going on, and that Zachary's father didn't just kill his mother out of a blind rage, but there was a reason for it. Twilight saw Zachary come back down the stairs, with his backpack on his shoulders.

"I'm ready to go now..... I guess." Zachary said. Twilight came over to him.

"Alright, let's go, then. The party is going to be held at sugarcube corner, it's not that far." Twilight said, as they walked out the door.

"What if a pony see's me? What do I do." Zachary asked.

"Don't worry, by now, everypony in town should know that you are friendly." Twilight said. Zachary just nodded his head in response to this.

"Hey, Twilight! Spike! Zachary!" A voice called out. Twilight, Spike, and Zachary turned around to see Twilights five other friends, and the voice that called out belonged to Rainbow dash. The five mares walked up to the three.

"How's Zachary doin'?" Rainbow asked, looking down at Zachary. It had only been a day, but a long day it had been, and Rainbow thought something interesting, or important might of happened. Little did she know how right she was.

"I'm doing fine, I guess..." Zachary said, rubbing his arm. Rainbow gave him a confused look.

Something's wrong. Rainbow dash thought. The rest of Twilights friends caught up with them. Pinkie, Rarity, Applejack, Fluttershy, and Rainbow dash had warm smiles on their faces, though, Rainbow still knew something was up. Pinkie bounced over to Zachary, stopping just in front of him.

"Hey, Zachary! Are you ready for your super duper Welcome To Equestria party?!" Pinkie asked.

"Uh, yeah, I'm ready." Zachary replied, nervously. Pinkie was still bouncing up and down, as they started to make their way to sugarcube corner.

"So, how have ya been?" Applejack asked, trying to start up a conversation.

"I've been alright, since the last few hours we saw each other." Zachary said. He didn't want to tell them about his little, "Flashback" That he only had a few moments ago, but everypony could see the sadness and trauma that was visible through his appearance. They could also see that his eye's were a bit red from the crying that he did earlier.

"My goodness, darling!" Rarity Why are your eye's so red?" Zachary rubbed his eye's quickly, trying to get them back to normal, but, he couldn't. Twilight cringed a bit. She wanted to tell her friends about Zachary's mother, but she knew she had to wait until they got to sugar cube corner.

"Oh, they are? Sorry, must of happened earlier today, I guess....." Zachary said, getting a bit uneasy.

Rainbow flew next to him.

"Kid, your eye's don't get red for no reason, even I know that." Rainbow said, before getting a look of embarrassment on her face. "Then again, I don't know that much about humans." Rainbow chuckled, but the look of sadness on Zachary's face was undeniable.

"No, humans don't get red eye's for no reason either." Zachary sighed. "I.....I just really don't want to talk about it right now." The main six, including Spike, were now even more worried. Twilight and Spike did know what happened to Zachary, but they had to wait until they reached sugar cube corner.

"Um,... if I may," Fluttershy started. "I can give you some medicine to help with your eye's, if you don't mind, that is........" Zachary shook his head in response.

"No thanks Fluttershy, my eye's should be back to normal soon, but," Zachary lowered his head. "Never mind, thank you anyway..." Twilight looked back at Zachary. Zachary just had a sad smile on his face.

"Ok Zachary, we're almost there, I know you'll love it." Twilight said. "Pinkie was the one who made it, after all, and she makes the best parties." Zachary nodded, as the other ponies looked at Twilight, trying to act like nothing was up. Soon, they saw a gingerbread like building, and just looking at it made Zachary hungry, though he ate just a few hours ago.

"Well, here's sugar cube corner." Twilight said. Zachary gazed in awe. He had never seen any building like that in his world, he was amazed. Zachary looked at Twilight, most of the nervousness he had was now gone.

"This is where your party is being held, Pinkie invited most of ponyville to apologize for what they did yesterday." Twilight told Zachary, who's nervousness came right back.

"Um, I don't....... really want to go meet the ponies, I mean..." Zachary didn't finish his sentence, as he just looked down at the ground, both in shame and sadness. Twilight rested her hoof on his shoulder.

"Don't worry, I promise that they wont hurt you." Twilight said. "And they wont throw anymore fruit at you either, I'll make sure." Zachary looked up, with a more confident face.

"Okay, I'll go in, but.... I'm still not sure if any of the ponies would like me or not." Zachary said. That's when it was time for Twilights friends to give him confidence.

"They will like ya" Applejack said. "And if they don't, then that's their loss." Pinkie was next to speak up.

"Yeah, if they don't like you for whatever reason, then they'll be sad that they didn't get the chance to know you, while we think your awesome!" Pinkie pie said, her words barley being comprehendible due to her talking so fast. Rainbow dash went up to Zachary.

"Kid, your like, more than awesome, your 20 percent cooler." Rainbow said, with a smirk on her face. "Those ponies in there wouldn't be cool at all if they think you were some sort of monster again." Zachary smiled, and then Rarity was next to speak up.

"Darling, you are not a monster." Rarity begun. "If those ponies still think your one, then I will NOT sell any more of my clothing to their selfish flanks." Zachary giggled at Rarity's little out burst, though. After that, Fluttershy came up to him.

"Don't worry about a thing, if they don't like you, then we'll still be your friends." Fluttershy smiled. Spike was the last to come up to Zachary.

"Yeah, don't worry, if anyone is being mean to you in there, then let us know, and we'll handle it." Spike said. Zachary could feel a single tear of happiness drop from his eye's, as he knew now that he had true friends.

"Thank you all... so much." Zachary said. "Let's go to the party, then." The mane six, along with Spike, smiled at him warmly, as they entered sugarcube corner. When Zachary entered the building, he saw half of ponyville in there, he also saw the two princess's, Princess Luna and Princess Celestia. When the ponies saw the mane six, Spike, and epically Zachary, everypony grew silent, except for Pinkies bouncing. The silence remained for a full minute. Nopony said anything, until Twilight broke the silence.

"Everypony, meet Zachary, Zachary Baker." Twilight said, putting her hoof on Zachary's back. Everypony, besides Celestia and Luna, just stared at him. Some stared with regretful eye's due to them just naturally assuming he was some evil monster, while other's just gave him a look of disgust, and looks of, "What is that thing doing here?" However, those ponies got the Two Princess's staring daggers at them.

"Um, hi....." Zachary said, and waved nervously. The ponies just gave a wave back, some holding up banners saying "We're sorry." on them. Zachary gave out a little smile, and the party went back to normal. Though, he was getting some glares. A pink and grey filly in particular.

“Hey, Zachary, I hope you have a fun time.” Twilight said. “What would you like to do first?” Zachary’s stomach growled in response. He blushed in embarrassment, realizing it had been a couple of hours since he last ate something, And he was still hungry.

“Um, I guess we can get something to eat, I guess....” Zachary said. Pinkie bounced over, appearing right in front of Zachary as a pink blur.

“Have you ever had cupcakes before?” Pinkie asked, while still bouncing.

“I can’t remember when I did have a cupcake, I know they exist in my world, but I don't think I ever had one before." Pinkie face turned into utter shock. How could any human not have a cupcake? Pinkie then smiled, realizing that this would be his first time trying the sugary treat.

"Here, try it, you'll love it!" Pinkie said, handing the cupcake to Zachary. He looked at it for a bit, before taking a bit out of it. His taste buds sang a sweet song, as he bit into it. He didn't just like it, he loved it.

"This.... Is the best thing I've had in a long time." Zachary said, taking another bit. Pinkie smiled with joy, knowing that she did a good job.

"I'm so glad that you enjoyed it!" Pinkie exclaimed happily. "There's more over at the snack table, I'll go get them." Zachary nodded, and Pinkie was off just like that. Princess Celestia and Princess Luna came over to the group of friends.

"Hello, my little ponies, and Zachary." Celestia said, lowering her head in a bow sort of way. Zachary smiled, and giggled a little, but, then his smile turned into a bit of a frown. This didn't go unnoticed by Celestia, nor Luna.

"What is wrong?" Luna asked, concerned. The reason she was concerned, was because she could sense him having some sort of dream nearly an hour ago. She tried to get in his dream, but she couldn't, for some reason.

"I'm fine, just......" Zachary sighed. He really didn't want to keep what he saw a secret forever, even if it had been barley been a day. . "I.... don't feel like talking about it." Zachary sighed. Luna and Celestia glanced at each other, thinking the same thing.

Does he know that his foster parents are possibly here? Luna wanted to say something, but then she heard the voice of a filly.

"Hey, Applejack!" The voice of the young filly caught the attention of everypony, and Zachary and Spike. The young filly trotted over to them. She was bright yellow, had sort of red hair, and she had a ribbon on. She came up to Applejack.

"Hey, Applebloom." Applejack said. Applebloom looked excited over something.

"So, ah heard that there is a new creature in Equestria, and me and my friends wanted to meet him!" Apple bloom said, excitedly. Who knows, she could get her cutie mark for this.

"Sure ya can meet him, he's over there." Applejack said, pointing her hoof at Zachary. "But, uh, he's a bit shy, and around your age, so, try to be calm around him." Apple bloom nodded her head, and trotted over to Zachary.

"Hello, ma name is Apple bloom, what's yours?" Apple bloom asked. Zachary rubbed his arm, remaining silent. Apple bloom looked confused, before looking back at her sister. "Not much of a talker, is he?" Applejack chuckled a bit.

"Told ya he was shy." Applejack said. Twilight walked up to Zachary.

"There is no need to worry about Apple Bloom, she's nice, along with her friends." Twilight said reassuringly. It worked, because Zachary believed her.

"O-okay..." Zachary said, before Apple bloom spoke up.

"Can ah introduce him to my friends?" Apple Bloom asked, looking at Applejack, who looked at Twilight.

"If it's alright with Zachary, than you can." Twilight said. Apple bloom then gave Zachary the puppy dog eye's. Zachary wasn't comfortable with this, but he sighed. He knew that he should at least try to make friends around his age, any way's.

"I'm.... Alright with that, I guess." Zachary said, looking down nervously. Apple bloom nearly started bouncing in excitement, but didn't. She didn't want to scare Zachary.

"Follow me." Apple bloom said, as they both started to walk in the direction of Apple blooms other friends.

"Don't go too far!" Twilight shouted, before looking back at her friends, and the two Princess's, while Spike was somewhere, eating a cupcake.

"So how have all you been, since the last few hours I've seen you girls?" Twilight asked, with a sheepish smile.

"We've been good." Rainbow dash said, before everypony was wondering the same question, but only Luna asked it out loud.

"Zachary isn't alright, isn't he?" Luna asked, and Twilight just simply nodded her head. Everypony got a look of worry on their faces.

"What could be wrong with him? He has only been in equestria for a day and a half, right?" Rarity asked.

"Girls, there are two VERY important things I have to tell you, but you can't tell anypony, got it?" Twilight said, her friends nodding in response. "Alright, well first of all, the reason Zachary is acting all sad is because, well...." Twilight gulped.

"He remembered an omitted memory." Twilight said. Her friends, besides the two Princess's, were confused.

"Uh, what does "Omitted" mean." Rainbow dash asked.

"Omitted is when you have forgotten, or repressed something." Twilight explained. "He had a memory that he forgotten a long time ago, and he remembered it just today." Twilight looked at her friends, who knew that Zachary's memory had to be a bad one.

"What did he remember?" Pinkie asked. Twilight gulped again, and the next thing she said shocked everypony

"He..... remembered how his real mother died." Twilight said. Everypony had their jaws gaped opened, even the two Princess's seemed shocked. They all knew that his real parents gave him to his foster parents, but they never knew that one of his real parents died.

"How... how did she die?" Rarity asked, not really wanting to know the answer.

"Zachary's father.... killed her...." This made all of them gasp. Pinkie's mane inflated more, then made a popping sound as it went straight again. Even the two Princess's were horrified at what they just heard. Murdering another pony in Equestria didn't happen for over 500 years, how could a human do that to another human? Twilight looked over towards Zachary, and saw him with the rest of the CMC'S.

"He's only told me and Spike, though." Twilight said. Pinkie was crying her eye's out, Rainbow and Applejack were trying to hold back there tears, and Fluttershy and Rarity, though not crying as much as Pinkie, they were still letting their tears spill on the floor.

"We're deeply sorry to hear that." Luna said, both Princess's were also trying to hold back their tears as well. "But, this also means something." Twilights ears perked up when she heard Luna say that.

"What does it mean, Luna?" Twilight asked, confused.

"It means that he has no problem opening up to you, and that means that he thinks your the best pony out of all of your friends." Luna said.

"You... you really think so?" Twilight asked.

"Of course we think so, we know so!" Princess Celestia said. "After all, you are the one who took him in, you are the only pony who didn't run away, or throw fruit at him, and most of all, you gave him your affection, and that is probably one of the best things you've ever done, Twilight." Twilight was speechless. She knew she did all of those things because she knew it was the right thing to do, but she did feel a bond with him. It hadn't been a full day yet, but she knew she wanted to take care of him.

"Your right, I was nice to him." Twilight thought about it. "We can't send him back to his world, and he can't send him to an orphanage, so..... I'm going to officially adopt him." Twilight said, with a confident smirk. "He has had a hard life, a really hard, and I saw that in just a day, he needs my help, my guidance, and maybe.... maybe I can make his life better."

All of Twilights friends had tears of joy in their eye's, and even Pinkie's mane inflated a little.

"Your making the right choice, Twilight." Rarity said. "And we all support you." Twilight just smiled, as they all got into a group hug. "You'll make a great mom." Rarity told Twilight.

"Aww, thanks guys." Twilight said, before they all broke the group hug.

"What was the other thing you had to tell us?" Applejack asked.

"Well, the other thing is something that Luna and Celestia already know about, but it's really important. " Twilight said. "A little after you girls left, Luna came to me, and said that one or two creatures from Zachary's world came here, and we have reason to believe that those two creatures are Zachary's foster parents." Everypony let out a WHAT?! at the same time.

"But how?! Why?!" Pinkie shouted, going into Pinkie panic mode.

"We don't know yet, but we need you to stay calm, don't panic." Luna advised. Pinkie listened to her, and took a few breaths in and out.

"What should we do?" Rainbow asked.

"We need to keep Zachary safe as much as possible, so if you find them, then apprehend them." Luna told the mane six.

"Um, I'll try....." Fluttershy said. Twilight smiled, knowing Zachary was in good hooves. Before she could continue the conversation, she turned to see what Zachary and the CMC'S were doing, but instead of just seeing them, they saw two filly's, one pink, one grey, up in Zachary's face. Twilights eye's shrunk as she realized what was happening. Zachary was getting bullied. Twilight knew that those filly's were Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon. Twilight was pierced with anger, as the rest of her friends, along with the two Princess's, noticed what was happening as well. Twilight, still filled with anger, walked over to them, along with the Princess's and her friends.

A few moments ago...

"Ah know you'll like ma friends," Apple bloom said, while walking with Zachary. Zachary just nodded his head in response, nervous about talking to the other ponies. "We are known as the Cutie Mark Crusaders!" Zachary was confused. He didn't know what a cutie mark was yet/

"Hey, Apple bloom." A voice called out. Both Apple bloom and Zachary saw two more fillies. Apple bloom smiled, as she saw her two other friends, Scootaloo, and Sweetie belle.

"Hey girls, I want you to meet Zachary, the creature thing from another world!" Apple bloom said. Normally, Zachary would have been offended, but he knew that the fillies didn't know what he was called, so he let it slide. "Scootaloo, Sweetie belle, meet..... um, I don't think I ever got your name." Zachary rubbed his arm.

"Zachary....." Zachary said, quietly. The CMC'S realized that he was nervous, so they wanted to make a good first impression.

"Come on buddy." Scootaloo said. "There is no need to-" Scootaloo couldn't finish her sentence, as they all heard a fourth voice.

"Het, blank flanks!" The voice said. So much for good impressions. They all turn to see Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon walking towards them, a very evil smile was present on there face's. "Who's your new monkey friend? Did you help it escape from the zoo for you "Cutie Marks" that you wont ever get?"

Zachary was stunned by these words. He might of escaped his foster parents, but he still didn't escape the bully's. Apple bloom stood up.

"Hey! He's not a monkey!" Apple bloom shouted, causing Diamond to smirk.

"Then what is it then?" Diamond asked, but was taken aback when Zachary spoke.

"I'm a human." He said quietly, but darkly at the bully wearing Tiara.

"I know your staying with Twilight." Diamond began. "The only use you have to her is just to be a Slave, Spike is already a slave to her, so..." Diamond didn't finish, as she looked at Zachary. His face and body were in shock. Those words repeated in his head, his horrible memory's, but, he knew she was wrong. If Twilight really only wanted him as a slave, then he would be doing slave work then being at this party.

"Diamond Tiara, just leave the poor kid alone!" Scootaloo shouted.

"Shut up, blank flank! I'm not done with it yet!" Diamond said, getting up in Zachary's face, along with Silver Spoon.

"If we see you at school, for what ever reason, then I. WILL. MAKE. YOU. SUFFER!" Diamond shouted, Zachary falling to the ground in the process.

"Diamond, stop it!" Sweetie belle said.

"No, besides, who's going to stop me?" Diamond said with a smirk, but that smirk soon shattered after they heard yet another voice.

"I Am...." A voice, that sounded like Twilight, said angrily. They all turned, only to be greeted by the elements of harmony, and the two Princess's, with faces of furry, even FLUTTERSHY was mad! Diamond gulped, while Silver Spoon just slipped away, without even being noticed. Twilight stopped right in front of the filly.

"What has Zachary ever done to you?" Twilight asked, trying to keep her cool. Diamond didn't respond.

"Hey, she asked you a question!" Rainbow dash shouted, also hovering over the filly. Finally, she responded.

"No...nothing, maim." Diamond said, trying to avoid Twilights gaze. Twilight stomped her hoof down.

"Then why do you feel the need to pick on him?!" Twilight shouted, everypony that was at the party was now staring at them.

"Because it's just a freak of nature!" Diamond shouted, everypony gasped, and they all had something to say to the rich filly.

"He's not a freak! He is very kind and gentle, and you have no idea what he has been through, so you have no right to bully him!" Twilight shouted.

"Yeah, your a no good meanie mc mean pants!" Pinkie shouted.

"Zachary's cooler than you by like 20,000 percent!" Rainbow dash said.

"Your a little ruffian who picks on everyone because they just feel like it!" Rarity said.

"Ah'm the element of honesty, and I can say that your a rotten apple!" Applejack said.

"I don't know why you have to bully him, he's so kind and gentle..." Fluttershy said.

"If we didn't have control over ourselves, then we would of turned into Nightmare Moon!" Luna said.

"I suggest you leave this party at once." Celestia said. Diamond didn't want to make the situation worse for her, so, she left. Twilight looked at Zachary, who was obviously shaking, but stopped after seeing Twilight walking over to him. Twilight's anger was no more visible on her face, but a look of concern, and the same went for everypony else.

"Are you okay?" Twilight asked worriedly, wishing that she got there sooner.

"I-I'm fine..." Zachary said, looking down, rubbing his arms. Twilight knew he wasn't fine. She lifted his chin up with her hoof.

"Tell me what Diamond Tiara said to you, please." Twilight asked, still with that worried expression. Zachary tried his best to fight back the tears, as he knew what he was about to say was going to have an effect.

"She said that all I would be used for is as your slave, and she said that you also use Spike as a slave too." Zachary said. Twilight, and everypony gasped yet again. Twilight could feel a tear nearly fall out of her eye.

"Zachary, listen to me," Twilight said, causing Zachary to look back up to her. "I will never ever use you as a slave, you've already been through so much, I could never do that to you, or Spike." Twilight took a moment, before saying more.

"Diamond Tiara doesn't know anything, she's just a rich spoiled filly that feels the need to pick on other's, don't ever listen to Diamond Tiara." Twilight said. Zachary realized that Twilight really meant the words that she told him, he believed her.

"Thank you, Twilight..." Zachary said, feeling some tears of joy fall out of his eye's. Twilight smiled warmly at him.

"Your welcome. Now then," Twilight said, pointing her hoof back at the party. "We still got a party to enjoy." Zachary nodded in agreement. He followed Twilight and her friends back to where most of the partying was, her friends looking at her with proud and "You did a good job." Faces.

For the next few hours, Zachary, Twilight and her friends, The two Princess's, and the CMC'S were having a good time. Zachary got to know more about Twilight and her friends, the CMC'S, and he even got to learn more about the Two Princess's. Spike had to go early, nopony really knew why, but he was one of the first one's to leave. After most of the pony's left (The one's that Zachary didn't pay too much attention to.) Twilight and her friends decided to leave, but before they could, they were stopped by Pinkie Pie.

"Hey, Celestia and Luna, can you take Zachary over there for a moment?" Pinkie asked. Celestia and Luna were a bit confused, but just shrugged it off. Once Luna and Celestia were with Zachary, just out of earshot, Pinkie's face turned serious, which was rare for here. "Twilight, we need to protect Zachary as much as possible, right?" Pinkie asked.

"Of course we do Pinkie, if Zachary's foster parents were to find him, who knows what they would do." Twilight replied, and Pinkie made a bit of a smile.

"We should have a sleep over at your place, so we can ALL watch over him and make sure nothing bad happens to him." Pinkie suggested. Twilight thought about this for a moment. It would be a very good idea to keep him safe, but what if her friends had other plans that they needed to do?

"I'm alright with that, if you girls are." Twilight said, after a while.

"Of course were alright with it, I don't have any plans." Rainbow dash stated.

"That sounds lovely, darling." Rarity said. "And we will be able to keep him safe and everything."

"Ah can agree with that." Applejack said."

"Um, I don't have any plans either.... except for feeding my animal friends." Fluttershy said.

"And I of course don't have any plans either because I was the one who came up with the idea!" Pinkie said, bouncing up a little.

"Alright then, I'd love to have you over." Twilight said, and everypony nodded in agreement. Celestia and Luna came back over to them, with Zachary with them.

"Well, we must get going, my sister has her nightly duties to attend to, and I need my rest for tomorrow." Celestia said , her sister nodding.

"Oh, that's fine, we were about to head back to the library anyway." Twilight said, as Zachary walked over to her. "We'll be fine."

"If you say so, my faithful student. We must be going now, we will see you some time soon." Celestia said, and just like that, Celestia and Luna disappeared into thin air. Zachary was not used to pony's using magic, so he was still pretty shocked that they managed to do that.

"Are you ready to go?" Twilight asked, and everypony, including Zachary, nodded their heads. When they walked out of sugarcube corner, Twilight noticed that Zachary still had his backpack, but didn't really do anything with it during the party at all.

"Hey Zachary.. can I ask you a question?" Twilight..... asked.

"Um, sure.... what is it?" He replied quietly.

"How come you brought your backpack?" Twilight asked. "Not that I don't mind or anything, it's just that you never used it at the party." Zachary sighed, looking at Twilight sadly.

"My mom gave it to me, it reminds me of her." Zachary replied. Twilight could feel her heart sting with sadness and guilt. She knew he didn't like talking about his mother.

"I'm..... sorry that I asked." Twilight said.

"No, no, it's fine." Zachary said with a smile. "So your friends are staying over?" Twilight nodded in response.

"Yeah, but they had to go get some things first, but they'll meet us later." Twilight said. "By the time we get back, Spike will probably be asleep." She sighed. They finally made it back to the library, Zachary, not really being that tired, put his stuff on the couch.

"Twilight, are you sure you really don't mind me staying here?" Zachary asked.

"Of course I don't mind." Twilight said, ruffling his hair. "You can stay here as long as you are in this world." Zachary giggled at his heir being ruffled. For the next few minutes, Zachary and Twilight talked about things from each other's world. Twilight learned that there things called, "movies" in his world. There were like films in equestria, but they were more advanced by the sound of it. Twilight then remembered earlier that day, when she and her friends saw Zachary playing the piano.

"So, your really good at playing the piano?" Twilight asked, and Zachary nodded his head in response. "What other songs do you know how to play?"

"I know a few songs, some of them are from silent hill, because their games have the best music, but there are other ones that I know." Zachary explained, grabbing a music sheet, along with his keyboard. "This song is called "Promise Reprise" also from Silent Hill."

"You must really like Silent Hill." Twilight chuckled a bit, as Zachary set up his keyboard, and began to play the song


Silent Hill 2 Promise Reprise, by myuuji

As Zachary played the song, Twilight was left in shock once again.

How does he play so good? Twilight wondered, as Zachary finished the song. Twilight thought the song was dark, but sad yet at the same time, she had no idea how to make of the song, but she liked it.

"That was amazing, Zachary!" Twilight exclaimed. "How did you learn to play the piano like that?" Zachary just shrugged.

"I just like playing it, I guess." Zachary replied, as they both heard knocks at the door.

"That must be our guest's, let me get the door real quick." Twilight said. Twilight walked up to the door, and opened it. "Hello, every-" Twilight was cut off, when she saw who was at the door. Instead of her friends being there, there was two humans, one male, one female, and they were both adults. Twilights mouth was hanging open, and when Zachary saw who it was, he shrieked quietly, and hid behind the couch.

"Who.... are you?" Twilight asked, already knowing the answer.

"Hi... You must not really see humans around." The male one, John chuckled a bit. "We heard that you found a child named Zachary, is this true?" Twilight's blood ran cold.

"Why do you want to know?" Twilight asked, a worried look on her face.

"Well, you see..." The women, Melissa, started. "We're his foster parents." Twilight was paralyzed. She knew she had to apprehend them, but she couldn't do it here. She came up with a plan. She would tell them that he wasn't here, then when they turn around to walk away, she would cast a tracking spell on them without them even noticing.

"Nope, haven't seen him anywhere, sorry." Twilight said, putting on a fake smile. John's and Melissa's smile's faded.

"Well, that's too bad, but there's just one thing..." John said.

"What?" Twilight asked.

"We know he's behind the couch." John replied coldly. Twilight froze. John then pulled out his handgun, and pointed it at Twilight. "Hand him over, and no one gets hurt." John growled.

"Don't hurt her!" Zachary shouted, getting up from his hiding spot. He put his hands over his head, and walked over to them. "I'll come, just don't hurt Twilight." Twilight was stunned. He was sacrificing himself for her, and he didn't even deserve the pain and torture he went through, and he didn't deserve more of it. And he wasn't going to Get of it.

"Good little slave, lets get going so we can continue your punishment...." John said.

"No...." They all heard Twilight say. "No, no, no, no, no, NO!" Twilight shouted, her horn glowing. "I'M NOT GOING TO LET YOU HURT HIM AGAIN AS LONG AS I AM STILL STANDING!" John, Melissa, and even Zachary were shocked at Twilights outburst. John pointed the gun towards Twilight, but before he could shoot, Twilight enveloped his hands in magic.

"What the-" John couldn't finish his sentence, as his hands got slammed against the door frame, causing him to shout in pain, while his wife stood there in shock. John dropped the handgun, and Twilight used her magic to drag it away from him. John couldn't say anything, as he felt his body being forcefully shoved to the ground by Twilight's magic.

"You'll never hurt him again." Twilight said, Zachary going back to her side. Melissa backed up a bit, before spotting a rock on the ground. She was about to pick it up, but then stopped when she heard some other voices.

"What the.... What's going on here?" The voice asked. When Melissa looked at the source, she saw five other ponies. She gave them a desperate look.

"Please, you got to help us!" Melissa said. "This pony over here kidnapped my foster child and is attacking my husband!" The groups faces turned to shock. They looked at Twilight, who was with Zachary, using her magic to keep John down. Rainbow hovered over to Melissa.

"Zachary told us all about you..." Rainbow said coldly.

"Yeah, and those things you did to him weren't nice, you meanie's!" Pinkie shouted.

"You ruffians aren't going to get away with this!" Rarity said, as they all went into a attack mode position, even Fluttershy. Melissa realized they weren't going to help her. Melissa quickly shoved Rainbow dash to the ground, then picked up that rock she saw, then threw it at Twilight. Twilight yelped with pain as the rock collided with her head, causing her horn to stop glowing. She stepped back a bit, rubbing her head.

"Twilight! Are you okay?!" Zachary asked in a panicked tone. Melissa started to run away, as Applejack started to give chase to her. John tried to get up again, but as soon as he did, he was knocked down by Rainbow dash. When John looked up at his attacker, he saw a very angry Rainbow dash.

"Ya know, I promised Zachary that if i ever saw you, I'd give you a good hard punch in the face, and I'm not one for breaking promises, so..." John didn't even have anytime to respond, as he felt stinging pain on his face. Rainbow had punched him. Hard.. John quickly got his senses back, and shoved Rainbow dash off him, and ran off into the darkness.

"Hey! get back here!" Rainbow shouted, before she flew off into the darkness. Rarity followed after her, her horn glowing so she could see better in the darkness. Meanwhile, Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy went to Twilights aid.

"Oh my goodness, Twilight, are you okay?" Fluttershy asked, with a worried expression glued to her face.

"I'm.... fine. Just got a little bump on my head." Twilight replied reassuringly. Pinkie zoomed over to them.

"Are you sure? How bad does it hurt? Will you have a concussion? Will-" Pinkie was cut off by Twilight.

"I'm fine, really, and so is Zachary, i think." Twilight said, looking down at Zachary, who was shaking a bit. "It's alright, Zachary, there gone." Zachary looked up at her.

"How.... how did they get here?" Zachary asked.

"I don't know, but there gone, and were going to get them, pinkie promise." Twilight said, doing the motions of the pinkie promise. Zachary giggled a bit.

"Alright, if you say so." He said, putting a hopeful smile on his face.

"Hey girls, Ah caught her!" A voice sounding like Applejacks shouted. Twilight, along with everypony else, and Zachary, rushed over to where they heard Applejacks voice. Eventually, she came into view. She was holding the end of a rope with her mouth, and on the other end was tied up Melissa.

"Let me go... you.... SMELLY STUPID FARMER!" Melissa screamed with anger and frustration.

"Hey! Ah'm not smelly. Farmer yes, smelly, big no!" Applejack replied, giving her a stern face.

"Oh, what do you know?" Melissa snapped back, glaring at Applejack. "You just a talking pony!" Applejack returned the glare.

"Ah'm the element of honesty, and ah can say that i know a lot more than you do!" Applejack replied. Everypony and human heard the sound of flapping wings and hoof steps.

"Hey, sorry but we couldn't find him-" Rainbow was saying, but stopped when she saw Melissa tied up, trying to get free from the restraint.

"How did you manage to find her?" Rainbow asked. Rarity went up to her, and looked at her cloths.

"Her cloths can illuminate in the dark, darlings, Applejack must of spotted her quickly." Rarity told everypony.

"GET AWAY FROM ME, AND MY CLOTHS YOU WEIRDO!" Melissa screamed, causing Rarity to jump back.

"Who gives you the right to call me weird, you ruffian!" Rarity replied in a annoyed, angry type tone.

"You're all weird! Pony's aren't supposed to talk, and they are most definitely aren't supposed to take me and my husbands slave away!" Melissa shouted. Those words pierced through Zachary like a knife, but was soon healed when Twilight came to his defense.

"He's not a slave, you just think that, but you never got the chance to actually get to know him, didn't you?" Twilight said. Melissa started to boil up in anger.

"You stupid pony's have no idea what I've been through!" Melissa shouted. "I've been hating myself over the past few years, because..... because." Twilight and her friends were shocked, but that shock soon went away, and was replaced by anger.

"Let me go!!! Zachary deserved every punishment he got, he shouldn't even be-" Melissa was silenced, when Twilight used a spell to glue her mouth shut.

"Yeah, well you going to deserve what will happen to you!" Twilight replied, going back inside to get a note and quill, while Zachary was left with the five other mare's. They all looked at Melissa, that just stared back.

"What are all of you looking at?" Melissa asked bitterly.

"Why.... did you hurt me?" Zachary asked nervously. This broke everyponys heart just hearing this, but Melissa just scoffed.

"Because all you ever were meant to be was a tool, a thing!" Melissa said, chuckling. "And when something doesn't work, you Make it work. Rainbow flew over to Melissa, trying to hold back the urge to beat the living crap out of her.

"Zachary is more than that, and he is more than you are!" Rainbow said, furious.

"Zachary is ten times the human you are!" Rarity shouted.

"Yeah, all you are is a no good party pooper!" Pinkie exclaimed.

"Your just an rotten apple." Applejack growled.

"Your the meanest creature I've ever meant." Fluttershy said with a stern tone.

"Your words have no effect on me." Melissa said, as Twilight came out with the letter that she had to send to Celestia. Zachary, went up to Twilight.

"How are you going to send the letter?" Zachary asked. Twilight smiled warmly.

"Spike can send it using his fire breath.." Twilight said, but then stopped. "..But i have to wake him up first." Zachary was confused by this.

"How did he not wake up earlier?" Zachary asked.

"Spike is a very heavy sleeper when it comes to noise and what not." Twilight said, then looked at her friends. "Make sure she can't escape." Her friends nodded, they wouldn't let her escape. Twilight smiled at them, before heading back inside, with Zachary. They made their way up the stairs, and once up there, they walked over to Spikes bed. Twilight shook him until he woke up.

"Ugh.... Twilight, what are you doing." Spike asked, rubbing his eyes.

"Sorry Spike, but I need you to send a letter to Celestia real quick." Twilight said.

"But isn't she sleeping?" Spike asked.

"This is very important, she needs this letter right away." Twilight protested. Spike groaned, grabbing the letter, and with a deep breath, he shot fire out of his mouth, burning and sending the letter in the process.

"Can I go back to bed now, please?" Spike asked, and Twilight just nodded. Zachary and Twilight started to make their way back downstairs.

"Hey, um Twilight, this might be a weird time to ask..... but where am I going to sleep tonight?" Zachary asked.

"We can share a bed, you don't have to sleep alone if you don't want to." Twilight said, and Zachary gave here a warm smile.

"Thank you for being so nice to me, even before the ponies knew I was nice." Zachary said. Twilights heart melted, as he put on the most happiest smile he put on all day.

"You're welcome, Sweetie." Twilight told him, as they walked back out the front door.

Meanwhile, In Canterlot

Celestia began to stir in her sleep, slowly opening her eyes. She had awoken from hearing the noise of something popping in to thin air. She slowly began to turn her head towards the source, only to see a letter that wasn't there before on her bed.

Celestia yawned, as she used her magic to levitate the letter towards her. She opened it up, and read it.

Dear Princess Celestia.
Sorry about sending this letter in the middle of Luna's night, but it's urgent. Earlier this night, Zachary's foster parents came to the library, trying to het Zachary back. My friends came just in time, because shortly after they came, the female one threw a rock at me, and at the time she did that, i was restraining the male foster parent with my magic. The two tried to run off, but because the female was wearing cloths that can illuminate in the darkness, my friend, Applejack, managed to catch her, she is tied up now. The male foster parent, however, escaped. We cannot find him, nor can we hold this female foster parent. What should we do?

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle

Princess Celestia gasped. She couldn't believe that they already got one of Zachary's foster parents in custody after them not even being there for a full day. she grabbed her quill, ink, and a note, and began to write a reply.

My Faithful Student
This is indeed a very important matter, I'll come down to ponyville with some of my guards, and we will take the prisoner away. Keep her tied up.
Your Teacher,
Princess Celestia.

Celestia rolled up the scroll, and sent it to Twilight. Celestia got up from her bed, and opened her bedroom door. She was immediately greeted by a few royal guards patrolling the area.

"Princess Celestia, is there something wrong?" One of the guards asked. Celestia nodded.

"Yes, we need to go to ponyville, there is something we need to pick up there." Celestia said, looking away from her royal guards.

"Um, may we ask, what do you need to pick up? Is it really that important?" Another one asked.

"Yes, it is very important that we go pick her up, now." Celestia replied. The guards looked confused.

"Who are we picking up?" The first one asked.

"I don't know her name, but i do know one thing." Celestia said, turning back to the guards. "She's evil." The guards just stood there in even more shock.

"Get the carriage ready, we will be leaving soon." Celestia ordered. With a "Yes ma'am." They were off just like that. Celestia sighed, turning to look out the window. She didn't know why they had hurt Zachary, he never deserved to be punished the way he was.

I will get to the bottom of this. Celestia said. With now having a face of determination, she walked down the hallway, getting ready to confront the person that caused Zachary so much pain, but his torment would finally be over.

Soon, his foster parents will get the punishment that they deserve.

Author's Note:

Chapter three, yeah.

More is to come, I'm not going to cancel it, but if I do decide to stop working on it, then I'll get someone else to do it.

Also, might have to add a dark and drama tag, this story will reveal a lot of backstory, like how the pocket watch sent Zachary's foster parents to equestria, why Zachary's father killed his wife, and what the connections between them.

So, yeah, enjoy! i put way to many hug scence's in my story, oh well, HUGS FOR EVERYONE:yay: yay:twilightsmile:

Also, Season 8 of MLP: Friendship is magic........ This, my friends, is a cause for celebration, but what should I do? I dunno, but what I do know is, that I"M EXCITED :pinkiehappy:

And if your wondering of I'm a person who worked on a silent hill game before, then your wrong, i just really like silent hill, like, A LOT.